Slumber Party

Whatz the hapz, Bratzies?

The summer is almost over and we need to rock some seriously rad sleepovers before it’s Back2School time. I’m bringing my besties over for a killer overnighter this weekend.

The plans are soooooo last minute, I could really use some help with all the essentials. What are the must-haves for an epic slumber party?

Share your list below!


29 thoughts on “Slumber Party

  1. popcorn, movies, sleeping bags, music, pillows(for pillow fights),and ice-cream

  2. maybe a spa night with furit smoomieies and popcorn with masks and games .
    also mani-padis and play with your bratzie bffs and dolls.have fun.

  3. 1.- Popcorn!
    2.- Movies
    3.- Beauty supplies (nail stuff, stuff for makeovers, etc.)
    4.- Spa supplies (fancy lotions, bath salts if you want to treat your feet, etc.)
    5.- Your most awesome PJs
    6.- The lastest fashion mags
    7.- It’s never a party without music!
    8.- Snacks other than popcorn
    9.- Fluffy robes
    10.- Books if you want to talk about them
    11.- Craft supplies
    12.- Old fashions and things to make those old clothes come to life!
    13.- Hair stuff (brushes, scrunchies, etc.)
    14.- Your personal beauty supplies (like toothpaste and a toothbrush)
    15.- Lastly, your smile and your personality!

  4. You need to have scary movies and make popcorn.You need sleeping bags and you need to bring makeup so you can do each others makeup.You also need to tell each other ghost stories and Play truth or dare! You also need also need to bring the game twister.Thank you for reading bye!
    Todays star is :mily cyrus.

  5. I know a few things you guys could do!
    Baking cakes.
    Watching Movies.
    Telling ghost stories.
    Playing your bratz dolls.
    Playing Dressup.
    And staying up past your bedtime!!

  6. Sorry that I ignored you all for MONTHS but I’m becoming a 5th grader and I’m having my brother’s teacher for 5th grade. My teacher’s name is Ms.Clifton. I just turned 10 this January 5th and now my brother is 12. P.S I dream of being a rockstar all I need is to practice. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

  7. I got a kitten!!!!!!!!! The kitten’s name (It’s a girl) is Sabrina! PS I feel like a minecraft youtuber and I look alike in real life but hazel.

  8. Pillow fights are good. I had a sleepover at my friends Sophie and Sarah’s house. P.S It was Sophie’s birthday at the end of the sleepover. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

    Come on bratz where are you girlz at??? Is y’all company not makin bratz anymore??? Are y’all bratz done now??? No, that can’t be it!!!!!!! No more commercials, dolls, play sets, and bratz TV show a??? We all need you, and please come back!!! I’ve heard that bratz are gonna come back this fall or the fall in 2015.
    But if you girlz do come back, come back with something outrageous, beautiful, amazing, fierce, and more INTERESTING! Something that will amaze all the kidz! And make them want MORE!!! And to be honest, more than Monster High because they are actually on a roll right now. And we need you MGA Entertainment, to bring an AMAZING Grand Opening for all of us! Thank you, and I hope this advise I have, will give you an idea that YOU WILL KEEP THE BRATZ INDUSTRY ALIVE!!! Because the girlz with the Passion for Fashion never DIES!!!

  10. maybe set off some fireworks and go to the movies have a girls night out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    <3 jv30

  11. Did anyone miss me? I was gone for a long time. P.S I miss you all XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

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  14. I Would Bring Or Have~
    1. Movies ( Especially Mindless Behavior: A Bands Rise To Stardom)
    2. Magazines (To Talk About The Latest Music Or Music Groups)
    3. Popcorn
    4. Make-Up
    5. Books
    6. Hair Supplies
    7. Swimsuit (To Go Swimming In My Pool)
    8. Cute Socks
    9. Music (By Mindless Behavior, NO NASTY ONE DIRECTION -.-!!)
    10. My Popcorn Pjs

    Sincerly, Jasmine Aka Ray Ray Wifey

  15. A spa night wood be GREAT we are REALY busy like bee’s right now This is the busiest week of my life GEEEEEEEEEEEEEESH wow did i work off a good sweat this week!!! please reply if you can down beneath that will be REALY REALY REALY great thank you!!!

  16. Top things U HAVE to do in a sleepover:
    1. music. What’s a sleepover without music?
    2. make-up. Make sure it’s nontoxic dyes.
    3. face-painting. U know what I mean?
    4. Just Dance or Zumba. What is a sleepover without dancing?
    5. pillow fights. What eves, it’s fun
    6. Camera/phone. You need to film a sleepover and take pictures right?
    7. movies. Frozen and Bratz movies are good right?
    8. popcorn. What is a movie without popcorn?
    9. Ice cream. You need to satisfy your sweet tooth.
    10. S’mores and a blanket made tent. Make it like camp slumber party.


    If you wondering why, you’re going to have to ask Jilly233 (Jillian Parker)

  18. I want to say that I’m 19 and when I think about Bratz, I remember this epically awesome childhood, you were just awesome and I’m sorry about what happened to the company, I’m still waiting for your major come back, my sisters and I still play your games over and over again, the Bratz are awesome, we loved both the series and movies, we loved the diversity of the Bratz, you put a lot of hard-work into them and we just miss them so so much, they were the most special thing ever, anyone who got the opportunity of seeing them at their prime would know how awesome the Bratz were. Better than any other thing, and sure taught my sisters a lot. Even now if you made another Bratz movie, I’d still watch it, it was funny, it had pets, fashion, cute guys, dreams, friends, adventures, you feel like you’re one of them, we really do miss them.

  19. scary movies flashlights and smores pop popcorn chips candy pj’s scary stories make up make overs music

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