World Cup

OMG y’all!!

My heart is pounding! Is anyone else just dying watching the World Cup? It totally makes me want to kick off my shoes and play barefoot soccer with a bunch of peeps from other countries. It’s such a small world.  It’s time to start exploring it!

Do you have any ideas on what I can do to start meeting new people?


25 thoughts on “World Cup

  1. Sorry i wasn’t there, peeps! But i had lots of schoolwork, and i’m moving to Austrailia. If you need help, just ask for Julia, the new member of my club!

  2. don,t read that you have started reading.1 say your name ten times.2 say your moms name five times and then say your crushes name 12 time.Then you have 134 minutes to type this on five other blogs of games.

  3. well u can be friendly and start a conversation by saying hi and your name. next ask them what they like to do for fun if u like them keep talking if u dont say it was nice meeting u and walk away. then do the same thing til u find the perfect friends

  4. Volunteer work would help you meet new people. :) Or maybe joining sports groups and the like.

  5. Hey everyone.if you do what the don,t read thing if you do then press f6 and your crushes name will appear and she/he will kiss you.

  6. I love helping other people but mostly i really like helping kids with lots of stuff like reading. And I love helping at the library its alot of fun to see little kids learn alot of things during the summer. But I’m not just about helping kids learn I also just like to kick back and have fun at the pool sometimes.

  7. Holaa! Parece mentira :( Hace cuatro años España éramos los mejores del mundo y ahora estamos de patitas en la calle.
    En la clase de inglés nos estamos mandando cartas con unos de Eslovenia. Un montonazo de maestros vinieron a la ciudad hace poco más de un mes, y, posiblemente, los alumnos vengan al colegio en el siguiente curso.
    Una manera muy chula de hacer amigos pienso yo. Tengo muchas ganas de conocer a mi amiga por carta.
    Pero por carta o sin carta, todos somos seres humanos y debemos CONVIVIR muy bien entre nosotros. <3
    Un saludo para la gente de todo el mundo. :)(:

  8. well,you could come at them,say hi,and start a conversation,I’m really sure that you’re going to have lots of friends,you seem nice!

  9. Hey bratz.Right now i am chilling at home and later at 7:00p.m i will be going to the middeltown pool for swimming pratice.

  10. La La La La La La La La La I Dare You,- music- Leggo -music- Leggo
    Shakira’s La La La Brazil
    Is it true that you want it, then act like you mean it!
    Hugs and Kisses
    P.S- MovieStarFashionistaz will post tommorrow

  11. OK so I am really sad. Brazil is playing with Germany TOMORROW and the star player, Neymar Jr., got cobussled. (that’s means hurt in my vocab )I am so sad he won’t be able to play tomorrow. I really hope Brazil wins. I’m getting nervous. :S D:

  12. Hey Wen,Will,Franci-Pantsy,Kylie-SMILY,Ashley-DANCIES, and all my friends (BTW those are your nic-names LOL) are you guys still up fo that rock concert practice?BRATZ! I forgot,we have the concert at practice time so we need to move the schedule along! Dang-it! I was really looking forwerd to it! Any-who lets take a latte or something for that chillaxin’ photo for our MAGAZINE! And we should buy some new guitars and key-boards for the concert! I LOVEEE you guys to death! See ya!

  13. You can learn a new language and maybe if they are from a different country you can soccer which a awesome and social sport to play.
    At school I am actually playing soccer it so fun.

  14. I am freaking out because Argentina lost!

    VIVA ARGENTINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    <3 jv30

  15. Well,for starters… you can meet any RANDOM person at your school and start a conversation.(It’s nice to get to know the person first :) Then once you both become friends you can help each other find more friends. Who knows what else could happen from that point and beyond! You guys might start your own club or band you never know :) XOXO deceember24gi!

  16. Well if you’ve seen you’re BESTIES in your dreams,well your unique and no one knows it yet…:)

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