Join in our Bratz Slumber Party!!!

Yo, Yo, Yo Bratzos!

Have you heard the FABULOUS news? We are having a SLUMBER PARTY!!!

This is seriously going to be the most fab-a-lish thing we have ever done!!

The Slumber Party is going to be on Saturday, July 27, and it starts at 7p.m. EST. We want ALL our Bratzies to join in the fabulous fun by throwing their own Slumber Party at the exact same time!!

We will be reaching out to you Slumber Bratzie Buddies over social media by posting pics, live tweeting, and asking you to play games with us!!

If you’re not old enough to be on social media, ask your parents to give you Bratz party updates and share all our pics from our Girlz Night IN! This way, you and your BBFs can still participate in all the FABnomenal Fun!

Check out our official invitation below:

Just like this invitation says, we’re going to be watching Bratz Rock Angelz and Bratz Genie Magic! We’re also going to do rad crafts, like design our own water bottles! But we need more suggestions to make this the most scorchin’, funk-a-licious party in the history of Sleepovers.

Do you have any suggestions? What is YOUR favorite thing to do at a Slumber Party?

Can’t wait! See you there!!



150 thoughts on “Join in our Bratz Slumber Party!!!

  1. Can’t wait for this!! How about an activity where we have like 5 minutes to put together a totally rockin’ new outfit for one of our Bratz dolls? :D

  2. I am happy to be part of the slumber party.Bratz rox . I love fashion

  3. Oh no, daniyah! Maybe you have parents or older siblings who can keep you in the loop! This way you can do the same activities we are doing at the same time!


  4. My fave thing is making up cool dances to our favorite songs w/ my BFFs. I also luv found eachother’s hair!!and takin. Lots of pics!! Watching movies and eating icecream and making friendship bracelets! !

  5. Thank you for giving me ideas Rainbowbubblegum. I really appreciate the advice!!! ~ ~

  6. I can’t wait cool cats! I’m going to be up all night parting with my friends. We already have it planned out. And were going to look for pics and comments every hour. So exited cool cats. Be there.

  7. tHAT’S RAD that you girls are haveing paty i love to that count me in!!!!!!!!!!! love you all

  8. Are we the post to be doing the slumber party our selves or inviting our friends to join?

  9. I’m so stoked for this Funkalicious party! I love Bratz Rock Angels and Bratz Genie Magic! Also you are totally Fabulous Sasha!

  10. Go to starsue .net then click on the bratz game and you can decorate your own bratz super hero!!!!!

  11. [EDITED]
    Totally in love with this idea! Can’t wait to virtually hang out with you!

  12. and we can’t have a slumber party without pillow fight I mean seriously we also have got to have a fashion show I mean we can’t b the girls with a passion for fashion without fashion .

    <3 jv30

  13. My favorite slumber party activity is makeovers. Since some of my friends are not allowed to wear makeup, and we are all the same size, we bring lots of outfits to mix and match with each other. It is lots of fun :D I hope I can have a slumber party on the 27 (:

  14. Hey bratz!! So i dont have close friends yet (new school)can i maybe throw a 1-man slumber party??does it count as slumber party if its just me?



  15. we should have a theme for the pajamas we are wearing. Sasha I want to ask u what state r u from.

  16. hi bratz I am sorry to say but I cant join I live on the other side of the world

  17. We are so sorry to hear you can’t make our Slumber Party, bratz12girl. Is our Slumber Party happening during the day near you? If so, you can still join in the fun!


  18. Pajama theme is a great idea, jv30! Maybe we’ll wrote a blog about it!!

    Will you join in our Slumber Party?


  19. Of course it counts, RainbowBubblegum!!

    It can be totes hard making friends at a new school, but we’re positive that by the time we throw our next slumber party you will have heaps of friends to invite!!

    PLEASE join us for the Slumber Party. It will be awesome! You can even order a pizza and make an ice cream sundae for yourself if your parents let you. It’s like the best date night ever!! In fact, now we kinda want a “treat yourself” night in, watching our fave movies and eatin’ our fave foods all by ourselves!! LOL!


  20. OMG, cupcakegal! Those are such FAB ideas!!! We LOVE them!
    Are your parents letting you throw a Slumber Party next weekend? If not, you can still join us by yourself! See you there!


  21. True that, jv30! And fab idea! Man, we really hope you can join our Slumber party! You have so many great ideas!

  22. Noelle! All of this sounds perfect for our Slumber Party! Will you be joining us? We hope so!!


  23. Oh no, melody! We are sorry to hear that. It will mostly take place over Twitter. Do you have any friends or do your parents have Facebook or Twitter? If so, they can keep you updated on everything we are up to and you can still play along!! Keep us updated!!


  24. That’s so rad, beauty4ever! We hope you join us!! If you don’t have Facebook or Twitter, do you have an older sibling or parent who does? Maybe they can keep you updated on what we are doing! That way you can totally play along and even have your parent or sibling send us messages and ask us questions during the Slumber Party. Keep us updated! We hope you can come!


  25. OMG! We are sooooooooooo stoked you and your BBFs are going to join in our Slumber Party fun this Saturday, grinter!!!

    Can’t wait!!!!


  26. Hi Alexis,

    You can do the Slumber Party however you like! You can just join the fun by yourself or invite friends over to have your own Slumber Party at the same time!! Either way, it’s gonna be super fun!! We can’t wait to see you there!


  27. YAYAYAY!!! Soooooooo glad you’re joining us RealBratz828! This party is going to be scorchin’!


  28. Our new Action Heroez dolls also come with a free app for a rad virtual adventure game you can play, AprilBear!! It’s totes fun!!


  29. Hey Sasha! How are you? Let me just say, the clothes you wear totally bring out the hip, in hip hop! I heard about the sleepover on twitter and I was scorch excited!! I couldn’t pick out what pjs to wear! But anyways, We were gonna watch a movie. Since I don’t have Netflix, or the movie, I planed to watch it on youtube. But youtube dosent work for me. So im watching it on bing. Also, when decorating our bottles, can We use plastic? Also, I heard about comic-con! I was really sad I couldn’t make it and stuff since, I live far away. But anyway, hope you reply!!

  30. i can’t be in the slumber party boo-hoo because i don’t have a Facebook. im gonna miss all the fun with the Bratz Genie Magic and Bratz Rock Angelz. But my sister has Facebook but if and i said if can go then yay i don’t have to worry but if it’s a no then im gonna be watching it on my computer so right now it’s a boo-hoo and i will let you guys know what she says plz write something to impress me!


  31. oh and here’s some ideas if im going or not going but later when everyone’s so excited and stuff we drink smoothies and play truth or dare at the same time because THAT’S my slumber party game well if you guys want and you can have tips for some brattiude and passion 4 fashion and then you can prank the boys well maybe in a great way because im good at pranks because i prank people all the time and plz give me a thumbs up!


  32. oh and sorry but if you want you can do fashion runways since you guys have passion 4 fashion and when everyone’s done eating we can read mags and write mags like you guys did before until you guys are writing a blog now think of another page about the ahmazing slumber party. Sounds cool? lemme know what you think bratz


  33. I’m soooo excited!!! Maybe my friends will come over and I will join!! I will be on Facebook on my mom’s account, I can’t wait!! Keep The Passion 4 Fashion

    Your True Fan Forever , Sayori

  34. YAY!!! i will do that, its gonna be SSSOOOOOOOO fun!!!!! i cant wait!!!


  35. You have some RAD ideas, beauty4ever! We hope your big sis keeps you updated from her Facebook so you can play along!! Let us know what happens! Fingers crossed! xoxo

  36. Ann!!

    I’m soooo psyched you’re going to join our Slumber Party! That’s totally a bummer that you can’t find the movies anywhere, but don’t sweat it. There are a ton of other super fab things we will do that you can totally participate in!

    Yeah, use any kinda water bottle you can find. We are just gonna bedazzle it to save as a keepsake! So fierce!!

    See you there!


  37. HEY MY SISTER WANTED 2 KNOWR THE BRATZ BOYZ REAL and when ru bratz coming out with a new doll and movie

  38. btw sasha is that a new bratz doll in the picture oh this is 4 all the bratz stop hiding ur selves u tell us 2 to let our inner brat shine so I want u 2 let ur brat shine so by 2 morrow post a picture of ur selves in person and don’t u even try 2 doge pls responed asnswer all of my question thx :)

  39. im so sorry i cant join in to the sluumber party i ralley want to see you and all the bratz im sorry again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. [EDITED]thanks bratz! I have asked her and i can’t go! I’M SO SORRY but i’ll try to ask my cousin if i can use her’s. but i can’t use my sister’s because she can’t trust me! but if she says no, then i’ll be watching the movies in YouTube. So right now i’m sad but i got another idea for the scorhin slumber party! Well i never been IN a sleepover before but we can play Mess With The Boyz. plz reply in a good way


  41. oh i forgot that my sister or my cousin doesn’t have Instagram so i can’t be in that website! I wish the party was longer like at 11:30 or 50 but hey! Everyone’s gonna tired! oh Cloe, when it shows your crush, Cameron, you can gossip about how did you guys meet and how did you start liking him you know and if Yasmin doesn’t want to know one to gossip, then we’ll just talk about passion 4 WHAT? FASHION!!!!!AND SOME BRATTIUDE! And Sasha, you can do a rap session and some dance moves. Jade Jade Jade! I KNOW YOU LOVE CHEMISTRY!!! i love chemistry and art!!plz reply back!


  42. Bratz, I’ll totaly be there! I also got some awesome lip balms in the mail, Awsome!! I also found out the perfect pajamas for me and my bratz doll,sasha! If you wanna see her, I’ll post on FB.Anyways, Im gonna make some popcorn for my doll. See ya there!

  43. sorry and i do write too much but my birthday( July 25) is coming up! My early schorin birthday party is tomorrow! So excited! I might have a bratz theme party since you guys teach me passion 4 fashion and brattiude! So i might have a fashion show with it. I’m gonna tell the whole thing after it. i can tell it’s gonna be schorin and ah-mazing. HEY!!!!!!!!! I CAN TELL YOU GUS AND YOU CAN WRITE IT AS A BLOG!!!!!!PLZ? CAN YOU GUYS DO THAT FOR ME? PLZ lemme know when it’s a yes or no kay?

  44. Hi LOVE,
    We have soooooooo many new rad doll versions of us coming out in stores now! My Passion, which shows us in the jobs we want to be when we grow up, Action Heroez and cool Twisty Stylez!!

    We hope you and your sisters join the Slumber Party!!!


  45. We’ll miss you, marli, but we can still hang out here on the blog anytime!!


  46. We’re sorry your sister won’t help you out with the Slumber Party, beauty4ever. Just because she won’t let you go on her Facebook and Twitter, doesn’t mean she can’t keep you updated on what is happening. Maybe you can ask her to just tell you what we are doing when we start doing it so you can play along! Good luck with your cousin!


  47. Happy Birthday, beauty4ever!! We don’t think we can write a blog about your birthday, but we do hope you have a SUPER FAB day and we’ll be thinking about you!!

    We can’t wait to hear all about your party!!


  48. Make sure to remember my name for the slumber party , I will be on my mom’s account on Facebook, and I’ll be eating homemade pizza! You, Bratz are my true inspirations since I was 5! Keep the Passion 4 Fashion

    Your True Fan Forever, Sayori :-)

  49. Hey Bratz, I think we should ”Jam In Some Music” for the slumber party, what’s a party without fab music?? Keep The Passion 4 Fashion!!

    Fan Forever, Sayori

  50. Happy Early B-Day Beauty4ever hope yah have a fab Birthday!! (my birthday is not until December LOL)

  51. Can’t wait till SCHOOL!!! Any one out there think school is some what fun? TELL ME IF YOU DO ( please ) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AprilBear OUT!!!


  52. Love you Bratz!!! Love you blogers!!!

    LOOK AT THIS POST !!!!!!! : ) ( : : ) ( :


    So i was thinking if you have any theme ideas that i can use for my sweet 16?? (it is a few years away! But i want to start planning ON ONLY THE THEME coz i want to make sure is gonna be the AWESOMEST-FAB-TASTICEST B-DAY EVER!!!)



  54. We will, Sayori!! Can’t wait to hang out with you and your mom during our Slumber Party!!
    Mmm, homemade pizza sounds delish!!


  55. OMG! Sayori! I can’t believe MUSIC completely slipped our minds!!! Thanks for the rad suggestion!


  56. We think school is totally fun, AprilBear! Sure, homework can be a drag sometimes, but we LOVE learning new things! Plus, it’s a fab way to connect with your besties every day!!


  57. Sooooooooooooooo jazzed you’re joining our Slumber Party, dasha1!!!


  58. LOVE how you’re planning ahead, Rainbow! Hmm, maybe it can be “Paris” themed. You can get ideas from our new movie coming out, “Bratz Go To Paris!”


  59. Also my little brother and friends will join :-D I’m so ready!!! I will be on Facebook :-)

  60. Oh since we’re are watching Bratz Rock Angelz we will tots be listening to music XD I completely forgot!!!

  61. my birthday fashion show party was FAB-U-LOUS! I just got the bratz pack dolls(the sea stunnerz) I’m so excited about dolls

  62. omg the fashion show party was so good until my bff missed it. She’s somewhere in nyc and i love paris and that was a rad idea Rainbow. You did hard thinking to plan lots of things of the slumber party for making the best one. The fashion show theme was L.A and we made a fake red carpet. I was just a carpet that was red. We acted like we were models. I was being Tyra Banks! i loved it that it was stylin. I can’t believe you guys and my bff missed it. Yes there were boys but they just wore tuxedoes and they kind of liked it. They mostly hated it because it’s a fashion show. Can i give ideas from your new movie” Bratz Go To Paris” because i love giving out rad ideas and no offence but what does rad means?

  63. A quick question

    Didn’t you guys go to Paris in your old bratz series? When Cloe was jealous that Cameron and Nicole were i think dating and hanging out together?And Sasha fell in love with Cruise?


  64. thanks Sayori! And i had a gr8 time especially the fashion show! the theme is like a fashion show in the red carpet! I love being a Summer baby. That was a funny lol joke what you just said. Well wrote. So anyways when it’s your birthday, you have like a winter wonderland fashion show. If you want or you can do a Christmas fashion show. MINE WAS A L.A SUMMER FASHION SHOW! I totally loved it. I wish you guys were invited


  65. oh sorry but the summary showed be is like they have a free trip to Paris to be interviewed with London Milton and Cloe writes in the blog. She’s jealous that Cameron’s checking out a girl. She puts on the blog and writes about her crush is checking someone out in front of her. The girls didn’t like what Cloe wrote because the blog is manly about brattiude AND passion 4 fashion. They are not friends no more and forgets about the blog. The girl Cameron’s been checking out kidnaps and tries to murder her so Cameron can stop talking about her. The girls finds Cloe to find her to apologize to her finds her in the garbage can with a black bag. They arrest her and then Cloe forgives them and then later on have a fashion show. Oh that just reminded that i can make a bratz doll series

  66. here’s what i mean when i said kidnaps and it’s suppose to kidnaps Cloe

    Paris is like, my FAVE, havent thought of doing the theme PARIS yet, TOTES gonna do that!

    i cant belive it!! the next……movie….p….p…..PARIS!!! YAY!!!



  68. Happy late birthday an sorry me an muy sister have be writing to u beautiful brats!!!

  69. did anyone comment on mine please right at the end my name so i know your righting to me thank you have a nice day…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….=]

  70. heyy so um everyone school is starting back and i just want to say good luck………… see you all later bye bye

  71. heyy just wanted to add im listning to oath becuz im thinking about my sis and i miss her so much and well that song reminds me of me and her it fits our relationship so um yea missing her to death well its almost over later i might put it on here so every one can see sorry im messing up on some words im rushing so um yea well bye bye again……………………….. byebye……………

  72. heyy im chillen with my brother but hes my bro dude guy so um yea well bye bye

  73. [edited] i am changing alot and im not liking it so i wish it would go away like this is almost my first time doing something girly becuze im a tom boy so yea well half a tom boy i like doing nails playing barbies stuff like that so um yea well got to go bye bye see you all later oh never mind heres the song oath but not all of it yet but later ill add the rest later its a great song my best friend best friend to the varyend cause my best friend you need a hand and im right beside you .

  74. or when they go to Paris, they create a fashion show called Fashionista and Yasmin’s the host. Nicole returns and posion the BRATZ, so she can have Fashionista. Cameron falls for Nicole again and he’s stuck inside a love potion. Eitan and Dylan doesn’t know. It’s up to Meygan, Roxxi and Dana to fix everything. But Nicole have robots to help her fight. Tell me when it’s a thumbs up or thumbs down.

  75. We are hoping it hits the app store in August, AprilBear! And it’s gonna be awesome!!

  76. Hi PeggyShelton,

    Sometimes it takes a couple days for your comments to show up and for us Bratz and Bratzies to respond to it. Sorry for the wait!!


  77. Sorry Zahra43, it was only on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Maybe we can do the next one on the blog!


  78. Growing up can be hard, bratz. We are always changing, always growing. It is important to allow yourself to become someone new, but it is equally important to understand that YOU get to decide the person you become. Never lose sight of the old you, embrace elements of the new you. And whatever you do, love yourself. You are unique. You are special. You are beautiful. There is no one in the world like you. It’s an amazing thing. There are 7 billion people in this world and not a single one of them is like you. And do you know why that is? It’s because you, just like all our Bratzies and everyone in the world, are made up of many different and sometimes conflicting parts. You are part tomboy and party girly. You are growing and changing. And you will continue to. And all of this contradiction and change just continues to sculpt the amazing, unique and special YOU.
    We think you’re awesome, bratz! And we hope you think you’re awesome, too!!


  79. Yup we sure did and my brother was so nice, he brought up snacks for me :-) Thank you it was the BEST EVER!! I love the Bratz, when I was 5 I gotten bullied calling ugly and dumb til 1st grade, I always stand up for myself and other people. I love watching your movies and you , Bratz inspired me, thank you for everything and for being there for me, I wouldn’t even go to the third best school in my city without you inspiring me to be myself. Thank You Bratz :-) I love you guys!! I hope we sure do the Slumber Party again!!!
    Keep The Passion 4 Fashion as Always!

    Your True-est Bratz Fan FOREVER Sayori :-) X <3 X <3

  80. (EDIT) Also Bratz I do fashion shows with my cousins and friends also arts and music (since I play two instruments and go to a music academic school) :-)

  81. i was a success! The cake was you guys.You guys were wearing the the i think either sturt it or style it. Flavor you ask? Half chocolate and half vanilla. It tasted delish. Didn’t you see my post of the rad ideas of Bratz Go To Paris? Those were rad too right?Lemme know


  82. CAN’T WAIT UNTIL THE MOVIE COMES OUT! WAIT! WHEN IS THE MOVIE COMING? oh i didn’t see i was on Cap Lock. I’m just asking if i can make a bratz series and on your blog, and in the trailer you can spoil the news and it’s called Pashion 4 Fashionista. I’m in step 1, buy a camera and buy dolls. Well i have moxie girlz dolls. The judge’s name is Yasmina, fyi,

  83. that’s slammin to have a sleepover in the website. We can chat, write a blog page, read mags and talk about boys. MOSTLY HAVE PASSION 4 FASHION!
    can we have it this Saturday or Friday?


  84. its fine but thanks for telling me so what would you like to talk about

    love peggy xoxo

  85. Sorry beauty4ever, but we had it last weekend. Hopefully we will be able to have another one!

  86. Thank you, Sayori! That makes us soooooooooooo happy to hear we’ve been a positive influence!! And we love hearing about your fashion shows and musical talents! Stay awesome!


  87. you’re welcome Sayori or should i said you’re not welcome! JUST KIDDING! got it from your joke. Maybe when you grow up, you can be a comedian because your funny or a fashionista because of your fashion shows. For me, i either have to choose an artist, singer or a fashionista. Don’t know what to choose at all. So lemme know when you choose because gives good advice and i can write it.


  88. thanks bratz! I just seriously wanna know when the movie comes out! Can you guys give me advice of my upcoming bratz dolls, Passion 4 Fashionista, does that even make sense? Do i need to be great voices to my dolls? Do i need THAT MUCH dolls? Is it hard making a fashion runway thing where models walk at fashion shows? Do i have to make the best so that my upcoming fans will LOVE IT? Do i have to buy everything quickly? I’m still on”buy equipments and everything i need” step. I need advice because i’m really NERVOUS!!! I need whipped cream!! NOW!! aww my chipped cream is so delish! Please impress me! Now my whipped cream cookie( it’s just chip ahoys and whipped cream) please reply


  89. rad ideas for Bratz Go To Paris? Maybe you guys can secretly hide that you guys are mermaids, surviving Paris, getting lost their( that can happen), you guys becoming famous or about unmean girls aganist mean girls. i think guys may like that or maybe the love in Paris become that mean and cruel city now.

  90. oh yeah do you still have oriana and the other old dolls? please say yes because i love her! If yes, then where you can buy her? i can’t stop asking questions

  91. We will slowly release dolls like Oriana over time. Right now we have Shira on shelves, and we will have Roxxi and Phoebe on shelves soon. You can always have your parents check Amazon and Ebay for older dolls.


  92. ok so when’s Roxxi and Phoebe coming out? So Amazon and Ebay has the older dolls? Thanks and i’ll check it out. Thanks for the information! You guys rock with style.

  93. Hey beauty4ever I gotta tell yah im maybe going to be a nurse…(maybe) so I could make money for my family :-D also I don’t I could be a comedian, because I’m not that funny, model ehh I’m too shy, artist…hmm well idk about that, singer well hard to get to that level, and thank you, your really nice and cool!

    Your New Friend, Sayori P.

  94. hi thank you beauty4ever and you can call me peggybear please thank you oh and your pritty i saw 1 of your videos.

  95. so where’s the advice? I’m super-nervous to listen to it! Biting my nails! OUCH! It hurts so bad!


  96. Breathe, beauty4ever, just breathe! LOL! There are no right answers! I’m sure you can do a totally fierce fashion show with the dolls and clothes you already have! Just keep switching out the clothes and pairing different funky pants, with rockin’ shirts. Mix-matching colors and prints are totes in right now, so you can’t go wrong! If there is a look you MUST HAVE, go ahead and buy that doll, but you don’t need to buy every doll in the line.

    This Fashion show is going to be awesome!! And BTW, we love the name Passion 4 Fashionista! Too cool!!


  97. that’s sweet making money for your family. Being a nurse it’s what you want to be, so live it up to the foulest! Helping people, making money is what you want and later on, God will make you go to heaven. Everyone wants to go to heaven but you are making your way to heaven. I really wish you would go to heaven. Who hates violence and bullying? Me and i hope you too. Anyways, if your been bullied, i’m bullied ALL the time since kindergarten, who cares. Be who you want be and my sister’s a nurse. She has $50 a week. Isn’t that cool. Okay so there’s a medical school full of doctors and nurses you can attend to and i’m gonna have to figure what’s the name so………………… i’m gonna get back to you with that


  98. hey bbfs( best bratz friends) i got a rad idea for the upcoming movie, Bratz Go To Paris, so there’s a fashion show called Fashionista, similar to mine, Cloe, Jade, Sasha and Yasmin goes to Paris to enter the fashion competiton and they discover that only one suspect is in charge of who ever is use a potion to make themselves win. Who’s the suspect?

  99. I hate the game called:Ask Cloe !
    She can’t answered !
    It’s answered “undefined”

  100. i wish but i can not i am not a brat sorry so sorry i just can not do it srroy bratz.

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