Namaste, Bratzies,

I am so happy. November is one of my most favorite months out of the year. Can you guess why?



Do you Bratzies know about NaNoWriMo?

NaNoWriMo stands for NAtional NOvel WRIting MOnth! For the month of November, people from all around the world commit to completing the first draft of their novel. Or at least, to complete the first 50,000 words of it! It’s sooooo cool! Everyone who participates in NaNoWriMo instantly finds a community of writers!

There is a website where you can sign in, upload your pages and share your daily word count. But, you don’t have to sign up online to participate! I didn’t! Instead, I just told my BBFs all about it, and they are doing it with me!

Once a week we get together and tell each other about our stories. We also give each other ideas, and, most importantly, lots of encouragement!! Writing is hard. Hugs, kind words and constructive criticism are a must!!

Trying to write 50,000 words in one month is no joke! But participating in NaNoWriMo, and giving your dream of being a novelist a real shot, is totally the ZENsible thing to do!

I’m writing a fantasy book! What are you Bratzies writing about? Give me the summary of your story below! I bet it’s OM-mazing!

Ooh, and if you need some reading inspiration, check out my brand new comic book, all about me pursuing my passions!

Find it under the GAMES section on our website!



65 thoughts on “NaNoWriMO!!

  1. [EDITED]
    Hi every body it,s me kittycat and great idea making this website yasmin!’Well are there any vampire,s out there if there are please tell me i won,t tell anyone i promise.Well i had a halfa day at school today.yaaaaaaa!
    Dear to all you vampire,s out there i am a girl and i am 10 years old and i am in 4th grade and i know that there are vampires out there. so if you are a vampire please tell i won,t tell any one i cross my heart.Goodnight,

  2. Thank You so much for this post Yasmin! I have joined the website and it’s really cool! I love writing stories and novels, so thank you so much for the opportunity! Rosita xx (London)

  3. WOW yasmin I am starting a book too in a contest. it’s about double spy for the government and aliens. if I win my book will be an ebook!

  4. Hi every body .Before i go to bed if there are any vampires out there please tell me please.i belive in vampies ok.goodnight

  5. Hi every body its me kittycat and i just got done watching twlight part:1.Oh and
    i have to tell you guys somthing , for some reson i feel wreid cus my nose is saor and my stumack hurts some times for no reson and i look like i am blowed but i don,t have my period ,which is werid if you know what i mean.
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    So if are vampies please tell i beg of you.why isn,t any one bloging.

  6. HELLO KITTYCAT!!!!Sorry I have not been answering you or even bloging to you but school is hard and I have had A LOT of homework ever sence the first day of school!!!WE ARE STILL FRIENDS SO DON’T WORRY!!! HI DazzelGirl!!!!
    I’m glad that we are friends!! LOVE IT!!! Have you two noticed that the Bratz have not been bloging to us in,like, FOREVER!?! PEACE mildred2011!!! LOVE to be your FRIEND!!! Can all three of you tell all your other friends about me so we can ALL be friends? Maybe when we are, we can start a thing to were we celebrate when a new Bratz member joins us!! We could make this cembul to celebrate: !(* *)!

    AprilBear OUT!!!
    P.S. sorry again for not blogging!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

  7. FIRST TO POST AND I JUST GOT BACK FROM “vacation”!!! ( you get what i’m trying to do :)(: )

  8. kittycat, I liked chyna better but what ever makes you happy,I’m fine with it!!! :)(:

    AprilBear OUT!!!

  9. If you didn’t really like my first cembul ( or you have a better idea ) …… PLEASE TELL/SHOW ME!!!!

    AprilBear OUT!!!!!

  10. I love to read books and I am thinking of writing one but its to much and I have not hade much experience in writing but thinking getting inspiration

  11. Hi aprilbear its me kittycat and do you belive in vampires?
    for some reson i feel like vampires real are you know.
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    thank you for reading april bear and mildred20ll and dazzel girl.
    have a great and awsome day ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hi AprilBear, how was your vacation? Want to be friends because most of your posts are incredible! Also kittycat, i believe in vampires and werewolves.


  13. Bratz12girl, i have a sweet idea of your book!
    My idea: A girl named Ariana that’s a cool fashion designer and moves to NYC to make her own fashion line called Girlz! Her designs are in stores like Forever 21 and Century 21! Don’t worry, i live in NYC Manhattan. Anyways, she gets shot and there’s many memories of Ariana

    I make books too! I made a book called Lola: Jealousy means War!
    What’s it about: it’s about a girl named Lola Martinez and she use to date this boy named Nick Jones. Now there just friends. Nick

  14. Is dating Lola’s enemy, Mackenzie. So Lola is fighting to be Nick’s girlfriend again. She and Nick have feelings for each other. Lola’s bffs Jessica and Danielle, are in Lola’s side!

    Hope you enjoyed my plan and my book!

    P.S. – want to be friends?


  15. Hi every body today is babby alive dolls birthday and shes turning 1 years old.
    They grow up soooooooooooooooooooooooo fast.I hope you guys had a good day today.are there any vampires out any vampiers not even one.well i hope you guys have a good day at school tomorrow bye.Goodnight……….

  16. I am going to write a book about livin’ forever. I might even finish a series by the end of next year.

    p.s My friends think the guy that i like, likes me back. what should I do?

    <3 jv30

  17. I really want all the my passion dolls! Cloe, the web designer, Yasmin the dj, Sasha the fashion designer and Jade the fashion blogger! It would be cool! But good thing i’m saving up!


  18. Hi every body its me kittycat and guess what?I am getting my flu shot tomorrow.Did you on good moring amaricas lates news a women finds biological family!She said it started on one post on face book!Did you also know whity bulger 2 life sentances for boston crimes and he is 48 years old!
    Well i hope you guys have a good and great and awsome weekend.bye. goodnight.


    <3 jv30

  20. Chrismas is my fave HOLIDAY!!!!! plz tell me what your fave holiday is THX!!! bye and Goodnight ever1

  21. I WOULD LOVE TO ENTER! but I’m already entering science and art competitions So I Can’t. Ps. s.o.s I can’t decide who I like more Yasmin or Jade

  22. hey its barbie1539.i love the bratz girls.hey i want to ask kittycat it is :do you watch seven super girls.

    please leave reply

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  28. In 2014, that is going to be one of my goals. I’ll probably get all the ideas and characters and stuff like that together in the summer. It’s probably going to be about a dancer who opens a whole new world of dangerous dancing and fierce fashion into her group.

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