Jewelry Trends: Bracelets

Hey fashionistas, Sasha here!  Do you ever have those days where you can’t pick just ONE accessory to wear?  Guess what…so do I! But I realized, why wear one bracelet when you can wear them ALL!  When I’m in a t-shirt & jeans mood, I love piling on arm accessories to dress up a simple outfit. Plus, it’s a great way to make a statement…and you know how I love to make an entrance anywhere I go! Check out some of these summer bracelet trends and then try them out for yourself!

Mixed & matched bracelets are totally of-the-moment right now!  Wear a big, enamel bangle with a skinny, sparkling one for an eye-catching look!

Mix & match!              

Stackable bracelets are a must for your jewelry box.  I love wearing a ton of ‘em at once so they make a fun jingling sound! You can also wear just a few for a more classic look.

Stack ‘em up!

Wear a tough cuff with a dainty string bracelet to show your sweet and edgy sides…I could totally see Cloe rockin’ this look!

Rockin’ style!

Rose gold is so in this season!  Wear a big watch with some chain bracelets so it’s always fashion time!

Fashion Time!

What’s your favorite bracelet look? And how do you deck out your wrists?


46 thoughts on “Jewelry Trends: Bracelets

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  6. I love the stakable bracelets. I make sure mine always have tons of color! I might even throw in a shiny one if I feel like it. : )

  7. This is coolXD I always got my fave bracelet on no matter what outfit; it always matches!

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  10. I like Fashion Time because it sounds cool and I wouldn’t always have to take my phone out of my purse to see what time it is. LOL!

  11. i love bracelets i think when you wear bracelets it brings the best side out of you,bracelets represents a person and the best thing is that bracelets are colourful and are made in a uniqe way, that is way i love bracelets.

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  14. Make a macrame (knotted strnig bracelet) bracelet! I’ve done macrame in art class before; it’s fun and easy.1) Choose the twine you want to use for your bracelet. You can use just about any type of twine, as long as it is not so slick that it will not hold a knot. You might consider yarn, hemp, embroidery thread or even thin leather strnigs. Make your bracelet from a single color or multiple colors, depending on your personal tastes. You can also find strnig at craft stores made specifically for macrame. 2) Find the end of the twine, and wrap the strnig loosely around your wrist four times. Hold the twine where it meets the end on the fourth wrap, and unravel it from your wrist. Using the piece of twine that you are holding onto, double the twine, and cut so that you have one long piece of strnig. Use this strnig to measure another of equal length.3) Double the twine, and hold the center so that it forms two small loops. Slip the loops through a small metal ring, as sold with bracelet clasps. Place the ends of the twine through the loops and pull tight, securing your twine to the ring.4) Anchor the ring to your pant leg or another steady object by using a safety pin so that the twine is firmly held in place as you work on your macrame knots. (I usually tape the end of the twine to a table or step on it.)5) A half knot will create a spiral pattern, and a square knot will make a bracelet that is flat. To make a half knot, take the strnig on the far right or left (but once you choose a side to start with, stay with that side) and overlap the two middle strnigs to make what looks like a 4. Take the strnig on the opposite side and put it under the two center strnigs and through the 4 (the extreme opposite strnig). Pull the two center strnigs tight with your teeth or have someone pull them tight to remove the slack. Now tighten the two extreme opposite strands to make a knot. Repeat this exact process. A square knot is a similar process. Complete a half knot, but instead of repeating the exact process again, start with a different strand (you started with the far right strnigs so you need to start by making a 4 with the far left strnig). Two alternating half knots make a square knot, to put it simply.Note: Once you get the hang of just one type of knot for a bracelet, practice alternating between the half knot and the square knot (example: 5 half knots, then 5 square knots).There are other types of macrame. Another type I have done involves eight strands instead of four. It’s complicated, so you should practice with these first. 6) Add beads to your bracelet at anytime by slipping the bead over the two center strnigs and forming the next knot below the bead. When your bracelet is your desired length, tie the four strnigs onto the opposite end of a bracelet clasp, and trim the extra twine.

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  22. love the bracelets :) right here im the biggest fan in the world #1!

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