Women’s History Month

It’s Women’s History Month! I love reading about all the great women of the ages who worked hard to create the freedoms we have today. I am currently OB-to-the-SESSED with Susan B. Anthony!

She was SUPER into civil reform. At only 17 years old, she rebelled against society by collecting Anti-Slavery petitions! I love, LoVe, LOVE that a high school aged kid was out there, bucking the system and trying to make a difference for the greater good!

Susan B. Anthony’s first passion was ending slavery, but in her early thirties she extended her passion for equal rights to include the fight for women. She believed the pen is mightier than the sword (just like me!!) and started her publishing own women’s rights newspaper, called “Revolution.”

She was often ridiculed for her views because they did not represent the current beliefs of the day. However, Susan B. Anthony fought hard every day of her life for what she knew was good, right and true. As a result of her awesome efforts, she helped end slavery and bring about the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote.

She is sooooooo FABnomenal!!!

Have you ever had to stand up and fight for something you believe in?


25 thoughts on “Women’s History Month

  1. yes I have stand up for something I believe too and I think bratz also makes a difference in my life and other girls lives too.

  2. Susan B. Anthony was a great woman and she’s the woman that mostly needs to be celebrated!! In Women’s History Month!!
    We have to go!
    Tricked ya! Kay so who’s your fave woman?? Ha ha!!

  3. Susan B. Anthony was arrested and was fighting for the equal rights of women. Can’t you believe that Women’s History Month started in 1981?? So anyway, she ended up stopping slavery also Sojurner Truth. Kay we have to go look at the hottest trends in London!

  4. Hey every body! today i am going to see my teo lee and my mom is making me muffins for breakfeast! i know yummy!

  5. MGA this is for you ! Change the new bratz dolls . Those long legs do not suit them . Have them how they looked like before . If you don’t want to loose so many bratz fans ! Listen to us and you will , WILL be more popular than you were , before !
    sands , my nickname . xxxx
    P.S . I want to be one of those ladies , who stands up for women’s rights . And I know I’ll ! I checked out Susan b . and I guess she’s dead now , unfortnely .

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  10. Hey everbody its me kitty cat but i changed mu user name.
    does any one like it.This makes me think of rosa parks because she a brave women.

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  12. Rosa Parks was brave to refuse to let a white man sit there. I can’t believe Sojurner Truth borne thirteen kids and escaped slavery.

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  14. yes I did yasmin like bratz I thought they going to canclled it if they did I going to stand up for it

  15. It was rockin today!! Can’t believe they was a explosion in NYC at Park Avenue and pinkalicious lives near Park Avenue like a few blocks away. So sad for the injuries and the deaths that happened and also a church got ruined.

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  19. Rosa Parks was brave to refuse to let a white man sit there. I can’t believe Sojurner Truth borne thirteen kids and escaped slavery.

  20. I think Women’s History Month is a great occasion to celebrate women doing whatever they can do. I mean why should men do whatever? Women can too. So Yasmin I’m glad you brought this up!

  21. I love reading so much, I mostly like to read womens history. Womens History can be about womens ages and all about them.

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