Spring Layers

Hiya Bratzies!!

Everyone knows how to layer your clothes when it starts getting cool outside, but no one ever talks about how to layer your clothes when it starts getting warm!

Adorbs spring dresses with leggings and boots. Cute tanks with long-sleeved shirts underneath.

Do you have any FABtastic tips you can share with the other Bratzies?!

Totes grateful!!


29 thoughts on “Spring Layers

  1. Great , bratz ! Can you please tell us bratzies soon enough whats the big secret is ! and it better be good , too . On bratz boulevard they said theres a new bratz music video for the bratz campaign , real bratz . Sorry , if I was a spoiler ALERT ! I just had a guess only . But please tell us soon , please !
    xx sands – my nickname . Sandra lov u all ! xxooxx

  2. It’s Friday, aren’t you HAPPY?? Well it’s Partly Cloudy and 66% and Pharrell’s enjoying his BBQ party or what? Liv, me, is cooking everything! Right is the Happy song we are listening to. We were mostly listening to that song. It’s too good. Yes, really good. I’m glad Cameron is not there. I mean we broke up and I’m all over it!! Happiness! #Happiness!!

  3. This weeks star will be: zenastar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love the bratz new website.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PHARRELL WILLIAMS!!! you have lived for 41 years now! We wish a happy birthday!! Kay so we know you celebrated your birthday with a Spongebob themed party!! Love it!! did you love the BBQ we made 4 u!!!!!!! But you said you might be with us at our Rio trip!! Mkay we have to go!! Happy rockin birthday!!!!!! Trust me, (Santana) I’m having a punk royale party. (I’m not really fascinated with royal but I am with cheerleading!!)

  5. Dear Bratz, my friend is throwing a Spring Break Party for my grade. We have to wear Spring clothing. But, I dont know what to wear!

    Please help, heartbeat123

  6. I love putting a black long sleeved shirt underneath and then put a colourful tank top over it! I then pair it with a mini skirt or jeans. :)

  7. Sorry , about that it should of been ‘ Sandra , lov u all ! ‘ I do !
    xx sands

  8. hey! guys well Fashion Star Winner is back!! So now we accept it until Thursday!!

  9. Today i had a lot a lot of fun.First i whent with my step dad to get taxes.Then
    I came home and had cake and ice cream and then i got on the computer and then i whent out side and played with my friends and then i came back inside
    and got back on the computer.

  10. You can wear a cute skater skirt (which are totes in right now) with leggings and sneakers or combat boots. ;)

  11. I think you should wear:
    tees with leggings and shorts on top of the leggings.
    Summer Lankshear aged 9

  12. I think you should wear:
    tees with leggings and shorts on top of the leggings.

  13. Hi MovieStarz! I’m joining the Fashion Star Winner!!
    Kay so outfit?
    U know the sweaters Billionaire Girls Club? Well wear it with black and the handwriting is yellow. (like Beyonce wore) and then some black denim shorts (love denim and fashion!!)
    Kay so shoes?
    Black low wedges with ankle strap.
    I hope I win week 4!

  14. I think you should wear:
    A dress with tights under it, boots with heels, a super cute necklace, bracelet, and earrings.

  15. i think we sould waer whats contherbul for us its your apinion those wear what you want to wear.

  16. hey everyone.I think you should wear leggings with a skirt over it and a t-shirt
    With some flats and do your hair in a different styel.

  17. hey MovieStarz! Well i’m joining Fashion Star Winner! So anyways I have decided 4 my outfit
    Bedazzled Outfit
    I had said that to wear like those shirts that shows your stomach and says “Meow Yeow” and the booty shorts!! With a golden belt.
    Wedges with just an ankle strap!
    Hope I win

  18. i am born in 1913 .so i am a hundred and one.do you peaple watch seven super girls

  19. have you ever tried making your hair into a bun .i have i have good hairstyles that i like

  20. hey shaikra that is a reallly great choese i would so wear that in the summer ofcourse .not in the winter when it is cold where i live

  21. What’s up girlfriend I lov the bratz they are awesome I love the fashion so I made and started a fashion magazine

  22. I made a fashionable magazine and I am watching the bratz for help remember pashion for fashion

  23. Shirts with fierce designs! (leopard!)
    Shorts or skirts with long socks underneath!
    And the final touch: Platform Heels!
    Short dress with heels and… a beautiful hat!
    Here’s a tip:
    if your shirt is (for example) leopard, do not hesitate to paint your nails with leopard design! (like your shirt).
    flowy-shirt with floral nails!
    I hope you liked my tips!

  24. To the Fashion Star Winner contestants,
    No more posts will be accepted today!!
    Wait until 2morrow to find out the Fashion Star Winner!! :)
    Here’s sad news to u!
    Kay so we are thinking about ending Fashion Star Winner
    So no Fashion Star Winner next week. We are deciding if we are going semi-quit or nah. So that’s all we’ve got to say thank you 4 your concern!

  25. hay guys i haven’t been on this website to no what’s happening so it would be great for me if you will fill me in with the details and about the new website and everything else!!!! ;3
    thanks!!!!, <3

    love yah, chaw

  26. take the long shirt out of the shirt, roll up the arm holes. take the leggings out of the dress, fold the leg part of the boot down (BTW that’s in style now). hope i helped LOLZ :)

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