Pets 4 Vets

Howzit hangin’, Bratzies?

Did all of our American Bratzies have a fab 4th of July??

I just met the koolest kat ever!!! Her name is Clarissa Black and she is totally a #RealBratz. Clarissa founded a rad charity called Pets 4 Vets that trains shelter dogs to become companion pets for veterans. Anyone who loves animals and who loves their country will be OB-to-the-SESSED with this awesome non-profit!

Clarissa always had a soft spot for animals. Just like me!! She grew up with a menagerie of purrfect pets: rabbits, gerbils, frogs, mice, salamanders, snakes, turtles, and a cat – of course!  Honing her sick training skillz, Clarissa taught her cat, Snowball, to sit, stay, beg, come and play hide-and-seek!! Too radtacular!! And when she was only nine years old, she taught her gerbils to climb stairs to the tune of a song she would play on a tiny toy piano!! Love it!

A #RealBratz to the core, Clarissa knew early on that she wanted to help animals when she grew up. After graduating high school, Clarissa majored in Animal Science at Cornell University, had an epic internship training elephants and eventually moved to Hawaii to work with dolphins!!

Clarissa has definitely rocked some kool jobs, but they are not what makes her a #RealBratz. Clarissa gained #RealBratz status when she decided to use all of her totally awesome skillz and knowledge to help the greater good.

There have been heaps of scientific studies proving that primo companion pets can totally help the healing process for veterans returning from war with physical and mental conditions. Pets 4 Vets provides fully trained companion dogs to veterans in need. Anglin’ for the perfect match, Clarissa meets with veterans to ascertain what he or she will need in a K-9 companion. She then hits up the local shelters and finds the perfect pup for her vet.

By exclusively training shelter dogs, Pets 4 Vets provides a new lease at life to both the veteran and his beloved new buddy. The shelter dogs and veterans help each other heal through their burgeoning friendship! Totally boss! Talk about man’s best friend!!

Clarissa is truly a #RealBratz because she leant a hand when no one else saw the need! There are now fifteen Pets 4 Vets chapters nationwide. Way to go!!

When I asked Clarissa why she created Pets 4 Vets, she simply said it is her way of saying “Thank You.”

To learn more about Pets 4 Vets go to:

If YOU want to be the next #RealBratz we honor, send us a video telling us all the reasons you rock! Learn more about how by clicking the link below:

We know our Bratzies love animals just as much as Clarissa does! Do your animals have any kool tricks? Do YOU have any epic ideas on how you can help your furry friends? Let us know! We’d LOVE to hear them!



74 thoughts on “Pets 4 Vets

  1. I have a puppy and a dog that is so sweet I also have lots of angel fish and a pet guinie ( I don’t know how to spell that ) pig that is so fluffy.

  2. My room is ALMOST clean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This is an Awesome story! I, Ann also have a soft spot for animals. I love them! I would always bug my dad when we would see commercials on TV asking him if we could donate. I even asked my school if we could have a charity for animals and donate it to my local shelter. It all started when my first cat Hannah, died of cancer. I couldn’t believe it. But then we got peanut. she’s happy. Maybe on my birthday, I’ll donate. I care for animals. To see how people treat some animals is sad. Its people like us who care, Who save them. There apart of nature. Maybe I could cross that off my #summerbucketlist.

    (P.S I got my first 2013 doll! My mom asked me if you had boy dolls for im taller. Maybe you guys should make them. Will you?)
    xoxo, Ann

  4. OMG!!!!! I LOVE it jade that’s really awesome. I love animals to they are SO cool, I mean you can teach them almost EVERYTHING!!! Pets 4 vets sounds really great, when I grow up I’m going to be a vet myself and this really inspired me. XOXO

  5. Hey Jade! That is so kool of Clarissa helping all those animals!! I’m TOTES an animal lover and I feel REALLY bad when I see a homeless animal on the street, and can’t help the poor soul!!

    My grandma has a Yorkshire-Terrier, and every time we go to visit her, the Yawkie will chew my mothers DRESS and pull on it like a toy!
    Also, my older brother’s dog will fetch a ball when you throw it, but if you look again the whole thing will be in pieces!

    Clarissa, thanks for helping all those animals.
    You really inspired me.

    Jade, stay kool!!


  6. I luv animals <3 an one day ill run my own line of no-kill animal pet shelters

  7. That’s really amazing that you love animals, I love animals too. I would go bananas if I got a dog, or a cat, or any other animal, except a snake for a pet. :-)

  8. hi, can someone help me pleeze, i want to sign off the bratz website but i dont know how.
    i PROMISE im gonna sign in right away, i just need another username and password and i need to sign in PROPERLY,cuz i forgot to fill in half of the stuff, pleeeeeeeze help!! i just need to sign off completely, but i WILL sign i again! pleeze help!! how do i sign off? COMPLETELY?


  9. My little sister crazy about bratz I don’t know y but thank you of the little kids toy. YELLLLLLLLLLLLL

  10. Hey bratz! Well this one person is being really mean 2 me and I didn’t even say anything to them!! I don’t know what to do and I’m kinda upset cuz they don’t like me, but I’m always nice to them!! Any advice please? Thx soo much! :)

  11. why do u guys have the bratz car come in two different ways one with two seats and one with 4 this the converdible

  12. We love to have many different options and ways to Xpress ourselves, love!!

  13. I’m sorry someone is being mean to you, SparkleStar. A true Bratzie NEVER picks on anyone.

    Sometimes you just gotta accept that you can’t please everyone. The most important thing is that YOU act nicely and keep being yourself. If this girl doesn’t like you, that’s OK. WE like you. And we are here for you anytime you need a friend!


  14. Hey bratz! My birthday is coming up. I am so excited. But I have a question. What would be the best gift? Also, my mom asked if you will make boys im taller dolls.

  15. ru in that pic jade the doll why don’t u just show ur selves and stop hiding

  16. wat you know the party i was talk bout at 12:01 p.m. it was the bomb
    yelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll:):):) it is goin on at 9:46 p.m.

  17. i love animals 2 i have this cute dog called Bella she so funny and she even barks a lot i guess thats a dogs life

  18. hi jade!! i started a new school and i tried to make a good first impression but messed it up. i tried to be myself, but my first language isnt english so people dont laugh at my jokes cuz they arent good. plz help!! how do i make awesome friends like you bratz? how do i get my new school to like me?

  19. When are you going to make a new bratz movie???? Please make one soon

  20. Happy (almost) Birthday, Ann!!

    We don’t have any plans to put out the boyz just yet, but you never know what the future holds! Hmm, what would be the best gift…?
    For an amazing writer like you, I might buy journals and software on writing to hone your already incredible craft!!


  21. Try not to stress it, mhutch. It can be totes hard to be the new kid at school. We are SUPER impressed that you are already trying to crack jokes in your second language with kids you barely know!! Way to be super brave! That’s the #RealBratz way! We know that in time everyone will see how ah-maz-ing you are! Just keep being true blue YOU. If you let your spirit shine everyone will want to bask in the glow.

    Keep your chin up! We’re always here if you need us! And you can totally make some FAB friends here on our blog!


  22. Wow! One of my friends would like this because, she wants to be a vet. Otherwise OMG!

  23. thank you so much, your advice totes helped me, and i have loads of friens now!! even a crush! he blinked at me today (eeek!)
    love you bratz!
    lol(lots of love)

  24. I am getting 2 girl Guinea pigs named Glitter and Flamealetta in different breeds. PS I got a step Aunt, Uncle,and cousin.


  25. Yeah I love the bratz names to there all so pretty I love the and I’m also a big fan

  26. hey bratz I wanted to to you all something. i do not want you guys think i want to be a wanna be… so i been talking to you girls a long time and i want to know want kind of personality i have. is it yasmin,shaha,jade or cloe. piz answer i”m really curious thank you!!!!
    love you alll!!!!!!!!!!! xoxox

  27. Hi yasminx1love!
    We think you have a little bit of ALL of us in you. You’re totally sweet, a little sassy and completely uniquely YOU! We LOVE that you are not identical to any one of us because that means you are your own person and that is the most important thing!!

    Stay rad!


  28. thank you!!! i was so curious

    thank you thank you an thank you angain kool cat.xoxoxo

  29. And I had a fab 4th of july really ansome!!!!

    And I have a boy dog eli he is so cuteeeeee!!!

    I just lovee PETS!!!!!


  30. i love love them so much that people and lots of people should help homeless animals

  31. i forgot and changing the world can be a healthy planet like Earth


  32. Can someone share out the personality i have because i know im a bit curious and i realize i talk too much.Im sorry if im keep writing because it’s just i love you guys so much and you guys all the time teach me passion 4 fashion so much that i come to your website everyday reading these ahmazing blogs and when my battery dies, I charge it and still go on bratz and since you guys may or may not see this, but someone i don’t care who just tell what’s my personality is

    ttylxox[talk too you later and hugs and kisses] and plz write back as soon as possible

  33. hi!! if its est 7pm in america, will it be 12am(midnight)in england??



  34. The Bratz guinea pigs ( bgp ) are going to be my Guinea pigs. I can make clothes for Guinea pigs.


  35. I got 3 cats and I’m gonna get guinea pigs soon. PS ask me if I can ask my Dad
    to make an youtube video when I adopt the guinea pigs.


  36. i have a dog called biscuit and i love animals i have givan to over 4 animal charaties

  37. hi my brother wants 2 know how old berrybread this is 2 berrybread

  38. wat up bratz fan i know the something at was post was me my 16 year old brother was on the computer at the time…

  39. tell me how you like my story
    pooh wakes up to a very rainy day “I’ll see if piglet is OK.” poor piglet his room was filled with rain. Oh dear piglet needs help. Pooh’s umbrella saves the day! so hoe do you like my story?

  40. Hey lynsey,

    There could be many reasons for that to happen, but we think you should go see a doctor just to make sure nothing is wrong.

    Take care of yourself!


  41. Tht was an awesome idea 4 Clarissa to think of!!!I’m totally interested,I’ll chat w/ Clarissa like RIGHT NOW!!!Lata’ #Jade!!!

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