Sasha’s Prom Night Survival Kit

Yo, Bratzies!!

I am so totally jazzed! It’s my fave time of year: PROM SEASON!!! Going to Prom is a total dream come true, but it can turn into a total nightmare if you’re not prepared!!

Introducing Sasha’s Prom Night Survival Kit. Throw these diva-licious items into your clutch for a surefire fab night of fun and friends!!

Sasha’s Prom Night Survival Kit:

FOLD-UP FLATS: You Bratzies know how much I love my fierce heels, but it’s hard to rock that look and keep pace with a full night of dancing! Even a diva like me won’t pass up on fun for the sake of fashion. Luckily, we don’t have to! You can buy totally adorable flats that fold up to fit into any purse. Bring these along to ensure your feet don’t get tired before you do!

BLOT PADS: Girls, I know you spent a ton of time perfecting your prom make-up. Last thing you want to do is have it smudge and smear while wiping perspiration from your brow! Save the flawless look you created by bringing along some blot pads. You can blot away the sweat without any cosmetic fret.

BOBBY PINS: Let’s be honest, by the end of Prom, your hair will be a mess. Keep your lovely locks in presentable order – at least until you take your Prom photos! – by stashing away some extra bobby pins.

GUM/BREATH MINTS: You will spend the night trying to chat with your BBFs by screaming over the band or DJ. Make sure your friends are happy to get up close and personal by keeping mints handy. Double bonus: your breath will be fresh when talking to boyz!!

STRING: When you’re tired of wearing your corsage or flower crown, a little bit of string can go a long way to preserve your Prom memories! How you ask? Use that string to hang your fab Prom flower pieces upside down and dry them! Remember to do this as soon as you take off the floral pieces. A wilted flower is way harder to dry and preserve!

CASH AND I.D.: Even if you don’t plan on going anywhere after the dance it’s way smart to stash some cash and your I.D.  If you’re anything like this Drama Queen, you will be totally famished and dying to get some grub before heading home. Bringing your wallet ensures you won’t miss out on any post-Prom fun, or get stuck eating mom’s meatless meatloaf leftovers as your midnight snack.

EVER PURSE: 27-year-old Real Bratz Liz Salcedo has come to our Prom aid with a promtastic new clutch! Her EverPurse ( has a built in phone charger!! Now you can promenade without worrying about losing tabs with your besties because of a low battery life or tripping over silly charger wires while trying to boogie down with your BBFs!! Plus, the clutches are totally adorbs!

And lastly, PHONE PLAYLIST: Make a totally rockin’ Prom Playlist on your phone. Not only can the fun jams help get you pumped while prepping for Prom, they can keep the fab energy going while hangin’ with your besties after the dance.


Drink plenty of water. Perfect the “selfie.” And, MOST IMPORTANTLY, do not be afraid to dance like the rock stars I know you are! Dance like no one is looking! Dance like everyone is looking!! Just dance!!

This is YOUR time. YOUR year. YOUR memory for the rest of YOUR life. Love your friends. Love yourself. And I know you will have a totally fabtastic evening.

I can’t wait to hear all about your totally amazing Proms!!


P.S. If you’re NOT going to Prom this year, consider throwing an ANTI-PROM or DUCT TAPE PROM!!! Make your DIY prom into anything you want it to be!! It’s a totally fun way to spend a night with your BBFs!!

30 thoughts on “Sasha’s Prom Night Survival Kit

  1. okay im homeschooled and if we move i will still be homeschooled and that means i wont have a prom ive been asking when i go to highschool can i go to a reagular school and the answer is no can one of you girls help me please



  2. We’ll totally remember the kit cuz we will need it thank you again cuz our older sister is going o prom and we will tell her about the kit

  3. Awesome, AKSISTERS!!! Tell your sister we hope she has a fabulous time!!


  4. There are a ton of fab benefits to being home-schooled, Melody. And just because you are taught at home, it doesn’t mean you will have to miss out. D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) Proms are ALL THE RAGE right now!! Collect a group of friends, buy some dresses (or make them out of something funky fun like duct tape!), put on some music in your backyard and dance the night away!!

    You can throw your Backyard Prom at any time, at any age. Let us know if you do it!!


  5. Hey Bratz!! I really have not posted in a long time but that’s ok, right?
    I do like your idea of the backyard prom ( even if the advise was not for me =) ). It sounds like a great idea. Oh, and before I forget, I would like to ask if you guys could add more cool games to the BRATZ web.

  6. Welcome back, AprilBear!

    Jazzed you dig the backyard prom idea. You could totally do it!! Let us know how it goes =)

    We are ALWAYS working on bringing new stuff to our website. Just this week we released a comic book and updated the LookBook!! We hope to add more games soon!


  7. i think for u sasha u should wear for prom something purple,green, or orange.

  8. Hey, Sasha, I need help for my graduation. This is my first graduation ever! I have absolutely nothing! I need your help! Can you put up a style blog on tips for graduation? Thank You! XOXO

  9. That is a SUPER awesome idea, girlsday555!! I will run it by the other girls! Keep checking the blog to see if we write about your topic!






  11. Rock on, Fashionista!!!

    You’ve got the right attitude!! Shine on!


    P.S. We will make our next blog about making a fashion statement!

  12. Sup, I am so going to have a backyard prom if my parents let me! I love dancing but I’m REALLY shy!!!!! Bratz, can you help me feel the music and let my freak fly? I mean I’m totally a weirdo at school! I try to dance in front of my parents but when they say stuff like “Ooh!” and “Yeah!” I FREAK OUT! I can dance in front of my BFF but I think that’s it! Bratz, I NEED YOUR HELP!

    Your fan,
    Fashion Rules

  13. That’s a tricky one, FashionRules. It all comes down to feeling comfortable in your own skin. If you know how awesome you are and how much you rock, you won’t be afraid to dance in public. Don’t worry about what anybody thinks or says. Who cares? Dance for you! Dress for you! Act, behave, create all for you! If you love yourself, the opinions of others will just melt away.

    Try dancing in front of a mirror. Let yourself get as crazy and silly as you want. And the whole time you dance, give yourself compliments out loud. Say, “I look awesome.” “I am fun.” “I look like I’m having fun.” “People like me.” “I like me.” Compliment yourself until you start to believe it.

    Everyone likes to dance with someone who looks like he/she is enjoying himself/herself.

    Can’t wait to hear how it goes!!


  14. i love writting music and singging but i want to be a mariene bighologjust and i changed my mind about it and i dont want to let them down im trying to be all i can be but im not enough im going trough alot and i dont know what to do help me i cant take no more :(

  15. bloom, take a deep breath. You have PLENTY of time to decide what you want to be. The best part about being a Bratzie is that we believe you are never done finding new ways to Xpress yourself! We love to try new things, take risks and change courses! Do what makes you happy. If you want to be a singer, for a while work on being a singer. Maybe one day you will be as big as Taylor Swift. But after you have 5 albums go platinum, you may decide you don’t want to sing anymore. And that’s OK. It’s also OK if you decide that prior to any success. Think of something new, like becoming a marine biologist, and seek out that new adventure. No one says you have to pick one thing to be for the rest of your life. You can be many things. You can have it all! Just don’t stress yourself out.


  16. sasha you look soooooooooooooooooooooooo good like if your a pretty angel. by the way this is patience morales.

  17. hey Bratz!!! i love you gals! anyway…. my prom was amazing! i wore a dark purple dress that went down to my knees and my hair was in a braid that Katniss Everdeen had in the Hunger Games. i actually talked to my crush and WE DANCED!!! it was the best time of my life!

    i will always be on your side,

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