Thoughts about Friends

It’s total Bratz style to have lots of great people in our life (in addition to our amazing families!). Friends are a big part of our childhood memories, our school days and summer fun. They make us laugh, smile, and sometimes even make us cry. This is all part of what goes into being friends with someone and we think having a friend or two is really awesome.

Today all the Bratz got together to write this blog post as friends. We all love each other (and you, Bratzie) so much that we thought it was time to talk about what goes into being a friend.

First, we think a good friend is always there to support others. With positive energy and words of encouragement, friends are there to lift your spirits when times get tough. Sometimes a friend has to give advice or say things that their friends may not want to hear, but it is important to always tell the truth in a loving way. A friend never wants to hurt another person on purpose.

We also think a friend always looks out for bad fashion! Jade would never let Cloe leave the house in an outfit that’s not so stylish. Sometimes we consider ourselves the Fashion Police for each other. LOL! But again, we always say it in a nice way.

Most importantly, we’re all friends because we like each other and want to create fun times and memories. We all have common interests (like Cloe & Jade with cheerleading) and share a love for fashion. It’s always a good time hanging with the besties and all of us make an effort to keep our friendships strong. It’s all about trying! Try to be a good friend and you will be one!

There are many things that go into being a good friend. This is a topic we’d like to talk more about as time goes on. Would you Bratzies be interested in reading more posts about friendship?

What do you think goes into being a good friend? Tell us in a comment!

87 thoughts on “Thoughts about Friends

  1. mabey wat you guys should do is take turns with post like first freindship then the next blog could be about fashion and so forth that make me happy and all bratzies tell me that u like it [my idea] by posting [BRATZ ! PLZZZZZZZZZ

  2. I wish stay with my friend rahina kyei Daniels and go to the same secondary school with her. She even told me a lot about the bratz. By the way I live in England not New York I couldn’t find it.

  3. Hello! I’m Katelin and me and my friends sometimes get in to huge fights! And all of us act the a drama mama.Yesterday, Dec.14 we were all fighting about how i wasn’t playing the day before and so my friend Seirra yelled at me (Katelin) my friend (becca) and my friend (julia) for about 10 mins. And Seirra made becca cry. And Seirra is always bullying me she thinks (oh I’m better than every body and Katelin is so mean) thats what she thinks about me and herself! you guys gotta give me some major good tips so me and all my friends can stop fighting and some tips to tell seirra shes not the boss of other people and that she not better than other people
    I’m counting on you guys
    Love Kate (short for katelin)
    P.S. I’m 8 years old

    please reply

  4. a good friend is someone who cares and is always by there friends side like if she or he is being bullied you help them as much as you can.Me and my friend rachael play a lot but no matter what she will always be a good friend .to me and this is a whole parograph of what a good friend is.

  5. hey guys im new here, so lets get thi party started right now! And im a big fan of the BRATZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woo hoo! :)

  6. i just got one of these i am so lost
    does any one know me i need friends 2 talk 2 on here

  7. Doing things that you know your friend likes to do, but you don’t really like to, is something that I think makes you a good friend. I’m not all that into clothes or makeup, but when my cousin asks me to look at things about clothes or makeup, I actually have fun doing it with her because we go through everything and pick out our fave things together.

  8. Hi could you bratz give me some tips about this game because i love you bratz i loveeeee you jade

  9. i think hardwork goes into friendship because when you sometimes don’t get along with your friend you put hardwork into putting up with them and i think thats a little part of friendship.

  10. when u log on to go to the game love meter and tpe in a boys name and a girl name

  11. girl idk if u go on sign up for bratz .com u should play this game call love mach up and if you do type in a boy name and type in a girl name

  12. Hi everyone first comment yay
    I think a good friend is somebody who makes you laugh and helps you through tough times. I would love to read more blog posts about friendship

  13. Yay second comment
    I also think that a good friend stands up for you and has nice conversations with you in school :-) she also sends you postcards when she is on vacation
    a good friend is a good friend just for hanging out with you. If you had a friend who payed no attention to you, would they be a friend?? Nope

  14. Third! :-)
    You are all awesome I really liked this blog post :-)
    See you later :-)

  15. well i agree with this statement but it all depends the friends you hang out with and ofcourse friends are there for you but not at all times? O.O
    but in reality finding who are ur true friends or not? :o

  16. Hi,am Nelly and I have a friend problem see I have this friend Annie,but she judges me for my hobby and passion she says it’s ridiculous to play with dolls well I’m not thinking of apologizing of what I love and is my passion plese comment back


  18. i think your games are really cool and you toooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…………………………..

  19. hey guys this is the onesite im alone on cause my freinds know my other site i love this site

  20. im back well brats i need some advice my friend cheayne doesnt act like a real friend she neglects me every time she we have sleepover every time i talk to her she acts like im some stranger and when i fall she doesnt help me up she laughs.0-0 i dont see falling funny well brats please help before we so out again with one of her friends agian (0 – 0) sinseraly sedajah ps. wow that felt good to say that

  21. Why can’t we buy the fab outfits the girls wear separately? I don’t want to buy a new doll every time I want to change their outfits.

  22. Dear Bratz i don’t have friends except for you but my sisters friends is my friends too but it don’t feel like it to me
    Sincerely Leelee. Love Leelee <3 <3 <3 <3 =B

  23. i love the Bratz dolls. Because there lot’s and lot’s of dools and i think this one is the coolest dolls of all!!!!!!

  24. P.S I hope you guys have a very great christmas!!!!!!!! Plz bring the bratz dools back plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Hii Bratz ..xoxoxo OMG theres a girl in my class called Emma . She is tyrying to steal my Bff Chloe . And trying to be a person like Chloe Who she ISNT is . And she keeps trying to be all cool infront off everyone wich she does not care about SHE CANT JUST BE HERSELF i wanna be bffs with The bff i wanna be with . Please Help Bratzz xoxooxox !

  26. Hi Bratz, If you dont mind I would like advice on the topic ‘Friends’ There is this particular girl named ‘Lea’ and she has invited me over to her house a couple of times . My problem is that there is another group of my popular friends who are into Makeup, Clothes, The latest phones , boys .. and any time she comes over to me while im with my other friends she gives me a hug and i feel emmbarrased because she is very unpopular and can be slightly annoying . I want to be popular and have lots of friends but Lea calls me her Best friend when I hardly like her because she hangs around with really weird people . What should I do?

  27. Hey!!!
    Tracey Here!
    I wanted to ask you Bratz [fans too] something.
    I have a friend and she ALWAYS wants me to go to her house or she want to come to mine. She also always wants me to call her every day of the week. And she can some times be ANNOYING! Can you girls give me some ideas to let her down easy without hurting her.
    Thank You
    P.S. Love you guys
    Love Tracey

  28. oh tracy i think i can help you you should tell her that you would like to have a little time to your self put her down easly you dont wanna make her cry.

  29. hey this comment might be big but to be a good friend is to love them like a brother or sister but dont hurt them and if somebody thinks their friend are mean to them they are not they are telling u how it is because they love u but its tough love and friends can be a big part of your life u should stand up for them its like family and thats all i have to say

  30. when i was a little girl i always wanted a doll and i never played with my friends i think friends are important than dolls and maybe you girls could help me like getting into friendship and i feel so guilty about something suspicious.

  31. Hey Bratz Alexis here and I was wondering I know that Yaz was modeled after a person named Jazmine but who were the others modeled after?
    and I think that a good friend will have the heart to tell you (niecly) is your outfit isn’t the greatest, or if it’s a bit much. A friend will ALWAYS stick by your side, sure you may have a few disagreements but the only reason why u bicker is bc u know tht ur friends will still love u in the end. A friend is someone tht u can trust in your heart, that u liked from the start and that u know will b you bestie untill the day you die. A true friend is some one who loves u 4 u not who u pretend to be! So ALWAYS b ur self and u will have loads of freinds! ;) :D

  32. I think being a best friend is being by your side,keeping your secrets,have fun,and never give up and that’s what best friends are for!p.s.Love u guys

  33. Dear Bratz x My problem is that theres a girl in my class called Abbey-Rae and theres a girl called Sophie. Me and Sophie have been Bffs since Kindergarden Then in 1st grade Abbey-rae was new to our class. We played on the first day and beacme bffs . I forgot about Sophie completelly and she went off with another girl called Holly . In 4th grade now Sophie has a fun happy jolly personallity shed never be mean and very thankful. Abbey-Rae is nice apart from her tantrums she can be an AWFUL diva at times. Im getting tiered of Abbey-Rae she is a way diffrent colour to Sophie , Sophie is bright pink while Abbey-Rae is Dark Purple. Me and Sophie are getting to be Bffs again but I dont knowhow to say it to Abbey-Rae that i dont want to be her Bff anymore…. What will i do x xoxoxo Biggest fan Kate btw Happy x-mas x

  34. hi
    i think good friends are people who always stand up for u
    and also care about u like me and my friends like monique,jolanda,kabi,joshua they all care about me no matter what
    so if u hav a fight with your friends like do sometimes
    the best thing to do is to say sorry and hug
    and show care about them now thats a good friends
    also i lov ur comments everyone

  35. i think a best friend is someone who can cheer you up when your sad one thats always by your side and who pulls you aside when something isn’t right.

  36. I have 2 BFFs. Kala and Deisa. Deisa is so funny. If your ever sad she will make you laugh. Kala she is just like me. Funny,smart,tough,and fashion forward. Here is a problem with my other friends. First let me start with Tate Ann. Okay one day in math class we are doing a contest (math problems) I get one wrong… Okay I’m wrong it doesn’t matter. She sticks her thong out at me! Help me!!!
    Shania .
    I don’t want to be mean so….. Help!!!! This has been going on for a week now.

  37. I think being a friend is being by your side,loving each other,never spilling out secrets,never ever letting a boy get in the way of friendship,and help your friends when they have bad fashion.Love you guys.;D Have fun you guys are awsome.

  38. Please help bratz my friend rayah ,we were best friends until first grade just because we were in different classes and at lunch she won’t sit with me because she wants to sit with her other friend Shaun and she NEVER sits with me and when I invite her to a sleepover she just plays with my brother, brody it’s like she doesn’t like me any more PLEASE reply this is important. Love,Mia p.s: I’m seven and in first grade

  39. hey, speaking of friends who is ur new friend? I havent been on here for a long while and i want to know. plese reply. :)

  40. i love friends.i say friends are what make you happy.i have a lot of friends!!!!

  41. Hey it’s me shania. Okay Tate Ann is still annoying. So you guys did not answer me, so I decide to be mean….I know not a good idea. She is trying to steal all my friends from me! So I told her to back off and leave us alone and stay with your best friend. Now she’s mad. Well I lost a friend………………

    Sad and miserable fan.

  42. Bratz I got a big problem with one girl in our school. I have tried being nice to her but all i got was stuff stolen and a deep issue with trust shes really mean to my other friends and we tell the teachers of her but they do nothing. I have tried so many approches to her but she always shoots me down or snaps at me. what should i do? Help please.

  43. I’m 12 and I’m from London. A good friend is loyal, trust worthy, honest, kind, caring, helpful, friendly, happy, always there for you, prepares to take any risk for you, and mostly, loves you for who you really are! I’m also in a group of friends, like you Bratz!!! :) Me (Rosita)(Rosie), Victoria (Vicki), Olivia(Livi), and Jessica (Jess). We have been BFF’s for nearly 7 years! I’ve been friends with them since I was 5! We’ve always been huge fans of Bratz!!! Whenever, someone has a problem, they come to us! Bratz, you guys have truly been an inspiration to us all! Luv uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

    Yours truly,

    Rosita xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :D

  44. Reply to T from New York: Hi T, I’m 12 and I’m from London. I used to have the same problem. But, don’t let her ruin your life! If she is not nice to you, don’t try as much! You could maybe talk to her, depending on what her attitude is. Just try and ignore her, but not completely. Don’t stress about it too much. If she is not nice to you, then leave her. Stand up for yourself by saying ‘stop it’. If she bullies other people, one day when she hurts you, say, ” Just give up with hurting people! Why are you doing this? Stop hurting others, and leave us alone! Do we really deserve this? Just get on with your own life and forget about others!” Also, if she says something to you like “your hair is so ugly” take it as a joke and just laugh and say, ‘yeah it is! I’ve had enough of it too!’ She will get annoyed! Go to the teacher again, with your friends, and really tell the teacher your feelings!

    Hope this advice helped!
    Best Wishes,

    Rosita xxx

  45. I love the bratz i have all of them,
    sasha,jade,cloe,jasmine,megan even camron.
    They are so much fun to play with i have every thing they need.

  46. are you guys like dolls that blog or your not dolls or not too love you guys so much peace reply back

  47. being a good friend is what everyone needs just
    .be kind
    .and stick up for them
    thats what a good friend is and thats what everyone should be time to stop being mean and say nice things we all have feelings dont we.

  48. hey everybody we should all become best friends no matter what .everyone in the world are connected to each other .its like were one big family no matter what color skin or where there from we are always BEST FRIENDS!

  49. The way to be a great friend is by being helpful, share things with each other, and if they we’re sick give them flowers and soup.

  50. i use to have a best friend named dulcie she was the best friend iv ever had but then we moved to 5th grade and my cousin was in my class so she just quit being my friend i really want to be here friend again but i think she wont let me :(

  51. well friends are always there for each other that’s how i wish it would be in my school but it isn’t all friends do in my school is just fighting. i wish it would change.

  52. I think being good friend is to really listen and not laugh or judge your friend

  53. I think being a good friend is sticking together never let each other down be beasties forever!

  54. I think being a good friend is sticking together never let each other down be beasties forever! My friends are not really my friends( that’s what I think) when I say something good they don’t listen to me.But the only one that dose’t do that stuff is my best friend naeela

  55. Me and naeela are going to find real friends that are like u guys in are school

  56. Hey! I’m replying to Shaina? ( I think the name is) about her problem with the GIRL trying to steal her friends. Shaina, i know this is very tough, but you have to learn how to deal with it. My BFF Jade/Abi (because we play Bratz and Bratzillaz) went through this. I was trying to make some new friends and make our circle BIGGER. BUT , Abi thought i was leaving her, but i wasn’t! I made friends with a SERIOUSLY nice girl called Martha. Abi became jealous and began to be mean to me. We’ve made up now, but she’s learnt her lesson. This girl you’re dealing with probaly doesn’t have any friends, so she’s decided to try and become your friends because you are:
    1. Popular (don’t say your not cuz you ARE!!)
    3. Clever > Don’t matter if your not that clever!
    4. Sweet and Kind Hearted
    You see , she’s picked you because thats what you are, So PLEASE don’t be mean to this girl. Forever here for you,
    xxxx > Hope this helps > xxx

  57. somtimes when my friends dont talk to me or go near does it mean i did somthing when i didnt or is it because im not pretty please help :(

  58. We Bratz like to be straight forward. If you are worried, yasminlauren, ask your friends if they are bothered by something you did. If they say yes, listen to them with an open heart. if they say no, try not to let their distance bother you. It means your friends are dealing with some personal stuff and it has nothing to do with you. You can offer to help your friends, but if they don’t want your help, you should respect that. Find some new friends to hang out wth until your old friends are ready to come back.

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