Summer Plans

Whatz the hapz, Bratz?

Anyone out there trying a rad new sport this summer? We can’t decide if we want to sign up for surf lessons, skateboard lessons, horse-riding lessons or just kick back pool side. What’re you up to?




26 thoughts on “Summer Plans

  1. yes!Its finaly summer break!Cant wait to hit the summerseas and hang with my best besties!Oh and yes i will be trying new sports i have already considered soccer,hockey and basket ball!

  2. im am btw yaz is my fav and u guys need to sumehow get this show back with the movies and everything i love this show and i know alot of people who do also xoxo bratz fan 4evaaa

  3. ive got ideas makethe gurls mad at angel and they argueand hate each other 4 a couple of episodes thouhgt i love this show it prdictabe and make bunny boo gay and go out with anew charater lizz or sume idk ttyl xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox me

  4. hey bratzies,we all very much appriciate the ideas that you r giving us to proform our own dreamd,but we all rather just figure that out 4 ourselefes….sorry but its true!

  5. Well, my fave sport is swimming in the pool. So totes awesome right???

  6. Hola! ahora estoy muy inspirada en el baloncesto. Mi hermano y yo formamos parte del club de baloncesto lucentino. Competiremos contra otros colegios, hasta con niñ@s de otras ciudades. En las vacaciones de verano seguiremos entrenando para competir. :] ya os contaré como me va!!

  7. I’m gonna enter a youtube bratz doll modelling competition, and show a little Bratitude. Oh, and I’m going cruising with my girls in the bahamas, a trip well waited for!
    I wonder what Cloe or Sasha would do during the summer!

    Bestie Bratzi,
    Jasmin J ;D

  8. Mostly I’m chillin’ at the pool with my besties…my family and I went to Starved Rock state park a while ago…and my friends wanted to see a movie with me today, but I couldn’t, cuz I had to babysit my brother and sister :p And I’m also gonna do this volleyball camp soon. :) See ya l8r bratzies! xoxo <3

  9. Ooh!! P.S. We got a trampoline for our backyard and we’ve been using it a lot! I love it!! :D

  10. I am also going to have my birthday and hang out with my friends and cousints.Today i have dance rehersal at the hershey thider.

  11. Hello! I have not been on Bratz for a long time and I am truly sorry for that.
    I am reading a book called “counting by 7′s” and a am getting close to finishing it. I have found a few quotes that I would like to share to everyone.
    Here we go: “Only in cartoons and fairy tales and greeting cards do endings have glitter.”
    “I have seen trees that survive fire.
    Their bark is burned and their limbs are dead branches.
    But hidden under that skeleton is a force that sends a single shoot of green out into the world.”
    “What we expect rarely comes; what we don’t expect is what happens.”
    “Apples grow on apple trees. And cherries grow on cherry trees. But we don’t say that an acorn grows on an acorn tree.
    Please comment on how you like the quotes I have found.I hope you like them!
    AprilBear OUT!!!

  12. well I don’t need surf lessons because I’m a really infinity surfer and I’m already a never ending very very very a really good horse back rider
    and I love my swimming in my pool so that’s what I do oh and I also do iceskating
    autumn gillan

  13. i like reading and i love the bratz please tell me you like me to


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