Winter Break Fun

Hi y’all!

Are you having a super fun Holiday break from work and school?

We are! 

At first, Jade was a little bummed because it is WAY too cold to go outside. But then Yasmin suggested we all hang out around the fire and read our awesome interactive comic books!  Sasha and I think Yas recommended reading because the My Passion comic book is all about her being the most epically awesome DJ of all time! Yasmin insists she thought of the idea simply because she loves to read.

Either way, it’s still been super fun! We make, like, buckets of hot cocoa, start a fire, turn on some fresh tunes and take turns using my tablet. The games in the interactive comic are so rad to play! Sasha rocked an amazing beat in the DJ game. And Jade styled my hair so hilariously in the My Stylez comic book, that we were rolling on the floor laughing for, like, 20 minutes!

Have you read and played our fab interactive comics yet? You can find them right here, on our website, under GAMES.

Let us know your fave part!



71 thoughts on “Winter Break Fun

  1. we had fun! we had a BLAST! we were bummed that u girls didnt answer us!
    we hope u do! we did rad stuff! like had a ballon fight, went to a karoke place
    and went to Six Flags!
    Ariel is going to Jamaica next year until Feburary! BTW, hope u girls comment like before we missed that!
    Santana finally has a bf! He’s from Jamaica and his name is Carlos!
    There is a new girl in the group!
    Her name is Tori and she has brown hair.
    She is mostly besties with Ariel. She has a crush on Cameron like Liv!
    She is speaking now!

    Movie Star Fashionistaz

  3. dear AprilBear,
    of course i can change the time. 5:00 is okay. my dad says i have to go to sleep that day at 7
    becauae that day has too much events coming and im going stay up at 1:00 am and he doesn’ t like it that time!
    so sure at 5:00-8:00 since you sleep at 8:15
    dear badazzle
    about Carrie, CARRIE killed her parents because she thought her parents said commit suciude!
    she was friends with blood mary. I CANT BELIEVE I SAW HER!
    she went inside Carrie’s body and that is when Carrie turned scary!
    In the halloween dance, she was going with her friends and her bf
    but then Carrie killed everyone person she knew in the dance.
    after that; blood mary was dead. she came back to life and killed Carrie with a
    bayonet! so scary! carrie went back to life and went a scary party
    she made a evil laugh and pulled a prank on them.
    and she in love with the devil.
    then CARRIE moved by herself and married the devul.
    Carrie was killed by blood mary and the devil.
    she didnt come back to life. BTW, my sis like Ashlynn Ella and
    Cerise Hood. She said she wants to hear tips from the fablisg five!

  4. i meant the fablish five sorry!
    to AprilBear, that was a long list! I didnt get that much but my sis have like 20 gifts!


    Wow Bratz that’s a TOTES good idEVA (awkward I said idEVA!) for the winter break! Here are some of my tips:
    1- Make a list. That way, whenever you’re feeling bored during winter break; you’ll find something to do!
    2- Write a magazine like the MovieStarz and me and the FabalishFive. It’s exciting to write about the latest things going on!!
    3- Write a book. We FabalishFive LOVE to write books! I am currently making a mystery/suspense book called, ‘Cassy Bolique in Her First Mystery!’
    4- JUST HAVE FUN! The best part about winter break that makes the break fun is when you JUST HAVE FUN!
    We Luv Yall,

  6. well I got the perfect outfits for school really and it awsome that it gonna blown someone out

  7. dear everyone,
    my friend nikeysha came to my house and my best friend brianna.
    we were playing truth or dare. nikeysha just said her and josh are back together.
    when nikeysha went to store with my sis and left her phone.
    i called josh and he said meet him at the park. me and brianna didnt tell her.
    we both went to the park and saw him. he asked me where is nikeysha.
    brianna said you said us and wants to break up.
    josh texted nikeysha that there not together. when josh left, me and brianna felt selfish.
    we went back to my house and didnt say josh.
    nikeysha was crying. my sis said relationships are hard. i am dating a boy who use to
    break up with her, bryan. he is nice and sweet.
    but me and brianna didnt say josh.
    my mom said to never date josh. nikeysha texted him you broke my heart.
    brianna said it was her fault.
    she apologized. i said it’s my turn to date him.
    nikeysha wrote let’s be back together.
    they are back together. nikeysha did that on purpose. we are still having fun.
    nikeysha left. brianna said she is going to have a bratz account!!!!
    her username is bunnyboo!!!
    she said she wants to be friends with bedazzle,kittycat,mildrd2011 and aprilbear.
    luv pinkalicious

  8. [edited]i am so GLAD that we get to get a break! My favorite Bratz is Yasmin! She is my FAVORITE! I love this website

  9. i love your new website clo,i hope everyone had a great chrimas and weekend because i sure diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiddddddd.well gotta go bye.

  10. hey who stole my user name because i didn,t say on peppermint cookies,yummy i made cookies and they were so good i could hug myself!
    so who ever stle my name you better stop it.well bye.

  11. TORI HERE!
    THE WORST BOYFRIEND EVER. HE’S DEAD TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. hi! It’s Ciara and did you know it’s LOL DAY? Oh i make fake holidays.
    i made LOL DAY!
    LOL DAY is about LOLing with your besties and just laugh out loud.
    next year, January 16 is RED NOSE DAY!
    RED NOSE DAY is a day to do the dance with your besties and
    wear a clown nose!
    BFFS DAY is a day to talk and hang out with them! RAD, HUH?
    My beau, Future said I should do CIARA DAY!
    LOVE IT!
    CIARA DAY is a day to mostly talk about CIARA HARRIS!

    Thnx Pinkalish for telling me about Carrie omg I wish I was there 2 watch! You and your sister are very sweet Galz and if she wants tips she can read these:
    I know you are NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL (ALL OF U EVAZ) but some of you (SOME of you I said) might feel a bit insecure. Well, here are some tips for beauty!
    1- To clear any blemishes or pimples from your face, drink lots and lots of water. (The water also makes your hair nice and thick and make your lips smoother) and natural juice that is blended from fresh fruit. Also make sure you put on cream on your skin and body DAILY. Also if you are 12+ put on face wash morning and night and face cream daily! Also, do NOT pluck ur eyebrows because they are gunna grow back in a weird position. Also, do not shave your legs or arms. I recommend you use NONO if you have heard of it (if not search it up) because it never grows back in a while. Also, cut your nails whenever they grown long because if you keep them long, dirt will go inside of them and it’ll be hard to remove. Also, I regret saying this but NO NAILPOLISH. I mean, you could wear nail polish, but I recommend it be done by a professional once or twice a month. Or just do these simple steps:
    Wash your feet with body wash soap (if you live in Edmonton Alberta you can go to Bath and Body Works at Londonderry Mall to get real good perfume and body wash that smells like HEAVEN omigod I have Twilight Woods Body wash and it Is AWESOME.) three times (a day)
    Get a large bowl (or plastic bowl) of hot water (but not hot enough to burn your skin!) and after washing and drying your feet, put them inside the bowl for up to five minutes. Then take them out and if they are long cut your nails. Then, dry your feet again and put on good cream for both of them.
    If you wear socks change them every day not every TWO days because you could get Athlete’s Foot (GROOOOSSSSSS).
    (do these tips every day!)
    Also, sorry to say NO MAKEUP if you usually wear any. Just do these tips:
    Put cream on your face every day to even out your skin tone and put on moisturizing Lip Balm. (If you ever heard of the lip brand from Maybelline, ‘Baby Lips’ from Shoppers Drug Mart you should get it!) Put that lip balm on every day, and your lips will be SOO NIIICE AAAAND SMOOOOTH!!!! Then you could probably smear on some lip-gloss. I’LL SHOW YOU MORE TIPS L8R!
    HAKs (Hugs and Kisses) to Pinkalicious, her sister, and EVERYONE else!

  14. my friend ashely went to visited her cousin jrake in Canada for the summer I totally bummed about it but else she sent me cool photo. xoxo .

  15. Winter is like my hated holiday except for Christmas I luv Christmas I don’t think Christmas as a present holiday well to be honest I kinda mind the gifts but I like for decorateing and other stuff to also I’m super happy cuz I got a tablet today and don’t think I’m rich or anything. Cuz I’m. not. So plz reply


  16. Hey what’s up i haven’t been on here in a long time but ur new movie was slammin good ;) anyways i’ll check out tht game See ya later.
    Sincerely Minton

  17. Wow Fab Game!! :D it was totes fun anyways i wanted to tell you that you should come out with your own fashion line for people instead of just the dolls that’ll be Scorchin :D !!!
    Sincerely ur biggest fan minton.

  18. Oh yeah Happy New years Eve everyone!!! i hope you all have the best new years eve and new years :D
    Luv Minton

  19. dear aprilbear,
    im sorry and i let you down but the sleepover is CANCELLED! im having new years party! dont worry i will make it up to you.

    dear bedazzle,
    the Movie Star Fashionistaz says thank for putting there name on your comment. But they put MovieStarz because Fashionistaz cant fit! but you can call it MovieStarz but whatever you want!


  20. if a boy have anothe girl friend in he tried to get in a backup dance in tried to dumped u don’t that mean that he’s cheating on u lol miss blue 5 here

  21. I’m having a great time on my winter break omg it’s fun to be away from school lol is you having fun to text back please

  22. today it new years and that when you get your first kiss my sister new boyfriend just had their first kiss. I cant wait when it my turn to have my first kiss in new years

  23. I have four of my friends there names is ashely , skyler , zeoy , sarai ,and only one of them is older than me skyler she 12 years old four of us always have the same fashion style ideas but sometime we get la little bit go crazy when it epic top fashion time we can forget what are we missing in our fashion since . and go a little bit out of hands like one time when it was first day of school and our new teacher mr . brooke ask us to exprees our self and we 5 ask him if we can do it as groups and we went perfect to a disaster plan we we 5 got to a huge problem we got all c pluse. xoxo.

  24. Hey every one when i checked back on peppermint cookies some stole my user name,who ever you are please tell me who you are i won,t be mad i promis.also go on moshimonsters .com heres what you
    1.first go to googel,2.type , adopt a pet ,4.then come up with a user name and password,5.then have your parents check their email.then continua on from their.bye bye.good night.

  25. Hey moviestarz i have a friend named lee harris and she is seven years old she was born in april and her dads name is lenord.thats all so bye.

  26. well yesterday I was in new York in the airport and it was awesome you can see the fireworks in new York when it new years you can see the whole people gather they get to cout down 10 to 1 when your down you can see cool fireworks explode in different colors . xoxo

  27. any way I cant wait for school cause I got the perfect outfit for the first day of school and shoes . xoxo

  28. i can,t belive today is the first day of january!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    whats up every body? hows it going every one?

  29. Hey, I haven’t comment in a while, but just hai! My winter break was awesome and I enjoyed, but now it has come to an end. I also got my NY’s resoultion list ready. To work out more. Also what is the help for? And before I end this comment, I did bratz revies on blog spo and I’ll link it but anyways, bai!

    (Scroll down)

  30. Dear kittycat,
    I think AprilBear did this because in the past blogs you stole her username.
    i might be WRONG but i think it’s AprilBear have a skeleton in her closet! My sis said that’s an
    idoim for she’s keeping a secret.

    Dear bedazzle,
    I see your making a book called Cassy Bolique In Her First Mystery!
    I love suspense and mystery books! There’s a book called Love and War. I think you might interested!
    After reading your tips, i might make a book too. I got a great book idea.
    it’s not a suspense story or mystery book though.
    it’s like drama and stuff.
    because i love those stuff tooooo!!!!! :)
    Btw, it’s called The Fablish Clique!
    I would love to hear what Cassy Bolique In Her First Mystery what it’s about!!!!

    Dear bratz, my vacay was ok? I guess? Going b 2 school 2morrow! On Thursday, then Friday and the weekends!
    Btw, yesterday it was cold in Times Square!!!!!!!!

  31. pinkalicious tell brianna i will be friends with her.pinkalious is your real name naimoi because my real name is patience morales and i go to steelton hispire elemtery school.bye

  32. Never mind about the need a book idea. Got it! Tell u l8! ( later) bcuz have 2 sleep early!
    GET LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Sorry about not blogging to you on New Years!!!
    :( ): :( ): :( ): :( ): :( ):
    Maybe we could do it at the same time as we planned on Thursday or Friday!

    AprilBear OUT!!!
    P.S. SORRY AGAIN!!!!!!!

    I would love to be your friend!! I’ll add you to my friend list!!!

    Friend List:
    DazzleGirl and…

    AprilBear OUT!!!

  35. Hey every body its me kittycat and i just i want to let you know that my day at school at today was awsome.I will also have school tommorrow
    and then here comes the weekend yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    I,m so happy because i might be abel to play just dance 4 and just dance central and just dance 2014 with my mom.Well i gotta to you bratzies tommorrow bye bye.good night

  36. it’s about!!!

    Laila and Maddie has a crush on the same guy. Cassandra has to choose who to help. Maddie creates her own cheerleading squad and Alicia doesn’t like Maddie creating her own cheerleading squad and rules the squad. Nikeysha has a crush on Maddie’s ex, Derrington. So she tries to get him behind Maddie’s back.

    hope u love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  37. Hi,its Maryam,
    I am having the most wonderful summer vacation of my life.And you know what i am going on a trip to the north pole.And i am a very big fan of bratz.Witch is why i am a fashionist.Next year i am going to be prom queen.And i am going to wear the best prom dress ever.

  38. hey hey hey! so glad today! don’t know why but one of the things i want to change in 2014 is stopping eating too many fried food. NOT!!!
    Well they are bad and good at the same time!

    BTW, my winter was okay ( like i recommended) but winter is making me sneeze a lot!

    dear bratz,
    I think for the next blog, you guys should show us a comic book of the My Passion! I would love it! I like the My Passion dolls!!!!!!!
    please write back!!! Also, I think for the next dolls line , I should be you 4 girls, called Bratz Celebrities!

    Cloe= Hilary Duff
    Yasmin= Cher Lloyd
    Jade= Selena Gomez
    Sasha=Zonnique Pullins

    tell me bratz or bratzies if you like it!
    oh and the fablish five, you can it on eva girlz!
    Liv is putting it on LIVglitz!


  39. hi guys we still are not together im sad but ill get better soon i hope school is tuesday wish me luck i miss you so much china were r u im going crazy plezz right me back love u all ma ma ma lol bye

  40. And yes people I am Aprilbear`s little sister!!!!! I love u Aprilbear!!!!!

    P.S. Ask AprilBear and she will say YES!!!HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Dear Pinkalicious,
    Badazzle here! Don’t you love cher loyd’s song, ‘want u back’? and sure i’ll but that on eva girls.

  42. it first day of school and it was freezen here in flordia totally it was so cold that when the teacher ask me the question that my teacher clouldnt understand me what I was saying

  43. hey it 2014 and I ok with it totally well I so tried now hey btw stripe doesn’t go with everything today I were something so pretty that pink shirt sparkle with hearts and a pink bait bow in the middle of the shirt and tied my hair and add a pink flower bow and a blue jeans witch totally go’s with my outfit and my friends totally had a new hair style braid the other side and flat tied the other one side which that totally cute for first day of school

  44. i had a great winter break i stay inside have fun drinking hot coca its was cool i love it i love yall

  45. winter break is cool I got to stay home and play in the snow with my little bro and my big sis

  46. Hey! I have a Skorchin idea! What about next Winter Break we have our own winter fashions? We could create a new section in the website called Fashions! But first we have to invite other people to come! Then we can create an avatar to dress. After that, we could challenge each other. And whoever wins will get a random prize! ( I forgot! first we need to name our avatar!)
    Signed, Bratziesrule ( Johanna )

  47. I love Christmas because its about jeusus being born and its also about giving. and I get to see my family.

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