Namaste, Bratzies!

Trick-or-Treating is just around the corner! I know all our fashion savvy Bratzies have come up with their totally fab costumes by now, but have you decorated your locker yet?

Lock-Or-Treating is one of my most fave things to do! Throughout the day on Halloween, you stop by your besties lockers. Each friend participating stores some delish snacks to pass out to their BBFs! Taking the time to hang out at my friends’ lockers is super fun, but the most OM-mazing part of Lock-Or-Treating is decorating your locker!

Last year, I covered the outside and inside of my locker with fake spider webs. Every friend who stopped by got to take home one of the plastic spider rings hanging in the web! ¬†I also carved a fab fake foam pumpkin and left an LED light in it to light up my foam pumpkin like a real Jack O’lantern!

OMG! I almost forgot to tell you, we made a pumpkin carving printable of my face!! Now you and the rest of my besties can carve a Yas-O-Lantern!! Download the pumpkin carving printable here:


This year, I think I will keep my locker decor on theme with my costume. I will wallpaper the inside with cow print and cut-outs of total cutie country stars.

Do you have any FABnomenal or ZENSible ideas on how to decorate your locker? Let me know! And be sure to check with your school if it’s cool to Lock-Or-Treat.

Can’t wait to hear all about it!!



52 thoughts on “Lock-or-Treat

  1. wow! um, love the blog! we want to make a jack o lantern with Yasmin on it!

    it’s so cool!!


  2. Hi aprilbear,pinkliou,s tanai lish,baddazelgirl ,peanut,jadecat12 and the rest of my friend,s.I had a good day at school today and i am so excited because holween is almoust here and because today i am going to lancaster and i will come back home this saturday!Guy,s what?I finally gaot my school picters ya.
    AprilBear,pinkliou,s and tanai lish and peanut and jadcat12 and baddzelgirl you are bussy this sunday we need to talk.Well that,s all so Bye.

  3. OMG!!! Yasmin I luv your Halloween safety outfit it so styling!!! I just love it plz reply thx and cloe’s is really styling I L-U-V it !!! its awesome! bye Cloe and Yasmin!

  4. Hey Yasmine, Great ideas. You can decorate your locker like a nerd by taping suspenders,and glasses to the locker. Have a scary Halloween. ;)

  5. HEY BRATZ!! Omg, i blogged, like, AGES ago, i missed u guys! i dont go to school on halloween so i cant lock-or-treat, but i guess it will still be EPIC to trick-or-treat. My costume is going to be alice-in-wonderland.

    So i said i wont be able to lock-or-treat, but i DO have a rad idea to decorate my locker next year: bat silhouettes hanging over my locker with string, (did i mention that the bats will be glitter-fied??)


  6. Oh yeah, almost forgot to ask, will u girls be doing a comic or video or game for halloween on the website?


  7. it’s a Saturday and today we saw the ppl who sings Red Nose
    And she gonna shake it, like a red nose like a red nose


  8. Hmmm… I guess since I only have sixty seconds between classes to get my stuff, me and my friends could just stay after school to do it. Awesome idea, Yasmin!

  9. Girrrll Yasmin, my lil sis luv u 2 death!!!Girl whenever she c u on tv she scream ‘Yamin on tv,Yasmin on tv’!!!!!Haha, the funniest thing I EVA’ seen!!!!!

  10. Dear AprilBear,jadecat12,baddazelgirl,peanut,pinkaliou,s and tainai lish and yasmin i have a crush on this boy named sean and he goes to my school.So should i ask him out yes or no?Please explain why?Well i had a good weekend and i hope you guy,s did to.Hope you guy,s have a good day at school tommorrow.Goodnight.

  11. Come on, gals!!!Yasmin’s outfit was soo cute!!!I’m pretty sure she wants updates from all her friends,so give her sum!!Anyways,CHAO!!!;D

  12. omg me and my bestfriend love bratz but now all need more and more movies because we stated like monster high very bad like i love u yasmine and jasmine but make more movies but with ur babys and all then all would 100 now all 40 and monster high 100 they got a new movie out 2013 that great movies and movies of theres if all bring the work up i love all again because i got every movie and record everything now i deleted all and monster high in sorry but all lost all number 1 fan

  13. why are bratz soo tall now I miss how they looked from 2007-2010 they were so unique and had good hair and computer games. now the online games are now …boring except for tank fish. I miss the bratz baby game when you had to save your pet without the bully catching you doing so. and most importantly I miss how they originally looked. so do my friends.

  14. Dear baddazel Girl I have to tell you somthing .My friend branai said that she was from the future and she said so am i and her boyfriend tyrone and my friend niomi and camern.Please don/t tell any one ok.

  15. Dear pinkaliou,s ,AprilBear,jadecat12,baddzelGirl and taina lish.When ever i have to get in front of the class and have to talk or if i have to take a spelling or math or any type of test i get nerves and I alway,s let my fea get in the way ,So what should i do.Please answer and explain.thank you.I had a good day at school today just so you know.Make sure you guy,s get a lot of sleep bye…… goodnight.


  16. I liked bratz more when they were regular :( now I use old dolls as kids and the big ones as grownups (sigh)

  17. Oh kittycat! I have a crush on a boy name Josh and im one grade over him
    He’s in 4th grade
    I hope he likes me back!
    I even told my bff
    She said ask him and he doesn’t see me flirt
    Oh thank you!!!!!
    Girl Harmony are in a studio!!!

  18. Hi every body ,it,s me kittycat and i had a good day at school today.Guy,s what? On holween i think dering school we are going to have a holween festival and I/m so excited.Well i gotta go seeya .Goodnight.


  19. Was up girlfriends?
    Dear everyone,

    Today I talked to Josh and trying to explain how I like him and he didn’t let me talk!
    He talked about wrestling only.
    he dont like me!
    My heart is broken and sad.
    Plus miserable!

  20. Hay there ! Yasmin that is a great idea lol also tell the rest of the bratz that i said hi!!

  21. Hi everybody i hope you guy,s have a good day at school tommorow.HAPPY HOLWEEN!So have you ever had a crush on a boy and your scared to talk to him,Well just tell me and i will tell you what you should do.Goodnight.

  22. Hi every body it,s me kittycat and I can,t wait untill next monday because I will be starting the math 24 club Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Well that,s all so make sure you Bratzies get a enogth sleep so you can go trick or treating and make sure you don,t bully any one at school or any were. GoodNight.

  23. My bff and i are gonna have a sleepover for halloween, and we are gonna trick-or-treat, and watch scary movies…


  24. Happy Halloween!
    Trick or treat from pinkalicious! Using my sis’s when she is gone! Bye peace and decues everyone!

  25. Good moring Bratzies it,s me kittycat and holween was a blast but now i am sad because it,s over but i will get over it.Happy November every body.Well have a good day!ttylxox.bye.

  26. * Any one have a MOVIESTARPLANET character friend me we can talk all day and my movie star planet character name is Daniels1 ok

    Thank you and tell the whole bratz people on her and

    Hey bratz what up let talk

    And bye
    tell everyone

  27. hey bratz what up wanna chat ok lets sai gocs why did the road cause he
    needid to go to the barcksbitl do you have a gock i can if you dont have one

  28. OMG i think yasmen rellay out did her self with this blog and your dolls totes fabo and i love being a real bratz girl…….BRATZ FAN!!!!!!!!! xoxo-CatzRockz123

  29. hi!!!!! um cloe,you know i always dream to have chat to you and say that can you give me some tips about fashion just simple but elegant and artistic. Hope you can answer it!(BUT YOU KNOW I LOVE YOUR CLOTHES!! I WANT THEM ALL!! WELL CANYOU? JUST JOKING!) LOVE,HELLOKITTY66

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