St. Patrick’s Day Fashion

Kiss me, I’m Irish!

It’s almost St. Paddy’s Day so we MUST discuss holiday fashion. Long gone are the days when Bare Naked Ladies sang about how buying someone a green dress is cruel. (Ask your parents to download the oldie, “If I had a Million Dollars” from iTunes. It’s adorbs.) Now green is fashion supreme. Especially on March 17th!

I HEART trying out new looks for the holidays. Below are the styles that I’m OB-to-the-SESSED with!

1 – St. Paddy eyeliner: Use bright green eye shadow on your upper and lower line. Then smudge for a smokey fun feel! When you’re done, use the eyeliner to draw a small four-leaf clover at the corner of your eye. So cute!

2 – Paint your nails green, but paint your thumb white. Once the paint on your thumbs has dried, use a toothpick to draw a green four-leaf clover!

3 – The fashion bold will use green make-up glitterĀ to coat their eyebrows. Use a skinny brush to make clear and full brow lines. LOVE this look!

4 – Add green-dyed hair extensions to your ‘do. If you don’t have access to hair extensions, green ribbons in your locks will look totally cute!

If these St. Paddy’s Day looks are too bold for you, just make sure your wear SOMETHING green! You don’t want to get pinched by a leprechaun, do you???

How are you dressing up on March 17th?



33 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day Fashion

  1. Woah! Love your ideas Cloe! They’re stunning!
    I will wear green extensions!
    And i will paint my nails green and white!
    Greetings!!! :)

  2. rad cool!!! Santana’s fave color is emerald green so on St. Patty Day, she’s wearing her fave color!!

  3. New girl alert- Her name is Cymphonique Miller and she’s not from England. So she’s speaking now!!

    Hi!! I have many siblings, from How to Rock!! It’s cancelled, I know sad!! But hey, I loved having fun with them!! I’m pretty don’t care what haters!! So far me and Max (my How to Rock co-star and friend) are enjoying the MovieStarFashionistaz and alongside with the boys!!
    Bff 4 live: Shakira in our group!!!!!!!

  4. yo yo yo!!
    We just talking about we are hosting um “Fashion Star Winner”. This is the first week and you have to write a look on St. Patty’s Day and it’s due on Friday!!
    [for example]
    St. Patty makeup:
    Put on some green or emerald green and add a sticky clover.
    You should wear a big green and emerald green bow!!
    Wear a shirt that says “Good Luck Charm”
    and wear green thigh high striped stockings with clovers on it
    Wear some rockin flats to it!!
    Then we will choose who’s the best!!!
    Due on Friday
    This week’s host: Cymphonique

  5. Please do not have those Bratz kidz dolls I mean they look cute ! but don’t . Keep everything like it was before 2013 , but don’t get too glam keep it like bratz totally polish awesome out fits and not too glam . Please do change the new bratz doll’s legs the old ones look better . And this great , Cloe keep it up !
    xxx sands – my nickname !

  6. Hey everybody.yesterday i was invited to sleepover and i wasn,t even excepting to go to one but i did.i got good luck because i am half irsh.

  7. Hey Cloe! I can’t wear makeup to school or paint my nails since I go to a private school (which is stupid), so I can wear the ribbons or some green clover earrings that I have and we can also wear green socks (if we have them). Anyways, I’ll wear as much stylin’ green as I can!!

  8. Happy sant paricks day everbody!As you all know i am half irish but i am mad at my self because i forgot that it was.but i still got good luck.

  9. today is St. Patrick’s Day!! Liv is wearing a dress with clothes and green thigh high stockings!!! Santana is wearing a emerald green bow, a rockin cool emerald green dress with green and gold thigh high stockings!!! Ariel is having a green tutu, a shirt that says “Kiss Gold and Me, I’m Irish”, long green stockings!!! Tori is just wearing her green “The Luck of the Gold” and green leggings! Ciara is wearing a clover bow, an emerald green dress, and green and pink thigh high stockings!!! Shakira is wearing a light grass green stockings, not thigh high, a headband that says “Kiss Me, I’m Irish”, and green flats with clovers!! Last but not least, Cymphonique!!! She’s wearing a really cute emerald green dress with a emerald green big bow in the middle, emerald green stockings with clovers and flats with gold and clovers!!
    4 more days until we tell who wins Fashion Star Winner!! Due on Thursday!!

  10. hi Movie Star Fashionistaz! I’m in the Fashion Star Winner game. Wish me good luck
    St. Patrick’s Day Outfit

    What to Wear
    I’d say to wear a headband with “Spread Gold it’s St.Patrick’s Day”. Cool slogan, huh? So anyway, I think we should wear clover earrings and wear a dress with a big clover in the middle and wear some white and green stockings (the green is polka dots) and at the top of the stocking, add I ribbon bow!
    Shoes Shoes Shoes!
    For the shoes, I’d say wear some really big gold and green high heels! Wedges will be cute too!

    Hope I really win!! Wish me good luck
    Hey just to ya Movie Star Fashionistaz, that my friend bunnyhopper19 is joining to, Cymphonique!! She said tomorrow she will!! I hope I win!!

  11. Totes fab ideas they are great always live ur dream and be fabulous while doing it!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :);) ;);) ‘_’

    <3 jv30

  12. Hello everyone.Today my day was good and i was abel to see my friend lee harris for a littel bit.I have no homework for two weeks because of the pssa,s

  13. Haven`t you guys noticed that the Bratz haven’t Bloged in 4 months?

    AmberBear OUT!!!!

    P.S. PLEASE become my friends sweet3214,MovieStarz,shakira,ZenaStar,Sandara01x,Lookcloser,and Cymphonique PLEASE I am new to Bloging on Bratz!!!

  14. Whats up everybody.right now i am just chilling at home and later i going to go somewhere with my mom.

  15. 19 can’t fit in my username but MovieStarz, signed up 4 the Fashion Star Winner!! Love you guys!! Especially Liv!! U rock! So here’s my Saint Patrick’s Day outfit! I’m here 4 fun!! I hope I win along with QueenBeeOfNY, she ain’t my friend, she’s my best friend! So here I go!!

    Saint Patrick’s Day Outfit
    Duh! It has to be green or gold so my outfit doesn’t include a dress! Dresses are cute tho!! So anyway the shirt is emerald green with gold and will say “The Luck is the Luck” and the rockin skirt should be emerald green and have a shiny bright gold belt. Cute huh? I hope I get to win week 1 of Fashion Star Winner!!!

    Wedges! There my fave! So anyways wear green and gold wedges and with clovers on the back of the shoes!!

    Well good luck everyone who entered and it’s due tomorrow!!

  16. okay amerbear i will be your friend,so amerbear,how was your day and how old are you and whats your favortie color?

  17. dear amberbear,
    Of course we would like to be friends with you! We have accepted your friend request. We will be honored. Cymphonique is our group now and she will be honored.

    dear the contestants who joined Fashion Star Winner,
    If you wrote it today, you are eliminated!! We are not telling who’s winning today, tomorrow!! Good Luck, QueenBeeofNY and bunnyhopper!!!!
    Aren’t you excited 4 2morrow that Cymphonique and Max are hosting???
    Can’t wait and can’t wait 4 Happy Friday!!

    It’s Sassy and The Fashionista crew!! I know it’s on Friday but we are bored. Talk about rockin music, our best friend Pharrell Williams came with a new album called Girl and it’s available on iTunes! Here’s the list of the songs he has in his album
    Marilyn Monroe
    Brand New ft. Justin Timberlake
    Happy (from Despicable Me 2) the movie was funny!
    Come Get It Bae ft. Miley Cyrus
    *Gust of Wind* ft. Daft Punk (I put stars because I love it)
    Lost Queen
    Know Who You Are ft. Alicia Keys
    It Girl
    Total length-46:54!

    Cool huh? So we have to go!! Yeah so see ya!!

  19. sorry i haven’t written ugh so embarrassing! but i would ROCK the hair extensions! so would Yasmin don’t you think?

  20. I’m new on bloging.I just started.P.S.I’m 9.
    P.P.S.S please don’t tell.My nickname is Zoe or Sophie.


  21. Dear teddygirl9, Hey! Welcome to! You sound like a gal who is
    confident and fearless. Don’t let anyone change who you are.

    xoxo (HUGS & KISSES) – Cloe

  22. shakria I had a good day and I can`t say my age (my parents will not me)AND PINK PINK PINK PINK EVERTHING PINK!!!!

    AmberBear OUT!!!

  23. Bratz is there another website of bratz?Also could you girls blog more please?

    AmberBear OUT!!!

    P.S.Could you girls PLEASE make more games (I say you girls should make more horse games cause there is only 1 and I LOVE horses so ya) plus please make them more exiting and more fun cause some of the games are boring and not that fun like the comic games those are boring!

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