March MADAMness

Howzit hangin’, Bratzies??

Kool Kat Jade here, and I am totally stoked that March Madness has begun! I HEART watching the college basketball tournament because, seriously,┬áMarch Madness is, like, the best soap opera ever! Heart are broken! Underdogs rise! Crazy plot twists! Sick stunts! Heroes fall and newbies save the day! For realz, there is nothin’ as fun as filling out your bracket, kickin’ it in front of the TV and watching awesomely athletic girls work their magic up and down the court. Yes, I said girls!

It drives me absolutely cray that most people only pay attention to the DUDES during March Madness! Most colleges have both men’s and women’s basketball teams. Both male and female athletes participate in this killer tournament. The same blood, sweat and tears are left on the court no matter what your gender is! So why, oh why, do most peeps only watch the male teams??

I know that basketball was traditionally a guy sport, but so were a lot of things, like skateboarding and surfing. That doesn’t mean they have to stay that way! Take me, for example, you KNOW this Kool Kat can ride a blade as sweet as any boy! Pushing your limits, soaking in an adrenaline and challenging yourself is boss! And not at all gender specific! Girl power!!

So this month, in honor of March being Women in History Month, let’s all commit to watching the women’s basketball games, too! Instead of March MANness, we’ll celebrate March MADAMness! A true Bratzie knows that girlz can do anything guys can do! We can play ball just as well as we can cheerlead for our sistaz playin’ ball. Am I Right??

Let’s prove it!


31 thoughts on “March MADAMness

  1. Totes right Jade! Girl Power.

    So Cymphonique and Max speaking:

    This was hard to choose between QueenBeeofNY and bunnyhopper. Ya had rockin ideas but we decided who should win! The week 1 Fashion Star Winner is……………………………………QueenBeeofNY! Nice job!! Sorry bunnyhopper but you said you did this to express yourself and have fun!!!

  2. Hello everyone i am making a star of the week so if you would like to join please let me know.What you have to do to make it.You have to tell about your self and what is your sense of fashion.if i pick you then good and if i don,t then you might get picked next time.just peek trying.

  3. New contestants for Fashion Star Winner, this week’s theme is a springalicious outfit. Due next week Thursday!! Hope there’s more contestants!!! Good Luck!!

  4. We decided to do any outfit you like! Anyway, Lionsgate? Why did you block the Bratz movies on YouTube! You blocked it in U.S.A! We enjoy watching bratz and you blocked them in U.S! Well we are in London but my friends enjoy it and can’t watch it no more :(!!

  5. Hey everybody.My moring was good and i just got done watching a scary movie called the call.its really good.

  6. what about your friends? will they stand their ground? will they you down again?

  7. Hello everbody.My day was great and for some reason i feel like some one is watching me.its werid.i feel like theres a were wolf coming after me.

  8. OMG Jade your so right on that one! I mean come-on it’s like saying that girls can’t like motor bikes (although I don’t know much about them) or can’t have the same intrest as a guy or could be better than a guy at a serten sport girl!
    See ya Jade

  9. Hi I love TLC! R.I.P Left Eye!!
    So I will be joining Fashion Star Winner [week 2] so you guys, the MovieStarFashionistaz, said we can do any outfit but I’m doing a schorin springalicious outfit

    My Outfit
    Spring, huh? No cold or snow except this Tuesday (it’s snowing and raining i think???)
    So I decided 4 the shirt to be like a belly shirt with a strap along with hearts and that says “Spread Spring” with flowers. Also wear a booty denim shorts with a bow in the front.
    The shoes!!
    Wedges!! I’m addicted to them!! Wedges or sandals?? You can choose!!
    Wish me good luck
    My sister says you don’t need the luck just have the hope inside!!

  10. hello!! It’s Diva (Liv) and it’s rockin MADNESS! Why? It’s because it’s a dance battle around the London Eye! Cool,huh? Bunnystar v.s Roshon Fegan!! Can’t wait!! Starts at 6:00
    It would be Royals (royals)
    We don’t care were driving Cadillacs in our dreams!!

  11. You’re totally right, Jade!! I just watched one of the most epic girl-power movies, Lara Croft, tomb raider!! She seriously kicked butt in that movie! I loved it!! <3

  12. Well,sense no body told me about them selfs. star i am just going to have to pick a star of the week any way.This weeks star is moviestarz.

  13. that’s rad cool, shakira! Thanks 4 this week’s star!!!
    Remember Fashion Star Winner contestants, it’s due on Thursday!!
    This week’s host, is Shakira (from our group, LOL!) So just remember that

  14. Do whatever outfit u feel like (like doesn’t have to be springalicious or anything)

  15. hey Ciara here and u want to know what was exciting? That my baby shower on Saturday!!!! With Kim Karadashian, Lala Vasquez and among others! Of course the MovieStarFashionistaz!!

  16. You’re always keeping it 100% Bratz. This why I love you so much!

    I’m dedicating my March Madness to my serious obsession with the K-pop band f(x).

    Jade, I remember in the first website ever back in 2001, you had a yellow skateboard in your room. XD

  17. hi Movistarz! So anyway i’m joining Fashion Star Winner!

    My Outfit
    A pink, dark blue and gold bow. it would be cute so anyways, a belly shirt that says “Girls are Divas 4 Life” and it’s rainbow colors. Also 4 the shorts that’s like light blue (denim I love denim)
    Leather wedges (any color or colors)
    I hope I win
    You guys say SassKs so I got one called RiRiKs

  18. Well why just watch ladies sports teams, we could also do sports ourselves.
    I am so pumped to get back on my skateboard!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    <3 jv30

  19. Well my fave kind of style is street yet girly sorta like a Becky G type thing, in the spring I like to wear dresses with flowers printed on them along with high tops, lots of jewelry, and a flat bill hat.

    <3 jv30

  20. oh, and how could I be so foolish my makeup I am wearing Pink lipstick or lip gloss and some purple-ish pinkish like eye shadow with black eyeliner to make the eye shadow stand out. And I did my nails neon pink with a flower painted on them, yes all of this is 4 week 2 of Fashion Star Winners.

    <3 jv30

  21. I’m too obessed with JB! So I’m for Fashion Star Winner [week 2]

    So My Outfit
    SO I decided a shirt small belly shirt and a tank top. The belly shirt says “When the flowers bloom, it’s prettier as you!!”. Also some leather shorts from Forever 21!! With a bow in the middle
    Black Wedges!!
    Hope I win!!
    Every keep doing that!!

  22. I have a question for all of you.Are you a girly girl like me or a tom boy.

  23. March Madamness is a fair solution for both female and male( But more for female!). It is a great idea. I think we should stop paying attention to watching male sports and pay attention to female sports!

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