Oh no! School is just around the corner and all we own are high heels. We can’t go through another year walking those long hallways every day without a single pair of flats. We need recommendations ASAP. What will you be wearing on your footsies this school year?

41 thoughts on “SHOE ISSUE

  1. well in our school we have to where flat shoos black no other colour and i get’s realy doring

  2. what i would do for the 1st week where flats and for the 2nd week where high heels and then every week ceep swaping over and when you have had a nough of that you can pick whitch one you want to where for the rest of the year

  3. I will wear some nice sneakers or some nice ballet Flats . I think they are cool to wear .

  4. Hi, is there any news on the new Bratz coming out on 2015? Any sketches on a new design? Please answer!

  5. Hey everyone!How is everyone? Sorry that I haven’t been on here its just that I,he been busy!Well,talk to you guys soon bye!

  6. Hey , bratz ! I don’t know what I’ll be wearing coz I haven’t been shopping , yet . But , I’ll get some flats , which are black with one of the silver , small pointy things on top . Like how some rock ‘n’ edge jackets have on their shoulders . These will rock those hallways as their own runway to struct ! .
    P.S . When you lot come back , can you start a new campaign like #realbratz .

  7. I got to go to school tomorrow…………. Well I guess I can`t help, but tell them that I said,”I`m counting on yu guys.”

  8. Ive bought a ton of nice sandals, skin tone color, black, pink, white and all of them are unique, one has a diamond toe ring and a gold ankle strap and theyre all really pretty so I might wear sandals for the beginning of school but then Ill definitely go for flats because even though I own heels and sandal wedges I feel like Id be overdoing it going to school in them

  9. I always like a nice pair of flats or flatatetas as I like to call them YAY TO NEW SHOES YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

  10. I just went shopping for ther beginning of school and I found the cutest little outfit. It’s a pink jumper with a black shirt and some black chuck’s , and i have some nerdie glasses to go with it and its “toat’s ADORBS!!!”

  11. Well, I still would wear my heels, cause I seriously rock ‘em! But still like my comfortable shoes, so I would also wear some slammin’ sneakers that stand out out above all other sneakers. A fashion dare I’m going to take is wearing combat boots on my first day and see how that experience turns out. If it turns out great, I would put those on my fashionable shoes list!

  12. Well, I would still wear my heels, cause I seriously rock em’! But since I still like comfortable shoes, I would wear some scorching sneakers that stand out in a crowd. A serious fashion dare that I’m going to take is wearing patterned combat boots on the first day of school!

  13. I would still wear heels, but I would try wearing some scorching sneakers and combat boots!

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    Love <<33

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  18. Bratz Hello!
    I think one of the best sets for back2school is a pleated skirt, knee length stockings and cloth slippers.
    But with stockings and shoes we would die of heat.
    So a comfortable and cool sandals is the best you can find for walking in the summer !!
    Ah! and do not osolvedéis of the girls nails painted me, Jajajajajaja
    xoxo: D

  19. hay galz!
    for school im waring pink,all pink!my mom is making me a pink satin skert with real satin,i got this realy cute shert that has pink and it fades into whight i also hav thisnice pink top to go under neeth it,it has a poket in the front,for the rest of the school im waring hand me downs that were never used,and cloths from friends!

  20. well, I’ll either be wearing my hi tops or I’ll get school shoes like I do every year. I always get black ballet pumps with Velcro straps but this year I might get normal ballet pumps. so some days I’ll wear my hi tops and others I’ll wear my school shoes.

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  22. i’m going to a private school and we wear uniforms and i need to wear some non trendy shoes there supper ugly and i’m like u girls the girls with passion for fashion but if i were to go to a public high school i would wear some really comfortable shoes for like Dance, winter and u know follow Ur style too…like i would not wear high heels in the rain or in the cold like follow the weather theme and style if u feel comfortable in highs well go ahead be your selfs

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