It’s Never Too Early To Lead

Cloe here, Bratzies, and I’m super excited today to see that, with the five women inaugurated into the United States Senate this month, there are now more women serving in the Senate than have ever served before in US History. What’s even cooler is that 70% of those women are former Girl Scouts. That means these women were learning how to help their fellow man and be strong leaders when they were our age!

What I like the most about this is that it proves that it’s never too soon to start being a leader, or to reach out and help your community. I plan to start helping out by volunteering with the Special Olympics this year, and put my love for sports to a good use by empowering the athletes I will work with. Maybe someday, it’ll be ME getting sworn in to help make the United States a better place.

What have you done to help your school, community, or country? What would you like to do to help?

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44 thoughts on “It’s Never Too Early To Lead

  1. Love The New Bratz Trends Blog So Cool And Love It Its Very Cool To Get A Very First Expirience!

  2. you all have good plans but me thers nothing for me to do i whis you can viest me

  3. I found this article very informative, those women in politics really seemed to rock when they were totally teened ;)

  4. I volunteer at a school and at a animal shelter even though I am a bussy bee I love doing it.:D

  5. I’m thinking about becoming a newspaper girl, and I hav my own fashion blog-ish thing, so i can help by telling people what looks good, and what doesn’t :) my website:

  6. P.S. i waz also in our school’s volleyball team, and so i helped our team win a gold medal 4 the championship!! yay! so yea

  7. i would love to work at a animal shelter i love dogs and animals they are so cute and nice some are some animals are real mean and always trying to bite someone specially pitbulls

  8. This is a very intrsting story. I am going to make a difference in the world one day.

  9. Cloe you are such a role model for me and today I’m going to go to the animal shelter and I’m gonna adopt a whole family of dogs.

  10. What i would like to do is help all the homeless families and children get homes and jobs, so they wouldn’t have to be hungry all the time and live on the streets.

  11. I hate barbie she likes pink hate that colour just like birdine i like your style.
    love you

  12. I think that helping out Olympic people is super nice to do, because they need to train if they want to shine, and stand out!!!!!!! I am a huge fan of the bratz!!!!!! well hope to write soon

  13. hey chloe i’v got a cossin caleed chloe to. LOL:from your frend gabi

  14. i would do nothing for my school but for the kids i would take of some classes cose after its too much we finish late all the time !!! and for the comunitie or the populations, i would give homes or build some for poor people and give money to them or just help them i dont know how !!! actually i live in france !!! got 2 go bye <3 love you all

  15. Hi Cloe! I live in London. At my school, I started a frienship group. Anyone who has friendship problems and needs advice can come along and I give advice. I can sove most things, but if I can’t, I tell them who can help. People say it’s really good and really helps!

    Best wishes,

    Rosita xxx

  16. well i don’t know but i’m happy that you want to enter the Olympics GO ANGEL !

  17. i picked up trash in the garden at school i allso help kid with speshal needs in math

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