One Last Bash

Aloha, Bratzies,

We are FINALLY getting to our END OF SUMMER BASH! This party has to be AMAZE. I was thinking of having a tiki theme. We could have a luau with tiki torches, sprinklers and bathing suits! Everyone can refresh with some delish coconut water. What do you think? Is there a better end of summer theme?

Please help!


65 thoughts on “One Last Bash

  1. I will help . We just need a few meetings on the weekings when I get everything set .

  2. Everyone should tell which day that they are going back to school so that we can still have our bash for the days that they are able to have the bash. So, what I am saying is that we can have the party on different days.

  3. I would have a luau with family and friends. also I would invite you the bratz gang too!!!

  4. Dear Girl
    What up, it me I’m back in the house,
    It has been so long i have seen you,
    But now I’m back.


  5. Bratz I think the coconut water and the theme is great!
    So I wouldn’t worry about it.

  6. Cool and rockin ideas Bratz ;) Think like a boss and that’s right i’m CONFIDENT. Ya should listen to Fifth Harmony’s BO$$ which is about girls are confident ;) Bye bye butterflies :D WE ARE BACK IN L.A. YAYY!!! <<33

  7. DazzleDiva2, I don’t know who u r talking to bout’ rude and unhonest, but if u see many magazines answers “FANS” questions. So u saying we can’t do that? Honestly, that’s what r u trying to say.
    Luv <<33

  8. Santana here people :(.Sorry I’m just gloomy. I need advice. SRSLY, I mean it. KK so before me and Liv ever hit L.A, Liv’s dad thought I was a bad influence 4 her and now I think I do :’(. I did something to hurt Liv’s feelings and I’m back home, sooo gloomy :’( and my point is that am I ACTUALLY a bad influence to Liv?
    Answer me!!
    Hugs & Cries :(
    Luvv <<33

  9. Lauren Allen says,
    HEYAAAALLLLL! LaurieCutie here! The galz & i made a club called STUNNIN’ STYLES, where you post you’re fave styles and fashions on here. Then you draw to win a chance to meet our fave singer, DEMI LOVATO!!! Just enter your username, type in code,’12345677654321ILOVEFASHION’ so we know ya want to be in the club. We can just call in any singer or popstar you want. We did, after all, just move to America! We know all of our fave singers’ location. So just enter!
    Username: LaurieCutie
    My fave style is a miniskirt with knee-height riding boots and a long sleeved white cotton shirt that goes just under the shoulders with a tanktop. For hair, i love a curly, messy surfer-girl style. And makeup is just simple mascara and NIVEA strawberry gloss!
    Heya peeps! The girls and i are going to the world’s best salon, Pippa’s Style! She’s also drawing to win, right here on bratz! Just give her a shoutout, and she’ll be right there! Also, i’m sooooo excited for back to school! AAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! So awesome!
    Love, LaurieCutie!
    Time for fabalish Q& AS! TM (TM means you can’t copy us whatsoever!)
    q: Doll Distruction23: Hey Fabalish-ies! It’s Moll the Doll here! Unfortunately, i’m getting kicked out of my fave school, Canterwood crest because i could pay all the bills at once! I tried to publish a book, but they were racist about my color- what do i do?
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    That’s all for now, peeps!

  10. It has been a long time since I talked with y’all bratz girls and I’m back again!
    PS I’m getting my Google account next year when I’m 11! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

  11. Lh09, um a luau go with the of there ideas , so I think that will work . Everyones ideas are great to go with the luau. I agree !!!!!!!! :)

  12. we need to do it this week because some of us my have to go to school next week

  13. there ganna love it , and we can do the luau on wednesday with the detail and on friday we can have the spa party

  14. WAIT!! Moviestarz , IT`S IN L.A !!!!!!!! Omg, I am I think that way too far for me to travel, solution is that you can do it without me there .

  15. wait no it is not I think I am able to go because it is in calofornia
    but , I got to ask my parents

  16. no i am not going i got to get ready for school , just post pictures and post it on yur blog

  17. I go back the 19th of this month and I was thinking maybe a BBQ bash with all of your friends and fireworks with sprinklers and bathing suits than a slumber party afterwards with a few friends.


  18. I am going to not b able to come to the party………………………………. Right?

  19. The luau is tomorrow and the spa is on friday don`t forget ……………………………..

  20. We can have some Karoke at the luau and we can have a bash on saturday after friday if yu like

  21. Although the tiki theme is totes FAB! I think the girls should like an outdoor hippie chic thingm with the girls wearing shorts,tall socks, cardigans or flannel jackets with crop tops. I think to complete it should be inspired by what teens are we*ring today because believe it or not you have users on flickr who are making fab clothes of their own with awesome themes. So I really believe that MGA should go back to there prime source, the buyers

  22. Hi Bratz, to dismiss the summer de are a súper birthday to muy BFF Miriam . Sure we are go to the pool, cinema somewhere rad

    Liv and Santana here people! Yeah Santana is here ;) and I got over it which is exciting :D and our glam update is that the Teen Choice Awards is going to glam and glitzy after parties. Friday, us and our girls (aka MovieStarFashionistaz, were SHOPPING ;) and Saturday we going to get our nails done and party all night ;)!! Sunday, we get to see Pharrell again :D (at an award show) and Liv is nominated ;D We was deciding all wearing bows which is “CUTE” and can’t 4 the Teen Choice Awards :D
    Luvv <<33

  24. CiCi here and these massive rumors are getting emotional. Words are powerful, you can say the wrong thing about someone, famous or not, on the wrong day and that can cost them their life because they’re at a weak point like I recommended on my website. Rumors are emotional, it can break someone’s bones and everyone is worth gold. These rumors about me and Future actually wasted my energy to tear me down, just plain miserable.It’s just flat out wrong and sad. :’(
    Love, C

  25. Hi bratz

    I have a boot on my foot and i can not get anything over it and i can not where dresses so what can i where and i love the super cute type but i don’t know what please help

    i am shure you can help
    singed Desperate

  26. Hi my name is Abi Villalobos and my nick name is pinke and I fell in love with bratz because I have been
    bulled because I liked my little pony any way I’m 100% sure your party is going to be totily ……………………………….AWSOME AWSOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take my idvies put birds in cages and make a ice crem cake o.k O.k bye . P.S get bulons to.

  27. hi how are you.I know what u should do for a summer theme a pool party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! ~honeybee~

  28. MovieStarz, I’m sorry it came out that way. It’s just…. Why did you start now? You started the fan’s question thing right after Lauren Allen. And THEN you started the glam update. Well, I think honestly you are a bit obsessed. No, scratch that. A BILLION XS OBSESSED. Pleas understand I know what you are doing, you don’t actually work w LIV. It’s all lies. I go on the LIV web so I should know!

  29. Hey peeps! LIV galz here!Oh, and Lau-ren! Great idea for the club! I SO want to be in it- who doesn’t?
    Username: LivGalz
    My fave style is a cool grey crop top with black jeggings and black ankle boots. Makeup would be BABY LIPS mint lip balm, and some eyeliner. For hair, i’d go for a high pony tail.

    P.S, when Lauren says you can’t copy her, movie stars, YOU DON’T!

  30. cool! and you could eat pineapples and mangos and ice-cream and set up umbrellas in your bedroom to make them look like those sun shade thingys but if it’s a nice day you could do it outside and you could drink smoothies too as well as coconut water. it’s a bonus if you live near the coast, it’ll be sandy and you could go to the beach. and as well as sprinklers you could have a water fight! now THAT’S what I call a tiki party! and as well as the swimsuits you could wears those flower necklace thingys and flower garlands! what’s not to like?

  31. have a pool party not all that……………………………………………………………………………… to much do that ok

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