Olympics Slumber Party

It’s time to say “Sayonara” to the Olympics.

The Bratz and I are going to say goodbye to Sochi in style with a gnarly slumber party. I can’t wait! You and your besties should throw your own Olympics sleepover this weekend.  Just follow our lead!

First – We’ll rehash all our fave moments from the Olympics. I totally dug all the ladies extreme sports! The skiing and snowboarding half pipe was soooo rad!

Next – We’re going to come up with our own categories to compete in! This part is super fun because everyone at your party will have their own unique idea. Yasmin may want to compete in designing the most fab messy fishtail braid. And Cloe may want to compete in fastest run across the yard. It’s all good! Try them all! The best part about having totally different ideas and styles to compete in is that everyone has a chance at winning!

Then – We are going to go through all my fierce thrift store finds and design some super rad Olympic medals. Why just stick to a chunk of metal around your neck when you can design your own awesome shirt, scarf or tie with sewed on fabrics and hardware in gold, silver and bronze? Be creative!

Last – We’ll throw our very own medal ceremony for each of the games we competed in during the ceremony. Every girl will be given one of the upcycled, bedazzled “medals” we just designed!

We’ll end it all by sitting down to watch a radtastic sports flick with a bowl of popcorn. We earned it! We just held an entire Olympics in one night!

Will you throw your own Olympics slumber party this weekend?


35 thoughts on “Olympics Slumber Party

  1. of course Jade! We heart the Olympics! Our slumber party is going to be great! But the Sochi Olympics is over. Sayornara!!! We are have smoothies, of course popcorn and we are going to bedazzled our nails with The Sochi Olympics! It was rockin!!!

  2. I like your now website jade! I have a swim meet tommorrow so wish me luck and after my swim meet i am going to vist my granpa and spend the night at his house.

  3. hi ya!-We love Sam and Cat!!!
    bye ya!-We are starting the slumber party at 7:30!!

  4. dear whiskers,
    Thanks 4 liking us! Yeah, we heard the news that Justin Bieber is in jail because of DUI rant (Don’t know what is DUI mean). So we are movie stars (Actresses) and are fashionistas .It’s really called MovieStarFashionistaz but “Fashionistaz” doesn’t fit in the username so….that’s why.
    There’s 6 girls in total
    Liv-the girl who has a rockin magazine
    Santana-I have passion 4 cheerleading
    Ariel-I’m sweet like Ariel from The Little Mermaid.
    Tori-A big fan of Victoria Justice, people say I look like her :?s
    Sassy-I’m not really sassy, I’m just tough!
    Ciara-You know me, if you know the rapper Future, well i’m his fiance!!
    Ask anything else from and just comment to us!!!

  5. are you gonna the stay the night? LOL! It’s Hayley Williams and Zedd. It’s a cool song! Ya should listen to it! Let me know okay?

  6. hey guys iread you whayrver sorry is boring hahahahah sike its my birthday today at least say happy birthday to you chacha chaumin thats what we say so ddont know about u but know about me booooo yaaa

  7. Sweet! AWSOME IDEA!
    Man I love Jade and her awsome designs! Any way how you bratzies had fun with this. Any way bratz I can’t wait to see th 2015 bratz (2015 come back) can you do some sport ones? Cause that was an awsome idea with the bratz!
    Also I hope theses doll come to Australia

    THanks see ya bratz
    Also P.S. here are some exmplaes of sport bratz (google images)

  8. Hi (again) second comment I know but MGA E / bratz
    but what…. CHECK THIS OUT! The bratz fans that like MH wouldn’t like this nor the MH fans that don’t bratz……. but the bratz fans that sick up for bratz fans that don’t like MH will agree with this (like me LOL).

    Thanks Sa-fire42

  9. hiya!
    bye ya!
    don’t ya hate when ya are bored…………………………………………………….yeah we are totally bored..
    not even get lucky is helping us!

  10. jade that sounds so fun no I didn’t jade I love u u like me passion for fashion a lot of pretty clothes

  11. Hey every body.i did really great at my swim meet and i got to see my grandpa today! it really fun seeing him agian!

  12. Hey New girl alert!! She’s rad and her name is Shakira!
    `Hey i’m Shakira new girl and I love it here that’s all I have to say’

  13. Shakira `Nataliya`Rodriguez here! Anyway my second time posting! Have you heard this song, Happy by Pharrell Williams? If you do, then make your teach doesn’t! I hate when my teacher Ms. Cassidy keeps singing that rad song. My brain wants me to tell her to `SHUT UP!!! :( I’M SORRY BUT I HAVE TO BE HONEST!!!`
    So that’s all I got to say!!

  14. Hey every body.sorry that i didn,t blog eralier i was playing with my friend lee haris.she is only 7 years old.Today i had a good day at school and yesterday i was invited to a birthday party and its this sunday! i can,t wait!Well gottta go bye!

  15. Hey every body,i had a good day at school and my mom might
    take me to see frozen on friday after school.

  16. Hey jade what’s up! What are you doing? I have not sent any thing yet are you having a slumber party
    How are cloe Yasmin sasha

  17. It’s so ironic, my friends and I had a slumber party too! It was fun!


  18. Slumber parties r the best but this one is unique Ive tried a neon princess theme but it didnt work out well

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