#UnleashYourSummer Bucket List Update

Hey y’all,

Cloe here! And I just wanted to give a super shout-out to all of my Bratzies who have helped us plan our #SummerBucketList. So far it has been an epic success!! Yay! Go team!!

As y’all probably already know, we want YOU, our totes amazing Bratzies, to #UnleashYourSummer! This means it is time to set sail on a new adventure. Literally, if you can!

Spread your arms, open your mind and commit to making each and every day of your summer totally and completely epic!! We want you to laugh hard! Play hard! And think hard about what Fabtabulous new thing you can try each day. Use your gift of imagination and fabrication to explore worlds, stories and ideas. Get off the couch! Get off the computer (once you’ve finished reading this blog of course, lol)!! Go outside and start doing! The sun is shining and the world is yours. This summer can be the greatest adventure of your life!! Yay you!!

Jade suggested that we write down what totally epic thing we want to try each day of the summer. By writing down our plans, we committed to sticking to the Summer Bucket List. And so far, her plan has worked perfectly.  Each day we cross something new off the Summer Bucket List. It’s been a total blast! We have done so many fabtastic things already and summer has just begun!!

The first week alone was more epic than any summer I’ve ever had before!!

We kicked off our summer of awesome by white water rafting. That was totes my idea. The girlz were a bit scared, but they all did swimmingly! Especially Yasmin, who literally fell in the water and had to swim back to our raft! She said falling in was her fave part of the whole trip! LOL!  Then we went rock climbing, to which Sasha wore stilettos and broke a heel! We ended the week with a cray-cray paint party! I was bummin about getting my clothes dirty, but splashing each other with paint turned out to be fabtastically fun! That’s the best part when you #UnleashYourSummer! You are forced to try new things, and sometimes the things you think you will hate become you fab-solute new faves!!

But unleashing your summer is not all about fun! To have a truly epic summer, you should give back, too! We have helped out at a soup kitchen and ran a lemonade stand, donating the proceeds to charity! And wanna know the truth? Even though we have gone surfing, tried yoga in the park, went on a photo shoot safari, written songs and SOOOOO much more, I think I had the mostestestest fun I had, was when we were helping others!

Are you totally inspired yet?? Are YOU going to #UNLEASHYOURSUMMER?? Tell me all the fabulous new things you put on your Summer Bucket List. If we think they said super fabulous, we will add them to our own!!

Cheers to the most epic summer ever!!


76 thoughts on “#UnleashYourSummer Bucket List Update

  1. Hey everyone its sparkles here!The only reason i picked sparkles for my name is because we cant pick our names and i love sparkles just like cloe!Im going to Virginia this summer to see my grandpa!i love Selena Gomez one direction and Justin Bieber. there my favs!ive been to ALL there concerts and i hung out with Selena for 1 day i won it! i shook everyone’s hand out of 1 direction!and with Justin Bieber he surprised me at my house!theres a little about me!

    -Bye Guys!

  2. i think the thing i would have to do this summer is help my grandmothers babysit children. thank u for inspiring me cloe.
    <3 jv30

  3. hey cloe. last week i made a big picnic for kids that realy dont eat at all at my local neighborhood. Alot of familys came. that day i new i helped alot of families. also my family helped with the picnic. i was so proud of myself and my family. well i am going skating. bye :-)

    hugsa nd kisses from:lil ms.mysterious

  4. Dear Bratz,
    On facebook, I saw your awesome pictures of a new doll line coming out. I was very intrested in it. That’s when my art side decided to pop up. I thought hard! Maybe you guys should do a disco theme. Which name do you like best?

    a} Lane of disco/world of disco
    b} Disco wonderland
    c} Lets go disco

    Also, I was thinking, you probably have alot on your hands. So I would take one of my bratz dolls and sketch the fashion, and then create. I was thinking of using sasha and then giving her puffy hair. She would wear the funkiest clothes ever! When im done, I’ll show you a pick on Facebook.

    Love, Ann.

  5. ok girls todays topic is how do you feel about the way you dress the first person to respond will surely respond in a great way

  6. and it is a epic suumer and how is your day is it going rad and im going swiming today cool right bye text me back love and take care bye love you bye cloe hear from you later Marli love Marli dear!!!!!!!

  7. These ideas sound totally awesome, but I don’t think me and my family r gonna go anywhere 4 vacation soon,and so I really cant do anything besides U know, go swimming go to the park w/ my besties and stuff like that (I mean I did go on the new zip line at my pool and that was super fun, and we never get any money from lemonade stands so I can’t really do all that stuff on ur bucket list…so do u hav any tips or ideas 4 me? Thx!

  8. Cuz u no, I don’t think we hav enough money to go “white water rafting

  9. OMG! That’s too rad, Sparkles116!! Sounds like you are totally ready to #UnleashYourSummer!! Meeting celebrities is super cool, but we bet you have just a fab a time visiting with your grandpa! Tell us all about it when you get back!!


  10. Wow, Lil ms.mysterious, that is seriously epic of you to help families in need! What a rad way to #UnleashYourSummer!! We are totally inspired! We’ve missed you around here! Have fun skating!! xoxo

  11. Really, jv30? What did you do to face your fear? And CONGRATZ!! Facing your fear is really hard to do!!! xoxo

  12. There are a TON of other fab things you can do to #UnleashYourSummer for little to no money! You and your friends can set up scavenger hunts for each other! Write down the clues and leave items for one another in special spots for them to find! You can have a paint party! You can have a lemonade stand and give the proceeds to charity! Buy a bunch of balloons for just a dollar, get everyone you know and have the most epic balloon fight of all time!!!

    Let us know what you wind up doing, Noelle!! We know you will find something fab to do!!

  13. OMG, Ann! I can’t wait to see the amazing pics of fashions you create!!! LOVE the name Let’s Go Disco!!

    Yay! xoxo

  14. Thank you bratz! Also, I think I might make a BOOK, but I did another webisode Idea. I really need help to make some more so I was thinking, How about you ask all the bratzies on every social network ideas. Then Ill put them together and then hopefully create it. Heres the 2nd one. Hope you like it. Also expect the sketch photos today! xoxo Ann

    Bratz #2 webisode idea
    The Essay that turned out Easy
    *Cloe comes home from school*
    Mom: Hey cloe how was school?
    Cloe: It was good. I have to work on a essay.
    *Mom grabs essay objective and hands cloe a sandwich.*
    Mom: Well, this should be easy. Name a part of your life that changed you and describe it.
    Cloe: Well what part of my life changed me?
    Mom: Why are you in college? *giggles* I have to go grocery shopping. And don’t worry. You have a full weekend.
    *Cloe puts down her stuff and writes in her diary*
    Diary: My mom said why you are in college. What is that supposed to mean? I got it. Maybe my friends and the talent show? Sasha lives next door. I could go there and she could help. We could also invite yasmin and jade!
    *Mom comes home*
    Cloe: Mom can I go to Sasha’s house?
    Mom: Are you sure? It’s late at night.
    Cloe: Please? It’s for the essay. Maybe I can sleep over?
    Mom: Alright. Get ready. I’ll walk with you.

    Scene 2
    Sasha: Dad, Cloe is coming over for her essay and to sleep over. Can she?
    Dad: Yeah, but what about your other friends?
    Sasha: They can come too!
    Dad: Alright.
    *Doorbell rings and dad answers and sees all her friends.*
    Dad: Come in.
    *Hours pass by and cloe gets her essay finished*
    Cloe: There. All I do is hand this in.
    *They all laugh in joy*

  15. Hey Cloe I really don’t know what to do with my friends this summer I mean what types of activites can I do with them?

    xoxo – Rachel

  16. hey i got an amazing idea how about we just have a nice conversation about the way we feel about our dressing style cause i feel that my dressing style is totally fashionable and i love the way i dress i have my own true fashion oh and i love the way the bratz respond to our comments that we post the bratz are my idol and i love there awsome fashion tips you totally rock bratz and thats the truth

  17. Are there any new Bratz dolls coming out?

    P.S. I’m writing a book.
    P.P.S.S. I just came back from Colorado!

  18. dear real bratz , here’s my summer bucket list; 1.hang with my BFF’s. 2.go outside and play with my brothers. 3.go to my 4 of July parade ( I’m a tiger cheerleader.)…4. AND HAVE FUN !!! :) From your real bratzie , sugarscout

  19. hey cloe. last week i made a big picnic for kids that realy dont eat at all at my local neighborhood. Alot of familys came. that day i new i helped alot of families. also my family helped with the picnic. i was so proud of myself and my family. well i am going shopping. Bye!

  20. Hey bratz, I just wanted to say something. I wrote a commet before and it wasn’t there. I just wanna say sorry for anything that was negative,ect. I hope you accept this apology.

  21. Acutally nevermind, I just saw it..weird. But if what I said ever happens, Just know Im sorry

  22. hey, guys sorry that I didn’t write to you. Because I had my cousin over.

  23. NO BUCKET LIST 4 ME! ; (
    i moved to england 2 weeks ago, (from south africa), and i have schoolwork to catch up with!! : (

  24. oh yeah! i started school last week thursday and its a good school, i already have friends! (PS, how do i get my hair to look like victoria justice’s hair??)
    xxx(luv ya angel!!)

  25. that was such a cool blog i love it so much unleashyoursummer sounds like a great idea thanks cloe and before summers over im going try to unleash my summer

  26. Hey Cloe,in August i am going to Pennsylvania with my aunt her boyfriend,there dog,and my mom and dad. We might go swimming too!

  27. Hey everybody! The reason I chose Zendaya cause she is my favorite artist!So anyway,last week I went for bowling for the whole week! And I got lots of spares!So then I went to H & M to update my closet and I love fashion just like you! HAVE A GREAT FORTH OF JULY!!!!

  28. Hey guess what?!In two weeks I am going to Alaska!And I am going to snap some pictures of me in trendy stuff, and when I am done I will send it to you!

  29. luvluvluvluvluvluvluv your hair cloe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont go to bed tonight cuz im gonna come and steal it! (dont know how but yeah) love it! and love you! and my new favourite movie-bratz rock angelz!!

  30. Well I did the scavenger hunt w/ my bffs and it was super fun and hilarious! Cuz this time we had to go to likeour neighbors houses and ask them for the things and we had a great time!! Imams my family and I went to the Botanic garden and we saw all sorts of beautiful flowers and nature :)

  31. Awesome sauce, Noelle! I’m sooooooooo glad the scavenger hunt was an epic success!! And the botanical gardens sound beautiful!!


  32. That totally depends on your sense of style, Pinkpink! Yas prefers maxi dresses. Sasha likes them cute and short!


  33. A new move is super exciting, mhutch!! We just know you will make new BBFs in no time!!!


  34. Ann!! Your creativity has amazed us once again!! We love it. Please finish your script and share it with us when you’re done!!


  35. Welcome back, AprilBear! We can’t wait to hear all about your book!


  36. Wow, Rainbowshine! What an epic way to unleash your summer! We are reall proud of you!!


  37. awesome advice in the school holidays i’m having a sleep over at my place with my friend thanks Cloe 4 the advice about having a list + having a list is really useful i made a list right now

    4 the list for my sleep is
    buy candy
    do some crafty stuff
    put crazy make up and make crazy videos
    go to the park make pancakes

  38. We all have different tastes, lollipop. Jade prefers the laptop. Cloe loves the phone. And Sasha picked the car!


  39. Half the world has winter while we are in our summer, aqua1234. But that’s OK!! It just means you need to Unleash Your Summer when it gets warm near you and send us pics!! We will be TOTALLY jealous because it will be winter near us! Haha!!


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