Yo yo yo, Bratzos!!

Sasha here, and I want to talk to you about the hottest autumn trend. Moustaches are in! And they’re not just for hipsters. Not during the month of November, anyway.

This November, help raise awareness for men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer, by joining in the epically fabulous, MOvember.

Movember stands for “moustache November.” Men who are supporting the cause, grow their moustaches for the entire month of November. But you don’t have to be a dude to dive into all the dramarama. You know this Queen Bee isn’t giving up an opportunity to rock the latest look!

Mo-Bros may have it easier by simply letting their facial hair grow, but Mo-Sistas have many options to help the cause and look fab doing it!

Here are a few ways Mo-Sistas can celebrate Movember:

1: The Finger-Stache.

Simply place your pointer finger above your upper lip to look like a moustache. Whenever you see a Mo-Bro, make your finger-stache to show your support!

(Picture by us.movember)


2: The Pony-Stache

Use your own hair or ponytail and pull it around to front of your face to act as a moustache!

(Picture by voucher

3: Jewelry-Stache:

Check out these ultra fab sunglasses and fabnomenal ring! Some moustache jewelry even donates a part of their proceeds to men’s cancers research! Check before you buy! Shopping is so much more fun when you’re helping peeps at the same time! Am I right?







(Pictures by Rainandhaleblog and iloveitsomuch)




4: Nail-Staches

For an easy and free moustache look, you can always paint on your stache! This way, you can never leave your look somewhere or forget it at home! You’ll be supporting the cause 24/7!

(Pic from The Brothers Frost)

5: Stache-on-a-Stick

Cut out a moustache in your fave construction paper color and tape it to a straw for an easy, no-drama moustache. 

(Pic from the train tattoo)


Do you Bratzies have any other fabulous ways of supporting our Mo-Bros? Share your Mo-Sistas ideas with me below!


54 thoughts on “MOvember

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  6. Omg! Bunny Boo should give the mustache jelewery on Nerdy to Glamour, to be glamourous! Our was going to be Glamour but there’s a group named Glamour so….
    We would do #1 and #2!


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  8. Bratz, your girls NEVER respond and i thought maybe you girls lost yourself to dance! LOL! Anyways can you girls make a blog on how to mix nail polish and make glam designs because Bunny Boo’s next nerd to help be glam wants mixed nail polish and make fab designs!


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    BTW, here’s some tips the CuteLoveCool girlz made!

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  20. I posted some pics of moustache jewelry and hair moustaches on instagram and stuff to support movember


  22. I AM GOING TO PUT PICS OF MY BRATZ DOLLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. hey, Sasha
    I know one more way to have a mustache, you can buy one of those mustache pencil that has a mustache on the top and when you write you hold it up to your face BAM you have a mustache.

    Love, Bratzlover

  24. hey bratzos i have a facebook and ther is a game called, “Moustace Mania” hope you like it hug kiss

  25. what do u do when u move away frome your best friend that u been in same school with her in been in preschool with her in to 2 grade with her
    lol smily face

  26. My older sis taught me how to do nail art with a tooth-pick and it comes out great, so I tried doing a mustache but it came out more like a dying bat! :) LOL! :D

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