Tweevils are Cyber Bullies

What’z the hapz, Bratz??

If any of you Bratzies were on Facebook, you would’ve seen that the Tweevils hacked into our Facebook page!! It was totally KRAY-to-the-Z! Krazy!! And beyond NOT kool!!

After they went on our Facebook page, they left posts pretending they were us!! Can you believe it?! They even tried to pry secret information about us from all of our Bratzies!! But the total worst part: they changed our Facebook password so we couldn’t get back in!!

Luckily, our EPICALLY RAD Bratzies took to Twitter and told us what the Tweevils changed our password to. Those puke-pink Tweevils totally cyber bullied us, but we will NOT let it happen again! I did a little research and found some primo tips on protecting your privacy in cyber space!!


1 – NEVER tell anyone your password. Not even your BBFs!! A true bestie would never make you feel bad for not sharing. When you lose your password, like we did, you lose total control of your page and your image. Avoid this epic fail by keeping your secret password secret.

2 – Never send texts or pics to anyone that you wouldn’t want getting around. If there is an adorbs pic of you blowing a bubble, but you aren’t supposed to be chewing gum, do NOT send the cute pic to your friend. Instead, show it to her in-person whenever you see her next. Anything that could get you in trouble should stay in your possession only!

3 – Never open any messages from people on the internet that you don’t know or know to be bullies. These messages could contain gnarly text or links that contain viruses!! Best to play it safe and just stay clear.

4 – Don’t save your password on any computer — except for maybe the ones you own at home. And alwayz make sure to log out of all your accounts at the school media center, library, Internet café or even at a friend’s house. If someone is anglin’ to cyber bully, you don’t want to make it easy for her to pick you as the next target.

5 – Pause before you post.  Peeps will judge you by the messages you leave behind on social media. If you think you’ve written something rad and full of swagger, read it again to make sure it can’t be misinterpreted as mean or crude. Once you’ve given it the once-over, if you’re still  amped by what you wrote, go ahead and click: send.

BONUS TIP – Don’t be a cyber bully yourself. A true Bratzie is never mean to someone, even when you have the opportunity to be mean anonymously. Do YOU want to be like the Tweevils? It takes a lot of character to take the high road, but if there is one thing people know about our Bratzies, it is that they are over-flowing with character.

Lastly, if you see someone being cyber bullied, tell an adult you trust. For more tips, read our radtacular blog, called “Friends Stand Up.” You can click below to read it:

Stay stylin’, my friends.



107 thoughts on “Tweevils are Cyber Bullies

  1. Hey Guys! Its me Blogger ann coming with the hottest hits,fashion lines,and all the scoop Is what I would say. But its me ann and today I have 3 particular questions for you. Will you ever make im taller fashion packs? How come Every site I go to, Mostly the dolls are sold online? And three, On your anniversary, will you add more im taller dolls?

  2. the tweevils are so cruel, i wish they were nice! really nice! but thx for the tips!


  3. hey bratz and this time the twevils have crossed the line.!!.!! thats so not cool! >:-| Also thank you jade for sharing the cyber bullying tips.Im totes goin to use them!! oh sasha i know that u love music so i found this rockin song on youtube called “hot right now” by rita ora. i love that song!it always makes me wanna dance!! tommorow skool is starting for me! im so ecxited for my first day of skool ,wish me good luck!! well i got to get ready for tommorrow !! <3

    hugs and kisses from:lil miss.mysterious

  4. well inside of this world is something filled with love and most likely precious little loved who are cared for at 24/7

  5. the tweeils are so that i feel bad for you girls and Burdine. well i’m bullied too. is this 6th grader Alice but her friends call her Kourtney!


  6. hey everyone my first time on here I love bratz so much in have all of them and Tessa and dana and myra and eitan and have 24 outfits………………………………………………………………………… told u I LOVE BRATZ

  7. Welcome, aglover1!! We’re so stoked you’re here! Come back and hang with us anytime!!


  8. Hiya Blogger Ann,

    We don’t have any new fashion packs coming out this season, but you never know what may come out in the future!! There are a bunch of stores that sell our dolls, like Toys R Us, Target and WalMart, but sometimes it is just easier to order things online. And we don’t have anything planned for our anniversary yet, but if you’re looking for BIG Bratz, new ones will be coming out this season!!


  9. Thanks for the music tip, and good luck in school, lil miss mysterious!! Glad to have you back on our blog!!


  10. But i got a question. What do you do when like for example, when a girl comes up to you and says” hey little nerd maybe you should do and go hang with the popular girls” and you say” really?” with smiles and they just joking and say” ha! maybe you should be in the garbage girls!”. my parents say stand up for yourself and my friends say tell an adult. Who should i listen to!

    xoxo- MissNervous

  11. whats the point of being a bully i mean i always be a bully but i dont mean to be. like every time someone tries to be to me or anyone i love like my best friend nalaiyah she is 2nd grader about go 3rd like me i dont know why i talk a lot i like talking its my subject well my fingers hurt i better get going.

  12. Hi, love,
    Some people can’t chew gum because they have braces, or just because their parents don’t allow it.


  13. That’s a tough one, beauty4ever. We’re sorry to hear some girls are being mean to you. There is no right answer. It’s totally cool if you stand up for yourself, like your parents say, and it’s totally cool if you tell an adult, like your friends recommend! We think you should do what makes you comfortable. Being a Real Bratz is all about being true to yourself. Respond in a way that makes YOU happy. And never let these bully girls make you feel so insecure that you stop letting your beautiful self shine!!


  14. Dear bratz,
    oh so your saying do both? well the NERVOUS part is that will i get in trouble! i’m happy when i watch bratz movies. oh here’s a little story, today i saw the girls who bullies me. and someone told my secret, that I <3 bratz and they put it all over the school's newspaper,well the school website i was so embrassed that everyone hates me. even my bffs! i stand up for myself, i got DETENTION! Well back to school. my first day is gonna be a wreck! what should i do for getting out of trouble!-xoxo Miss Embrassing!

  15. Oh no, beauty4ever!! That is so not cool of them to do that!!
    Everyone has embarrassing things happen to them. The best thing you can do is NOT be embarrassed by it. If you are true to you and comfortable in your own skin, you can let these things roll off your back. (Even if you have to fake it ’til you make it.) Go back and watch the video on our Real Bratz BerryBread blog. She talks about people making fun for liking dolls and how you shouldn’t let it bother you. She’s 18 and a total Real Bratz because she is not afraid to be her true self all the time… even if other people don’t understand her interests.

    Good luck on your first day! We got your back, girl. Come back and tell us how it goes.


  16. ok so i watched BerryBread’s video. it was so cool! but guess what, she went to MY HOUSE! my mom explained that she came early and took pics of my dolls. she told my bffs and i told them after Alice or Kourtney. i tried standing up and she SPILLED SODA! i was biting my nails” oh, honey, your bffs are now my bffs” and that’s TRUE! i explained everything to my mom and dad. Tomorrow there are talking to Alice’s. my dad knows Alice’s dad because they are friends.

    xoxo- Miss Shocked

  17. Bratz,thanks for answering the questions. Also my birthday is 7 days away! Im excited. Im signing up for dance and im getting a bratz cake. Im taking hip hop! Also, these are some tips for beaty4ever.

    Beauty4ever,dont worry about them. If people bother you about it, Just say “And? I like bratz and thats who I am. I will not let you judge me for being myself. I least im not someone else I dont wanna be.”

    If they keep bullying you,its good to tell a teacher. Or even go to the principal. They have to believe you.

    xoxo Ann!

  18. Wow! That’s crazy, beauty4ever! Ann has some rad advice for you that she left in one of the comments above.
    Do any of our other Bratzies have any advice for our friend, Beauty4ever?

  19. hey beauty4ever!

    totes know how you feel girl!! dont stress it, take a deep breath. it happens to everyone!! everyone whos making fun of you had embarrassing moments of their OWN. think about it…..

    just be yourself, and you can also just laugh about it-not because its funny to belong to bratz,(cuz its the best website ever, as in, EVER!),, but because its FUN to belong to bratz!!!

    be like: “hahaha, yeah i know, i belong to the bratz website. but i like it, its cool. i dont really care what others think about it”

    P.S. (im SURE those people making fun of you have a little secret of their own!! a secret website they belong to!)

    P.P.S.if someones being mean to you, just think IN YOUR HEAD (not out loud) “what an evil tweevil” (that was a little lame) but any phrase that will make you feel better.



  20. ive got 4 bratz dolls, cloe, tessa, yasmin, and….another yasmin..LOL!! that was my dads mistake!! he went to another country and i asked him to bring me a JADE doll, and he brought ANOTHER yasmin!! lol, and the worst part is, that when i said to him “dAD, this is yasmin” , he was like “no i thought you asked for jade, thats jade) omw, DADS!! i also have a BIG bratz doll, and a fashion head, and a bratz lamp and bratz bedding, a sleeping bag, a mug, a jewellery box,and 2 bratz books!!

    phew, i forgot that i have so many bratz stuff!! …YAY!!



  21. That was some fab advice, Rainbow!!
    And it is AWESOME you got so many Bratz goodies!! What a haul!! LOVES ITS!


  22. Thanks again bratz. I dont know if yu mind,but c ould you give me some tips for school? I get nervous on my first day.

  23. Check our blog tomorrow, Ann! Bunny Boo is in the middle of writing her blog all about first day tips!!


  24. thanks Ann and happy early birthday! maybe i should do that! um, my birthday was either 3,4 or 5 weeks ago. and bratz, guess what! Ann this is for you too, Alice were so sorry and all(all is my bffs) became friends. but when Alice gave me a snack, and it poison. i didn’t see but thanks to my best friend. she told me the truth that she’s jealous because my passion 4 fashion. i explained about the bratz having style, watched bratz movies and now she >3 loves bratz and she’s similar to everyone mostly Cloe!

    xoxo- thanks for the tips!

  25. thanks Rainbow for the tips! i can tell you are a big BRATZ fan! me too, but i don’t have the bratz bedding! your very lucky! one question, what country did your dad get another Yasmin at? but i got the BRATZ catz and style it fashion line. i really want sturt it!

  26. sorry to ask this silly question but are you guys asking a upcoming movie or a upcoming show?


  28. Sorry to hear you were bullied, dasha1! No true Bratzie would ever bully! Unfortunately, you can’t control the actions of others, only your own. If anyone ever threatens you, tell an adult you trust ASAP!! You should NEVER tolerate that kind of behavior from anyone! Honestly, the best thing you can do is to keep being wonderful YOU!! Bullies get their energy off of seeing they have power over someone. If you refuse to change your behavior, they will eventually get bored. Be yourself. And be proud and comfortable of the AWESOME person you are! If you love yourself, no one can take that away. No matter how hard they try! Also, surround yourself with equally awesome people!! A blockade of besties is always a handy thing to have. If you don’t have that at school, come back and hangout with the Bratzie brigade on our blog. We will always be here for you, happy to offer advice and friendship.

    Good luck!!


  29. Happy Be-Lated birthday Ann! Also Bratz, I’ve been bullied in kindergarten through 1st grade, what I do is stand up for myself and be myself , I went through tough times but you Bratz helped me get through these bullies, thank you!

  30. [EDIT] Keep The Passion 4 Fashion , As Alway Your True Bratz Fan Forever Sayori. <3

  31. hi well i have a boyfriend and i am am not allowed to date and i am afraid that my mom will find out what should i do
    PS. my friends know and my brother

  32. hey beauty4ever!! im not sure ik what u mean, but i have 2 yasmin dolls, they are both the same one, from bratz diamonds, im not from america though, i live somewhere else,but my dad got it somewhere over there!i think it was in florida,: ) and ur right,,im a super huge fan of bratz!!! (and im almost 15) lolz, bratzies rock!!



  33. Bullies can be a total pain, but as jade once said, u should never be one yourself, i had problems with bullies, when it was a guy bully, it turned out he had crush on me, so i asked him if its true, and he just stopped bothering me after that.

    when it was a girl bully, well, they only always do it because they think they are better than you, so my advice if ur having probs with girl-bullies, dont hold to much competition, or else she’ll just keep bullying you until you give up, (im not saying dont stand up for yourself, im just saying, TRY to stay out of her(or his) way)

    P.S. i stand up for myself, i dont like it when people get away with stuff



  34. btw beauty4ever, whos alice??? im so confused by ur blogs, sorry



  35. thx Sayori for saying Keep The Passion 4 Fashion, As Always Your True Bratz Fan!! i’m a true bratz fan as always!


  36. Hmm, that’s a tricky one, katie11. We believe it is always best to be honest and upfront because the truth finds a way of coming out sooner or later. Maybe you should tell your parents why you like this boy so much and why you think you are ready for a boyfriend. Maybe, with a little honesty, you and your parents can come up with a way of dating that pleases both of you. Come up with compromises, such as you and your boyfriend get to go to dinner together, but your parents will go, too, and sit at another table. Stuff like that. You can also offer to let your parents meet your boyfriend. Once they see how awesome he is, they may be more lenient on their no-dating rule.

    It can be tough to remember, but our parents set up rules based on what they think is safe and best for us. You may also want to ask them to explain why they have decided to not let you date. By you having a better understanding of their rules, you, too, may reconsider whether it is best to have a boyfriend right now.

    Trust us, there are PLENTY of dating years ahead. And PLENTY of fish in the sea. Let us know how it goes!! We’re rooting for ya!!


  37. Bratz girls, I have a question; why do people think being rude is cool? I mean, a lot of gals when they reach the sixth grade get snobby, no offense. But why? why why why??? PLLZZZZZ answer me!!!!

  38. I have been bullied in every grade and I try to be SOOO nice but some people just HATE me. Bratz, I need your advice!!
    Hugs and Kisses,
    Lil Miss Badazzle!!

  39. Bratzies i’m a HUGE fan I can’t belive you REPLY. I mean, seriously. Other sights like don’t even reply. Ur so nice!!!!
    Hugs and Kisses (to all bratziez out there!!!),
    Lil Miss Badazzle!!

  40. That is a REALLY GOOD QUESTION, bedazzle. And we think we have a really good answer for you. We Bratz discussed it and we think that people often mistake rudeness for being cool. When it all comes down to it, cool people are totally comfortable in their own skin. Cool people are confident. And cool people have such high self esteem that they don’t care what other people think of them; they love themselves and that’s what counts. We Bratz LOVE these cool kid qualities and we like to live like this every day!!

    BUT, sometimes people WANT to be cool, but aren’t self-confident or comfortable in their own skin. Those people fake their confidence by being rude to people. Other kids mistake this rudeness for coolness. They assume the rude person must not care what other people think of them, and that makes them cool. But it is actually the total opposite!!!

    If you were truly comfortable in your own skin, you wouldn’t need to be rude to anyone else. A truly self confident person — a truly COOL person — has no need to put others down in order to build themselves up. Sadly, it can be pretty easy to fake confidence with rudeness. And even more sadly, a lot of people see rudeness and mistake it for coolness.

    Hopefully, now that all our Bratzies know the difference, they won’t be mistaken.

    Keep being your awesome selves, Bratzies!! The true cool-factor comes from loving yourself!!


  41. Hi bedazzle,

    We’re sorry to hear you were bullied. Maybe this year, instead of trying to be soooooooooooooo nice, you just try to be yourself. We’re not saying be mean!! Still stay pleasant and friendly, but don’t try to win over people who don’t like you. Bullies will see you trying hard and use it against you. That’s what bullies do! Some people just won’t like you, no matter how nice you are or how cool you are. And that’s totally OK. It’s OK that some people don’t like you. The Tweevils hate us no matter how many times we do something nice for them!!

    This year focus on your friends instead of on your enemies. Work on being true to yourself. Work on loving yourself. If you do these things, even if the bullies still hate you, we bet this year will be better than last!

    Good luck!


  42. Hey Bratziez!!! Badazz here. It’s me, and I just made a new fashion line, Falling for Fall!!!! My D-signer name is Dela Apricott!!! and i’m on my first issue of EVA. I just hope you like it. Let me know if you want an issue!
    Lil Miss Badazzle!!!

  43. One question for everyone to answer:
    Do you feel safe in your own skin?
    My answer: I do. I don’t want to change myself, or try to reinvent. These things also affect life and the people around you.
    Reason one: the people around you, like friends will think you are just trying to get away from them. I see this happening ALOT in my school!
    Recommendation: just try to be yourself, show them that you still are they’re friends. It’s especially a good impretion on the first day. But sometimes, it’s a good thing to change, if your doing it for your loved ones!
    Lil Miss Badazzle!!

  44. Oh and bratz girls (chloe, Sasha, Jade, and Yasmin!) I know a song you’ll LOVE. go to youtube and type in,
    One direction Best Song Ever!!!
    I hope you like it- cuz I do!!
    Lil Miss Badazzle!!

  45. I will put Bratz on the front cover of EVA GIRLS!!!!
    Lil Miss Badazzle!!!

  46. cool badazzle ur going 5th grade to the awesome are u scared for 5th grade I am thxs for reposing anyone else hey bratz girls what up

    xoxoxo LOVE Bratz Dasha ps dose anyone wants to be my friend because how u make friends and badzzle do u want to be friend if u want ohh and bye ohhh hey bratz

  47. hey my name is abby and i think im gonna to love this site im new on this site so yeah im a homeschool girl so yeah hahahaha lol ttyl love

  48. Dear Dasha1
    Sure I will b ur frend and ya im sumtimes nervous but when you don’t think about it, u wont be. So bye!
    Lil Miss Bedazzle!!

  49. yeah i also cant believe the bratz reply< thats awesome!!!

    bratz i have an idea, why not make bratz dolls that look like celebs??
    like for example; cloe with a lady gaga outfit and lady gaga hair, LOL
    (thats probably not the best idea ive ever had X D)


  50. Dear RainbowBubblegum,
    That’s a VERY fabalicios idea! Maybe I can put it up on EVA. just comment to me if you want it to be there!
    Lil Miss Bedazzle!! (<3)

  51. thank u badazzle u accepting the friend request well that all for right now? and, bratz what are u doing do something create of ok I want to see passion for fashion and the videos are great very great hope u can make videos can please make back to school trends and videos ok, and blah blah blah blah other stuff I don’t think the blah blah blah blah stuff are not important and badzzle I like how the way u did Lil miss badzzle that vey nice and bye thank u everone for ur support am count down when I go back to so I have 6 more days and byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    bratz girls

    the girls with the passion for fashion

    cloe yasmin jade sasha will dasha and my friends

    xoxo dasha

    go badzzle yeah,yeah


  52. cyber bullying is always parents’ concern,for it has bad effects on children. Parents now pay more and more attention to this problem,some of them even use computer tracking program so as to track their children’s online activities and set block for some improper websites.If you wanna protect you children out of cyber bullying, you can use the parental control tool from anykeylogger.

  53. Omg bratz I have school in four days!! I am excited to see the boy I like. But I reaaaaally hav an issue with… the other boys… hello? is anyone still there, by the way? I need some1 to answer me on, Comic Book Blog!!! if I don’t get one I will (literally) b teared APART. I hope atleast for the first month my past crush doesn’t come. No matter what he does, I am STILL with current crush. But when I see him, he kinda distracts me because hes sooo cute. Okay ew. nevermind. Bratz I need help im gonna go to school being a freak-a-lish. I atleast need some advice. Got any?
    Anxiousness and Nervousness
    From Lil Miss Badazzle

  54. hey bratz! i just made a new girls line, Fashionista and these tweevils are rude and mean. One of the girls, Sassy and she isn’t sassy, wants a few tips on cyber bulling. My sis kinda helped. Thanks sis!

    -Cyber bulling is creul and everyone knows that and many people die for that. Don’t believe what haters say because it makes your self esteem be low when it should be high and calm.

    -Never tell secrets to your friends around cyber bullies even if there near. Be careful around you. Check lockers before because they can be there. It happened once to my friends, Roxanne,Leigh-Anne,Jesy and Perrie.

    -Standing up for yourself is good and bad. It’s good because it can make the bully or bullies leave you only but it’s bad because it change you into a bad person.

    -Believe is the key so just believe and your dream will come true!

    REMEMBER these tips!

    Xoxo Sassy

    okay pinkalious is back! remember there’s gonna be another blog on tips
    peace! enjoy these tips!

  55. its mean the tweevils got in your page rude! so rememeber to close your page dont leave any note and avoid leaving your door open

  56. Bratz no one is on anymore it’s like a barren land…
    Pincalicious, Dasha1??
    Im leaving here until someone shows up!

  57. i would like to make friends with this girl on here and her username is mysterious mysterious would like to be my friend please help. p.s.:can you please help me with making friends online. Love always lostkitty :)

  58. Thanks for the awesome anti-cyber bullying tips, pinkalicious and sassy!!

    Totes awesome!!

  59. hi i havent talked to you guys in a long time look what i learned uno monento porfrvore do you know what it means

  60. Hey galz! We hope you had a great first day (or week) of school! Ask us for tipz if u need any! We’ll always b here. But first, we need to go on cruise!! SYL,
    The fabalish five!

  61. Bratz rule!
    Im not surprised, the tweevils are mean nasty, ooh im working with synonims, well the bratz rock!

  62. Jade I’m glad u didn’t let da’ tweevils get 2 u!!No offense but 2 b real those girls r desperate & stuck up from the neck up!!!Luv ya girl!!

  63. i was cyber buillied and it was really not funny and I didn’t have a lot of trust in me but this tips helps me a lot I mean helps me stop begin afraid of people bulling me with hurtful words that they don’t feel that it not funny .

  64. you know girl what i would do is build my own place for shsha jade and cloe and you thats all

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