Super Secret Share Time

Howzit hangin’, Bratzies?

Who here is totes psyched about our new club name, House of Bratz?! We think it’s fabtastic! Obvs!


It was a super close race between House of Bratz and Club Passionista. Thank you SOOOOO much to everyone who voted. Even though Club Passionista didn’t win, you are ALL our lil’ Passionistas. So, is it cool if we sometimes call you that?

The blog is going to start getting updated more often with fun club ideas and super H.O.B. secrets! We’ll let you know when to wear the same outfit or engage in the same activity. It’s gonna be crazy fun!!

Lots of Bratzies have been asking if they can join House of Bratz. Of course you can! Anyone who is a fab friend and a rad human being can join House of Bratz and become a HOBle!  You just have to WANT IN!

The other Bratz and I will work on cool ways for you to pledge your allegiance to the House of Bratz. In the meantime, have fun HOB-knobbing with your fellow HOBles on our blog!!

We also REALLY want to apologize for not getting back to the heaps of  Bratzies posts during the past week or so! It’s been SOOOOO crazy busy! And we’ve been getting SOOOOOO many blog comments. Which we totes LOVE, but it has made it so we’ve gotten a bit behind. If you posted a question and are still waiting on an answer, please post it again here. We will – for sure – get to ya!!

Speaking of asking for advice and sharing your feelings with your friends, I came up with the most awesome sauce rad-tacular idea! I made this super secret shared notebook. The idea is to pick a few of your BBFs (Best Bratzies Forever) and make a notebook that you share back-and-forth with JUST each other.

It’s a great place to scribble your secrets, share your crushes and give each other support. What do you think, Hobles? Is this a good activity for members of the House of Bratz??

Try making a shared notebook in the next couple of weeks and tell me all about how it goez! And let me know what you think of my super secret notebook!

Congratz Bratzies! House of Bratz is officially (FINALLY!!) in session!!



PS. Did you totes get that I swapped with Bratzillaz Jade?? APRIL FOOLS!!!!!

111 thoughts on “Super Secret Share Time

  1. hi guys by the way happy april frools now i just pranked 3 people but i will prank more peopel

  2. i love bratz so much that i have the movie.also bratz is my favorite movie and i also want bratz stuff and a poster.

  3. Scorchin’ idea, Kool Kat!! Loving the club name too, so glad my fave won!

  4. This is a totes exciting thing! Maybe every Wenesday,we can share one thing from the notebook.You also know how you made the lookbook? You can say one topic for the whole week and we would have to create a picture with one of our bratz dolls dealing with that topic.(Ex. Topic: water Picture ideas: drinking water,brushing teeth,baking,ect.)
    Do you like it? Can we do it? Also heres the lyrics for the song:

    We’re on top of the world today!
    Tomorrow’s a great new day.
    We are friends and we stick together to the end.
    We know how it feels,
    When something happens to your friend,
    Making you upset.
    You have to tell them that…
    We’re on top of the world today!
    Tomorrow’s a great new day
    We are friends and we stick together till the end.
    We’re on top of the world today!
    We know how it feels,
    When you’re having fun with your friends,
    And someone ruins it.
    And you say we’re on top of the world today!
    Tomorrow’s a new day!
    We have the power to say what’s on our mind
    (Piano solo break)
    We’re on top of the World!!!!
    We are shining our light above you!!
    Just waiting for you to CHANGE THE WORLD!

    Hope you like it! Reply please! xoxoxo Me <3

  5. I’m EXSITED! Please please please please please I
    Beg you, please please write back!
    I’ve never had ANYONE write back to me :(
    Please write back!
    I’m your #1 fan!
    I love you SOOO, much! <3 heart.

  6. This is a fanu idea. I love it . But yall should really do another website like facebook or twitter like sabrina00 said. And yall can call it i say this is a wonderful idea. I have an idea for the club. Maybe we could have bratzie partners. Like web bffs. And we can help help each other out and make our own groups that other bratzies would like to be in. I like your notebook idea. And the pic is funny. I love it. This has been lil ms.mysterious!! Hugs and kisses to all bratziez and bratz!!

  7. That’s rad you pranked people, iluvyaz! As long as they are pranks made in good spirits, we want to hear all about them! Give us some good ideas for next year!!


  8. So glad you like it, Alex! Do you have BBFs in mind to share your own super secret journal with?


  9. OMG, Ann! That is totes the fiercest song ever!! Did you find that somewhere or make it up yourself? Either way, we are super impressed. LUV IT!!

    I’m glad you like the idea of the super secret notebook. The girlz seemed to like my idea, so it looks like it’s a go! Hooray! You and your friends should make one, too!


  10. Hi Abby4you! I am soooooo excited that YOU are excited!! And I’m really stoked that you are one of our rad new HOBles! Do you plan on making the notebook with your peeps? Do you have any other rad ideas for our new club??


  11. Howzit hangin’ mysterious? You and sabrina00 have a GREAT idea to start a new website. First let’s see how popular our club becomes. If it gets mega massive huge, I bet I can have Cloe build us a new website! Let’s let the House of Bratz build to be a force to be reckoned with first!! Kool??

    And I HEART the idea of everyone finding their own Bratzie partner. Whether it is one of your friends at school or someone fabtabulous that you meet here on our blog, Bratzies should stick together! BBFs 4eva!


  12. I wrote the song myself. I had written a song before but I didnt like it so I just rewrote it. Also did you like my idea about the topic a week thing?

  13. Also Hey mysterious!A.K.A BBFL(Best Bratzie For life) I love the idea of making a new site! Bratz is it ok if we can like help you with the site? For example we can draw a backround you guys should do,What type of writing,ect. That would be awesome! Do you guys agree?(mysterious and all the other bratz fans)

  14. This is awesome and I don’t have any friends right now but I’m hoping to

  15. Hi Ann,

    That song is awesome. Well done, you! I like the idea of a new topic a week. Maybe we will try it out. I’ll see what the other girlz say. We are just starting our new club and there is soooooooo much to do and think about.

    We can’t start a new website just yet. First we need to see if House of Bratz is a success! And you can help! Tell all of your friends to come over and read our blog and become members of the House of Bratz!

  16. Hi!!!!! I was jumping up and down when I heard
    you wrote back!!!!
    Yes, I so have some new ideas. Like you said,
    We should wear the same color on Mondays!
    Well…what are we wearing on Wednesdays (or other days)?
    Saturday: Jewlrey!!
    I hope you like my ideas!
    And I am writing in the notebook now!

  17. Will do! I also have an idea of..well its kinda like a blog..but its in newspaper form. We can have a little online newspaper for the group! I already have a topic! I recently did one. It was pretty rad. Also, since its spring,I was thinking about doing a lil fashion show with my dolls. Would you like to see any pics?

  18. i think its a triffic idea do you like me 4 who i a??????????????????????? pleze reply back 2 me wheneves………. peace out ps u r toats cute and awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  19. Hiiiiiiii Abby4you! I’m digging the news that you are writing in your own super secret shared notebook!! That’s sooooo rad!
    I LUV all your ideas for how to dress each day, but I think we are just going to keep the dress-a-like theme to one day a week. We Bratz believe firmly in everyone having their own sense of passion and their own outlet for self expression. We don’t want to take that away from any of our Bratzies!! But I HEART your suggestions. They are totes RAB Fab! And I will use them in the future for Monday dress-up days!


  20. Of course we dig you for who you are, katyperry100! But the important thing is that YOU like you for who YOU are. A Real Bratz loves herself/himself first and foremost!
    Sometimes we like to look in the mirror and say self-affirming things: “You are awesome. You are talented. You are special. You are unique. You are interesting. You are worthwhile.” It helps combat any self doubt that we feel from time to time.


  21. Ann, you are always full of so many ideas! Unfortunately, I think it will be a LONG while before we can get to many of them. We totes love your enthusiasm, tho! And you should absolutely make your own newspaper! See if your friends and neighbors would like to subscribe!

    Please send us the pics from the Bratz dollz fashion shows! I bet it was totes RAB fab!


  22. I’m glad you dig my idea! Your a true friend!
    I love u Cloe!
    And I need some advice.
    I have a friend, and she yells at me.
    What should I do?
    I know you are a true friend, and you would
    NEVER yell at me.

  23. how about if the club had a special holiday called pet day were girls bring their pets to the club and have a pet party

  24. Hi!I’m new to to this blog, and I just made an account last week.I LOVE the idea of a club, and I was wondering if I could join or have directions to join.BTW, your blog is really cool, or as Sasha says – scorchin’!

  25. Hiya, Sweetie! Welcome to our blog, and welcome to the HOUSE OF BRATZ. Anyone who wants in, gets IN! All you have to do is pledge to always love yourself, love your fellow Bratzies and commit to doing good in this world! We are working out the logistics. A true pledge may be in order! But for now, have fun coming to our site and hanging out with your fellow HOBles!


  26. Love the idea animalover11. You should plan that animal party with your local BBFs. I will see if Yas and the other girls want to bring their In The Wild endangered baby animals over to have a party!


  27. Hi!!!
    I’m glad you dig my idea!
    I love you Cloe!
    What is your Fab Fav color?
    And I need some advice (PLEASE COMMENT BACK AND GIVE ME SOME).
    I have a friend, And she always yells at me. And she also can get (REALLY)
    mad sometimes. Sometimes she pushes me. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DO.

  28. I am so glad you like the idea and I was reading a really good book called Mira’s diary and I got an idea of how part of the club we could talk about some of our fav books


  29. I love that you love it! You guys..exuse me bratziez,are totally awesome! That made me come up with an idea. For me, Friday is bratz day!!! It can be celebrated for the group! I was thinking that I can stay on here all day talking and doing what normal bratzies would do! You can celebrate too!
    Just remember friday,Ill be on, From 10:30 am to 4pm. Do you like my idea?

  30. Hey it lil ms.mysterious again i say why won’t Ann a.k.a bbfl and the other bratziez go around our local neighborhood go and hang up flyers or tell poeple about the new bratz club. I just started making flyers with one of my best friends. We want to go hang them up but my mom said to wait so she can go with us to supervise . Also thank you Ann for saying that i am an bbfl. U r 2. I love all your ideas. Thay are so amazing. They inspire me alot. So bratz wat do you think about my idea? Hugs and kisses from:lil ms.mysterious!!!

  31. That’s so rad, mysterious! I’m very glad your mom will be helping out and supervising. Mega awesome-points, mom! Be safe, my little Bratz ambassador. And if you can send a pic of your flier, I’d love to see what you created.


  32. I love the idea! Maybe we can all create our own flyers so that way,we can express our PPF. I am gonna start making mine now! To see it,click the link posted on one of my other commets above.

  33. Hi! It’s me Chloe. Remember I was writing
    In the notebook? I need help! Please replay back.
    The notebook is gone :( I can’t write anymore please replay!
    I need MAGER help!

  34. I like this boy named George & 2 other girls too. Whoever wins is George’s girlfriend. I want to win really badly! I have short brown hair, blue/green eyes, and 5 ft. 2. What should I do? I need ADVICE NOW!

  35. And he still hasn’t picked the 1 of the 3 of yet. I think he’ll pick TOMORROW! Please give me advice so I’ll be ready tomorrow!

  36. Hi Abby4You,

    A true friend would never push you. As a Real Bratz, you have to stand up for yourself. Ask her to stop pushing you and yelling at you. If she is a true friend, she will stop. If she doesn’t stop, you should tell an adult and look for new friends. Real Bratz are always awesome to their BBFs!

    Good luck!


  37. Hey on April 16′th I have a big concert for my strings class and I’m really nervous because I’m afraid that if I mess up then my parents
    are going to be really mad at me so can you try to give me some advice? If you think of something that will help just reply to me please. BYE!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Thanks for the advice!
    I will tell her that.
    So tell me Cloe, what is your favorite color?

  39. Good morning bratz! Only 1 more day until “bratz day”. I am doing what normal bratziez would do! And I think im wrong,but I said 10:30am to 4pm.
    I cant wait!! Talking with bratz,playing bratz games! Its not only for me like I said,Its for all the other bratzies! and I couldnt forget the bratz. Also I have a question. In the bratz movie, Why did you join the contest when you knew that meredith would try to embarrass you? Also how is she? Would you ever make a doll of her? That would actually be cool. Even though she didnt really like you…

  40. Hiya George! Seems to me like he shouldn’t be deciding whether he wants you for a girlfriend, but YOU should be deciding whether you want HIM!! I have no doubt that you are totes adorbs and krazy awesome kool! If he doesn’t pick you, believe me, you don’t want him anyway! You want a boyfriend who appreciates all the amazing things that make you YOU!
    My advice is to act like YOU. Don’t be shy. Let him see the real true blue, unique, sweet n’ silly YOU! That way, when if he picks you, you’ll know it’s because he likes the REAL YOU. And if he doesn’t pick you, you will find someone who thinks all your quirks are fabulous!

    Good luck!


  41. Congratz on your big concert, Kaekae19! I’m sure you worked super hard to get there!

    Don’t stress about messing up. As long as you do your best, it will all work out fine! I like to take deep breaths and meditate on happy thoughts before I have a big performance. Then I listen to super fun and positive music, like Katy Perry’s “Fireworks.” When I’m feeling happy, I can clear my head of any nervous thoughts. It’s totes the nerves that make you screw up!

    And if you do mess us, don’t worry about it! No one will remember in a few days. Everyone messes up from time to time. Obvs! You’ll just practice more and will do better next time. I know it!!

    Break a leg!!

  42. This is soooooooooooo awesome Ann!!

    I hope OTHER BRATZIES join you, both in person and on our Blog, to celebrate Bratz day with you!!

    We haven’t seen Meredith in a long time. We joined the contest because you should never let negative people stop you from pursuing your passions!!


  43. I am new here so……..hi. Um I was wondering are you allowed to post stuff on

  44. Hi Bratz i just wanted to say that I realley ike you girls and does dillan like cloe? Or does cloe like dillan??? I will have to do some detective work. ( dadda da da). (;

  45. Yeah! I cant wait! Also,the idea for a webisode,what did you think? Bratz..I have to confess this….I dont like bratz…………….I LOVE BRATZ!! I have loved bratz forever! know how Ive been giving you ideas? Well my sister keeps saying youll “steal the ideas”. I dont believe her. I keep telling her that I give the ideas because…So I can help because thats the person I am. I love to help. I mean i wouldnt want bratz or MGA to fall. Also..what should I be? Worker for MGA or vet? I really wanna be both.

  46. One of my passions is swimming and I want to become a vet when I grow up

  47. I have no idea :-( What do ou think happened? I clicked on it, and it said page not found. Now I look, and see on the blog, That instead of a notebook, it’s just a picture of it ;(

  48. AWESOME, Cloe! I love pink and purple. Also, let me tell you about a FAB fun plex trip. We went to the fun plex. And we went in the foam friendzy. It was so fun. And then we went on this Scary thing were you gotta shoot monsters.
    BEST PART ARCADE AND PRIZES! Here are the prizes I got:
    1.Hello kitty stuffed animals (BEST PRIZE EVER!!!!!!)
    3.6 earasers
    4.A slap braclet
    5. Pool (GAME.) key chan thing.
    Please write back (Even tho I know you will)!

  49. I love Bratz!!!!! I have been a Bratzie forever, and I love the show.

  50. I made my own fashion website about fashion and I got all my fashion idea trends from Bratz and added my own flavor to it. you guys have inspired me ALOT.

  51. Hiya Ann!

    We think you should follow your dreams, whatever they are! If you love animals, go to school to be a vet. Companies like MGA are always looking for people with talent, and you’ve got it in spades! Which is totes awesome, because that means you can study to be a vet and later decide what you want to do for a living, help animals or hang out with us!!

    Regarding what your sister said, don’t let her bother you. We love that you share so many ideas — but never share something that is precious to you. Make sure you think long and hard before posting something on our blog because we, Bratz, are not the only peeps who read this! That being said, we don’t think we should post your webisode script. Instead of posting the script, we think YOU should make it yourself. That way, the story stays your own and you own the rights to it. Grab a few friends and a few of the doll versions of us and make the video!! Then, if you want, share the super rad video with us!

    Best of luck!


  52. That depends, Victoria. What kind of “stuff” were you thinking of posting? We read all of the posts before they go up, so if you post something that doesn’t fly with our rules and regulations we wont put it up.

    And good luck with the detective work!! I RARELY can get Cloe to open up on who she is crushing with!! I always thought they would make a cute couple. You never know, maybe someday she will share her crush in our super secret notebook!!


  53. Awesome sauce, animalover11! Our friend, Ann, wants to be a vet, too! We think you both will kick buzz at it!


  54. im having trouble with posting new ideas for my website for fashion can u give me some ideas

  55. Sounds like SOOOOOOO much fun, Abby4you! I’m totes jealous of your head-band and slap bracelets! I HEART those!


  56. Yasmin is my favorite one of my favorite bratz girls and I love that that she loves nature because I think nature is great

  57. Haha! :-)
    I am learning a Lyrical dance.And I do ballet. And do you do gymnastics? I L-O-V-E LOVE it!!! I love doing backwalkovers and frontwalkovers. And I have one more question for you, Can we be friends (like BBFs)?

  58. I love Yasmin. Me and her share the same interests and i think she is super cool. I even tried to look like her last November.

  59. Hey bratz i saw this flier of your blog and bratz club. It was from this girl lil ms.mysterious. I do love bratz . I am new here and is every one nice here? I havent made a acount yet . I met lil ms.mysterious and she is realy nice. She sed not to say her real name on here cuz its not safe. Her comment name is mysterious. Well bye.

  60. Hiya Nickluver!

    Read our old blog posts! There is a TON of fashion advice in them! GOOD LUCK!!!


  61. Hiya Ely1!

    Welcome to our website and blog!! That’s super kool you met our fab Bratzie, mysterious. She was right about using your real name. We wrote a whole blog on internet safety!

    Everyone is VERY nice here. Real Bratz are the kind of girls who set out to make the world a better place and ALWAYS stand up for her friends! Read through our blogs and the comments under them. I think you’ll see we have a total rad online Bratzie community!



  62. Of course, we’re friends, Abby4You! And that’s sooooo krazy kool that you can do such awesome dances and gymnastics!!
    L-O-V-E it!!

    Stay awesome!

  63. Thanks!
    What kind of sports do you like to do?
    I know you, Cloe, like Animals, and sports.

    P.S. how is Jade doing?

  64. hi can one of you bratz help me. i have a crush on a boy and when i go near him its like i have butterflies in my stomah.

  65. hi bratz can you help me desighn clothes please that would be a great help :)

  66. We ALL can get butterflies in our stomachs when we are near our crushes! It totes happens to everyone and it’s totes ANNOYING! Try your best to be YOURSELF around him.If he is the right guy for you, and crush-worthy, he will see how amazeballs you are!! The only way to get a guy to like you is to be true to you! Let the true YasminLauren SHINE. And trust us, you don’t want to waste your time with a guy who doesn’t think you are bestestest thing eva!!


  67. Hey bratz please STEP this qwestion when is your 2013 movie i can’t wait

  68. Wow, Megan1000!! That’s and amazing Stardoll score! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome!!!!!!

    We don’t have a movie coming out in 2013. :( But believe you me, we have some OTHER krazy kool Bratz awesomeness coming out super soon!! Stay tuned!


  69. I just love love love! fashion! I love going shopping in Manhattan in the coolest stores and in Times Square! Hey Bratz? Where do you shop? Please write back!

  70. hii I just read youre post well blog u totes got I love u bratzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I have a bratz bag full of bratz dolls

  71. You know Bratz? You know why I love Brats? Because you guys have problems that everyday kids have and you don’t’ use magic to solve them. You guys are always true to yourself. In the episodes I watch of Brats you guys always solve your problem s not with magic. Your life in the episodes relate a lot to mine

  72. bratz can you tell me howto make a website please

    luv yasminlauren


  73. Shopping in Time Square sounds like sooooooooooo much fun, Angel123!! We are lucky enough to have our fab clothes custom made. But you can totally custom make your own oufits by mixing and matching the pieces you buy to get a super rad wardrobe!


  74. I only shop in Times Square for special occasions but mostly and I think always I shop at Gap, Justice and American Arcade.

  75. I just finished writing in my notebook. I just totes love this idea. Now my sister can not look at all!!!!!! My secrets are safe! PHEW!!

  76. hi its me melody and im still working on a song so i just want to know how it sounds so far ok here i go

    la la la la la la la la la laaa la la la la hmmmm,
    true friends are there for you that’s the reason that the sky is blue
    they are always there for you even when you fell like your all alone, but they are there, (guitar solo) ohh yeah when you fell like you have no one they are there ,oh yeah true friends are there for you when you need them the most they are there for you, (guitar solo) when you need them the most they are my your side ,they are always there no matter what they are by your side,no matter what happens to you they are by your side ,(drum solo)

    so i have a guitar drum set and piano

    how do you like it so far please post a commet or a review if you can:)

  77. HEY!!! the bratz girls the one and only. that book right ther the book that you have in that pic super hot it can be idea to make books in stores now. REALLY AWSOME the girl that used to have a name on here named yasminx1 that’s me. forgot my password

    love you guys foreverxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  78. bratz, i have a few questions
    1. how to i add friends?
    2. how do i get a super secret note book?
    3. what is a HOB?
    4. can i friend the bratz?
    sorry about some questions i am really new (first day) and i am really confused. thanks again!

  79. No worries, MCSGirl8225! We are totally happy to answer your ?s!!!

    You make friends by being your super amazing self!! Start hanging out on our blog. You will meet a lot of other super rad peeps who will become your BBFs in no time!!
    Any notebook can become your Super Secret Shared Notebook. They even sell some notebooks in stores with our faces on them! But really, any notebook will do. Then just ask a few of your BBFs if they want to write notes and pass the book back and forth!! It’s super fun if you can cut out pics from magazines and tape them in. But if you can’t, just using fun multi-colored markers will make your super secret shared notebook pretty, too!!

    A HOB is a member of the House of Bratz! If you want to become a member, go to our latest blog: House of Bratz 4.22.13 It has the Bratz Pact. Once you take the oath, you are officially a member! Keep coming back to the blog, especially on Sundays, to see what the HOBles are up to!!


  80. jade cloe sasha and yasmin i have a few Qs

    do you have any sisters or brothers
    what state and country are you in
    how do you tell your mom thats you dont like there boyfriend
    and how do you lose wait fast but not like anerexic or bulibiac

  81. Hi patience morales and the summer camp that i whent to their was this boy named tommy and he had a sister named meliny and i do have a cursh on melinys brother.

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