New School Year, New YOU Year

Yo, yo, yo, Bratzos!

A new school year is upon us and I have a feelin’ it’s gonna be scorchin’!

Every August/September, school starts up again and we get the awesome opportunity to reinvent ourselves. Don’t let yourself feel bogged by the person you used to be! Embrace the new you!!

Summer changes people! (Especially if you took part in our #UnleashYourSummer Bucket List!! No one can challenge herself, face her fears and have the most epic summer of all time and NOT change!!) We grow. We mature. We get a break from school and a chance to sit back and re-evaluate who we are. Then decide for ourselves if there are any changes we want to make.  Summer means change!

Do you want to try and be more outgoing? More bold? Do you want to make new friends? Or pare down your group to spend more time with your true besties? Do you want to experiment with new fashions? Hairstyles? Or a new nickname?

This year, aspire to put an end to any of the drama-rama in your life and commit to being fab-a-lish. If you don’t know what to do, Bunny Boo has got the tips for you!

Follow these three steps for a school year you will never forget! YOLO!!

1- Recite.Remind. Repeat.

Recite my motto: New School Year, New YOU Year!

Take this to heart. Every new year gives you a chance to explore new sides of yourself! Have you always wanted to try out for the cheerleading team, drama club or MATHletes, but were too afraid of what your friends would think or that you wouldn’t get in? Now is the time! Be fierce! If you don’t make the club, at least you tried! And if your friends give you grief, then they weren’t very good friends to begin with! Talk to that boy you were always nervous to speak to. Try that super short bob cut that you always secretly thought was too cute. Challenge yourself to be the person you want to be. The person you know you are inside. A new school year = A new YOU year. Go for it!! We know you rock; now show the world!!

2 –  Meet Locker

It can be super easy to stay in your comfort zone, but playing it safe means you never play to win! For the most epic school year ever, challenge yourself to meet new peeps. Join fab-a-lish student clubs, hit up the football games, and be a part of the Homecoming dance committee. You never know what cool people you might meet. And REMEMBER: go in with an open mind. Summer didn’t only change you, it changed your classmates, too. Everyone deserves the right to start fresh in the new school year. If there are people in your new club that you never clicked with, give them each a new chance. If you see that they haven’t changed, go back to simply being polite, but staying clear. You never know, they may surprise you! Summer may have turned them into rad new peeps you could totally be besties with!! Maybe they are just looking for someone to give them a chance!!!

3 – Confidence Couture

To show off the new you, get a new ‘do. Head back to school rockin’ your fab new style. Sadly, people can’t see the internal changes you have made over the summer. They can’t see your commitment to be more outgoing and try new things. They can’t see your open mind. They can’t see that you had an epic summer of facing your fears. What they CAN see, is your fierce new look. Find a style and haircut that compliments your new, true personality. Make sure it is authentic to who you are so you feel comfortable rockin’ the look every day. When people see your scorchin’ new style, they will be more open to seeing the new you!! It’s not just about your first day look, it’s about your new confidence couture!

Can’t wait to hear all about my little divas rockin’ this new school year!!

Stay fabulous!!


103 thoughts on “New School Year, New YOU Year

  1. Thanks! This really helped. But,I have a question. In this blog,it clearly states “Put an end to drama-rama…”. Now during the school year,(I’m using this as a reference) What if someone brings the drama to you? How do you act to it? Also, I know some of us have to wear uniforms. How do we customize it if,you know,its not our style? Would it count as expressing our style throughout the lockers? You know,how people decorate and all. Thanks for answering these questions!

  2. SCHOOL’S ABOUT TO BEGIN in Monday September 9. well for me! thanks for the tips, i’m very nervous at the first month of school. i’m gonna start high school!


  3. this was my secnod week of third grade it was amzing I am 1 of the greates kids in the class and my techer mrs.dougtherty is very nice I think this going to be a great school year P.S. how is your school year going

  4. my name is patience morales and on august 18 i am going to my cousins danyels birthday party and i/m afraid that i will get nerves and then just end up emberrsing my self and every one will laugh at me and every time i go to some ones birthday party i/m still afraid that i will emberris my self. so what should i do?

  5. i/m still waiting for a anwer.sorry i/m tierd of of waiting for a to you guys tommrow.good night.

  6. Thanks Sasha! This made me smile so big! I’m super nervous going into high school this coming September, but I’m also a little bit excited to really forgot about the past and start fresh! I’m really looking forward to everything I want to do this year! I really want to start taking acting classes, piano lessons, voice lessons, and try some dance classes {thank you for inspiring me to start to dance! :)} Hopefully I can start volunteering at the Humane Society, the soup kitchen, and other awesome places! I really want to give back and help others! I’m also thinking about starting a YouTube channel so I can post videos about my Bratz collection, do some music covers,and vlogs for all the Bratztastic things I want to do! I know no matter what happens everything will be ok and you girls have helped me to stay strong throughout my whole life. I Love you girls! Thank you for inspiring me to go for my dreams, be myself & help others! xoxo, haley {bratztweets on instagram} <3

  7. Omg! That is some gr8 advice, Sasha! I really apriciate it! Also, can you PWEASE have a blog post about back to school outfit ideas??? I would LOVE that!!!! Oh, and my school’s moving locations and I am going to be in jr. high, so this will be a tote’s exciting year for me! It will be so brand new! Oh, I can’t wait!!!! I also can’t wait to meet new peepz! Oh, also I have a question for you guys, what is your fave boy band? Mine is 1D lol :D!!
    Well, bye bye 4 now!


  8. When is the new super hero game coming out ( the one that goes with the new dolls )? If it already came out then it is not coming up on my games.

    AprilBear OUT!!!

    P.S. THANKS!!!!

  9. Thanks for the advice it really helps me!!! I’m mostly the shy girl I really don’t talk a lot but when I’m home I do but this time I’m not I’m going to express myself my way thx bratz

  10. in commercials, they say high school is tough and creul new people! it is true!


  11. bratz is real cool i have dolls and movies and some of threre outfits for the dolls

  12. hi, i’m beauty4ever’s 10 year old sister and why do you have a rivalry with the My Scene girls? i love them and you girls. PLZ JUST BE BFFS WITH THEM!

    they are cool too, ty if you answer and sssh don’t tell my older sister because she went to Popeyes.

  13. [edited] hi its me patience and today is august 19 and my cousins danyels party was fun.well today at camp i whent swimming and i will porabaly be going to camp for this rest of the week and then next monday i am staring school and will be going to 4th grade and last year for 3rd grade so it is my second year at this school.well thank you for reading this .goodnight

  14. I like all of them pretty princess & angel & bunny boo & cool cat. The whole time ive been on here it’s been really fun:)

  15. It’s still beauty4ever’s sister and Mattel is your rivalry. no no NO NO! my scene and you should be friends. it doesn’t matter about rivalry at all. just because it’s a different company, it becomes a war. so just think about! j’aime bratz and my scene. WHAT? i kinda speak French

    oh! i didn’t know you have to write Xoxo

  16. Hi its me patience and today i whent to camp and i kind of had a ruff day but be sides that i had a good when my mom picked me up and she stared to when she was driveing she tolld me i was not going to camp tomrrow but she said i will at lees go back to camp on thursday she doesn/t know if i will go to camp on friday.i will ask my mom if i can go out or to my friend lians and then i will ethir get back on the computer or play with the barbie dolls.goodnight.

  17. Hai it’s lil miss Badazzle here, and I hav the fabolicous blog EVA. but here is some tips for yall to follow:
    1-be true to ya self
    Don’t the the Mean Gals get to ya!
    and 2-be yourself
    don’t be afraid to be yourself. After all, that’s who ya r! to get more of my tips say cheesa

  18. Dear Sasha,Cloe,Yasmin,and Jade,
    Tommorow is the big day. My birthday. Im getting a bratz cake and doll and dance class. Im ecited!

  19. Good luck heading back to school, china. The second year at a new school is always easier and more fabtastic than the first. Have fun!!


  20. Good luck in high school, thehalstrom/haley!! We know you are going to do ah-maz-ing things with your awesome life!! All these activities sound toooo fab-a-lish!! We may even steal some of your rad ideas and do some, too!!

    Stay awesome. Stay YOU!!


  21. Hi AprilBear!
    The trial version is available on iTunes now!! And super soon the full fledge version with all the levels and lands will be available. Let us know if you cant find the Action Heroez game on iTunes!!!

  22. Hey every1 I have more tips!!
    1- Don’t care what any1 thinks about you!
    Don’t back down; get in their face!
    and 2-As sasha says, NEW YOU YEAR!!!!

  23. I have a question…
    Ok, so I just wanted to see more fashion advice, since you don’t really do them daily…. can you somehow do them more often??
    Hugs and Kisses,
    Lil Miss Bedazzle!!

  24. Hey! I know I comment a lot, but this is IMPORTANT. There is a slumber party I am holding!
    When: August 27
    Hope you’ll b here! say your username if you want to come!!
    Hugs and kisses,
    Lil Miss Badazzle!!

  25. 2 more weeks back to school can some teach me how to make friends because people come to me to be there friend someone please help me :(

  26. Hi love,
    That is the “My Passion” Sasha doll. She’s a fashion designer!!


  27. Making new friends can be hards, dasha1. Try a lot of the tips in the blog above. Join new clubs. Talk to new people. Expand your circle. Challenge yourself to be socially brave. And above all else, always be yourself and let your awesome self shine!!

    Do any of our other Bratzies have tips for Dasha1?


  28. Wow I always thought Jade will be a fashion designer well your still rockin’ that look Sasha! Keep The Passion 4 Fashion As Always your True Bratz Fan Sayori

  29. Hi Ive been having trouble finding some cute notebooks. I’ve gone to Walmart, Target, Walgreens I finally find a cute notebook at walgreens but I still need two more! Thx xoxo

  30. Hai. Chloe, i’ma HUGE fan!!!!!! But I have one question;
    Is it hard having to try and to the blog daily while having time w BFF??
    Lil Miss Badazzle!!

  31. I wanna work for mga when i’m old enough I’ve got a great new doll line idea though

  32. my idea was that they should do year bratz like from 2001 they wear the best top the best shoes the best skirt and best hairstyle and makeup from that year and then go all the way up to 2014

  33. why on the new Bratzillaz commercials are they saying house of witches not Bratzillaz and why aren’t cloetta and yasmina in back 2 magic

  34. why do people say Bratzillaz copy monster high because there much better and not even monsters

  35. thxs u bratz and purplecandy and purplecannd will u be my friend and I really need friends

  36. I have an new color and it’s purple not pink anymore !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Rock on, Cate57! Picking a new signature color is a rad way to define the new you in the new school year!


  38. Beauty4ever’s sister and bedazzle, im going to 5th grade too! So epic


  39. hey! this is beauty4ever’s sister. I just made an account. anyways dasha1, i know it’s hard making friends because i have only one friend. and badazzle, you know Best Song Ever by One Dircetion? there so funny and cool. Who’s your crush. Mine is a tie between Harry and Zayn because they are so AWESOME!


  40. HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY Ann! i know i havent been here in sereval days! i can’t wait to here what happened! my birthday, which was July 25, it was bad at first but till later it was wonderful. i couldn’t believe i got the Beats solo. Cant wait how exciting it was.


  41. that’s so cool. just made a account. still beauty4ever’s sis. anyways dasha1, it’s really hard making friends. to cheer you up, we can be friends! and badazzle, i >3 One Direction! cant wait until the movie. i’m gonna watch it with my sister in the movies! My crushes are Harry and Zayn! dasha1 and bedazzle, cant wait graudition and prom! aren’t you guys?


  42. purplecandy, the only reason why i wrote that my scene thingy is because my only friend is in love with my scene. I hate it! and i believe that Bratzillaz isn’t copying Monster high. Because Bratzillaz are witches not monsters. People believe that Bratzillaz is copying.


  43. dear pinkalicious,
    I LOVE harry and nial. and yes I cant wait till prom and stuff. I luv 1D too!!
    Lil Miss Badazzle!!! (<3 <3!!!!)

  44. oh you said why did people! um did you watch the bratzillaz music video. if you saw lightning from the monster high video. and they mostly think that because clawdeen’s ghouls rule and yasmina’s regular clothes. compare that. that’s not even copying!


  45. UM HELLO. no offense, but you guys are not looking here;
    Bratzillaz just added the “illaz” to bratz. Basically they were targeting to copy Bratz, but they don’t have the blog and all the cool stuff.

  46. Omigod only four school days away!!! im SO excited!!And I have the coolest bag, and shoes, and- wait. Why am I bragging? Anyways, Bratz, I hav a little incident. Here goes:
    I used to like a boy (I still kinda do) and my WHOLE grade new that!!! Because a group of mean girls told everyone including HIM. And his friend, which I currently like. But that was all in third grade. When I became a fourth grade, further in the year, (of fourth grade) my friend told me he liked me, and that on the back of the door of his room, there was a picture of the class of second grade and I was in it and he circled my face with a heart!!! She knows this because my crush and her are cousins and she goes to his house often. And she also said he wanted to marry me (um ewwwww. obsessive much?!!) And so he the next few weeks or days at school he had to go to a different school. He said he’d come back nest year, and I became SOOO nervous. Why, you ask? Because I am currently in love with his friend, who also likes me, and if my current crush and my past crush are in the same class as me, then my past crush is going to do lovey duvey things for me like he always does and my current crush is gonna think I like him and I don’t like him anymore so then my current crush will hate me. I am also nervous bcuz if my past crush comes, EVERYONES GONNA START GOSSIPING BEHIND MY BACK ABOUT ME AND MY PAST CRUSH. and they’ll laugh at me if I even walk by. Okay, usually I keep my cool when things like this just come outa nowhere. BUT NO. What if a teacher finds out and tells my mom? Please and bratzies out there I need advice!!
    Sadness and Tears,
    From Lil Miss Badazzle. (</3)

  47. um, badazzle! i’m going to watch the movie This Is Us( the 1D movie) i have $100 and i decided to go watch it. i’m going there around 4:30 pm. i live near the movies. just blocks away! i’m gonna tell you some of things what happened. um dasha1, your welcome and you’re really sweet to. here is a tip:
    if you don’t that much friends, this is what i did, i joined the cheerleading team ( i’m not that good) i meet only 1 friend. but i still have the bratz!


  48. Omg pinkalish!! soo lucky tell me EVERYTHING about it when you come back!!! I mite watch is with my sisters. Ur a very sweet gal BTW.
    Hugs and Kisses from your best brat friend,
    Lil Miss Bedazzle!!!

  49. hey girls. Hey Fashionista fans!!
    New School Year,Sayornara Summer!

    hey! Summer’s ending and school’s is starting! i know people don’t wanna say goodbye to summer. Here’s some school tips!

    Many people are shy in the first day. But don’t show your shyness. Just be yourself. That might make your first day more better. If you show your shyness and a bully’s near you then the bully is saying Calling all drama! no one doesn’t wanna be upset in your first day! people may cry because there parents are leaving. We understand but you have to learn! everyone’s best month of school is June! Me and the girls too!

    Some people feel embrassed on the first days! but just be you and be unique! oh please if someone bullies you in the first day, maybe you should ask an adult. Not standing up like Sassy recommended in Tweevils are Cyber Bullies. Feel embrassed in the inside not the outside. Tell your friends that your embrassed and they’ll make you comfortable. That’s what friends are for.

    No drama in the first day or you first week will be a wreck! Everyone wants there week to be fine, right?don’t have that much! sorry and no offense. Not really Miss Know It All!

    Don’t drown girl! You don’t have to try HARD to make friends! Trying hard to make friends aren’t gonna give you friends. Just be yourself and you’ll have friends. Girl, you really wants bffs? then just be who you are. Just the way you are!

    Enjoy the tips, girl!

    Xoxo Bria!

  50. Wow!! That is a LOT to sort out, lil miss bedazzle! We know that a bunch of mean girls gossiping about your current crush – or your old crush – can be totes cray! But here’s the dilly – don’t sweat it, girlfriend. SRSLY, do your best to remain totally chill. There is no reason to get yourself all riled up in “sadness and tears” before anything bad has happened.

    Did you read our blog, “New School Year, New YOU Year?” You should check it out. We talk about how you have changed over the summer and so have all the other kids in your class. It’s totally possible that the mean girls who gossiped about your crush last year, will have NO interest in gossiping about it this year! Maybe they grew up a little over the summer and have found new interests instead of being mean.

    Also, try to look on the POSITIVE side. It seems like your old crush, who you still like a little bit, is totally into you. And, even better, your NEW crush likes you, too!! These are AWESOME problems to have!! Clearly these boys recognize how awesome you are. Now is the fun part. You get to choose which of these two rad boys you are going to spend your time talking to at lunch and on the playground. The ball is in your court! It’s awesome.

    If the kids keep gossiping this year, try not to let it stress you. It could be waaaaay worse than having people chat about the fact that you like a boy (or 2!!) who like you back!! If anything, it just promotes how totally rad you are.

    Good luck!!

  51. okay badazzle, i know your excited to hear about it! did you see the commercial when Louis slapped Niall when they was taking a photo shoot, so Niall messed the picture so they had to start all over. then Niall accidentally slapped Harry when he meant slap Niall. Then Harry accidentally slapped Zayn. but Zayn accidentally slapped Liam. Harry went to go get his lunch and threw it at Niall. Then they had a food fight. Jumping on each other and they kinda broke glass. lol! and i can’t believe Zayn was getting married to Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards! Niall is so sweet! okay so when they was performing on stage, a little girl was backstage and he pulled her on stage and sang the 10 year old the song” What Makes You Beautiful”. and he said every 10 year old girls are pretty! so when Liam was fishing, he pulled Harry! lol! and he pushed Harry in the ocean! and at the end, yes they sang” Best Song Ever” it was a cool movie!

    xoxo pinkalious!

  52. OMG, bratz, u rock. You have the best advice and your my best bratzies friend in the WORLD. I thank you infinity percent. And when you put it THAT way, it seems to be nice to hav two boys being in love with me. Thanx!!! unfortunately, my past crush didn’t come, and I wish A LITTLE BIT he would come soon. Plus, my first day was AWE TO THE SOME and no one brang it up. Thank you bratz friends forever!

  53. As you know I started my fashion line, and my friendz are in it. Cassandra, Kat, Mia, and Jillian. We’re starting a WHOLE NEW thing for EVA GIRLZ and I hope you enjoy!!!
    Cassandra- Hey galz!! Cassie here. My friend, Lauren (Bedazzle) is SUCH a ro model 2 me the minute she invited me into the fash line. I have an idea. Since Pinkalicious was rite, (Summer ending school starting,) I thought it was a FAB TO THE LISH Idea to change our style a bit. Dontcha think? Anyways, here is my idea:
    -Fresh Style, fresh YOU!
    You would want to have a style that shouts, YOU. Wear your personality. It will make you feel more confident, and secure about yourself. As an EVA, we Eva Galz learn to be wear our confidence. It’s a great idea, actually, because you wont be so nervous on the first day! Hope ya luved these tips! Text me wat u think of it!!
    Kat- Hey Ya’all!! Kat here. Cassandra was rite about wearing your personality. SUCH a good idea!! But I hav an idea a wee bit different. It’s called First Day Frustrasions. This category will be in the EVA magazine!
    -First Day Frustrations
    Will your back not zip, or your books fall down? Just keep your cool! EVAz learn to keep calm when they are frustrated. Deep breaths, and focusing on the problem. Think of solutions! More tips will be in the Eva girl magazine! See ya’all!!
    Mia- Hey every1! Mia here. I have an idea for bullying. It’s called, When it All comes down to bullying!! Hope ya luv!
    -When it all comes down to bullying
    It’s normal 2 b bullied. Every1 has!! Just go to an elder, and tell them. Don’t think that the bully will ‘get back at you’. You told the elder. They might keep an eye on you! And if that doesn’t work out as planned, use your EVA self! Stand up to the bully, and tell them what you REALLY think bout them. Not in a rude way, but in a way they would understand!!
    Jillian- ON VACAY AT HAWAII.
    Lauren (Badazzle)-
    Heeeey! Lauren here. As you saw, Jillian is on vacay. But don’t worry! She’ll b back in a week or two with more great-a-lish tips!! Text us what you think. After all, we’re EVA FRIENDS FOREVER!! (EFF)
    We Luv ya guys,
    The Fab-a-lish Five!

  54. Heeey!! Cassandra here, part of the fab-alish five, containing Lauren (Badazzle), Kat, Mia, and Jillian! Jill is in Hawaii, and we’re still with her. It’s SOO fun here!! If you guys have any questions or need for tips, just ask us!! Cuz we’re ur NUMBER ONE Eva Girl Club!! We have really good tips so we can give you answers to your questions! We’ve got em all, from bullying, 2 beauty! If you hav something you need help with, your EFFs (Eva Friends Forever) will help you! Just ask us. SYL(See You Later:): Jillian, Lauren, Kat, Mia and I are going swimming into the Ocean Of Peace!! I hope you guys will have a GREAT day 2day! Biya!
    We Luv Ya’ll,
    The Fab-a-lish Five!

  55. School was fun for the most part and I got punch in the face and it really hurt am so ugly soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ugly everone at school laught but not that much but she said she going to break my leg

  56. Dasha1, in this new school year, let’s commit to putting an end to the bullying. Tell your principal immediately that you were hurt and that you were threatened. A true Bratzie stands up for what’s right. That includes protecting and standing up for yourself!

    Good luck! Tell us how it goes!


  57. hi im purplejaguar’s lil sis. why are ther not any bratz at toyrus and walmart in Calgary

    my fave bratzies is jade cloe meygan

  58. Welcome cloefox7!
    It is up to the stores whether they carry Bratz or not. Sorry to hear we are not carried near you! Your parents can always order Bratz online!


  59. Hey,girly,I haven’t seen u n a min., we should hang out sometime!!!Hit me back!!Luv ya!!!CHAO!!!

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