Summer Skin Care

When the summer sun is shining bright I love splashing around at the beach all day with my girlz! It’s so easy to get carried away with summer fun and forget about putting on some extra SPF.

Remember, part of being a fabulous fashionista means taking care of your body—and your skin is so important to protect! The sun can damage your skin very badly over time and can cause wrinkles, age spots, eye problems and sometimes go as far as skin cancer.

I embrace my natural glow and protect my skin from the sun's harmful rays!

I always slather on SPF 15 face moisturizer every morning. When I know I’m spending the day enjoying the great outdoors—whether at an outdoor mall or hanging with friends at the park—I put at least SPF 15 sun block all over myself. When I’m active outside or going in and out of water I make sure to reapply many times throughout the day. Even the sun block that says “sport” or “water proof” on the package needs to be reapplied because it does come off!

There are other ways to be skin smart in the sun by the clothes you wear, like wearing a big floppy sun hat! I pair it with some wide rimmed sunglasses for a retro glam look! It protects my face and eyes and looks great.

If you must have that sun kissed look do it safely! I dust a little bronzer on my cheeks and forehead so it gives just the right amount of warm glow to my face. To get an all over body glow you can use self-tanning lotions. Some work gradually, meaning the color builds up each time you use it and others are stronger and give you an immediate glow. My best advice for self-tanning lotions is to exfoliate your skin before with a loofah and a good body scrub.

Enjoy the summer sun—go out and play! Be safe, love, laugh, live and embrace your natural glow!


74 thoughts on “Summer Skin Care

  1. Les jeux ne marchent pas du tout … C’est vraiment très dommage parce qu’ils ont l’air d’être super cool les jeux de Bratz !!!

  2. I’m from Hawaii and so I get a lot of sun! I agree that kids need to put on sunscreen to protect oursleves! Thank you Yazmin for being such a good rolemodel to girls across the country!

    Stay stylin’ and DONT STOP MAKING NEW DOLLS!!!

    Your fan and friend forEVER,

  3. Really like the “sunny” suggestion! Floppy hat with wide sunglasses! Hope I can sport that before the summer is over.

  4. oh you are very good Yasmin you are a Very good role model :) i come on this website everyday! i love it well i have nothing els to do but thanks for your advice and your time!

    your BIG fan


  5. i like your style and the way you dress and i hope that i get a chance to see the latest skin care,love you lot.

  6. hey me again please send me your latest fashion and skin care pictures ,thank you ,good bye.

  7. my advice would be whenever you go on a holiday make sure that you carry your sun screen and make sure that you carry closed shose for when you walk on the beach.

  8. hi my name is nekari all 4 girls i like two dance like yall

  9. Hi girlfriends my day was so bessy i was up and down cleaning the house but when i was finished cleaning the house ,i was glued to the computer ,i don’t think anyone can an glue me from the computer, i wanted to find out the latest summer skin care.

  10. SPF 15 was perfect for me, too but lately it’s not working on that note I wanna mention that I’m passing too hectic days for a month. Is it the reflection of this busy schedule? Please, suggest me a better solution to keep the balance of these two. Thanks!

  11. SPF 15 was perfect for me, too but lately it’s not working on that note I wanna mention that I’m passing too hectic days for a month. Is it the reflection of this busy schedule? Please, suggest me a better solution to keep the balance of these two. skin blog Thanks!

  12. hi bratz fans i wander what you are doing today,my day was so boring,the whole day i was cleaning the house and know am just finished washing my hair ,anyway can you just update me with the latest summer skin care stories.

  13. I don’t go outside that much but I still like your advice and your my favorite Bratz girl you’re the best and you’ll always have the pasion for fashion I don’t know if I spelled pasion right

  14. I thing this doll is so so COOL and OSOM.When I so this doll I sad OMG.

  15. Hey ANGEL form Illinois i thing your post is the best made you can write me back some times.I shore like your name on BRATZ I do.

  16. Some pepole change whan thy get famese but not me.My rel name is not COOL CAT if you wander.

  17. ❤i love my styole!

    ❤i love the bratz!
    ❤i love my skin ! lol : p

  18. I wonder yasmine with long hair or short what do you think please reply

  19. hey peps reply to this please now lets get that tan ready hey!


  20. I love the dress in this pic Yasmin where can I get it for my dolls

  21. im very sad cause nobodys asking me to go to the movies helpppppppppppppppp

  22. hey tyler are you there i do have one skin care update do you know there making scented lotion that can provide you from the might help you

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  24. i always loved bratz and think that the bratz comp should make a doll like me.

  25. Yasmin you are my favorite Bratz girl and thank you for telling your fans like me about the skin protrect.

  26. Your article is so right Yas, taking care of your skin is important. <3 Luv you lots xxxx

  27. ya know yas i love taking care of my skin especially in burnin days! i put sunblock for kids like me. and i lve swimming!

  28. I think she cute what abot you do you think it sooooooooooo cute on her!

  29. hi cool tips for the sun i cant wait im going to london soon i am a huge fan of you pretty princess

  30. prety so cutie i cant wait to buy it at the store reply


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