Slumber Party Fashions

What’z the hapz, Bratz?

Our EPIC SLUMBER PARTY is tomorrow night!!!!! Ahhh, I seriously can’t wait.

It’s totally important that you bring the right stuff to a Slumber Party. To help you Bratzies remember what to bring here is:



A good Slumber Party is totally active. You will be jumpin’, jugglin’ and jivin’ the night away. Opt for gnarly boxers or bright printed pajama pants over a nightgown. Shorts will give you the extra edge whether you’re engaged in a pillow fight, or bouncing on the bed, singing karaoke.

Equally important are kozy slippers or funk-i-fied socks. I’m a total fan-girl for the striped socks with individual toes! Keep something fluffy, furry or funky on your footsies to stay warm as the night wages on!


Bring a ton of hairbands, ribbons and nail polish. One of my fave things to do at a p.j. par-tay  each other’s hair in krazy kool wayz! I’ve been totally inspired ever since we rocked our new Twisty Stylez look! Can you pull off this fierce fashion statement?

Another must is funky nail polish. I’m ob-to-the-sessed with neons right now! And nail art is totally in vogue! Bring different color nail polish and toot picks. The toothpicks can be used to draw stripes, polka dots or other designs! If you can’t use nail polish, try our super kool stick-on nail art that comes with our Totally Polished dolls!

Ooh! And don’t forget to let your toenails dry before putting your socks or slippers back on! Tee hee!


A sleeping bag is a MUST! Not only does it keep you warm at night, but also it can be used as a sled to pull your friends around the room in! And don’t forget your pillow!! I ALWAYZ love to being a blank white pillowcase and some permanent markers! At  Slumber Parties my besties will write messages to each other on our pillowcases! It’s such a rad memento to remember our fabtastic time!

Hint: Sleep on the side of the pillowcase that was NOT written on so marker doesn’t get all over your face. Wait until you’ve washed the pillowcase to sleep on the marker side.


I cannot survive a Slumber Party without sitting down to watch my fave flicks! When you watch movies, obviously, popcorn becomes a MUST. And it can be super fun to dress up your popcorn! Take out individual bowls and pour some popcorn into each. Then add different delicious delicacies to each bowl! I like adding m&ms to one popcorn bowl, caramels to another and cayenne pepper to the third!! Mmm, sooo delish!


Lastly, don’t forget papers, pens and markers. They are a must for games like M.A.S.H., Truth or Lie, and simply documenting the epic night in!!


We will be LIVE POSTING from our Slumber Party ONLINE ONLY. This way, you can join from the comfort of your own home! Tune in to our social media pages to participate in the party.

The invite is below!


If you’re not old enough to be on social media, ask a parent or older sibling to keep you updated on all the fun ‘n’ fab things we are doing!! This way, you can still totally play along!!  Also, if you can’t invite friends over to throw your own Slumber Party, pop yourself a bowl or popcorn, bring out some neon nail polish and have a radtacular party-for-one!

We can’t wait to hang out with you at our Slumber Party tomorrow night!!!



73 thoughts on “Slumber Party Fashions

  1. i love bratz there so cool whats that one line called of where the girls go to hollywood i heard that u have a new bratzillaz and i also heard there eyes are made of plastic please make some that are plastic eyes please

  2. Bratz Im excited! I have to get everything ready! I hav e to clean my room, get my pjs, popcorn. (Also instead of icecream, Im eating yogurt that comes with crunchy toppings. Oreos,crunch) Its gonna be fun! I shall go get ready. See ya there!

  3. I can’t wait jade!!! I got all my Bratz dolls ready for tomorrow and my pajamas!! Your so awesome!! I’m gonna be there on Facebook tomorrow! Can’t wait! Also homemade pizza with my friends! Keep The Passion 4 Fashion

    Your True Bratz Fan, Sayori

  4. in the slumber party, we gonna use the Totally Polished nails? because i like that newz and trust me i love makeovers and painting nails!

  5. HI. How did you manage to make the dolls move and talk in the “ready to roll” video? Please reply.

  6. YAY!!! thank you SO much bratz!! i (heart) ur slumber party!!!
    I watched Bratz Rock Angelz(drama mama, lol), did the bedazzle thing with my water bottle, and did my nails neon green!! on my way to watch genie magic, YAY!!!



  7. i’m so sorry i missed it bratz! But i watched both movies! I can’t wait to hear about the news!!! My cousin was using her facebook and didn’t let me use her’s. I CAN’T WAIT OH BOY OH BOY!

  8. Wow. Great info! I’ll be sure to use these tips and have F-U-N!!!

  9. good tips when I host my own slumber party I can use jades fabtastic tips

  10. Omg that was sooo fab-a-lish!! I had soo much fun! I hope we get to do it again sometime! :D

  11. Jade used her Totally Polished nails, but Yasmin painted hers. What did you do, beauty4ever?


  12. Welcome, harmony! A lot of Bratzies did it with their siblings, but we Bratz just did it with each other. BBFs 4 life!!


  13. The Slumber Party was a blast, the BEST one I ever had!! Thank you sooooo much Bratz I hope we do it again sometime :-) Keep The Passion 4 Fashion

    Your True Bratz’s Fan Forever, Sayori

  14. i put on lip balm, lip gloss and then eye shadow. LOVED IT! then i started doing painting my feel nails, cheetah. Then i used the Totally Polished nails on my fingers nails. I loved Cloe’s so i had to use it. IT WAS A FASHIONABLE AND THE BEST SLEEPOVER I EVER HAD!! CAN’T WAIT UNTIL THE WEBSITE SLEEPOVER


  15. HI Rianbowbubblegum !!!! It’s me, AprilBear!!! I’m the person that you gave advise to about what to wear on the first day of school and what earrings to wear!!! Hope you remember me!!!

    AprilBear OUT!!!!!

  16. hi well im so board my brother is on a game ive got no one im at my grandmals and well shes cleaning……………sooooooooooooo board please text me back tell me what i should do please and thank you

    love peggy

  17. hi im new here so would anyone like to tell me how it goes btw im peggys brother

  18. WOW HOW ARE THINGS GOING PEOPLE? so i was wondering did anyone watch the the sadest videos ever?????????????????????????????? have a GREAT NIGHT good bye

    love peggybear

  19. hi me and my brother are fighting and im not sure what to do can anyone help me please tell me what to do.

    love peggybear xoxo

  20. heyy herbie just wanted to say sorry and i love you say somthing back when you see this
    love your sister peggy xoxo

  21. i love slumber parties i go to one like every weakend and they all are sooooo!!! much fun, sometimes i have them myself and we be having so much fun we even go to sleep super late about 3:00 in the morning thats how much fun we have, well mabe who knows i might invite you all,my fellow bratz members, and who knows we might stay up super late too!!!! alacy5: super fun!

  22. Hi PeggyBear and Herbiebear,

    Sometimes siblings fight. It’s not fun and it’s not right, but it happens. Try to take a break from each other to let your emotions cool down. Then, in a couple hours when you are feeling better, try to sit down and listen to one another. When you are explaining how you feel, don’t be accusatory. Just explain how you are feeling without blaming the other person. You obvs love each other, and I’m sure you will have this worked out in no time.

    Do any of our other Bratzies have suggestions?


  23. thank you and i will try my best to do that but last time we tryed to sit down and talk we yelled at each other but i can try and again thank you vary much:)

  24. Dear bratz,

    tommorow is august. that means 21 days left until my birthday. Im getting a bratz cake!

  25. hi well i just wanted to say good morning and when you see this please wright me back thank you* :)

  26. thx to u bratz I have my own nail business and I love fashion designing-from A

  27. we have new ideas bratz vampires,bratz angles,bratz work it, and more hope u remembered our other ideas and hope u use them we have over 100 bratz dolls an counting we have been collecting bratz since day one we love u so much <3.

  28. Yes, Snakes123! We have a movie called “Bratz Go To Paris” coming out soon!!

  29. These are all AH-MAZ-ING ideas, AKSISTERS!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!


  30. well i dont have much to say but well thank you for all your help bye bye

  31. bratz rock…i am a big fan of bratz,even i dont have there toys or books.i wish i there toys and books.

  32. I love the bratz fashion and how they dress.unlike berdine she’s so I don’t know how to explain but she always dresses up so pink.i need advice if I don’t have skinny jeans then what should I wear?

  33. I used neon yellow and neon green it waz super cute hey did cloe ever do that well seeya

  34. my name is howllen wolf and i love you your .com sooooooooooooooooooooo much.well it was nice talking to you. see ya.

  35. i couldn’t make it :( i am so sorry bratz i really wish i could!!! but if you go on to youtube and search bacon 10 hours, it’ll make you smile! :) hope you have another slumber partay!

  36. my dearest cece095, you should wear a brown shirt with cordoroy pants! they are SO in style!!!

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