Representin’ Advanced Style

Yo Bratzies, it’s your queen, Sasha!

I keep hearing pledging members of the House of Bratz asking me how to dress like REAL BRATZ.    My answer is simple:


Clothes, make-up and hairstyles are just a fun way to show the world who you are on the inside. They are a fabtabulous way to express yourself. If you’re a naturalist on the inside, there’s no need to wear make-up on the outside. If you have a flare for the dramatic, like yours truly, rock out in electric colors and ask your parents if you can put streaks in your hair!

The trick to being a Real Bratz is to always be true to you. There is no need to look or dress like anyone else. Who you are is totes FAB enough!!

The super awesome thing about being a Real Bratz is that ANYONE can become one, at any age!!

Real Bratz super star, Ari Seth Cohen, is on a mission to celebrate and recognize the older Real Bratz population. He finds grandmas on the streets of NYC who exude a true passion for fashion! These older ladies have fierce fashion sense! Whether their clothes are DIY, funky kool, or sleek and chic, they show the world that they are true passionistas. Solid proof that age just refines your fab stylin’s.

Check out Ari’s rad blog. He shows a ton of pics of these Advanced NYC style icons!!

I plan on ALWAYS rockin’ my most fabtastic looks! Even when I’m 100!!  Do you plan on being fashionably TRUE TO YOU well into your golden years?  Why wait? Why not start right now?!

Keep stylin’ and smilin’

56 thoughts on “Representin’ Advanced Style

  1. Sorry Yasminlauren, but we had friendz build this super awesome website for us. Ask your parents to look into some fun free website builder sites. They may be able to help you. Good luck with the new site!!!


  2. Bratzies,Little problem. Dont think you think that if we start now that it could get into all of our brains and take over the fact about school and important things like that? Also Im thinking of actually making a little wallpaper for Sonya! You like my idea?

  3. Hello I am new and I love this site. Since I am from Germany, I can not speak English very well. But I do my best. If one of you comes from America, you can write to me then please? Namely, I would like to know more about your school and your life. Maybe even one of you draws you. Intrissiert am also in music. Who Lust has just contact me.
    Sincerely yours Silver 81

  4. hi everybody im new here and i just wanted to meet yall im so happy to be on here

  5. Hey sasha its me lil ms.mysterious. U r rite. The fashion thats in rite now is your fashion. Hey yasminlauren if u do make a website ill visit it every day. So wat do u plan to call it? So sasha this week i am going to be super smart and dress nerdy but with cute clothes and glasses. Thats my style of the week. I am doin that becuz next week i am going to have a realy big test. Since i am im middle sckool well u understand. I plan my style of the week. Am i to big to like bratz since i am in middle school sasha? :(.

    Hugs and kisses from:lil ms.mysterious!!!!

  6. Oh and also sasha can u tell the other bratz to add more pics to your lookbook. I totes been waiting for new pics but i can wait. Pleaze add new pics sasha. Love ya

    Hugs and kisses from:lil ms.mysterious

  7. Haha, well we certainly don’t want you to OBSESS about silver-haired style! We just thought it was fabtabulous that women are lookin’ so fierce past fifty! You are never too young or too old to express yourself through fashion!!

    The wallpaper idea sounds totes rad!


  8. Hi Silver!! Welcome to our blog!! We are SOOOOOOOOOOO excited to have you hear. Your English is totally impressive. Super rad job!! That’s cool that you are into music. We love music, too.

    Do any of our awesome Bratzies want to welcome Silver to our site by telling her about your schooling life?


  9. Oh mysterious, we have fanz of ALL AGES!!

    Ask yourself, are you too old to stand up for your friends?
    Are you too old to want to set out to make the world a better place?
    Are you too old to love fashion?
    Are you too old to want to learn new ways to express yourself? And help your community?

    That’s what we Bratzies stand for. You’re never too old to want to do good by the world and by yourself!

    I think your geek chic for next week sounds fab! Take it from me, your drama mama, it always helps to look the part! And I’ll think you will ace both your test and your fashion!


  10. Hey lil mysterious BBFL! And your wrking on the lookbook! My secret is yours always! :3

  11. I never know if im old enough to be who i am! Well my example is the girls at my school are only 9 or 10 and wearinging makeup!!!OOMMGG my would kill me if i did but is there a way to show the fierce stylish me and a way to show it all! am i really ready for what the world has for me pllz reply back idk what to do!!! sincerely,one of the bratzies

  12. Hi, Sasha!
    I dress my own way EVERY DAY!!!!!!
    How can I do good in school, but be fast?
    I need some advice. I’m home-schooled.
    I really need some advice, Because yesterday I was on math A LONG time.
    I couldn’t understand something :-(

  13. um lil miss mystererius i dont know yet but i am making a fashin club.

  14. Hey bratziez its lil ms.mysterious and i am going to do shout outs and bratzies rewards. So get ready for tomorrow to feel honored. Wonder wat rewards yall are going to get. Love all bratziez. ;-)

    Hugs and kisses from:lil ms.mysterious

  15. Hey princezzskai here. Omg lil ms.mysterious your in middle school,me too i am in middle school alzo. And i hope i get a bratzie award. I cant wait to be honored. Also i hope there will be a shout out for me. Sasha u always have great advice to say. Thats y u r my fave bratz from the bratz group. Well see yall later. Princezzskai is OUT. :-)

  16. Wats up sasha. I havent been on the blog for a very long time because i am a busy bee. That advice u gave sasha is scortchin. I loved it. Hey lil ms.mysterious i havent seen u in a while. Oooooh i hope i get a bratzie reward and shoutout from lil ms.mysterious. well bye!!

    Ely1 loves yall!!

  17. im home schooled and i luv music and i have my own desighning club so do you want to join silver and i will also be your bff


  18. Hey bratz im back. Sasha u rocked at giving advice. I loved it. I have high hopes to get a bratzie reward and a bratzie shout out. Fabu idea lil ms.mysterious about the bratzie reward . Omg and u r in middle school lil ms.mysterious ,well me too. Princezzskai is OUT.

  19. Hey it lil ms.mysterious for the third time. Well tomorrow i am going to have my own rewards thing. I will be saying who gets a bratzie reward. And i will be saying bratzie shout outs. I told Ely1 and princezzskai. Thay live near me i barley met princezzskai last week. She is realy cool like Ely1. But yeah i will have the bratzie rewards and shout outs. ;-)

    Hugs and kisses from:lil ms.mysterious

  20. Hey Jade ( one of you bartz girls ) .I LOVE your nick-name! I love it so mach that I am even starting to call one of my friends that!!

    AprilBear OUT!!

    P.S. HEY KOOL KAT!!!

  21. hey angel i totes love natural beauty, EXPRESS YOURSELF GIRLZ! be confident in your natural look, remember, be who you are and don’t let anyone make you do otherwise. right Angel? oh and what is your fave acessory? alwayz stylein’ xoxo

  22. I’m soooo happy today coz I got the new bratz totally polished cloe,Yasmin,jade and Megan !!!!!!!

  23. That’s soooooooooo rad, Chaz!! Have you done your own nails like us yet??


  24. Anytime nay123. We’re stoked to have you on our site!! How can we help you??


  25. Chillax, Abby4You. Sometimes you are going to learn new things that stump you for a while. It happens to EVERYONE! Once you get the hang of it, you will speed up again. The important thing is understanding what you are learning. If you are totes OB-to-the-SESSED about how LONG it is taking you, you will be to stressed to learn the new skill. And it will then take you EVEN LONGER!!!!!

    You’ll get the hang of it! We know you will! Until then, be kind to yourself and remove all the ticking pressure.


  26. Hi DiamondT!!!

    We know it can be SUPER tough when you want to try new things but aren’t yet allowed to! Growing up is seriously hard. Our parents mean well and are doing their best when they put restrictions on us. But it is still totally bummer-ific!!

    Soon enough you will be allowed to wear make-up and stuff. But until then, there is still a zillion rad wayz to unleash your passion for fashion. Think about what you wanted to express with your make-up. Did you want to wear it to look pretty? Or to look funky? Or to look punky? Once you know what look you were going for, you can mix and match outfits and accessories to give off the same vibe your make-up would have.

    Keep your spirits up! You can look fabnomenal at any age!!

  27. Ok. But what ideas do you have to go outside?
    I also have something REALLY cool!!! I did a back flip (IN THE AIR) On our swings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. THAT’S AWESOME, Abby4You. I think I’d be krazy scared to do a backflip off the swings!!

    There is a TON you can do outside. Start a flower garden or vegetable garden. Build a fort! Make flower crowns. Pick wildflowers/weeds and dry them. Play sports. Draw hopscotch and then limit yourself to one leg and only a few blocks to jump on to challenge yourself. Make obstacle courses with the other kids in your neighborhood. Put on your own outdoor olympics with the other kids. Dig for worms. There is so much fun to do outside!!


  29. Thanks!!!
    I need MAGER help!
    I’m….I’m….afread of….wasps :(
    I’m scared that they’ll sting me :(
    How do I get over this fear?
    I’ve been stung by one, and I’m scared it will happen again.

  30. Hi Abby4You,

    Wasps sure are scary! But sometimes the only way to get over a fear is to face it. Think of all the totally awesome things that you will miss out on if you let your fear run your life? You can never go play outside, go on hikes, ride your bike, etc.! Wasps are everywhere. They are a part of life. And sometimes you may get stung. But the nice thing about a wasp sting, is that you put some ice on it and the pain will go down in a few minutes. The sting of a lifetime of staying indoors because you are afraid of something wont go away as easily.

    And, don’t forget to where shoes when you run outside in the grass. A little added precaution never hurt anybody!


  31. Oh, yeah! I’ll where shoes! Sometimes I take them off to do gymnastics. Do you like sports? If you do, What kinds do you like? P.S. I have 6 webkinz :)

  32. i haven’t been on lately but thank you so much for your advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will totally think about what you said . But my style is urban and casual i can make a bouncy dress look serisously good with jeans and high tops!!!!! but my mom won’t ever know how my style is !!! She is very strict my code is strict parents equal sneaky kids lol!!!!!!! i have to go outside with a extra jacket so she wont see my very tight skinny jeans with a blouse!! is there a way to come clean ad tell my mom what i feel about my clothes

  33. Wow, DiamondT, this situation is cray tricky.

    I know it is super hard, but we have to try and remember that all those rules our strict parents put on us come from a well-meaning place. It’s a total shame that your mom will never know your rad style. The outfit you put together sounds totally adorbs.

    Maybe communication and compromise is key. Instead of putting on an outfit, lay it out on your bed for your mom to look at. See if she can appreciate the look from just a design perspective. If she does – and we bet she will! – ask her if she would let you wear it. If she says, “No,” ask what changes you can make to the outfit to make her feel comfortable with you wearing it. I know with your AHHHHmazing fashion sense, you will find totally rad alternatives to swap out part of the look with.

    By the time you and your mom are done talking, you may both be happy with the results! You won’t have to sneak around, and you may have even put together a fab new outfit that you wouldn’t have thought of before!!

    Good luck!!


  34. OMG!! thanks a million I will try hard to get my mom to understand my fashion sense!! and one more question I love your fashion tips but do u have anything for the urban style! I cant figure out a way to mix and match with jean jacket
    sincerly,one of the brazties

  35. P.S. she always buys me baggy clothes which i cut into shorts but she always ask me where did u get those at and i always said a friend gave em away i can never figure out how she thinks of me!!!!!!! I love her to death and i know she loves me to!!! what do i do!

  36. We know you love your mom, DiamondT! And we know she loves you OODLES!!

    It can be super hard at times to talk to the ‘rents, but your relationship gets sooooooooo much better when you can communicate honestly! Truth is, our moms are smarter than we give them credit. It’s possible your mom already suspects you cut your baggy clothes up.

    Maybe you can ask her if you can go shopping together! You can treat it like a game. You each can take half-an-hour in the same fab store. After 30 mins, show each other what diff. outfits you picked out for you to wear. They will probably be very different! But from there, you may realize fun combos with both stuff you picked and stuff your mom picked. She may be comfortable with some of the mix ‘n’ matching. OR, once you see what diff. looks you both dig, maybe you can spend the next half-hour finding clothes that have the cover-up your mom likes, and the rad style you dig. Together you may find the perfect blend!! And wouldn’t that be waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than alwayz lying to your mom and freaking that your lies may be discovered?? We totes think so.

    BTW, we love a good jean jacket! Right now, jean jackets in the same design of boyfriend blazers. Pair it with a dress and hightops or wedge sneakers. Or pair the jacket with bright leggings and a tunic!


  37. This advice is so on time 1.In Griffin,Georgia our shcool has break 2.We are going to Albany,Georgia to see my big sisters college 3. Albany HAS SO MAANY MALLS AND SHOPS!!!!!!!! 4. I ave money saved and im going to have the best time ever!! Also i never know how to match skinny bootcut jeans with sandals and a tunic

  38. I have a big sister in college too,she is 20 so we’re 9 years apart just like my grandmother and her sister

  39. you guys are like sooooooooooooooooooooo famos and soooooo cool and the way this is patience morales

  40. my lola(grandma) used to be a fashion design like she fixes the peoples clothes and also make her and i raked its so amazing because i totes want to do that and she lives in the Philippines

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