Sayonara #UnleashYourSummer

Hey y’all!

I cannot believe summer break is almost over and school’s about to start back up! Cah-to-the-razy! Crazy! This summer, the Bratz and I were on a mission to have the most EPIC SUMMER OF ALL TIME! I don’t know about y’all, but we totes met our goal! Go team!!

You fabulously awesome Bratzies gave us a TON of ideas for our #UnleashYourSummer Bucket List. We didn’t hit ALL of them, but there is always next summer!! T.B.H., we did soooooo much, I don’t know how we could have fit in anything else!! We went hang gliding, white water rafting, volunteered at charities, wrote poetry, tried new foods, talked to our crushes, created our own water park and so much more! We pushed the limits, faced our fears and had an AH-MAZ-ING time doing it!!

I’m super glad that we Bratz decided to do a combined Summer Bucket List. By having each one of us add things to the Bucket List, we all had to try something that scared us a little. We all had to go out of our comfort zone just a bit. Obvs, a friend would never make you do anything you didn’t want to do or didn’t feel comfortable doing. That’s not what a shared Summer Bucket List is about. It’s about helping your friends, lending a hand, and giving your BBFs a gentle nudge to challenge themselves.  Friends encouraging each other to grow is totes the only true way to #UnleashYourSummer!!

I think the FAB-solute bestestest thing that came out of challenging each other with our Summer Bucket List was how tight we became! Jade, Sasha, Yasmin and I were already besties, but now that we have experienced all these cool new things together, we are closer than ever!

Have any of you Bratzies experienced that? What crazy thing did you and your BBF do to become super tight? Did you and your besties do anything ridiculously awesome this summer?

Love you all!


75 thoughts on “Sayonara #UnleashYourSummer

  1. yes we jumpd in this cocacola tub and then we went to this pool that was red then we saw this parad thn we set down and watched and then we got up and went to th park to recond a vidio about our summer and cool it was going to b and thn we went to on of my other friends house and then we had a sleep over and we got up and did the same thing the next day it was awesom my friends had a fun time and so did i the next day i was really slepy and i have fun the next day to cause we went to the zoo we did alot of stuff all in 3 day aewsome right

  2. Its so sad summer is coming to an end. But hey you gotta do watch ya gotta do! I have dance class, school, school shopping. Plus I have my birthday coming. Its so much to handle but there for the good. The best thing I did this summer was the sleepover. We all got together and had fun. Now before I end this, here is a awesome, encouraging speech.

    Generous, Rough, Joyful,
    All this stuff we’ve been through this season,
    Has come to an end.
    But its not the end unless we keep it going through every day of our life.
    Don’t feel doubt,
    Be proud.
    We’ve had a great season and now,
    Its time to get back to business.
    You only have one life to live so live it to the fullest.
    And if a block comes in your way, knock it down,
    because if you don’t,
    you’ll be stuck forever.

    xoxo Ann a.k.a Cakieworld

  3. why does summer has to end? It’s really going fast because it’s August and if it was slow, trust me, it would be July.


  4. well I start school on august 13 but i’m am excited because I get to see my friends again
    <3 jv30

  5. I LOVE SUMMER! NO SCHOOL! BUT IT’S COMING, SCHOOL’S GONNA START!!!! WHY??? oh didn’t see cap lock. But why school? I wish there would be more than 2 months of a break. Actually i wish i was home-schooled. Now that’s an ahhhh!

  6. hi well im watching a show called(a haunted) so um yea but im loving it because i love scary showes SO SO AWESOME AAWWEESSOOMMEE YEA YEA YEA YEA YEA THANK YOU SO MUCH……

  7. Me and my aunt, who’s like a big sister to me cause we’re really close in age, had an awesome pool party! It was just us, and it helped us really bond! Yes, we get in cat fights, but me and my aunt will be BFFs for life! We love to go on roller coasters together, go out to lunch together, and go on shopping sprees together! We love each other and that’s all that matters, right?
    Well anyways, hope you bratzies are having a great summer!
    Oh, and Chloe, we have like so much in common!
    I am OBSESSED with lip gloss.
    I love anything zebra print, black, pink, or turquoise.
    I love to go on long shopping sprees.
    I go vegan sometimes.
    I have blond hair and blue eyes.
    I adore makeup!
    I love anything girly and punkish.

    See? We have like so much in common! And my aunt has just as much in common with you, Yasmin! Well anyways I love you ALL bratzies! I will comment again soon!


  8. how many bratz r there I know shasha cloe jade and yasmin but whos dana finna nita nora were u guys kids when u started bratz just wondering thx

  9. Me and my BFF’s got locked up in a room for like 10 minutes Lol. My school starts on August 28 :’C.

  10. Hi love!
    Our main crew is made up of the four of us: Sasha, Jade, Cloe and Yasmin. But we always love meeting new people and making new friends!! Over the years, we’ve made over 50 friends! How many friends do you have?


  11. OMG! We DO have a lot in common, blondieboo15! Totes glad your summer was FAB!

  12. It IS hard to say goodbye to summer, beauty4ever, but isn’t it great to see your rad school buds again? We know we missed ours over summer break.


  13. the only reason why i wanna go back to school so i can see my best friends but summer and spring are to my fave seasons and i can’t say goodbye at all!
    going to the pool and relax is what i love!


  14. omg my friends and I started a movie scene called Brats Are Fashonabile And Fabulos

  15. no way my teacher said today that we get to do the movie in America we are going there from the 10th of august to 31st september well in form 6 highscool thats what we do and be chatting while shooting the movie scene

    Thank you,

  16. oh boy my boyfriend is justin bieber he asked to move to grenada with me I said yes our first kiss was great love you.

  17. justin bieber my new boyfriend says hello to yasmin and the rest we are going on our first official date tomorrow we are going to dinner but i am sure it would be great no matter how it goes.

  18. harry is my new boyfriend from one direction he’s cute and he did not want to stop kissing me anyways bratz give me a reply in 6 seconds i don’t know where we should go on our first official date please help me

  19. My school hasen’t started yet but its soon going to start and yes I am scared.

    Xoxo -Rachel

  20. Omg I can’t believe summer is almost over cuz I need to read like 3 books and write summaries ugh!! And I can’t do it all at once!!! :(( I wish summer would never end!!!

  21. cool so I went online and looked at a bratz kitchen for the mansion I have the mansion so is the kitchen real thx

  22. The best thing I did on summer was going to a sleepover at my best friend’s house.We had so much fun , we scared each other,and we went to the park the next day!

  23. Hi, love.

    Sasha loves switching it up! She has had super curly hair, soft waves and perfectly straight ‘dos. She also loves experimenting with different hair colors! The rad thing about Bunny Boo is she knows she can rock any look!


  24. hey guys ok so i’ve ben thinking and i want to unlesh my pasoin for fashion p.s. be yourself be unique be a insper

  25. hey bratz girls I have got all of the dolls,wallpapers,postersand movies so yeah I waz even one for hawowwen so um I luv u guys keep on doin what u do girlz by

  26. That’s rad, cece095! We believe in you! Good luck in your first week of school!


  27. They are still in Canada. One of our Bratzies just posted picking up a ton of our new dolls at WalMart. Good luck, purplejaguar!!


  28. SUMMER’S NOT OVER YET!!!!!!! i really need a break and did my sister write in the NEW SCHOOL YEAR, NEW YOU YEAR? If she did then, ARRRRGGGHHHH!she just wants bratz and my scene to be best friends FOREVER!!! because the my scene is her FAVORITE girl series which ended i think 2010! i don’t know yet!


  29. I am such a diva!!!!!!!!! I love my school because my school do stuff like bake sales, trips, amusement parks, and everything else


  30. Hey girls! ok, so I have a fashion line, and I am, like famous. Lil miss Bedazzle!! Anyways, if you want to b my friend then just say. I’ll even send you a free copy of my magazine, EVA GIRLS. EVA means Fashion!!! And if you want to get more copies, just send me a comment here!!!
    Hugs and Kisses,
    Lil Miss Bedazzle!!

  31. Hey!! me again. I want to show you my latest issue of EVA GIRLS;
    ‘Ok, so this is my fashion mag, and it’s by me, Lil Miss Bedazzle! So, when fall kicks in, you would wanna change ya style….’ well, that’s it! Send me a comment and i’ll show you the rest. Tempting, rite???
    Hugs and Kisses,
    Lil Miss Bedazzle!!

  32. sis, my scene isn’t my favorite girl series! it’s bratz! read i think New School Year, New You Year or Comic Book blog. anyways, my school starts the same as my sis’s FYI, Monday September 9. so Ann or bratz can you did advice because i’m very nervous because my 4th grade class was full of drama. we got in trouble a lot. i wanna stay out of trouble this time. there’s a lot of trouble. and badazzle do you know the song Drake Started from the Bottom? there’s a lot of curses in there but without curses, it would cool!


  33. badazzle love the fashion line, EVA GIRLS! hey i should make a fashion line too. Which name you like Movie Star Girls or Fashionistas?


  34. Dear pinkalicious,
    I think Movie Star Fashionistaz would go GREAT!! And yes, I do know started from the bottom. Ur the best!!!
    HandKs (from a famous movie star,),
    Lil Miss Badazzle!! (<3 <3!!)

  35. And thanks for loving EVA girls! wanna see an issue?
    Lil Miss Badazzle!!

  36. Bratz I have a HUGE issue on Comic Book blog please go there 2 see it and PLEEEAAASSE anser because this year. my past crush WILL B BACK.
    Sadness and Tears,
    From Lil Miss Badazzle (</3 </3)

  37. omg omg omg……OMG!

    School’s starting! I just wanna learn new things-Sassy
    Omg! Sayonara summer and hello school year-Bria
    School is educational, can’t wait until chemistry-Lela
    Omg,girls! Ready for fabulous art lessons!-Annabella

    Xoxo the Fashionista stars!

  38. Lela speaks:
    hey we changed Fashionista to Movie Star Fashionistaz! Thanks to badazzle!
    fyi: read her rad issue! on Comic Book Blog

    Xoxo we will keep saying Fashionista ( Movie Star Fashionistaz can be our like co-name!)

  39. hi everyone i wish school would never come…………………but its here awwwwwwww no no no no no no no no no no no no no nooooooooooooooooooooooow bye

  40. well me and my bff bluey went to play land in Canada, and we went on crazy beach party which is a ride that is OM-mazing! you go really high while you turn and in the end you feel like your falling! we also went on a thing called zero gravity is when you go in a circle thing and you turn really fast and you go sideways and you can hardly move because the gravity pulls you. another ride is called star ship 3000 its kinda the same as zero gravity but you have no buckle and you can climb the walls as you spin and there is music and strobe lights! my summer was awesome!!!! xoxo

  41. Dear Pinkalish,
    No problem! Me and the Fabulous Five are here whenever you need us- Me, Cassandra, Kat, Mia and Jillian. Jillian is on vacay at Hawaii but will b back a week or two later with GREAT-A-LISH tips!!
    We luv Ya’all,
    The Fabulous Five!

  42. NEW UPDATE!!
    Hey, galz! The fabalish five is here with a NEW UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here goes:
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    TUL (Text U L8r),
    The fabalish five!

  43. We also have tutoring on the Eva Magazine. Just text us questions and need for tips and we could tutor u RITE HERE, on!! We want to make EVERY TRUE EVA happy. We hope you have a great day!
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    (TUL *Test Us Later what u think!~

  44. Hey! Lauren here. And we’re back from Hawaii!!!! Our Eva magazine features how our trip was like. Next month we’re heading to Miami. We LOVE going to different countries to discover the latest fashions!!! We’re hoping the bratz could come. Nial is coming, too! That’s where our date is.
    xoxo (To my Nial and Evaz!)

    New Update!!!
    There will be a Recipe Contest RIGHT HERE where you make you own recipe, no help except from you parents. (It will be a yummy desert recipe) if you enter to win (Text us that you want to enter) and the best one gets to come with us to Miami!!!
    Nial: I love you sweetie Lauren
    Me: Me too honey.

  45. hey Bratz! i just wanted 2 say glad ur summer was AWE-SOME!! me and my friends had fun too! we went swimming had lunch got 2 sleep in tints but it wasnt just me that set up the tint we all did! and it was big enough 4 all of us 2 sleep in so that none of us would have 2 sleep outside lol we used our parent’s tint and when it got dark we had everything we needed lots of food and already tint, juice and of course… EXTRA FASHIONS! lol who can go camping and never pack extra clothes and Accessories?! i hope u packed extra stylin stuff 2 Bratz! byeeee!

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