Olympic Fashions

Namaste, Bratzies!

I’m so excited the Olympics are here. I love watching people from all around the world come together to celebrate our differences and similarities with some healthy competition. It is uber zentastic. I wish yoga were an Olympic sport! I’d be all over that!

Lately, super fabulous and patriotic make-up styles have been invading the interwebs. I love the idea of supporting your home team by rockin’ your country’s flagship colors and styles.  Here is a list of some of my fave Olympic looks:

Flag Flare: Some amazing make-up artists have been painting their eyelids like the flags from their home countries! My favorite one so far has been the Union Jack eye make-up. So pretty! So detailed!

I have also seen people paint their country’s flag on their lips! This look doesn’t fly with a lot of flag designs, but when it works, it works! The Japanese flag lipstick is soooo pretty!

Patriotic Colors: You can represent your country in a million different ways just by wearing your country’s national colors! I saw a beautiful picture of a woman who had layered her jewelry with pieces that represent all 6 different colors in the South African flag! OM-mazing!

You can also paint your nails, pick our your wardrobe and add colored extensions to your hair, all in your country’s unique colors!

Olympic Rings: Olympic rings are fun because you can pull them off anywhere! Big hoop earrings! Bangles! A ring on each finger! I’m also a bog fan of painting your nails white and then using a toothpick to draw each of the Olympic rings on your fingernails! It’s super easy and super cute!

Do you have any other Zensible Olympic fashion suggestions?


43 thoughts on “Olympic Fashions

  1. I’m with you Yasmin, i loove the Yoga, is so relaxing!
    I love your ideas,great blog!

  2. Hey everyone.This sunday i have a swim meet.I can,t wait next
    friday is valintimes day yay!Well have a good weekend bye!ps:i like your new website yasmin.

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  4. I really want everyone to be honest and answer this question.
    how is your favortie girl,cloe,jade,sasha or yasmin.My favortie is sasha because her passion is fashion and i love fashion.Well have to go bye.

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  12. Hey Bratz Wassup!! Please reply!! Do you have instagram? If yes please tell me your user name and i will follow you! Another thing: Megan Imrie, a biathlon athlete, is my aunt’s sister!

  13. Hey that sound like fun! I love hoop earings So I’m would love th wear those or a d design of some sort! Any way I love winter time yasmin (the picture o blog) that doll is amazing!
    Hope you do some thing like this in the 2015 come back!

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  17. Tell em that is Liv’s birthday!! Today is my 17th birthday! We are going all over Times Square and we are shopping!!! Sssh! I hope for my birthday, Cameron would be my valentine and MOSTLY my bf! Gas Pedal, Red Nose, Get Lucky and Turn up the Music. Oh i’m just naming songs and Drunk in Love. There are music worms in my head and melodies!
    Happy Birthday to Me!!
    The Olympics!!! Cool! I think Gabby Douglas is in it!
    Mkay bye! Rolanda and Richard!!

  18. I have that same Yasmin doll! hehe…um, I think that you can incorporate some of your team’s colors in your everyday clothing, but just don’t go too over-the-top. One time when I went to volleyball practice and I wore a red tank top and blue shorts and the other girls were joking with me and said why are u wearing 4th of July colors? I didn’t even realize that….I just liked the colors…haha, but my tip is: don’t do that unless the Olympics is going on so you can just say “I’m just rooting for team USA.” otherwise, it can be a little embarrassing, but not necessarily. ;)

  19. how dare you say I am not famous I am a singer songwriter and I won thlent show at school and now I am famous in your e bratz

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