Rainy Day Hair

Rainy days can be the ultimate bad hair day! If hair is curly, the rain sometimes causes frizz. If hair is straight in the rain, our beautiful strands can fall flat. What a bummer!

As the resident fashionista, I’m here to talk how to perk up that rainy day hair in a jiffy. There are so many things a Bratzie can do!

I’m always a fan of a messy ponytail, pigtails or the uber trendy top-knot. If you’re really feelin’ down about your hair because of the rain, I suggest trying a hat (like the beret I’m wearing in the photo). There are also really cute slouchy beanies, headbands (try a thick winter, knitted one) or even go sporty with a baseball cap.

Don’t let a little wet hair bring ya down!

What hairstyles do you try in the rain? Tell me in a comment, I’m always looking for new tips!



84 thoughts on “Rainy Day Hair

  1. I agree my hair goes crazy when I flatten it and it rain …………….

    I love u bunny boo kool kat and pretty princess oh and how could I forget drama mama

  2. hi this is your fan jahaley. i realy think you are the best at setting trends

  3. hey bratz just want to say hi and im back on again and tht i love this website so much hey cloe,jade,sasha.and yasmine u guys are great i love yer website

  4. Newsboy caps with a flower or ribbon pin I have added. Also when its frizzy I use some good leave-in conditioner. The stuff is magical!

  5. I dont like wet hairs,nether rainy days.I only like rainy days when its just sprinkleing rain!

  6. omg this is totally cool to be famous and i know that im not famous.. <3 <3 <3 :)

  7. hey bratz youse are so cool????????????? I just signed up I had nothing to doo so I decided to make a bratz acount

  8. rainy days are cool. jade is my best brat and sasha . when its hot I want to stay inside when its rainy I want to go outside im a big fan of rain mostly everyday im hot………… sometimes im angry with my hair so that’s what makes my day bad.sometimes im angry at my sisters most times im angry att all my sisters…………. passion for fashion regard’s skux girl brats are so cool

  9. you know some people are afraid to be thier self and i think that they should show up and stand out and show thier own version of Pation for Fashion and they shouldnt be bullied just for who thier are and how they express thier selves so just be your self not someone you always wanted to be

  10. heyy who ever wrote the rainy day poem thingy i love it so some time you should right me some time oh yah tell me how old you are.

  11. hey jade
    I love the article you did well I do side ponytail its better for that cause
    its comfortable!!!

    I want know a question jade I don’t know if I you can answer it but this the question where do get bratz magazine from is it in newsancey store or somwere else plz awsner

  12. hey guys im so excited i just music on my ipod its alot of songs it has 137 songs on it by myself alone i never new how to do it it was so cmplicated but then i found out it wasnt so hard after all it was easy and some times complicated by watching my sis do it but then i got it finally at last i fell so great right now i fell so smart and nice and easy im so excited my mom gets to have her songs and so do i because its mine for a minute but then my mom takes upon it so many times anyway i fell so great and smart for wat i just did thx for listening bye

  13. bratz i love your trend blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Hi we are Skyler and Paris ,
    and we just wanted to ask a question . Where do the bratz live?.

  15. I do not live in Alaska I live in Australia any how I like the rain but not when it gets to my long thick hair my hair gets real grippy and wetish and some times I
    hate my long hair and I cant get it cut and its sucks in summer : (

    PS Bratz rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: D

    I LUV BRATZ!<3<3<3<3

  17. Hey Bratz, my name’s Rosita, I’m 12 and I’m from London. It usually rains here, which is really fustrating! :( When I straighten my hair, and it’s raining, it goes all flat and dull. So, I put a hat on too! But, sometimes I use a scrunchie, for a bun. If you just tie hair up in anyway, a stylin’ way, it’ll stay perfect! Hope that helped Kool Kat! :D 8)

    Best Wishes,
    Rosita xxx

    P.S: I love you Bratz!!!!!!!!!

  18. I really like your idea, I tried and it worked, I really like you your one of my favourite bratz girl.

  19. For me my hair gets really tangled and puffy, i like 2 put it up or wear a beanie :) it looks good on me i think so <3 i luv u jade!! all the bratz

  20. Hey Jade ummm i would tie my hair and put a hat on well that’s what i do anyways I usually tie my hair daily

  21. since its really rainy here my hair gets messed up ALL the time and I dont like it and plus when i straighten my hair it gets ALL messed up its SOOO ANNOYING but thanx to jades tip my hairs fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I love all of you.Kool Kat, Bunny boo, pretty princess and i won’t forget the drama mama

  23. OH MY
    W3LL, 1 DO LOV3 YOUR H4T. 1T 1S 4 CH3RRY R3D, 4M 1 WRONG?
    H3H3H3 WH4T NOW? >:]

  24. hi this is a crazy person talking i defenetly get you my hair gets so flat when it rains.

  25. Since I have really thick hair, it gets really frizzy in the rain. But sense natural hair is in, I bring my oil to the sides, my hair pick, and rock a curly afro! I even put it in a braid and decorate it with a pretty hair bow or flower.

    I love this article! Thanks for rainy day tips

  26. its true usually every time my hair is crazy! i where a hat or a head band.

  27. Jade you so need to catch up on the fashion you need to wear your hair in a bun with a spotty bow clip then your totally a fashion geek

  28. hey bratz,im lyricc im 10 years i really like bratz i even watch the shows and have barbie dolls i also like monster high if you ever herd of them u guys are a insperation to me and im abig fan seea later i have the last bratz episode before i go to take a nap p.s.-lyricc your big fan love u guys

  29. yeah im the crazy one talking to you mow wat little girl get slaped jk lol!!

  30. Hey jade when my hair fluffs and looks stupid I wet it and put it in a style that fits my mood of the day

  31. Hi jade I’m always haveing a rain head like today my flat hair was ruined!
    I wish I could just do something about it . C ya :-)

  32. Hi jade I’m always haveing a rain head like today my flat hair was ruined!
    I wish I could just do something about it . C ya :-)

  33. oh i just put it in a big pont tail that helps when you dont want to put it in a cumplakated thing like i hated when i had to put it in a bun it was a seareis problom for me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. i usually wear a hoodie in the rain but if it is raining hard then i wear a raincoat or my white beanie.

  35. hey gals looove you! i wear my bratz t shirt everyday! it has jade sasha cloe and yasmin!

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