Stick to your Resolutions!

Hi y’all!

Now that New Year’s Eve is over, and we’ve drank all the sparkling cider and taken our sparkling cocktail dresses to the cleaners, it’s totes hard to stay committed to those New Year’s Resolutions!
Here are a few hip n’ handy tips to help you stay committed to your 2014 commitment.

1- Make a resolution! You gotta make one, to make it happen! It’s like the lottery always says, you gotta play to win!

2- (This one’s my fave.) Look in the mirror and repeat your goal out loud over and over for a full minute– then fix your hair, but not until the minute is over!

3- Write your goal down on a bunch of pieces of paper and post them places you will see. I like to write my resolutions on my pink sticky note pad in big blue bubble letters!
4- Make it possible to reach your goals. If you decided to run a half marathon this year, don’t pick one happening in March. Choose a marathon in October so you can give yourself plenty of time to practice and prepare your body for the run. Then sign up for smaller runs, like a 5k in March, and a 10k in June, to keep yourself motivated. Same fab rule applies to any of your goals!
5- Find ways to make it fun! Whether it is getting straight A’s or finally asking out that cute boy in Science class, figure out how to make the adventure crazy fun! Maybe you and your girls can go out for hot cocoa right after a fierce study session. Or before asking out your crush, you can dive in to an amaze shopping spree! So fun!
Good luck, Bratzies! Keep me updated!

51 thoughts on “Stick to your Resolutions!

  1. Love it! My resolution is: write my own stories.My dream is be an actress,i will try to take theatre classes! Thanks for all beautiful blogs.Grettings!!!

  2. I already made a book. I COULD help you, LookCloser. Me and my friends, the Fabalish five made a book called, beaty queenz: Cleo Starr. its a drama.

  3. dear bratz12girl.
    i have a crush on a boy named sean.what did was that i just took controll and told him and he said he like me just as a friend.i was okay with.
    bratz12girl you don,t have to do that just what you want to do.okay.

  4. i luv all of u and my resolution is to be more active also im trying to ask out that cute boy but he just isn’t into me

  5. Rad tips, Cloe! It’s Liv by the way and i’m writing about the fab 1st Annual Passionista Parade! The girlz and I already did our goals but one of my biggest resolution is to get my crush to like me and we can date!!!
    I think he has feelings well I don’t if he does! Yesterday, I got interviewed by Prisicilla Davis, an interviewer and America’s top judge of Amercian’s Role Idol! Should be going! I’m having a study date I meant study together!
    P.S- Don’t think as the dating way!

  6. here’s our nicknames that we made-MovieStarFashionistaz
    angelheart- Tori

    MovieStarFashionistaz <3

    also our parents convinced to Ariel's parents to go to Jamaica and we are going!! :) SQUEE!

  7. hey hey it’s Angelheart and i’m so serene today!
    My resolution is that me and Steven should back together because I still have feelings for him. I have a angel’s heart and what I said in the past few blogs, was the devil’s heart!! So anyways i was ROTF (rolling off the floor) watching Rolanda and Richard parodies! Maybe watching the parodies is making me forget about Steven. My little annoying brother, Nate is finally crushing on a girl in his class! He need the MovieStarFashionistaz help! ha ha ha! So funny and ROMANTIC! Love is in the air and I know it!

  8. NEW UPDATE!!!
    Hey, girlz! The MovieStarFashionistaz is here with a NEW UPDATE!!!!!!!!! Here goes:
    Ok, we have a little quiz thing 4 ya:

    What’s YOUR opinion? Text us your answers to let us know!!
    What do YOU think us fashionistaz should have a world tour?
    A. Just go around America
    B. Go in America and Europe
    C. ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!!!
    D. Text us what you think!!!!

    TUL8 (Text Us Later)

  9. Bunnystar and Star here! The bmsfs! (best movie star friends) and we are for gossip! We loved the old Miley Cyrus and these are the 7 foods she loves!

    1. oatmeal with ice cream
    2. grilled cheese with ketchup
    3. macaroni and ketchup
    4. potstickers
    5. dumplings from Cracker Barrel
    6. enchiladas
    7. eggs with syrup

    Some stuff are rad! But know she’s just i don’t know what to say. Oh rite NASTY!!
    Amanda Brynes changed a lot too! She pierced in her face!!! Eew! That makes her ugly
    we g2g!
    We love to gossip!

  10. LIVglitz’s Dear Liv Column

    Dear Liv,
    My bff keeps hanging with my enemy and she always sleepovers and i’m not invited! So what should I do? She ditched way too much and I’m tired of it! She never talks to me! I’m so sad I want my bff back!

    Dear Miserable,
    Hey that happened to my friend Roxxanne! But to make your bff jealous is starting hanging with a middle nerd and popular crew! Then girlfriend, me and Bunnystar calls this the ” Oh No It’s Jealousy Time!” Starting doing cool stuff and say stuff like ” You girls are best friends any girl can have” your old bff will becomes jealous and BAM! bffs again!


  11. Bunnystar here! Hey when I curse it makes me mad but that’s last year!!
    It’s 2014!!! My fiancee, Future said he’s ready to marry me because he’s that age to marry me and duh, I Love him! We still haven’t locked in a date in the wedding! I want to know when! He surprised with the 15 carat diamond ring!!!! He proposed me while I was celebrating my 28th birthday in NY! He’s currently on tour with Drake and Miguel! But I have my girls at my back! Yeah they do!
    Wouldn’t be no one without them! (and myboo) NOT ARIEL! now we need to change Ariel’s nickname now!
    Want to hear something before I go? On Future’s hand it has a C on it and I have a N on it (Future’s real name starts with an N)

  12. oh I forgot! Never try the soda Redbull and milk together! If you want to taste here’s the steps!

    pour half Redbull
    pour half milk
    * Remember this is the big step!*
    drink it and it’s yuck yuck!

  13. hey every one sorry i havn,t bloged in a while its because i,ve been playing this game on animal jam.well have a good day.bye

  14. dear kittycat,
    It’s that boarding school(The Milton Hershey School) but I don’t live there!!!

  15. dear the fablish five,
    I didn’t know all of you girls together, making the book, Beauty Queenz: Cleo Starr!
    I thought you girls were making seperated books! Naomi isn’t my name now….. it’s Laila!
    mom changed it!
    The fablish clique will be ahmazing!

  16. hello! It’s cheerprincess! At cheerleading, with Wigdehood Wolves and they are some cheaters! My bfffffff is totes writing it in LIVglitz ( that’s diva fyi) One girl kept using these special shoes but we won!!
    Also, that girl has been killing or posioning models! So we are going on a mission at HAWAII! But our world tour? We have to think about! Ok bye!

  17. Hey guys its me kittycat. i just want to say hi and you guys are doing good in school because i am.well gotta go.have a good day bye.

  18. hey dasha1, I best friend requested you! I deleted one of my bffs on moviestarplanet and we are now friends! I’m in level 7 now! That’s so ahmazing! I have skipped levels!


  19. hello! It’s pinkalicious! I’m just bored! Can someone entertain me? I’m listening to Victorious and i’m still and doing The Fablish Clique. I’m also making a book called “My Sister is a Vampire”
    It’s about two identical twins( Isabelle is the powerful vampire and Oriana is the singer) and they figure out that they have an identical twin. But when they meet each other, Isabelle’s father doesn’t like Oriana but Oriana knows a lot of vampires. When Isabelle’s father decides that they going to England. But Isabelle just got a best friend she doesn’t it in a long distance. It’s a book series

  20. Hey everyone its me kittycat and my momo said i might be going to lancaster during the weekend.well gotta go bye.

  21. Today my crush Josh went to my class the whole day because his teacher wasn’t here. So he’s friends with my friends and guess what? Nikeysha and him are broken 4 real! I’m so happy I mean it’s my chance to date him. I want to date him soo bad but there’s two problems!
    1. I’m allowed to date when i’m 18 (sis is soo lucky)
    2. i am so nervous! Asking out a boy is so scary! Nikeysha wasn’t scared to do it!

  22. dear dasha1,
    I’m sorry about the best friend request thing because some vip best friend requested me and she’s totally nice! But hey I can be your best friend in your profile but it doesn’t show on mine. If you don’t understand, comment me on MSP!

  23. Thanks AprilBear and harmony! I can’t wait to see if it’s a girl or a boy! I promise, I will tell you girls if I know. Anyways, you um that man Harvey Weinstein? Well he’s going to be the director of the movie we are going to be while we are in Jamaica! Me and Tori don’t need tutors but the others do. Pharrell can come to the trip NOW!! YAY!! And Ariel’s+ Liv’s Magical Princes! LOL! 2 more days until Jamaica!
    We already went to Jamaica but this our second time! Tori and Steven are back together!
    We may not have time doing our resolutions thing at the ending of the blog!
    Just remember that Nicki Minaj is not pregnant with Lil Wayne! She’s pregnant with Drake! I’m kidding!
    Diggy and Jailee won Cutest Couple in LOL Awards (Future made that up)
    oh I forgot that you should go on youtube and watch this mash-up called Pop Danthology 2013 – Mashup of 68 songs! It’s cool and your going to love it! It’s filled with gr8 music!
    That was 4 bratzies, bratz and the fablish five! After you girls here it, Liv is writing how cool the mash- up is! You girls should write about it too! Liv says it’s ok that you girls should about it! You know it has the two One Direction songs that came in 2013!
    Happy Friday!
    The movie is called ” 19″
    I heard Story Of My Life!
    It’s cool
    Okay seriously bye!

    MovieStarFashionistaz & The Boyz
    Note: Liv’s Passionista’s Fashion Show will be held in Jamaica! Ariel’s birthday is 2morrow!
    Now seriously bye!


  25. the movie is not called 19, it’s called Teen Drama!

  26. It’s Jailee and guess what? Diggy isn’t coming with us to Jamaica! Boo-hoo!! He has to go on a family trip to Maui, Hawaii. It’s GossipDivaz! How do I know because I talked to Harvey yesterday he said GossipDivaz! GossipDivaz is about 6 best friends who love to spread rumors. But in the Daily Spreads article, someone has talking trash talk about people! Guess who it is?
    * Me(Jasmine)
    * Bunnystar(Cher)
    * Mybeau(Ariana)
    * Diva(Laila)
    * Cheerprincess(Sashabella)
    * Sweetchic(Selena)
    * Angelheart(Talissa)
    The boyz are regular!!

  27. I think my new year’s resolution is to probably train for my track season and prove people wrong that I’m quiet, because they obviously don’t know me, and it’s sooo annoying…any tips, Bratz? I want to prove to the people in my class that I’m loud and I am, but sometimes I get nervous about things I’m about to say and don’t say them…idk. All my BFFs know that I’m loud though, I don’t know what it is with some people… :p But I’m planning for the talent show in my school, and I think it’s going to be pretty interesting…that is, if my friends agree to help me do it—It’s gonna be a really funny skit about my teachers, I hope. ;) stay stylish, my bratzies!

  28. That’s cool, lookcloser! We are glad that you want to make your own stories and take theater classes! You know for writing stories, you can get help from LaurieCutie or Pinkalicious! Yasmin would love helping you, but she’s pretty busy!

  29. We will try our best, Safire42! We also can’t wait until the 2015 bratz too! Just need to wait for 11 months!

  30. well harmony your question in the last blog needed a major help so this my advice! If you know his address, on Valentine’s day, you should make him a letter and be his secret admirer! If you really want to tell him then tell him it’s you! If you are really in love with this boy and you really want to date him and you got your parent’s permission, than make stuff like ” Since they i saw you, I liked you!” or ” Your smile brightens the day”. ( you can steal these if you want) Hope it works! Tell me what happens!

  31. no school today because it’s Martin Luther King Day! My sis told me he is 77 years old! That white man who killed him was selfish and inconsiderate!

  32. ZenaStar, If you really want people that you aren’t quiet, than be loud most of the time! Some loud people can be quiet. We understand that’s it’s soo annoying! Many people in the blog are nervous to like KittyCat, Pinkalicious and Dasha1 etc. Just say out loud! Sometimes you be right! You know the sayings ” Everyone Make Mistakes” and ” Nobody’s Perfect” Try listening it to it and I think you will understand!

  33. no i don’t know where he lives but i know what school but my mom said “i am not going back there since i was bullied” but hopefully he joins the choir i’m at so i can tell him and great advice thanks

  34. mine resolutionis being a popstar like u i love to sing and u love to sing too im just like u kinda well love u cloe


  36. this year im gonna set some goals for my frenzies and me! I know this sound redicoulas but,wera gonna make hats for charity on the street….plz dont laugh

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