Pets 4 Vets

Howzit hangin’, Bratzies?

Did all of our American Bratzies have a fab 4th of July??

I just met the koolest kat ever!!! Her name is Clarissa Black and she is totally a #RealBratz. Clarissa founded a rad charity called Pets 4 Vets that trains shelter dogs to become companion pets for veterans. Anyone who loves animals and who loves their country will be OB-to-the-SESSED with this awesome non-profit!

Clarissa always had a soft spot for animals. Just like me!! She grew up with a menagerie of purrfect pets: rabbits, gerbils, frogs, mice, salamanders, snakes, turtles, and a cat – of course!  Honing her sick training skillz, Clarissa taught her cat, Snowball, to sit, stay, beg, come and play hide-and-seek!! Too radtacular!! And when she was only nine years old, she taught her gerbils to climb stairs to the tune of a song she would play on a tiny toy piano!! Love it!

A #RealBratz to the core, Clarissa knew early on that she wanted to help animals when she grew up. After graduating high school, Clarissa majored in Animal Science at Cornell University, had an epic internship training elephants and eventually moved to Hawaii to work with dolphins!!

Clarissa has definitely rocked some kool jobs, but they are not what makes her a #RealBratz. Clarissa gained #RealBratz status when she decided to use all of her totally awesome skillz and knowledge to help the greater good.

There have been heaps of scientific studies proving that primo companion pets can totally help the healing process for veterans returning from war with physical and mental conditions. Pets 4 Vets provides fully trained companion dogs to veterans in need. Anglin’ for the perfect match, Clarissa meets with veterans to ascertain what he or she will need in a K-9 companion. She then hits up the local shelters and finds the perfect pup for her vet.

By exclusively training shelter dogs, Pets 4 Vets provides a new lease at life to both the veteran and his beloved new buddy. The shelter dogs and veterans help each other heal through their burgeoning friendship! Totally boss! Talk about man’s best friend!!

Clarissa is truly a #RealBratz because she leant a hand when no one else saw the need! There are now fifteen Pets 4 Vets chapters nationwide. Way to go!!

When I asked Clarissa why she created Pets 4 Vets, she simply said it is her way of saying “Thank You.”

To learn more about Pets 4 Vets go to:

If YOU want to be the next #RealBratz we honor, send us a video telling us all the reasons you rock! Learn more about how by clicking the link below:

We know our Bratzies love animals just as much as Clarissa does! Do your animals have any kool tricks? Do YOU have any epic ideas on how you can help your furry friends? Let us know! We’d LOVE to hear them!



#UnleashYourSummer Bucket List Update

Hey y’all,

Cloe here! And I just wanted to give a super shout-out to all of my Bratzies who have helped us plan our #SummerBucketList. So far it has been an epic success!! Yay! Go team!!

As y’all probably already know, we want YOU, our totes amazing Bratzies, to #UnleashYourSummer! This means it is time to set sail on a new adventure. Literally, if you can!

Spread your arms, open your mind and commit to making each and every day of your summer totally and completely epic!! We want you to laugh hard! Play hard! And think hard about what Fabtabulous new thing you can try each day. Use your gift of imagination and fabrication to explore worlds, stories and ideas. Get off the couch! Get off the computer (once you’ve finished reading this blog of course, lol)!! Go outside and start doing! The sun is shining and the world is yours. This summer can be the greatest adventure of your life!! Yay you!!

Jade suggested that we write down what totally epic thing we want to try each day of the summer. By writing down our plans, we committed to sticking to the Summer Bucket List. And so far, her plan has worked perfectly.  Each day we cross something new off the Summer Bucket List. It’s been a total blast! We have done so many fabtastic things already and summer has just begun!!

The first week alone was more epic than any summer I’ve ever had before!!

We kicked off our summer of awesome by white water rafting. That was totes my idea. The girlz were a bit scared, but they all did swimmingly! Especially Yasmin, who literally fell in the water and had to swim back to our raft! She said falling in was her fave part of the whole trip! LOL!  Then we went rock climbing, to which Sasha wore stilettos and broke a heel! We ended the week with a cray-cray paint party! I was bummin about getting my clothes dirty, but splashing each other with paint turned out to be fabtastically fun! That’s the best part when you #UnleashYourSummer! You are forced to try new things, and sometimes the things you think you will hate become you fab-solute new faves!!

But unleashing your summer is not all about fun! To have a truly epic summer, you should give back, too! We have helped out at a soup kitchen and ran a lemonade stand, donating the proceeds to charity! And wanna know the truth? Even though we have gone surfing, tried yoga in the park, went on a photo shoot safari, written songs and SOOOOO much more, I think I had the mostestestest fun I had, was when we were helping others!

Are you totally inspired yet?? Are YOU going to #UNLEASHYOURSUMMER?? Tell me all the fabulous new things you put on your Summer Bucket List. If we think they said super fabulous, we will add them to our own!!

Cheers to the most epic summer ever!!


Great Book, Great Look, Great Gatsby

Namaste, Bratzies!

Don’t you just love reading? I adore the written the word. There is nothing like cozying up to a good book and rewarding yourself with the reverie of reading. One of the most OM-mazing stories I read this year was The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It chronicles the journey of a young man moving to NYC, his affluent cousin and the lovelorn neighbor he befriends. The book is full of twists and trysts and is one of the greatest American novels ever written. I adore it!

I was super excited when I heard Baz Luhrmann and Leonardo DiCaprio were bringing the book to the silver screen. I saw it opening day! I love seeing novels adapted to screen because of the creative freedoms explored by the directors and actors. It’s like reading a whole new book!! The film indulges all of the fabulous opulence of the Roaring ‘20s, but the music was modern and edgy. Such a fantastical flip to the feature! Buzzing with true Brattitude, the sets were blinged out in glitz and glam, but nothing compares to the OM-azing fashions! I was so jazzed to see the jazz era fashions come to life!!

This is one of the reasons I HEART watching film adaptations. The Great Gatsby novel has been around for decades, but its revival on the big screen has re-emphasized the fabulous fashions of the twenties! Drop-waist dresses, retro-print head scarfs and strappy sparkly sandals are totally zensible summer-ware!

The look flows into evening flare, as well! I know I am going to indulge my literary side and my lavish side by buying long strings of fake pearls and a sparkling headpiece! Even guys can get into the fashion action by boasting a bowtie or a pastel vest.

Now I’m even more obsessed with The Great Gatsby! The novel had already pulled on my heart with its romance, honesty and hopefulness, but now that its flick influenced fashion world-wide, the story has won my heart for life! I highly recommend reading the book. Then treat yourself to movie tickets, a bucket of popcorn and a string of pearls. You won’t be sorry.



Graduation Fashion

Yo, yo, yo Bratzos!

Sasha here, and today I am totally jazzed to talk about my biggest passion: fashion! Our Bratzies have been buzzin’ and buggin’ about what to wear for graduation! With all this Pomp and Circumstance do you wear pumps or strappy sandals? Fear not, my army of Bratzies! I have all the fashion advice you need to walk across that graduation stage in style.

Black Gown Goes to Neon Town

If you feel like you are celebrating your big moment in a big black potato sack, it’s time to turn your bummin’ attitude into Brattitude! First of all, black-and-white is totally on trend! Think of your graduation gown as an L.B.D. (Little Black Dress) and accessorize accordingly! We say, bring on the neon! Pink dangly earrings, green chunky bracelets or fab-a-licious neon yellow heels will turn your diploma photo op into a fashion statement!

Bling Down the House

Another sure fire way to turn that graduation frown upside down is to bling out your gown! Add some fierce shoulder studs or a skinny sparkly sash for a glammed up graduation. (First make sure it is cool with your school!)

Tip of the Hat

Even if you can’t tamper with your gown, most schools let you color on your cap. Use whiteout to produce a trendy b&w pattern that pops. Glue on some flowers to turn your formal cap into a flower crown. Dip the cap in glitter for a sashay across the stage that sparkles and shines. Or let your style make a statement by using neon nail polish to write a shout-out to your ‘rents. A simple “Thanks Mom & Dad” atop your cap will let your parents see from the stands how much you appreciate them!

It’s What’s on the Inside that Counts

If your school doesn’t let you funk-i-fy your fashion for G-day, don’t fret. Stayin’ stylin’ sweet is all about what you wear underneath! We Bratz think the best way to decide what to wear under the gown depends on where you’re heading after the turning of the tassel. If you are going to dinner with family, keep it classy. A cream or lace dress provides a great light look.  If you are rockin’ out at a party with friends, a cute and colorful summer dress is a fab look!

Make sure that whichever accessories and statement shoes you wear look rad with both your graduation gown AND with the get-up under!!

V.I.F. Very Important Fashion

Wear a smile! You’re graduating! This is a HUGE deal! Next year you will be starting a new grade, or school, or chapter in your life! You’ve accomplished something HUGE and you’ve got the diploma to prove it!! Be proud of yourselves, Bratzies. We know we are totally, ridiculously, abso-fab-errifically proud of you!!

Rock on! Congrats! And Happy Graduation Day!!




Soul Surfer Bethany Hamilton

Aloha, Bratzies!

I am OM-mazed by how many of you have decided to engage in our Summer Bucket List. I love dreaming up the impossible, and then pushing myself to accomplish it!! Our Summer Bucket List is all about setting goals, facing fears and embracing the summer siren in all of us!! It may seem easy to an outsider, but it takes a lot of courage to Unleash Your Summer!!

I have been reading a ton of books in search of summer funspiration. One of the most absolutely zentastic books I read was, “Soul Surfer”, the autobiography of one-armed surfer Bethany Hamilton.

Bethany decided at age 8 that she wanted to become a professional surfer. Over the next few years, Bethany kept scoring high in surfing competitions. This #RealBratz was on her way to becoming a professional surfer, never hesitating to Unleash her Passion.

Her positive attitude and belief in herself motivated Bethany to enter surfing competitions even though she was a little different than the other surfers. There was no stopping this zentastic chica! By age 15, she won her first national title, taking first place in the Explorer Women’s division of the 2005 NSSA National Championships!!!

Bethany kept working hard and shining bright. At age 17, her dream came true when she became a professional surfer!!!

Since then, Bethany wrote an autobiography, had a movie based off her life starring the super cute AnnaSophia Robb, has made countless motivational speeches and has become involved in numerous charities that help children with disabilities. I’m OB-sessed with her. Not only did Bethany never give up on Unleashing her Passion, but once she met her goal she paid it forward by helping others. She is a total #RealBratz.

Sometimes I get a little nervous or scared when I am trying something new, but if Bethany wasn’t afraid to take on surfing competitions with just one arm; I can face my fears, too! Reading “Soul Surfer” was the best way to kick-start my bucket list! Now I’m totally prepped and hyped to Unleash My Summer.

The next couple of months are going to be epic!

Stay OM-mazing!



HOBles Are Going On Vacay!!

Hi y’all!

It’s been super fun kick starting our awesome club, House of Bratz. Now that it’s summer, our R.A.B. Fab club is going on vacay.

Don’t worry! We will bring back the totally rad club once school starts up again. And, we promise, it will be bigger than ever!!

We have done sooooooo much in the few short months since the club began:




We signed the Official Bratz Pact:

We made a secret password: fierce-a-licious

We made special friendship bracelets:

And wore matching clothes every Monday so we would be able to recognize fellow HOBles: green, funky socks, asymmetrical, goal garb, mustache, flowers, glitter and mismatched nails.

We also sent cool messages back and forth in our Super Secret Shared Notebook!!
















I think this has been a fabnomenal start to the House of Bratz!! Don’t you??

Now that summer is here, the other Bratz and I want to make it EPIC!! We have started a summer bucket list of all the super cool things we could do each day, like white water rafting, throwing a paint party, rock climbing or giving proceeds from a lemonade stand to charity. Our goal is to make each day Ah-maz-ing!!

Do YOU have any ideas on what we should add to our summer bucket list?

Keep checking the blog to read all about our awesome summer!!

And, if you HEART this rad idea, you Bratzies should TOTALLY make your own summer bucket list!! Tell us what fun, fab things you add and send us pics of you rockin’ the summer list!!

Can’t wait to hear your suggestions!!

Love you all!!



House of Bratz 5.26.13


Let’s live it large for this last Monday in May!! We want ALL our HOBles to participate!!

We are painting our fingernails different colors!! You can paint your hands a different color than your feet. Or on each hand, make every single finger a diff shade! Or just pick a single digit to be your splash of color! Have fun with it and go wacky wild!!

If you really want to go all out, wear clothes that represent every color on your nails!!



Did you find the secret item released on our website last week?

Yup, you got it!! We updated the LookBook!!

See all the new pics here:

And if you haven’t seen the cute comic yet, check it out:

We have some HUGE news coming out next week. Big changes in Bratz world, and it is going to be EPIC!! We are getting ready for summer in a fun and fab way! Read Next Friday’s blog for all the super important news.

Have an awesome week, HOBles!!


Happy Memorial Day!!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, my bestie HOBles!!

If you’re like me, you love this fabulous 3-day weekend for the barbeques, fireworks and get-togethers, but we should totally remember that the real meaning of this holiday deserves our love, too!

Memorial Day is all about celebrating those AH-MAZ-ING men and women who served in our military. This weekend, I wanted to give you Bratzies something fierce to think about while catchin’ rays poolside, so I decided to honor Memorial Day by highlighting a total military Real Bratz: General Ann E. Dunwoody.

General Dunwoody is the first woman in U.S. military history to achieve a 4-star officer rank!! When she earned her fourth star, General Dunwoody became one of the most senior commanders in the armed services, a status only held by men in America for centuries.

What makes this story even more sweet is that this Real Bratz isn’t the only fab female warrior in her family! The Dunwoody women are breaking barriers all over the world! General Ann E. Dunwoody’s sister, Susan Schoeck was only the third woman in the Army to become a fighter pilot! Way to go, Susan!! And General Dunwoody’s niece, Jennifer Schoeck is a U.S. Air Force Fighter Pilot! I’m OB-to-the-SESSED with these amazing women. They are totally game-changers and totally fabnomenal!

General Dunwoody accredits her awesome family for raising her to be the trailblazing groundbreaking rock star that she is! “I grew up in a family that didn’t know what glass ceilings were,” Dunwoody says.

She also pays tribute to all the fabulous that came before her. “I recognize that with this selection (to become the first woman to achieve 4-star officer rank), some will view me as a trailblazer, but it’s important that we remember the generations of women, whose dedication, commitment and quality of service helped open the doors of opportunity for us today.”

We HEART you General Ann E. Dunwoody! We hope your Memorial Day is as fabtastic as you are!!



House of Bratz Update 5.19.13


Members of the House of Bratz will be bringing the drama by gettin’ their bling on! This Monday let’s shimmer and shine! Glitz and glitter! Rock any look that sparkles and dazzles! You’ll be sure to attract the attention of fellow House of Bratz members!


We told you Bratzies that we have been SUPER busy, and this week we have the proof!!

We came out with our totally epic, totally fabulous, “In the Wild” comic!! You can read it by going to the downloads section of this website, or by clicking here:

We also have ANOTHER totally epic release that came out this week. But, it’s a SECRET. Look around this website and see if you can find it!! Let us know when you do!


Sasha’s Prom Night Survival Kit

Yo, Bratzies!!

I am so totally jazzed! It’s my fave time of year: PROM SEASON!!! Going to Prom is a total dream come true, but it can turn into a total nightmare if you’re not prepared!!

Introducing Sasha’s Prom Night Survival Kit. Throw these diva-licious items into your clutch for a surefire fab night of fun and friends!!

Sasha’s Prom Night Survival Kit:

FOLD-UP FLATS: You Bratzies know how much I love my fierce heels, but it’s hard to rock that look and keep pace with a full night of dancing! Even a diva like me won’t pass up on fun for the sake of fashion. Luckily, we don’t have to! You can buy totally adorable flats that fold up to fit into any purse. Bring these along to ensure your feet don’t get tired before you do!

BLOT PADS: Girls, I know you spent a ton of time perfecting your prom make-up. Last thing you want to do is have it smudge and smear while wiping perspiration from your brow! Save the flawless look you created by bringing along some blot pads. You can blot away the sweat without any cosmetic fret.

BOBBY PINS: Let’s be honest, by the end of Prom, your hair will be a mess. Keep your lovely locks in presentable order – at least until you take your Prom photos! – by stashing away some extra bobby pins.

GUM/BREATH MINTS: You will spend the night trying to chat with your BBFs by screaming over the band or DJ. Make sure your friends are happy to get up close and personal by keeping mints handy. Double bonus: your breath will be fresh when talking to boyz!!

STRING: When you’re tired of wearing your corsage or flower crown, a little bit of string can go a long way to preserve your Prom memories! How you ask? Use that string to hang your fab Prom flower pieces upside down and dry them! Remember to do this as soon as you take off the floral pieces. A wilted flower is way harder to dry and preserve!

CASH AND I.D.: Even if you don’t plan on going anywhere after the dance it’s way smart to stash some cash and your I.D.  If you’re anything like this Drama Queen, you will be totally famished and dying to get some grub before heading home. Bringing your wallet ensures you won’t miss out on any post-Prom fun, or get stuck eating mom’s meatless meatloaf leftovers as your midnight snack.

EVER PURSE: 27-year-old Real Bratz Liz Salcedo has come to our Prom aid with a promtastic new clutch! Her EverPurse ( has a built in phone charger!! Now you can promenade without worrying about losing tabs with your besties because of a low battery life or tripping over silly charger wires while trying to boogie down with your BBFs!! Plus, the clutches are totally adorbs!

And lastly, PHONE PLAYLIST: Make a totally rockin’ Prom Playlist on your phone. Not only can the fun jams help get you pumped while prepping for Prom, they can keep the fab energy going while hangin’ with your besties after the dance.


Drink plenty of water. Perfect the “selfie.” And, MOST IMPORTANTLY, do not be afraid to dance like the rock stars I know you are! Dance like no one is looking! Dance like everyone is looking!! Just dance!!

This is YOUR time. YOUR year. YOUR memory for the rest of YOUR life. Love your friends. Love yourself. And I know you will have a totally fabtastic evening.

I can’t wait to hear all about your totally amazing Proms!!


P.S. If you’re NOT going to Prom this year, consider throwing an ANTI-PROM or DUCT TAPE PROM!!! Make your DIY prom into anything you want it to be!! It’s a totally fun way to spend a night with your BBFs!!