Mother’s Day

We love our mamas!

Mother’s Day is all about showing your appreciation for the leading lady in your life! There are tons of fierce wayz to show your devotion. Sometimes it means making mom a fab breakfast in bed, sometimes it means giving mom full access to your wardrobe. (Eep!)

How do you show mom you heart her?

27 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. Hey , bratzies ! I might make faces and call my mum names whenever we have arguments , but I lov her for life ! When theres hate theres true love . This is also a way to see whether your partner really likes too !
    xx Sandra !

  2. I make my mom breakfast in bed and make her a card. This year I made her a poem.

  3. Our moms shed her tears for us and give us her heart of gold! Today, it’s a cool cool Rio club tonight!!
    Mood: Partying :)

  4. Yay! I`m the 1st one to post!Hey I LOVE Mothers Day!

    P.S.Friend ME!!!!!

    AmberBear OUT!!!!

  5. Mother’s Day is an lovely to thank the appealing lady and appreciate her for her heart of gold. Fashion Star Winner might be cancelled. New magazine is InstaGlam it’s all together

  6. InstaGlam is about expressing yourself and expressing how glam you are. Every girl is beautiful. Even fat, skinny girls! Yes! Even girls who have cancer and nerds. Who ever breaks your heart and says you’re not beautiful, well you are more beautiful than them so don’t let them hurt their self-esteem. Your self-esteem builds you up.Every boy is cute. Boys who have cancer, fat, skinny, nerds etc. are cute! Just remember that! :)
    P.S.- Fashion Star Winner is back! We promise!

  7. Mi madre no quería que le regalase nada. Pero un día le dije a mi padre que fuerámos a comprarle algo. Así que pusimos la excusa de que íbamos a dar una vuelta con la moto y fuimos a una líbrería a comprarle un libro.
    “El mundo en tus manos” de Elsa Punset.
    Un libro que te enseña inteligencia social, y que le encantó. :)
    xoxoxo!! xD

  8. I’m sorry Dreamon for the loss of your mum . I bet she was very beautiful like a angel and by , the way I might of forgotten mother’s day and didn’t give any presents to my mum . What I think you should really give to your mum is your heart , which is full of pure love !

    P.S See y’all ! xx Sandra !

  9. i just loved mothers day how about u?i also just love my mommy thanks for reading this its my first comment

  10. i know i posted this comment late but mother’s day was a blast! we had a skorchin surprise party just for my mom. of course i wore a gorgeous outfit. you’ve got to believe me that other moms were there but it was just for my mom.

    P.S I dont like posting comments late! It’s sometimes embarrasing to me.

  11. Will what I did me and my dad went to the jewelry store to get her a pair of ear rings I seen mom at the come in I told my dad to go in the bath room she also seen me that was scared that’s what I did for my mom she’s the best in the world

  12. tell her you love her all day, give her flowers, make her a card, hug her, kiss her, make her breakfast in bed (when i say breakfast i don’t mean left over pizza or cereal i mean eggs bacon coffie tea), look up “home made gifts to make for mom on mothers day”, make some crafts (moms love home made stuff), buy her expensive (or not expensive) rings or necklaces, make up a song about her and sing it to her, don’t spend all day with your friends spend it with your mom. LOLZ :)

  13. i ordered a card from funky that said this

    Dear mom, i hope this explains how i feel about you,
    i love you mom, things have been rough this start of the year but i do not get scared because i have the greatest angel ever with me, a mom. You can cure anything your hands are magic. I am always safe with you so please don’t ever cry, i worry. I am not the person who actually feels comfortable showing their feelings,its hard for me,when you are upset i feel like i have lost the whole world, and out of all mothers days i chose this one because things have been hard.
    i did the “you can cure anything”part cause at that time i was being diagnosed with hepatitis B,going in and out of the hospital was hard for both of us, and for those who do not know the causes of hepatitis B well it makes your liver stop working, and your liver is a part of your digestive system.but luckily with lots of rest and the right food we got through it.
    these are the gifts i got mom from asda
    1.strawberry scented candle
    3.slippers(bit silly), mums favourite colours, orange yellow and white
    5.two teddy bears
    hope you guys know how much i love my mom know!i love her a lot!
    i love bratz swell!hate barbie

  14. sometimes we all think that our mom’s are the greatest people on earth well we sure got that right we 100% sure have the best mom’s on earth!!!

  15. by the way the comment 2 up from mine the part about your mom was nice but the end of it was a little out of hand 1st off i love to play with barbie’s and if you have a problom with that then i dont know what to say to that i love to watch the bratz but i also like to watch barbie to mrs.prettylove

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