Prom Fashion Trends

It’s officially prom season, Bratzies! You know I’m all about trend setting and making a fashion statement, so this year I’m kicking it up to a whole new level with my light up dress! What better way to standout in a crowd than to light up the room, right?!

But just because I’ve got my look all picked out, doesn’t mean I haven’t been keeping my

Bratz Funk n Glow Jade

eye on the upcoming prom trends for you lovelies. Here are the top three fashion statements to look forward to this prom season:

Short feathered skirts are totally hot right now. Dresses with feathers look fun, fashionable and fierce!

Sequins! You can never have too much glitz! Just remember to keep the accessories to a minimum when wearing a fully blinged out dress.

Having trouble deciding on a short dress or long dress? The high-low hemline is so in right now! Show some leg in the front and keep it long and glam in the back. Some high-low hemline dresses even come with a fun pattern on the inside!

Tell me all about your prom fashion picks!


56 thoughts on “Prom Fashion Trends

  1. Perfect prom tips, Kool Kat! Hope you and the Bratz have fun lighting up the night!

  2. I’m totally agreeing with the short long hemline look. Now that would be quite the fashion statement!

  3. Luvvvvv it! and no wonder my big brother’s school parking lot was so crowded and even my mom said it! they’re having a prom!
    i cant wait till im old enough to be in at a prom!
    luv ya,

  4. hi my name is makensly and i am a fan of bratz my favorite show is bratz rock angelz.

  5. Hi my name is Graziella she got 11 years I love you guys I’m doing the contest bratitude

  6. I just wanted to say that I LOVE BRATZ! They are my favorite dolls in the world. They have great style and i really wish that their show would come back on. I hope the show doesn’t look different though. You know what will really bug me? If they don’t have Bratz Rock Angelz, Bratz Space Angelz, Bratz Diamondz, and all the good toys, products, and movies they use to have to sell now. I also really hope Bratz could be the same considering that they are not part of Mattel’s products. I am a NUMBER ONE BRATZ FAN and i will ALWAYZ BE A BRATZ FAN. I have bought almost all the Bratz dolls that they have sold except for the new Bratz dolls with the larger bodies and different makeup. I think they looked better before. I mean i like the old Bratz lips, bodies, and makeup. BRATZ REMAIN #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I’m not going to prom yet but this advice will help in the futer.

  8. omg i would totaly ware that blue dress. sooooooooooooooo cute :D

  9. Great tips, Kool Kat! I am so lovin’ the feathery dress.

  10. i love bratz with all my heart it is the thing in the world and if you don’t like it you are miissing out. It is better than monster high and that is the toy of the year bratz should be the number one toy of the year. I LOVE BRATZ!

  11. i love your fashion advice Jade, i cant wait until my prom!!!

  12. Your are the tops, Jade! I love your fashion tips and I’ll keep ‘em in mind. Proms are so fun so they should be celebrated with awesome clothes! :o

  13. feathered skirts? fab! ton better than those 80′s prom gowns. awesome.

  14. jade and the rest of u bratz where do you get these fashion tips? some fashion show industry? i really wonder. can you tell meh? so do you get it from a designer????????????????

  15. would totally rock in any color. funk’n'glow bratz are awesome!

  16. i dont know if i wanna show legs like u know people will laugh ok i will show my legs thanx jade!


  17. oh my gosh that is so so so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would totly were that for prom. well if i was old enuf for it that is. but i could where that to my class partey that we’re having for the last day of shcool. i would be the cutest girl at the dance seens its not that formal of an event. just a fare well sixth grader parttey, and have a good summer partey.


  19. I am not even close to prom but this gave me a head start and I now know what I am gooing to were to prom .

  20. i luv all of the bratz dolls and movies. p.s. not the boys not my fav!

  21. i luv this website so cool! omggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!

  22. jade,yasmin,sasha,and cloe have such cute nick names! omgggggggggg!

  23. jade can get me some fashion tip but i am already a fashion desigher . my favorite bratz is yasmine wat is yours?

  24. I have loved the Bratz ever since i was little but why did u change the dolls the Sasha dolls and pictures she looks like she got a tan she didn`t look like that before your different and i want your old u back sasha

  25. for a dinner party I was wearing a short feathered skirt with my awsome top!!!!!! thx for the tip kool kat . U ROCK!

  26. wait. I’ve watched all the episodes and movies so if im corect there was space angelz movie or an episode?

  27. Hey all you Bratz fans! I am also a HUGE fan of the Bratz dolls and show.
    So, I would like you to answer these questions, only if you like.

    #1. Who is your favorite Bratz girl, out of ALL OF THEM?
    #2. Which girl is most like you?
    #3. What kind of Bratz collection do you have?
    #4. If you were one of these girls, who would it be and what would you
    do to have a FAB day?
    #5.What do you have to say about Catz, Featherageous,True Hope, and Funk ‘n Glow?
    #6. What new products should come out for the Bratz?
    PLEASE RESPOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  28. I love the fashion adivice kool kat . I hope you and your friends are having a great time. I am loving the trends.

  29. Awesome! i always wanted prom tips! you know what the bratz should do to improve their website?they should make a virtual world like make your own avatar,chat with other bratz fans,play games and earn blingz and many many more!cool suggestion right?

    xoxo filinia

  30. @Kaitlan #1: Jade
    #2: Probably Cloe
    #3: Oh my gosh. Where do I begin? I have LOTS of Bratz dolls, as well as Bratz pillows, sleeping bag, sheets, blankets, journals, post cards, books, movies, CDs, and probably some other things I’m forgetting too. I love Bratz. :’D
    #4: Jade. I’d probably edit the magazine and just hanging out with all the other Bratz and Bratz Boyz would be fabulous.
    #5: I LOVE Featherageous. I really want to get the Jade and Cloe dolls soon. I’m REALLY excited for True Hope; I think it’s REALLY amazing they’re doing something like this and plan on buying all of them. :’) As for Catz, eh… I like them, but it’s not my favorite line of dolls they’ve put out so far. And Funk N Glow; I remember wanting so badly to get the original Funk N Glow dolls, but not having enough money. I’m so glad they re-did the Funk N Glow dolls and hope to get some of those soon. :)
    #6: Oh gosh. I don’t know. I really like what they’ve come out with so far. Aah. I really don’t know. I’m sure whatever they come out with next will be amazing and stylin’ though. :)

    Also, in response to the original post: My prom dress was a long purple strapless dress with flowers. I ended up ripping it when taking it off :( but I had an amazing night and can’t wait for next year’s prom. <3

  31. #1 favs for prom – Jade and Yasmin totally.
    #2 favs for prom- Sasha and Cloe

    I LOVE Bratz

  32. I’m going into 6th grade XD but I read it anyway! LOL! Totally fab! Love you Kool Kat!

  33. Are you guys dim?!?!?! I’m only on this dumb website for a school project and all i’ve seen is “how to make cat eyes and put on lip liner and hair extensions 101″ and a bunch of other random crap! No hate, but i think it is absolutely ridiculous how parents could be so stupid to let their young children wear makeup!!!! i mean seriously, if you were a parent, would you let your young children wear makeup and have boyfriends and stuff? I’m 13 and all I wear is a little bit of coverup powder and light brown eyeshadow, and let me tell you something, i have my share of “secret admirers”.Well, point being, you girls don’t need all this. You are beautiful the way you are. unless you’re Meg Griffin. She’s an exception. How about, if you are older than 11 or 12, and wear makeup, when you go to school tomorrow, only wear some natural powder of liquid, nothing else. no eye makeup, no lip stick, no blush, nothing. see how it works out. and if you are younger than 11 or 12, you shouldn’t even wear makeup at all.

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