Snooze & Style

Let’s face it, getting up in the morning for school can be hard sometimes.

It’s especially hard during the winter when it’s cold and gloomy outside, but you are nice and warm under the blankets! Lots of times we hit snooze over and over (and over) again to give us a few more precious moments of sleep. But those are extra minutes we could use deciding what to wear to school. So NOT cool. We Bratz love to have all the time we need to choose the perfect outfit for the day. A Bratzie can never be rushed when it comes to styling. But we also like to have our beauty sleep too!

Decisions, decisions—luckily, we always have back-up plans!

  • Sometimes we try to plan our outfit the night before (which totes helps us out).
  • Other times we choose an outfit that we’ve worn in the past and loved.
  • There are also our Bratz style staples that we make sure are always on-hand in the closet, just in case we are short on time (check out last week’s blog post      for more deets).
  • One of our favorite things to do is talk on the phone with our bestiez about different outfits to wear throughout the week. Our friends are always there to offer great style advice and we couldn’t be happier!

How do you figure out what to wear every day? Help a Bratzie out and share tips in the comment section.

Snooze ya later!


136 thoughts on “Snooze & Style

  1. OMG………the bratz are so fab right if you like the comment write to me

  2. Hi Cloe! I absolutley love ur blog, but next time make it more inspiring and insperational. Maybe you’ll get more people to read ur blog. Make it outgoing and exceptional, make it something that knowone has ever read b4! bye and i hope u read my comment
    ur reader,
    Lexi Womer

  3. Hey Lexi! Love your tips and thanks for reading!! I’m going to practice blog writing more :)
    Love ~ Cloe

  4. i wish i had a bratz doll that looks just like me. Bratz are so cool. Plz comment back. Love you guys

  5. Hi Cloe you like art right? So go on google and check out Hayden Williams and press images and check out the pics. Show it 2 your bff’s. Love u guys

  6. Hey Bratz! Destiny here! one thing I do when I wake up for school is I brush my teeth, do my hair, get dress,make my bed, eat (if I’m hungry) and I get my books and my bag then I head out the door. I call that my morning routine. I after have a after school routine I eat a quick snack ( no junk food or fast food I learn that the hard way) then I do my homework, read, then I finally have free time to get on my laptop. Now I have my bedtime routine I take a shower, get a snack and get on my laptop for a little, after I did that I pick out my clothes that I am going to wear the next day,then I read just to call myself down. Do you guys know what happens next? I fall alseep!!!!!!!!!! Ok I three routines each day, they are very very helpful for me to stay organize for school days. Well thats all hope you guys read my comment. Your reader and blogger Destiny.

  7. Hey cloe i think you rock more then the others and im going to the movies on monday and happy the one who fight for us and we hope you all selabret that day and i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu kissssssssssss and i hope you hear in youtube mercy said no the ball brothers lyrics :) love you guyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


  9. Hi i am Janaia aka Swagg1221 and i love the bratzs now i amnew here on so could you the BRATZS give me some tips about BRATZS.COM
    xoxoxoxoxoxo Janaia love you girls!!!

  10. chloe you are awesome. i love your style. you are s pretty. I wish i looked exactly like you. please reply and i hope you reply. my mom says you are her fav brat too. lol we all love you. bye xoxoxoxoxo

  11. You guys are totes awesome I have watched every movie and some of the moments are totes halair

  12. the comment above this one the place were it says i live i clicked on the wrong state i live in New York

  13. Hey Chloe I <3 you so much! Out of all the characters i think ur the best!!! I have to wear a uniform to school and don't know how to rock it!!! Help please?? My uniform is a blue collared shirt, black or navy Blue bottom and black shoes. Thanks love you!!! :)

  14. Ha jade i love you so much and i want to ask you if you are dating someone i will not tell

  15. omg i love the brATz they are so insperasional like on what to wear and stuff like that so thanks ror the tips

  16. Hi Zahira!

    Ooooh! Sounds like a fun blog post to work on. I’ll start working on a Uniform Style blog post :)

    xoxoxox Cloe

  17. Sounds like you are very organized, Destiny. That is awesome! Keep up the great routine and healthy eating! xoxoxo Bratz

  18. i like monster high more then you and cloe i only go for you and monster high

  19. OMG……… i love listening on bratz beacause they give me an style love u bratz

  20. Wow thanks bratzies! Oh one more thing, I would like to comment on julissa post. I just want to say that I’m with monster high. If your reading this julissa, I say that you have swag and style.

  21. i tost love chloe fashion she got the true what i wrote rite me chloe : – )

  22. To: Cloe Jade Yasmin Sasha From: Leelee
    Dear Cloe Jade Yasmin and Sasha you guys are so awesome you have a true passion for fashion in everything you have it in sleep over’s in shopping and in vacation even tough you’ve been on vacation the twevil’s is still with you anywhere you go but they can be stoped.
    Sincerely Leelee.
    if you like my comment comment me back I lOVE YOU GUY’S YOU’RE ALL SO AWESOME. LOVE LEELEE.

  23. I love you bratzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  25. I love you guys, you rock!!! I just wish that the tv series had more episodes or a season 3 :((

  26. Hey Cloe!

    Thank You so much for the advice! I am an aspiring fashion designer, and The Bratzies Style really spices up my designs!

    My Fave line for the fall is Strut It! Because you girls have the best faces and Great Outfits!

    Even with bullies at school, I can always count on the Bratz, and MGA to inspire me. :D

    Keep Up the Good work Angel!
    Say Hi to Kool Kat, Bunny Boo, Pretty Princess, Funky Fashion Monkey, Fragrance, Sugar, Spice, Miss Priss, and Sugar Shoes for me! :D

    - MD

    Sincerely Leelee.

  28. Dear Cloe if you got this comment tell jade to right a blog about christmas
    for this years christmas and i think that will be great.
    Sincerely leelee. :D

  29. I think the best thing to do is pick out your outfit the night before. BTW, I read this and i imagine that Olivia Hack is speaking for Cloe. LOL

  30. i love the bratz so much that i just want to be one of them i wish that my name was cloe or tasha those are the 2 cute girls the other girls are cute to

  31. cloe your my best friend no i mean i’m your biggest fan and i love your,songs

  32. i love cloes trends she always tingles my taste buds and ooooooo she is so faboo her eye her hair her clothes all remind m ofan angel and also every trends she has are so angel-liciouse her trends give me idas for school lol i almost forgot she was also prettier when she was little oh omg we are so much alike i like i think.i love anything pink and i love the colors clue and white but the blue light blue o and her skin so fabooliciouse my sistersnd i always knows style whnit come to it an i also love it when a boy blushes huh so freaking hot ekkkkk im in a relashion ship right now because of it yay yay yay yay for me ilove the word faboo and fabooliciouse i think my sister chelsie has the most cutest passions for fashions she knows it when it comes toholidays my fav holiday because of her and my uncles bday but he died and also because of jeseus and god my mostes favorite i still listen to yur songs ekk there so aesomeliciouse

  33. I can belive this is is the worse day ever because i got detention and evry single day i always see my teacher alwys upset with me but i think she is not proud of my grades from reportcard pick up she saw my dad so i am bored alot wait should i play poptropica or so which one i think poptropica i will come back at to comment bye.

  34. Hey Bratz! I’m homeschooled but, the thing I do in the when I wake up is, take a bath, get dressed, eat, then do my school work.

  35. “You are so right Cloe, what I do is either plan what I’m gonna wear at night so I’m not in a rush or throw something on. I’m usually caught up with my hair though.”

  36. I am back i got few more minutes so i am this my sister the one that crys alot

  37. here i am again cloe i can never get over ya you have the trends all day and everyday and i cant wait forblack friday

  38. To: Selena From: Leelee
    Dear selena i’m homeschooled to and i think that’s cool that you’re homeschooled.
    Sincerely Leelee.

  39. hey cloe what is up with you !!!!!!! Cloe remember me your friend from highschool ?if not its me the girl that still loves andy, and guess what im dating him at last afterall that hard work. Also guess what……… maybe we will get married in 2 years.hahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im kidding im not planning to.

  40. This was the best post ever! Last night I planned the outfit that I would wear today and in the mourning it really helped me when I was getting ready :-) happy :-) <3 (;

  41. hi cloe u were not my first doll but now u are after jade my parents told me that they would not buy me u but they did for my birthday oh and i am going through surgery next week wish me luck love lola

  42. Hi Lolita!! All our positive thoughts are coming your way for next week’s surgery! Wishing you a speedy recovery. Love, Cloe & Jade!

  43. hey its your girl ayana i love the bratz every day me and my bffs talk bout you.guys we want to be just like the bratz we even dress like you guys every time we feel sad we talk bout you guys.i really hope you respond. love,ayana

  44. I love you, Cloe! You rock! But, You need to make your blog a little more interesting. It’s really cool but you need to improve your blog. Just thought I would let you know.
    - Dawn

  45. Its annoying.
    I know! I’ve been there.
    Ur fashion advice is TOTS A-MA-ZING!!!!

    Nicole <3
    PEACE!!!!!! <3 =)

  46. Hey Bratz!!
    Im Briana and a fashion freak! Im a little old for dolls but i still love you guys. Thank you so much for being my idols:). We should talk some time :)

  47. dear cloe i am so happy because you always look like you are a drama queen.i want to know if you have a crush on cam .

  48. hey brazt,i was at the park today and my friend marco lopez was there and my friend vanessa,anyway vanessa came and told me to go play with her and marco so i went to go play with them and marco holded my hand and said do you want to be my girlfriend then he said i can tell him yes or no when im ready to tell him,i said yes ill go out with you, then he kissed me im 13 by the way and i told my dad and my mom my dad didnt care and my mom said as long as he is good to you,but i need your answer should i break up with him or stay with him and if you reply i want all of answers and see how many of you say yes if all you say yes then reply if you all say no still reply and give me your opinion please reply. bye from your bratz fan.

  49. Hey Bunny Boo!I thank you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I realy look forword to meeting you and the others. I love your styles they are soooooo prity.I also love hip-hop and R&B too!!!!


  50. you are do awesome and i love to style my outfits the night before just so i dont miss what im plannimg for.
    snooze you later xox


  51. hey bratziez you are the best

    i just got a idea from you!The clothes accesories,makeup and tips.when ever i need help i just look at your web and about planning clothes before school that was a great idea,beacause every time i wakeup to school i am like what am i gonna wear so i always plan at night my clothes,makeup and accesories no fence but you are awsome!!!!!!!!!!can you give us more makeup tips beacause i know my clothes and accesories but i just need makeup tips especialy for lips please write another blog about makeup

    xoxoxo BRATZ!!!!

  52. hi girl
    is this fun
    just asking
    because i think it is not
    were are my firends

  53. Super cuuuuuute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE it to much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. super cuuuuuuute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love it to much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. cloe looks so pretty in purple and pink those are my favorite colors so like yeah im only ten years old well im nine but im becomeing ten sooooo like cloe i just wanted to say i am you and the girlz is bigest fans i watched allof your episodes and felt proud of watching them too pleaze read this cloe pleaze oh and p.s i want to be a fashion desighner and model my own clothes when i grow up to be all those things i just siad xoxoxoxoxoxo,your greatest fan sarah

  56. Hey Bratz
    I have a big problem!I am having surgery on my hips.I want to
    stay looking good beacause i wear glasses that some boys really like so I don’t want to stay in the hospital it will be torture i am okay with makeup but i need clothes i have to wear a uglyy!!!!shirt and weird pants.please type back and wish me luck i am having surgery in 5 please type back jasmin
    to BRATZ

  57. Hi Jasmina!! Hope the surgery went well! We’re right here with ya, Bratzie. Keep wearing those glasses and once you leave the hospital, you can wear your cute clothes again. :)

  58. Hi Cloe! I love you and the Bratz and i’ve got a major Drama Mama!
    So , me and my Bffs Forever!!! , i.e Bunny Boo , Angel and Kool Kat,Golden Girl , Rock Rebel and Wild Heart!
    We’ve decided to do the Bratz Rockz Angelz dance , . Here are the jobs
    Director: Me , (Pretty Princess!)
    Music Ogoniser: Bunny Boo
    Costume Designer: Kool Kat
    Makeup: Angel
    Hair Stylist: Golden Girl
    Dance Director: Wild Heart
    Co director: Rock Rebel
    Only problem is , loads of our Time I.E Boyfriends , Bff Time
    Is taken up by practicing. We want it to look good , but with the prom , our magazine , Plus the Fashion Show we’re putting on , there’s no time to spare!!

    Your Bff , Blogger and Blog reader,
    Pretty Princess :)

  59. Dear Chloe,
    I am very happy to be writing to my biggest star here is my secret i have all ways loved you in bratz Paris the action jump i did it myself i love dancing like you. can you make more videos it would be awesome?
    i look just like you i have blonde hair,blue eyes,i am a drama queen and i have
    the same style please type back

    love your biggest fan chloe

  60. I luv Cloe’s and jades they are always giving me tips and inspiration especially since I have to wear uniform to school sheer torture!!!

  61. cloe,tvoja odeća je fantastična i ja samiz niša i molim vas da niš dodate u ,,state,,.cloe, your clothes are fantastic and I’m out a niche and please add in Nis,, state,,

  62. hi i need help should i wear jeans or pants talk to me back when you get this. Have geart day and have fun xoxoxo

  63. I like cloe because she is a drama queen and I. Like her blonde hair and guess what I am goona die my hair blonde when im 15 and I am still gonna play with dolls and In hallaween I am goona cloe.then next year I am goona be jade then after that. Year I am goona be sasha then after that year I am gonna be yasmine thank you from monica to all the people

  64. cloe you should tell us how to do your own fashion show
    you could give us tips on it !!!

  65. Thanx for the tips and also its actually cold in Australia especially when its in the morning. I love to scurfs and also since my hair is dark brownish, blackish in cold it gets chilli.

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