Lip-Wear Lowdown

Hey Bratz fanz, Cloe here to give you a lesson in luscious lip-wear! Do you know the difference between lip-gloss, lipstick, lip stain and lip balm? There are so many options for the perfect pout that it can get confusing. I’m here to help you understand it all! Let’s begin!

Jade's perfectly pink, plummy pout!

Lipstick: Lipstick comes in many different colors, from shades of pink and red to nudes, corals and plums. You can go for a natural look or pick an intense shade depending on how you’re feeling. Here are my top tips for applying lipstick:

  1. Lip liner is important if you’re experimenting with dark shades like red. Pick a matching lip liner and trace over the natural line of your lips. Don’t use lip liner when applying light colors.
  2. Use a lip brush to smooth on lipstick within the natural line of your lips.
  3. Blot! Get a piece of tissue paper and blot off excess color by smacking your lips together.

I love a luscious lip gloss!

Lip gloss: I’m a total lip gloss addict! I think I have like 7 in my purse right now, lol! When you want something easy to apply with a high-shine, go for lip gloss. They come in lots of colors, they go on smooth and they leave your lips glistening! Just glide onto your lips and go!

Lip stain: Stains give a wash of color to your lips without the shine of gloss or the strong hue of lipstick. They’re super long lasting and perfect for all-day color without the worry of reapplying. They usually come in the form of a felt tip marker. My tip for applying lip stain is to draw the line of your lips first then color in the rest. So cute, so kissable! Muah!

Lip balm: These are the easiest to wear and come in lots of fun flavors! Lip balms are made to moisturize and protect lips. There are even tinted lip balms if you want to add some extra color. My favorite is cherry flavor with pink tint.

Now that you’ve got the lip-wear lowdown it’s time to try new things! If you normally go for lip balm, try lip gloss instead! If lip gloss is your go-to lip-wear then experiment with lipstick! Being a fashionista means always trying new things!




74 thoughts on “Lip-Wear Lowdown

  1. me encantan las bratz no le llegan a las monsters high

  2. wow thanks i never new about lip stain it sounds great ill try it if i can :)

  3. hi my name is luka and i love your fashion for… PASHION! i love when you all turn to cats! i have a friend who really likes jade! { by the way he is a boy!} and there lauren, nathan’s sister who aslo likes yanism. bye for now!

  4. ilove bratz verey mach ilike jade -yasmin-cleo ilike song( Livin’ it up with the Bratz)and( Jade – All Together)

  5. I love lipstick, lip gloss, and lip balm. But I’ve never heard of lip stain or at least the name

  6. Dear bratz,
    I watch your show lot the time. Will sometime. I have 5 of your movie
    and i have the backpack that my friend gave me.

  7. I have so many lip balms too and got to get ready for picture day this week this will totally help me.

  8. First to post!!
    I luv lipgloss-stick-balm I have a few but I want to buy a ton more!!

  9. First to post!!
    ~lipstick lover~
    I just LUV dis trend!!

  10. Thxz chole now I am gonna try lipstick because iv always wore lipgloss ima give it a try. Thxs agqin bie!!

  11. I love you so much chloe.I am brat’z biggest fan.Amber lee

  12. But what if i like to wear light lip stick with lip liner? i think its awesome!

  13. I love your advice it’s the best!!!! stay beautiful Love Julianna :)

  14. Hey girls I am sorry I did this again but you have the patoin for fashoin in you ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK !!!!!!!!!!!! I even have pictures of you guys A B

  15. My sister love to wear to wear lipstick all the time and I love the smell of it I think it is very good.

  16. hla bratz les quiero decir que me encantan sus pelis espero que sigan haci las amoo son las mejores ;)

  17. my favorite thing to wear is lip gloss and red lipstick.i look really sexy when i do. i wear my short shorts and a saducing top.

  18. my fav. bratz is Chloe.
    and i really like the advices that chloe gave about wearing lip gloss,lip balm,lip stick,lip stain etc….

  19. BRATZ ROCK AND CIOE IS THE BOOM BUT THANK YOU FOR THE ADVIE AND AGAN BRATZ ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. DEAR BRATZ I have a BFF on your site name NISHA MK and she is the best BFF in the wold. love carvesha your BFF xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. did you know that i am the biggest fan of the bratz in the univers i know everyone is espeshially me of cours

  22. omg thx for the advice and i have an adicton to lip balm and gloss! i ahve a big white tup with like 30 lip stuff but i have gotten more since the last time i counted themhave you ever tryed a plum sparkle lip stick and a white cotten candy gloss over it is so cute! well thx agien bye

  23. I have 17 Bratz dolls, the Bratz mansion, 3 Bratz video games, 3 movies, and i have seen every Bratz movie!!!!!!!!

  24. hi my name is maria concepcion ocado iam come from philippines this idea is so great .i can wait to try it

  25. nice great they so match ooooooooooo were do u get those lipstick?

  26. hey Bratz i love your tips and fashion and good tips good money i just love your new bratz takes and they have 10 10 of jade new bratz i know that all of the bratz

  27. i love lip balms i get it at bath & body works,justice,cvs,& walmart

  28. thank you so much, i tried lipstick and lip liner and i looked so fab

  29. Heyyy girlfriend i think you have the most Gorgeous put ever and i just got your Stylin Up doll shes Gorgeous too and as me and my friend would say shes Sparkelicious!!!!!!!

  30. I’m trying the lip stain. I don’t think anyone of my friends has even heard of it and my mom (being an extreme fashionista) hasn’t even heard of it. She will be running out to the store as soon as I come home! lol

  31. yall r relly fun and i lve yall fashion love the buissness i love yall a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. lipstick is a total necessity for any girl. bratz are so breathtaking and the lip stuff is fab! keep on rockin bratz!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. is it okay to wear red on your lips or is it just too much for one gal to handle? i’m leaning toward its okay but i need expert advice! help me out, bratz!

  34. i always carry lipgloss around with me wherever i go, and they keep my lips smooth and shimmery.

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  36. Finally I know the difference between lip stick lip balm and lip stain I have been dying to know the difference

  37. Love it I would wear lipstick but im to young for it so im like GGG-giggles gossip and gloss :D so thanks for the trend blog totally checking it out for fashion advice when i need help.

  38. Thanks soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much Bratz for blogging about lip make up.

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