Soul Surfer Bethany Hamilton

Aloha, Bratzies!

I am OM-mazed by how many of you have decided to engage in our Summer Bucket List. I love dreaming up the impossible, and then pushing myself to accomplish it!! Our Summer Bucket List is all about setting goals, facing fears and embracing the summer siren in all of us!! It may seem easy to an outsider, but it takes a lot of courage to Unleash Your Summer!!

I have been reading a ton of books in search of summer funspiration. One of the most absolutely zentastic books I read was, “Soul Surfer”, the autobiography of one-armed surfer Bethany Hamilton.

Bethany decided at age 8 that she wanted to become a professional surfer. Over the next few years, Bethany kept scoring high in surfing competitions. This #RealBratz was on her way to becoming a professional surfer, never hesitating to Unleash her Passion.

Her positive attitude and belief in herself motivated Bethany to enter surfing competitions even though she was a little different than the other surfers. There was no stopping this zentastic chica! By age 15, she won her first national title, taking first place in the Explorer Women’s division of the 2005 NSSA National Championships!!!

Bethany kept working hard and shining bright. At age 17, her dream came true when she became a professional surfer!!!

Since then, Bethany wrote an autobiography, had a movie based off her life starring the super cute AnnaSophia Robb, has made countless motivational speeches and has become involved in numerous charities that help children with disabilities. I’m OB-sessed with her. Not only did Bethany never give up on Unleashing her Passion, but once she met her goal she paid it forward by helping others. She is a total #RealBratz.

Sometimes I get a little nervous or scared when I am trying something new, but if Bethany wasn’t afraid to take on surfing competitions with just one arm; I can face my fears, too! Reading “Soul Surfer” was the best way to kick-start my bucket list! Now I’m totally prepped and hyped to Unleash My Summer.

The next couple of months are going to be epic!

Stay OM-mazing!



69 thoughts on “Soul Surfer Bethany Hamilton

  1. Bethany is a true inspiration! She totally unleashed her passion, and look where she is now! The movie and book Soul Surfer seems OM-azing!


  3. sorry, but where can i find *help* on the bratz website? i’m new and cant find it, please

  4. I love Bethany. She is a brave girl and keeps trying. In the movie she is special to herself as much as she is in real life…

  5. i always wanted to be a song writter a marene bioghlogust and a fashin desighner and when i want to do it i never give up on acheiving that goal

  6. i luved the movie,luved the message,i luved both!yasmin feel me @ irule11!:p

  7. dere aint no weight they both balanced so i luv dem both!anybody feel me @ irule11!:p

  8. Hi bratz! I’m writing a book! so far it really good. maybe it will go world wide and I could become a famous writer! I’s called Captain’s Love

    AprilBear OUT!!
    P.S. I’m excited!!!! :) (:

  9. I just totally love the bratz, i may 14 but the bratz are my heros. Im new to this website so if you want to ask any questions its cool. Catch ya later! Oh, loved you sasha, my sistah!!!

  10. Hi I know I haven’t been here for a long time and im going to 6 grade in Greensburg and im not sure im going to fit in and im going to be the youngest their but im goin to graduate earlier than every one else so I don’t have a lot to worry bout right but after school I will check your blog and write back to you guys soooo yaw and im so excited that im going to move from 5 grade to 6 grade and I got a’s b’s and I also got c’s and this is my own little facebook I hope your ok with this bein my own little facebook and I will try to not write a lot like I just did im so sorry im just verrrrrrrry happyyyyyyy that im still talkin toooooo you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. im soooo excited that im goin too 6 grade it seems that every one I know that are in higher grades or every one in littler grades are goin too 6 grade its soooo funny lol lol ha ha ha !!!!LOL OMG!!!!!

  12. if i want 2 play a game & they ask me for my username and password, i type it in (did it several times), but the page just keeps coming up! plz help
    (p.s. bethany is A-M-A-zing!! & very encouraging)

  13. maybe im just typing in my password wrong cuz its very long, so i dunno what i typed in 4 my password when i signed up, is there anything on this website like “need help, forgot password” ??
    xoxox LOL nightflyer im also 14 and also new!

  14. Hey bratz! Long time no see! Im gonna say that I support WHATEVER you guys do. Even if its something cray-cray, I support you! I luv you guys. Keep your heads held high! No one with will stop you! Wings are made to fly. Every story has a bead! and write now, you guys are SPREADING with beads! We luv you! xoxo ann!

  15. You should watch the movie about Bethany Hamilton. Maybe on rainy days where you can’t go out, you can watch movies about inspirational people this summer!

    Anna Sophia Robb stars in the movie and I think she did an amazing job.

  16. It’s sooooooooo exciting that you are going into the 6th grade, Morgan! I know a new grade can be scary, but you will have a fabtastic time! Come hang out with us here anytime you want!!


  17. You will have a blast in your new grade, julliann!! We can’t wait to hear about your new adventures.


  18. Rainy summer days spent watching inspirational movies is a rockin’ idea, Lauren! Love the rad suggestion! Thanx!!


  19. Hi!
    Sorry we haven’t talked. Remember me?
    My dance rehearsal is tommorow.
    Wish me luck! :)

  20. Fashion emergency people! my bff is having a bling neon party, naturally i want to strut my stuff in style like u girlz, only one problem there are a thousand neon clothing lines out there, and i have to pick just one! i’ve seen cool neon tutus with legwarmers and peeptoes but do i choose green or yellow, pink or purple, or blue!!!!! your neon dolls are fabulous and if anyone can give me fashion advise that really rockz it’s you! can the main parts of the outfit be bright and others a bit more subtle but still super stylin’? what do you girlz think and what would you recommend xoxo

  21. who is ur fave band? mine is one direction. who is your fave actor/actress mine is Selena Gomez. im srry im a lil question asker and would tell the other bratz that I say sup yall Morgan here! hope you don’t mind ;)

  22. Hi SingerBratzi,

    I hope we’re not too late for your fashion emergency! Truly, you can’t go wrong! Color blocking it totes in right now, so you could rock ALL of those colors. Maybe throw in some black and white pattern to contrast your super neon look!

    Have fun!!


  23. hey girl’s i am very new so i would like to talk to you on this very fun blog so respond back when you can i am super excited to talk to all of you so i hope we can be bff’s forever!!!!!!

  24. Hey yasmin I read the same book.and i’m going to the 7th grand and i was on the A and B honer year book and i the A and B merber it happen at school i’m really thankful what you bratz girls been tell us and giveing us idea’s for evey month, week i’m so thank you bratz girls started thais blog thank you again.


  25. yay i love you yasmin you are the best and i think you bratz pic is so rad im sorr i never saw you and that other girl whats her name and she seams so very very nice and i know you are to call me by the nomber of 6958274 and 4370312 bye i love you girls

  26. and that summer mackup ideal is so cool and love is in your arms by me love you.

  27. hey bratz!! ok, im totally cool, found my way ’round the website,, its EEPPIIICCC!!! xxx

  28. I am such a fan of Yasmin me and u are alike I’m shy at school and love animals and love ur fashion

  29. Dear Yasmin,

    It would be a pleasure if you read this me and my friend love the bratz ever since we were 2 years old and I would be sooooooo happy if you read this.i am 11 but i am like your twin.My favorite color is honey yellow it is the best. But I was just hoping if u can get back to me and we can talk and stuff cause me and my friends have the fashion for passion and in high school we promised we would take fashion and design together.So I am begging you plz read this message and meditteranean food is awesome!

    Thx very much if you reply

  30. Hi Janhvi/ Yazisthebest,

    That is too rad that we are like twins! It sounds like you have OM-mazing taste in fashion! Come back and hang with us here anytime!!



  31. Bethany is so great. she proves that u can do anything u want to even if u think u can’t do it. that movie made me start showing people my fashions. she is a hero.

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