White Not To Wear

Namaste, Bratzies!

We Bratz believe that you have the right to Xpress yourself year-round by wearing whatever you like, whenever you like! But a lot of folks think you shouldn’t rock a wardrobe of white except for during the summer months.

What do you Bratzies think? Should you only wear white in summer? Or is it OK to wear white all year?

We LOVE to hear your thoughts!


32 thoughts on “White Not To Wear

  1. Bratz, but no offense but the blog is starting to b boring, we missed it the old Bratz blog so we are going to b on Bratz Blog vacay for a long time until u guys go back into the cutest and rad blog eva! Fashion Star Winner is cancelled 4 a while. #Happy #BecauseI’mHappy #Pharrell

  2. I think you shouldn,t wear white all the time just sometimes.Today i have swimming practice and i was in the steelton hispire elemtrey talent show and i sang let it go from the movie frozen and lots of peopel said i sound good.

  3. kool123 i think you should try asking them why they are mad at you.if it doesn,t work then ask there parents if you know there parents and if that does not work then try calling them if you have there number and if that doesn,t work then sorry because i am out of idea,s to give kool123.i hope my advice works but if it does not work please don,t get mad at me because i am just trying to help you kool123.Please let me know if my advice does or doesn,t work.i would really appricate it like a lot if you tell me if it does or doesn,t work.i hope this works kool123 bye.Ps:do you want to be friends?

  4. I would wear white sometimes in summer but,I still like colorful things in the summer!!!:)

  5. I think you bratz are right I mean if I could I would wear white every chance I got so now you can say have a second opinion on the subject!

  6. hey its me pretty i just want to say what do you mean white not wear in
    summer i just do not get it hello talking human i am not a bussy cow are
    you lisning to me i am just sitting on the sofa commenting ok i am not on bye

  7. It’s totally ok to wear white all year long! Some of the cutest and most rockin white styles can be worn anytime! White is a great color to use in any month and you can dress it up or down!

  8. I think white is soooo cool to wear anytime of the year. As much as I love mixing bold colors, white comes in handy just when I need to to, like a green, purple, and turquoise skirt with a green cardigan and a white tank underneath in spring, white sandals with yellow shorts and a white T-shirt in summer, white skinnies with red sneakers and a red long sleeve in fall, and white boots with black skinnies, a white coat, and an icy blue long sleeve with a cute white beanie in winter.

  9. its ok to wear white all year long who cares what season or month it is or even a day we say rock what u want to ware.

  10. Hola! Estoy en el campo con mi mejor amiga y las dos llevamos blanco. Si tú observas las tiendas en los meses de invierno, hay un montón de camisetas de manga larga, sudaderas, jerséis y demás prendas de invierno de color blanco. No veo por que no llevarlo, como se suele decir el blanco combina con todo. :) Pero cada uno se pone lo que a ell@ le parezca conveniente.

  11. ola!!!!!!!!! soy la mejor amiga de ararranmu . y me acabo de registrar. yo creo k el blanco a parte de poderlo llevar en cualquier estacion del año combina mui bien con todos los colores.;)


  12. I think you can wear white whenever you want. I personally don’t wear a lot of white, but I think if people think you shouldn’t do something you should do it anyway if you want to. It’s called being different, and being different often times goes against other people’s oppions.

  13. i think you can wear white all year, winter, spring, fall AND summer.
    but it isn’t always good to wear just white, yeah sure you can wear it but mix it up with some other rocking colours!
    bratz love you girls i have tons of your thing yasmin and jade and floe and sasha you are all my role models!i believe you guys are real!

  14. white is a beautiful colour and everyone should wear it aaaaaaall the time!!!

  15. I love white and bratz dolls inspire me to wear whatever I want because I shouldn’t be afraid to express myself!

  16. i like to wear white for shopping! ps i love alexbabs12345 and bratzbolevar!!

  17. Hey guys, its totally ok to wear white the whole year long!!! Its ok because white literally goes with everything! same with black!
    Kind regaurds xxYazziexx
    p.s: My real name in real life is Yasmin!!! so cool! Can me and You be friends Yasmin??? u r so totally like me!!!

  18. hi I don’t like wearing white because…….the white lets say if you stain your shirt with red or a dark color that would stain and….that would be embrassing to have a stain in public or school if you agree thank you

  19. i think it is fine too wear white in the winter months,because white is winter. the snow, Santa’s beard, the little puff ball on the end of a Santa hat. if you cant wear white in winter months then you would be missing everything.

  20. I think you can wear white in summer or all year long , but it more perfect in summer .

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