Spring Fitness Fling

Whatz the hapz, Bratzies?

We are totally lovin’ the outdoors. It’s so rad to be able to grab a skateboard again now that the weather is warmer. We HEART getting fit in super fun ways: surfing, soccer, hiking, skating and hip hop dancing!

What do YOU do to get fit and have fun?

We’re always looking for fab new ideas!


20 thoughts on “Spring Fitness Fling

  1. We love Hyde Park! We will be a bit sad at April 16 but hey what’s wrong with Rio!!
    Kay so the rad judge is me (Shakira!) and also we chose…………………heatherlove! Congratulations!! U rock! That’s right. Keep Calm and Sparkle On <3 so anyways No Fashion Star Winner next week.
    We ain't doing XOXO no more!

  2. Hey Bratzies! I know, its been long, but, I wanted to come over and say hi! I think spring is the best time! Also, making some fab, fanart! See ya bratzies!

    It’s Sassy and the Fashionista crew and #XOBEYONCE
    It’s like the song made by Beyonce which the video was uploaded Dec.16 2013 on VEVO. Kay so anyway it’s such a cute song. Really i’m serious it’s too cute!! Her 2013 album: Beyonce has released (for idoits!! just kidding) along time ago. Check her rockin new song called Partition! Kay we have to go look at the rockin Paris pics (Me and the Fashionista crew are in Paris and the other Movie Star Fashionistaz are still in London)

  4. We love Spring Break!! The warm weather and Santana’s birthday is 4 more days. Okay anyway see ya later alligators!

  5. I love your new website bratz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Watch matty b raps.

  6. I have a crush on this boy named david and now peopel say i am acting like him but i think they are joking.I hope.he is in third grade and i am in forth

  7. Hola!! Me flipa bailar, sobre todo el hip-hop. Bailar es lo que más me gusta, Hice el My Apptitude Test y me salió Dancer. Pero en cuestión de deportes me gusta jugar a matar o al baloncesto. XD
    ararranmu :D

  8. Yesterday was Santana’s birthday, Liv is single and she dated Santana’s boyfriend but he used her to get back at Santana, Ariel and Tori are now totally obsessed with Matty B Raps, Jailee dated and broke up Kid Ink or should we say Brian she was on Cloud 9 (love) but she’s back to Cloud 1, We’re in RIO!! And who did not mention, CIARA!!!! But Sassy is back! With the others! It’s 9:33 and first we are visiting Copacabana in Brazil! Next, we are going to the Botanical Garden Rio de Janeiro

  9. I love the outdoors! My friends and i are playing outside biking, rollerblading, and playing games. We’re always in the mood for the outdoors!

  10. so what no pics btw love u but kinda old for bratz so I just come on this website every once In a while and also me and my brother de-headed my (I think it was jasmine) doll

  11. I think this spring i’m going to set some goals:
    1.eat healthier
    2.eat healthier
    3.YOU decide!

  12. HI! I have something to say-It’s not about looking active-not at all!It is about being your self having fun altogether.You know like at the same time that kinda stuff- well….this spring im trying a new kiwi wrap!(not to look good)But to look delish! I love trying new stuff!totes!

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