Smart Style

See how a little preppy houndstooth pattern on my pants gives the outfit an edge without overpowering it? Give it a shot, schoolgirl!

Hello to all my Bratzie girls! Cloe here, and I’m getting ready to shop for some cool new plaid skirts so I can be prepared to go preppy!

The newest Fall trend calls for us ladies to start breaking out the school uniform-type clothes and accessories, such as cardigans, vests, knee socks, argyles, plaids, thick-framed glasses, and loafers–but with a stylish twist!

Try incorporating a preppy-type pattern or item into your usual outfits, like a houndstooth skirt or pants, or some argyle knee-socks with your favorite skirts.

It’s so awesome that dressing like you’re going to school can look so fabulous outside of school! What kind of prep-tacular accessories or clothes do you plan to try out?

That’s all for now…stay looking SMART, Bratzie girls!


60 thoughts on “Smart Style

  1. Chloe!! :D love you dear!! i really like your ideas!! and am always ready to support you my amazing doll!! big kisses!! mwah! ♥

  2. we love you Cloe. Natalie is my big sister she is 16 years old she is txting her bff Kathy. Molly is my little sister she is 4 years old she is going nappy wappy. Grace she the oldest sister she 18 years old she is coming home from soft ball practice. My name is Stacey i am 13 years old i am going to play a game now please reply

  3. you are so hot. tabby and me are sister were twins were both 8 years old. well should i talk about my comment
    here is my comment: you sooooooooooo roooooooooock!

  4. wow i wish i was just like you. you see bueety herts god you have to look nice

  5. You guys should come up a Boys/Girls police set! With outfits and a police car! I would LOVE it! :)

  6. hey cloe i a huge idea that started a fashion line in my clostest so im machting outfits also every ones a day or a week i have new outfit so i cant wait to wear to school!

  7. Hi cloe! Rhiannon here . I love your fashions! I plan on trying a nuke and green skirt with a purple and white t-shirt and a black and white striped jacket! I think it is super cute! Thanks for your great ideas!

  8. Thanx for the tips!! Always looking for new ways to up my closet at my style-defficent school!!! love ya!! ;D

  9. awesome fashion tips!!!!!!!! i took your advice and im soooooooooooo popular at school thanks cloe

  10. hey guys and i love u guys and sleaena gomez love her to lol post if u love her!;)

  11. I LOVE you Chloe! Your name AND fashion sense. (I do love all the bratz but Chloe the most and i do luv all their styles.. OF COURSE!)


  12. hey Cloe i have the same nickname as u angel my nickname is baby girl angel face . when i was little i used to dress like u guys and i still have the fashion


  14. Hi I’m not from america and who is brittany shepherd I’m actually from australia I just really want to right is that how you spell right so it’s ok that I’m not from america and angel I think you are nine or six and I love bratz but only two it’s cloe and yassmin and love puppys just like them! that’s sooo awsome don’t you think! any way I’m going swimming any way no hard feelings bye see you tomorrow!.

  15. Soo who’s watching the simpsons it’s me mia the one from austrlia the australian girlll!.

  16. hey guys ummmmmmmm…….. got 2 new dolls and i’m in 8th grade wearid right
    i got a bratzilla
    and jade from the dessert jewl one

  17. hi guys i really love your trends blog you guys have so many great fashion styles i want u guys to tell me if im to young for bratz im 10 years old and i hope you guys come up with great fashion syles people like me really enjoy bratz and please answer the question about the bratz thing thanks you guys have the best show ever and i will never stop watching bratz and i really want you guys to make new episodes abouy you guys and love bratz pixez great awesome one and ill always love bratz so gotta go but please answer my question and i go to a school that has uiform so what would i do we have a free dress day every beginning of the month so tell me what i should wear and i know my comment sounds like ruweyda but it not were t friend and i want to know what should i wear

  18. I dont know much about fahsion but i do know this that plad is not a good disgin atleast not on me.

  19. oh and i forgot to tell you you bratz pixie movie is cool and i hate those dark pixies.

  20. Hey!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t belive I’m sending you a comment I would love to wear that outfit to school but this is a problem I’m 10 years old and I think I’m to old for bratz well who ever says that I am tooooooo old for bratz I don’t care because I love bratz and I always will

    P.S. I go to a school that has uniform UU

  21. Hi all the girl dolls are really cute do u guys have a blog i can write on.
    are there any new styles or clotheing piceing coming out i need to up date my dolls looks.

  22. hey cloe it’s anna here you know i’m not from america cuz i live in the philippines but i love you americans you guys really rock and the good part is i’m part amarican and part chinese and part filipino

  23. bratz you are the best i love your word sasha fashion for pashion i love you kool kat you are the best cole you look grate awsome yasmine you are smart
    what a awsome team yoyu guys make fashion,makovers , and others

    ps i hope you guys are thinking about christmaz on december

    have fun with you r fashion ! bye bratz
    samiyah billups

  24. i tried this yesterday and EVERYBODY (including the cute boys) talked to me to say how awesome my clothes are!!! you are the best Cloe! now all the boys are into me! Even the ones that hated me before! now i hang out with the popular crew! thanks so much Cloe! you should totes write more about fashion for school!

    see ya l8tr,

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