Youngest Oscar Nominee EVER!!

Yo, Bratzies! Sasha here, and I’m so totally stoked for the Oscars this weekend! I heart glamtastic productions like the Academy Awards. Any excuse for my girlz to hang together and get dolled up like the stars, am I right?

This year, I’m particularly pumped for the Best Actress category. Did you Bratzies know that Quvenzhané Wallis is the youngest person EVER to be nominated for an Oscar? It’s true!

Quvenzhané followed her passion by auditioning for her role in Beasts of the Southern Wild when she was only five, even though the audition called for six-year-olds! Quvenzhané said her character “does what is right and she is fearless. And that’s what I did (by coming to) the audition.”  Way to go, fellow Bratzie!

Quvenzhané may be a scene-stealer, like me, but when she grows up, Quvenzhané wants to be a dentist so she can help people smile. I just know she will rock anything she puts her mind to!

Quvenhané had an awesome goal and found her own unique way to go for it. That’s what makes her a Real Bratz girl!

Tell me, Bratzies, have you ever done something fearless to pursue your passion?

61 thoughts on “Youngest Oscar Nominee EVER!!

  1. Dear Bratz,
    I love the BRATZ DOLLS! :D i love to hear the good news always ;)
    Love your friend Mary

  2. Dear bratz, i love the btatz dolls.i hope yall never lose yalls passion for fashion. Bratz fan for ever.i love alll yall bratzies :-) ;-)

  3. Thanks, belen! We Bratz pinky promise to never EVER lose our passion for fashion. Or lose sight of any of our other passions, for that matter. And we hope you don’t lose sight of your passions either! Whether it’s make-up, fashion, philanthropy, animal care, sports or theater, it is a Bratzie must to unleash your passion on to the world! The Bratz are here, world! Hear our fan-tabulous roar!

    Thanks for all the love, belen. We love you, too!!


  4. Wow! I love the Oscars. I never knew that? Is that for realzies? Wow! I also like the Grammy’s. Go Taylor Swift! ;)

  5. Dear Shaan,

    It sure is cool in the USA. Both temperature-wise and awesome-wise! Where are you from??


  6. Can you guys plz make a new doll line. Nerdz. I would totaly buy those dolls. Bratz rule!

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