True Hope Bratz® See Stars At The MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge

Hello Bratzies! We want to share some of our fave photos of celebrities showing their support for True Hope Bratz® at the MTV Movie Awards gift lounge.

Farrah Abraham from MTV’s “Teen Mom” showing True Hope Bratz® some love!

Gloria Govan from VH1’s “Basketball Wives” stood proudly with True Hope Bratz®

Actor Evan Handler is always proudly rockin’ the hairless look! We think he found his True Hope Bratz® Boyz match!

Renee Alstead from ABC’s “The Secret Life of an American Teenager” said hello to Cloe.

Griffin Gluck from ABC’s “Private Practice” stopped by and showed us how to fold a cancer awareness ribbon from a dollar bill.

MGA Entertainment created True Hope Bratz® and Moxie Girlz™ Dolls in response to the social media petition for a hairless doll to raise awareness of children going through chemotherapy, affected by alopecia or dealing with a parent with cancer.

The dolls are available to purchase now at Toys “R” Us and $1 from each will be donated to City of Hope Cancer Foundation.

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56 thoughts on “True Hope Bratz® See Stars At The MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge

  1. Brooke is 5 and fights stage IV Neuroblastoma….. She is so thankful for this doll Cloe. What an awesome way to honor children like her!! Please read her story at by clicking updates or visit her Facebook @ Brooke’s Blossoms N Buddies to learn how she is also sending smiles worldwide!! Here is a clip from her YouTube channel to say thank you to YOU!

  2. Hi . I like those bratz dolls . You’re the best , Bratz !!!! Love you from the bottom from my heart . Please make more bratz .

  3. is a fun site for kids it’s my faviorte sit.It’s a good one! when i’m sad or board,i can count on this site to cheer me up! And that’s why i LOVE!

  4. Im so glad that bratz are doing a cancer doll i thought of it a long time ago and i just glad to see it now to bad barbie couldnt think of this lol

  5. i really love the bratz they have style they no how to put outfits together i could never do that and i like what they did for the cancer thing i really thought that was sweet. I Luv the bratz!!!!

  6. I love bratz so does my freind we wacth it every day sometimes she comes to my house. I,m sasha shes jade or yasmine

  7. i love this doll becase it have lots of comon with the twin thing for canser for dolls

  8. bratz rock ill will love for ever! i just wanna share some ideas i have one is that like the all new summer bratz dolls its like all new cool new dolls i just saying new idea you have put wanna idea i have that for now i love bratz that you made MGA the first doll that i love for you is funk glow i dont have it i want one soooooooooo bad bye and LOVE YOU BRATZ!

  9. when i first saw your movies and shows i knew that you would be my one i care for all of you and the most is yasmine your my soul mate i love you bratz and i will never forget you girls

  10. happy 4th of july.happy birthday america. first of all i won’t to say that the bratz give out amazing tips second of all i won’t ro say is that i’m gonna rock my new hair style. Tommorow absolutly terrific im gonna wear a cute dress with my cupcake necklace.its so cute.anyways im gonna wear some white wedges. and a little cute side purse. can anyone correct my style choice?help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. i <3 the bratz i got posters of the bratz and i love there styole allote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hey everybody, here i am again need style choice i have a perfume that smells like vanilla . should i wear it today

  13. I feel bad for the little kids out there with cancer bratz I have a favor for you please keep those kids safe from cancer cuz I really hate a corrupted world and also I am like yasmine you know I always loved a nice peaceful world and I love animals especially cats and dogs and you know what I am trying to make my cat and bird get along with each other weird right

  14. What do you prefer moxie or bratz me I love both but I really love bratz I have like five bratz dolls

  15. HAPPY LATE 4 OF JULY SOOOO SORRY ABOUT LATE 4 OF JULY.THE 4 JULY WAS FUNNY POPPED MINE OVER MY COUSINS HOUSE IT WAS FUNNY BECAUSE the people was popping the big fire works and my cousins and me was on the car and fire works popped all the to the car and we jumped off the car BUT IT WAS FUNNY!

  16. ave about 50 bratz dolls but im geting more my name is zariahim 11 years old bratz are cool#$

  17. I am ok with whatever you dedice. In my past life years ago I played with doll making and it certainly is as much sewing as making a purse or anything from fabric. I no longer do the dolls or quilts as my daughters are adults,don’t want them, and the grands so far are boys. That does not mean that I do not enjoy seeing these items that others make. My needs presently are for some better fitting garments than I can find or afford so I have stopped playing with my embroidery machines all the time,stitching cute things for others, and am working on getting some basic patterns fitted. Some of the more wearable muslins are even in the wardrobe prior to making the final fine tuned version. Blogs like yours help so much-I cannot believe all the sewing assistance with fitting that the computer offers. This was all totally unavailable when my children were small and I sewed everyday that I could. Thank you for whatever you post in the way of sewing advice. I enjoy it all whether one blog or two.

  18. those bratz movies i really wanna watch one those old movie its called bratz the movie is it still out???? also still in theaters

  19. hey this nice hang out maybe you guys ganna make more fun not try to mean mga or bratz i just saying this fun but i want more still LOVE BRATZ FORVER!!!

  20. do any of you guys like one direction cause if you did they are making one direction dolls i love harry styles as a brother

  21. Bratz are showing the true cancer spirit. My friend died of heart cancer. So thank you Bratz for doing this. Bratz ROCK!!!!

  22. i feel bad for those people with cancer i might do a donation.

  23. do any you guys have advice for a blury eye and please answer this question ouch ouch it hurts

  24. I’m so proud that they are making cancer doll because I feel badly about the kids who have cancer.

  25. that is so nice for the bratz to give a little girl with cancer have a doll of her own that looks like her!

  26. i think that the bratz cannserdolls are going to make alot of money becauez
    i think im gonna buy one next year to suport cannser in many ways and try
    to help kids who need it.

  27. i love the new canser dolls they make me sad to see them but i gonna try to buy some and sell them to get money for kids all around the world.I think this makes kids who have canser feel realy happy.thank you for making these dolls to soupourt and help fight canser.=)

  28. they are totes adorable thing i ever saw from the whole intier bratz collection

  29. it me thae girls with the passion for fashion i want to say that theses cancer girls are tottaly amazing nd thanks for making it

  30. these cancer bratz dolls are amazing! and really gorgeous some people i know and who are very close to me have had cancer and its totally not fair i am so proud that bratz were the ones who teamed up with the cancer charity because they are great dolls :)and its for a great charity:)

  31. those bratz haters say:
    ‘bratz are bad dont buy them!’ ‘theyre ugly!’ ‘i wont buy them!’
    seriously,these bratz haters are idiots. and they think that plastic bimbo-head barbie is ‘so perfect’ because she is so 1950′s!how stupid.
    look at these true hope bratz dolls-they are so touching…they make me fell so sorry for those children suffering with cancer.
    the only reason i hate all other dolls (except bratzillaz and winx club) is because theyre fashions are too childish and they copy bratz!they cant even make bald dolls and even if they did,they would copy bratz.
    MGA, i think youre doing a really excellent job. just one thing-can you please make more bratz and bratzillaz movies?please do this for all your bratz fans,otherwise bratz downfall will come soon!
    everyone,raise your hands up together with bratz to fight this cancer!
    rock the world,BRATZ!

  32. i did’nt find out intill the next day i was in tears and then a few years after my grandmas best friend died and im ten now she died when i was eight. that was also from cancer evry thing that happens is from cancer and lets fight aginst cancer save the children from cancer.

  33. yasminlauren, we’re so sad to hear about your loss. Cancer is horrible. We and our True Hope dollz are fighting to end cancer. Hopefully, soon we will find a cure!!

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