Summer Camp Chic

Yo, yo, yo, Bratzos!

This month is all about summer camp chic! It’s time to don the duds you don’t get to wear much during the school year. The best part is, you don’t even need to attend summer camp to rock the summer chic look! Here’s what you do:

1. Get some tie-dye stat! If you don’t own any, invite some friends over and make some clothes yourself! It’s crazy easy to do and crazy fun!

2. You know you need some friendship bracelets! When your BBFs (Best Brazes Forever) are over at your pad making tie-dye, why not whip up some friendship bracelets while your clothes dry? Nothing says summer like showing off all the friends you have in some fab colors.

3. Go bright! Especially when it’s bright outside. During the school year it may be cool to rock darker color sunglasses, clothes and accessories, but during the summer you should turn on the neon! There is no such thing as too bright for summer camp chic. And don’t worry about your cool clothes hurting your friends’ eyes. If you shine too bright, they can always lower their hot pink shades.

4. Brag about where you’ve been! We love fastening funky cool patches to our backpacks. It’s a way to keep summer with you even after returning to school.

5. The last and most important piece of proving you are Summer Camp Chic: camp t-shirts! Again, you don’t ACTUALLY have to be going to camp. Grab your besties, some fun colored tees and some fabric markers. Then decide on a design and everyone can draw matching shirts. You’re in a summer camp of your own and now you’re ready to strut your stuff!

Viva Summer Camp Chic!

Will YOU be rocking this look?


27 thoughts on “Summer Camp Chic

  1. we start school july 31 and i dont go to summer camp but i still want to rock that awesome look how can i when i dont go to summer camp.

  2. TO YASMINSTWIN1: You can still rock that look evn if u go to summer camp or not i didnt go to summer camp and me,cloe,yasmin,and sasha had soooo much fun making them and i hope u and ur besties have fun!!!!!

  3. Lauren here, people! V.V sorry i wasn’t here! i spent the whooole year in the most beautiful country, BRAZIL!!! I went to all (well, almost) all the FIFA games! Neymar and David Luiz are my fave players from brazil- i even got a pic with em’! EEEEH! Okay, while we (the girlz) were at Brazil, we got questions from girls our age:

    q: I’m VERY nervous for seventh grade!!!! Omigod, i got teased on so much back in sixth grade, and the girls started a clique. AGAINST ME!! They steal my things, or they throw it out. I’m too scared to tell my parents! WHAT DO I DO??? Plz help!
    Destiny Flush

    Answer: Oh, that’s awful!!! But you should really tell your paernts before it gets worse! Tell a teacher, anyone! And make sure you avoid those bullies!

    q: I used to be v. v. rich, but i became poor, and if i tell my popular friends, they’ll hate me! And they are the only friends i’ve got! What should i do?

    Answer: S. s. sorry, Lil! But the thing is, you don’t HAVE to tell them! Your wealth is your bisuness, and yours only. Just act like it’s normal. And if your friends notice you are wearing four-three star clothes, say- i can dress how ever i like, thank u very much! Oh, and hey movie star fashionistaz! (So sorry about our fight last yr!)

    q: My name is Joyce Farney, and i’m very poor. I’m currently working for my parents, but it’s not enough. The landlords say that they will take us out of the house if we can’t pay our bills! Please help?

    Answer: I feel so bad! I’d give you my money if i could! Okay, stay calm. Try to get a better job, if possible, and start saving money! Do whatever else you could do to help!

    That’s all the questions we’re answering!


  4. Hi Bratzies!!!
    I just enjoy weekend at the beach, and have stolen some shells:) And add thought in my backpack Bratz:)(: , and other in a smooth blue turquoise shirt to make it more Original and Rad.
    In the campsite where I´m going in August I was to make brazalets silk thread, but the first that I could not even wear it, so I decided buy ordinary colored thread and I make brazalets my way and my own.
    Shortly is a birthday of one the BFF and a will present of a very original gift: a bag made for me! :D and to all my BFF brazalet made favourite each colours, not take it away NEVER IN LIFE!

  5. thanks so much JADE i really like your advice
    xoxo yasminstwin1 me and my yasmin.;)

  6. I love school and all but i go to seminary and i am so scared of what i got on mct

  7. On the holidays my bestie and I put hair chalk in hair my friend put red chalk and I puted blue and pink so awesome

  8. Hey guy’s this summer,I’m making a ‘help page’ in my magazine!So here’s some question’s from girls your age:
    My used to be rich.But I spent most of my money on clothing.Now I’m afraid to tell that to my friends.I’m really stressin’ that they’ll find out!
    answer:Oh girlfriend,that’s awful!But there’s nothing to stress about!You go ahead and tell your friends.And If they don’t understand that don’t matter.If you have to where designer clothing and be filthy rich to be there friend,so be it!All you have to be is YOU! If they don’t understand that they’re not good friends.
    Dear,Cloe I really like this guy at my school named Justin.But I’m afraid if I make the wrong move he won’t like me.
    answer:It’s okay to be nervous.And sometimes it could be alot to stress over but don’t think about it until you’re ready.And gather all the info you can find about this guy.Then you can compare what you guys have in commen. When you’re ready to make you’re move,go ahead!
    Dear,December next year I’m going to a new shool.I don’t know how to make new friends,though.
    answer:Hey! It’s okay,all you have to do to make new friends is introduce yourself.Talk about you’re likes and dislikes.And don’t forget to socialize! You’ll make new friends in no time!

  9. Hey, Girls!
    I’ve got a problem, and I’d really love it if you guys would give me an advice. I got glasses a week ago. (If only you guys know how I felt!) All I wanna say here is just that now, I felt that I wasn’t as fabulous as all the BRATZ GIRLS were. I could NOT choose a cute outfit for my appearance now and it feels so bad! I couldn’t resist this anymore! Please, leave an advice as soon as possible before something bad happens to me!
    - SoFabulous -

  10. Hi!
    Want to know make a bag yourself?
    Follow these steps:
    1- Grab a worn pants and cut it as long want it to be the bag.
    2- Place the bag in two snaps to fasten a bag. If you want you can make them yourself, so thath more original and creative. :)
    ( if you want do not put handles on the bag. Can be a tote bag).
    3- Deorate the bag to your liking. Mke it original, own and fun.
    I´ll give him one to my BFF Miriam. ¿What do you think?
    Hope you follow the steps and comment to me as I left.
    xoxo :D

  11. MovieStarFashionistaz here, girlies! O.O sorry we haven’t been online and it wasn’t because we didn’t like the new Bratz blog, tbh, that wasn’t the real reason. Oh and the fablish five, we’re sorry about the fight. Tbh, and we had to admit that we’re 50% copying BUT, it wasn’t for drama, we thought that ya was more famous and we wanted to compete but WE promise we won’t copy and RAD tips!! ;D
    q: Hiya! I’m a fashionista and I’m wondering a causal outfit to wear with bows ;D please help!
    MovieStarFashionistaAnswer: An rockin bowtastic outfit is wearing this cute outfit. Here’s the website below:

    Is JUSTFAB!! ;D
    MovieStarKs- We r back with a smack ;)

  12. Cheerprincess AKA Santana here people. Sorry we didn’t make sense at “An rockin bowtastic outfit is wearing this cute outfit”. U.U again, sorry we wasn’t here ;) We spent the whole time on our vacay, IN BARBADOS ;) The beaches and the points of interests is the beautiful interests I’ve loved seeing in Barbados. I even got a pic of EMMM! ;D Okay while we (them girlz) are still at Barbados, we’ll be jammin to rockin tunes! :D
    be yourself, be you

  13. Hey bratz! Today i got to hang out with my friend lexie and her boyfriend nick.
    It was really fun!I also had dinner at there house and so did my mom and i got to play with her littel sister maddie and there dog littel cutey.She is very old but she still looks cute and she is a small dog.We had pizza for dinner and when nick left me and lexie played with her dolls and her littel sister maddie played with my mom.Lexie and maddie were sad to see me leave and i was sad that i had to leave but my mom said that we will see them this monday. I can,t wait! This monday is gonna be so much fun and hope monday comes because i really had a bunch of fun and we got to play in ower old tree house.Well thats all bye!

    Hey galz! Lauren here. I’m going BTS (Back to School) shopping soon!!! Any tips???? You know what sucks? In Canada, when ur in grade six, your still in elementary school. which means NO LOCKERS!!! So what do i shop for? I have nothing to decorate! I’d love fab tips from MovieStarz, but anyone can give me advice! PLZ GIVE ME ADVICE NOW BECUASE I’M GOING SHOPPING AFTER TOMORROW!
    ()&;*(Hugs and Kisses), Lauren!

  15. Going BTS soon. Love being in Colorado because in 7th grade we have lockers. But I’m not looking forward to school because my mom went school clothes shopping with out me and bought me clothe and I totally don’t like them!!!! I really need tips to find a way not to wear them!!!! HELP!!!!!
    Miss cheer<3

  16. sounds like you all had fun!
    But not me,going into g6 and im so nervos.
    i realy want to go in to chearleading but i feal like im going to fale try outs!
    (canada)august)so freekt!

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