It’s All About You!

Yo Yo Yo Bratzos!

All the world’s a stage and YOU are the lead role in your own production.

That’s right. The drama mama! The queen bee! The drama queen!

That’s why this week we want to hear from you!! Tell us, what do you want to talk about? What interests you? What worries you? What would you like to see us write blogs about? And what topics are you totally over. Like, seriously over.

Should we talk boyz? Celebrities? Every day hometown heroes? Fashion? About our doll line and new products? Music? Movies? Webshows? It can be anything! There are no wrong answers!

What are your faves? What are your hates?

It’s a new year, and in 2014 we want to focus on our Bratzies!!

Can’t wait to hear from ya!


64 thoughts on “It’s All About You!

  1. Yo bunny boo!!! I want you to get back to blogging about totally hot fashion trends!! And even how they are incorporated into the dolls!!!! I loved that!!!! xxx

  2. I would like to see in your blog:
    * Bratz music! Bratz Tv Show!
    * My favorite bands: COLLEGE 11,PRIMANELLE,78 VIOLET,ETC.
    * Fashion Tips!
    * Fashion Ideas!
    * A special section called: fan photo saturday (that will be good!)
    * Ideas to protect the planet and animals
    * And nothing else!!!
    (these are only my ideas, your blog will be perfect always! Never forget that!)

  3. Hi Bratz makers!
    can we have more videos with Bree, can you write new blog post sooner and can you write about fashion or even tutorials like your earlier posts.

  4. I think it would be cool if you guys talked about everyday bad situations, and like what you should do when something like that happens to you…and you should totally (of course) write about fashion and the latest trends! ;)

  5. well it’s a gr8 thing you are talking about it, Sasha! It’s all of us and we don’t want to talk about! But here’s our famous fashion heroes speak back from L.A. They came to Jamaica!
    “Hiya! It’s the Passionista Heorez! We have true passion! Selena is a true singer that that has a high voice that can break glass. Claire is a internet designer.She can make fake websites real. Yasmia is a cool disco jockey! (DJ) and she can twist it loud! Last but not least, Ariana! She’s an fashion designer. She can be your fashion police!”

  6. Hi, Bratz! I wanna talk about the future 2015 dolls. First off, whats up with their legs? It looks like they got built in stilts? Don’t make them as tall as Barbie! Their shortness is one of their unique features! And their fashion? What happened to their clothes? The dolls who were all about Passion For Fashion? The clothes they have now are bad. They rip alot and I plain just don’t like the fabric you used. You took the Funk out of their clothes, bring that back! Bring Bratz Back! The Old Bratz We know and Love!

  7. Bratz, I got some!
    *Boy drama!
    I need to know if Josh likes me back!!!
    * BRATZ magazine
    *Cool doll theme like Bratz NYC, all of them wearing clothes from NYC!!
    * Rad fashion tips!
    *Fashion Friday- like each Friday we have a fashion gossip!
    Also talk about 2015 doll theme! We all bratzies can help you girls!

  8. YO YO YO bunny boo! i would like you to talk about MUSIC, MOVIES, FASHION (that’s my number one thing, since i am running low on outfit ideas ack! ) OR BOYZ TIPS! i have a crush on this boy named Breaden but i know he likes a girl named Miranda in my class. And the Valentine’s Day Dance is coming up! i need a way to ask him! PLEASE HELP!!!!

  9. Hey every body its me kitty cat and i just want to say hi and i hope you bratz girls and guys have a good day.well gotta go bye.

  10. OMG! The evil Elisa Vanderbullet is taking over Hollywood’s Walk of Fame! The Passionista Heorez are going to L.A and make sure the Hollywood’s Walk of Fame is back to normal. But bigger problems! She have teamed up with the baddest Valtor. He’s stronger and powerful then The Passionista Heorez!

    It’s Sassy and the Fashionista crew! Okay so we all needed to know your 2013 favorite singer! It’s 2014, 2013 is over and some people miss 2013. But many people need to say this year is So Far, So Great!

    A. Miley Cyrus (everyone has to know her because she have changed)
    B. Chris Brown
    C. Justin Bieber
    D. Selena Gomez
    E. CIARA HARRIS (oh hi it’s Ciara!)
    F. Nikki Minaj
    G. Drake
    H. Zendaya
    I. Ariana Grande
    J Nah..Actually my 2013 fave singer is________________________________.

    You can spread this! Spread Happiness Not Rumors!
    The more you spread happiness, the more serene and calm you will be!
    Sassy and the Fashionista crew!
    P.S.-Comment “MovieStarz” and tell us who’s your 2013 singer!

  12. Hi it’s Cheerprinces and today is Saturday! Well there’s a Cheerleading Competition at one of Jamaica’s jammin beach. It starts at 6! Good luck to me! :) (that means smile!!) So see ya bratzies later! Good luck to me!

    January 29, Passionista Fashion Show
    Feburary 16, LOVE, LIVE , LAUGH DAY! etc.

  14. Remember for the 2013 favorite singer, it can b more than 1!
    Sassy and the Fashionista crew!
    Also if you are writing this, you write in, #MyFavoriteSingerz or #MyFavoriteSinger!
    Jamaica rules-Ariel wrote this!!
    It sucks….not!-Steven’s girl wrote this!
    So come on be a firece and a funky princess!
    #FireceandFunkyPrincess and #FireceFashionista

  15. I totally think you should blog about all the Bratz passions because a lot of girls have passions just like them and would love to hear more about it. Fashion is a great topic as well! This website is perfect though!!! :)

  16. I think it would be cool if u bratz talk more about boys and celebs and fashion and new doll products that would be cool and I love u bratz

  17. Hi it’s the Passionista Heorez writing live from L.A.! The MovieStarFashionistaz let us use the their Bratz account. Guess what? Selena lost her voice and Elisa and Valtor found a mean and cranky cat and they are helping them take over Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. Valtor is almost taking Hollywood’s Walk of Fame and Elisa is almost taking over the Universal Studios Hollywood. Uh-oh! Major trouble! Selena can’t talk, Ariana is losing her fashion sense, Claire hates her power because she has less fame and she doesn’t want to be in Passionista Heorez and Me, Yasmia is doing fine!

  18. dear girls who have been heartbroken,
    Hiya! It’s Jailee! So anyways I found a quote. It’s so true for heartbroken girls. Listen!
    “LOVE starts with a hug, grows with a kiss and ends with a tear”. I’m in a relationship with Diggy Simmons so don’t think we broke up….. well we was about to!

    dear girls who has a cute and cool gentleman,
    Hi! Ciara here! So here’s the quotes “When a girl is in love, you can see it in her smile. When a guy is in love, you can see it in his eyes” and also “A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous”.

    BYE YA!

  19. Thanks AprilBear and kittycat for accepting my friend requests. Sorry if I took long! You girls are nice, courageous, calm and ambitious!

  20. Hey! I’m glad that you’re doing your best to improve this website. Well, some things that I would like you to feature is the following:
    * Crafts and Recipes
    * Fashion Ideas
    * Tips & Tricks
    * Party ideas
    Anyways, whatever you do, your blog will always rule.

  21. hiya! Guess what! Today we visited The Bob Marley Museum! Can’t ya believe it! Today is the Grammys but we are missing! It’s because we have an after party!! Oh! Pharrell went back to L.A. for the Grammys. Here’s bad news!
    Elisa, Valtor and cranky mean cat are going to ruin it! The Passionista Heroez’s Yasmia is going by herself. The others can’t!!!!

  22. the thing that i want in bratz blogs are challenges that we have to do, more celebrates and some good advice too

  23. hey guys,right i am at school and we are having indoor recesse and after recesse we are going to period 2.gotta go bye

  24. OMG feel so bad 4 u kittycat I didn’t haf 2 go 2 school 2day cuz they were havin like a staff meetin or sumthin YAY!!! [:-D this girl @ school is like SUPERjealous of me & she totes MADE me get in trouble! o and BTW there r supercute boys @ my school and I think they like moi [:-D

  25. Yes, PLEASE give some boy advice…my valentines dance is coming up, too…..Ooh and talk more about the 2015 dolls!! so excited.

  26. I also think you should have a Christian based blog and have real inspiring letters from girlz who have followed and succeeded in their passions or dreams :D
    Have a great day

  27. you know that 5th grade dance after gradutation. Well 4th grade people are going to be there too! Hello I have 6 months so I can ask you know…MY CRUSH!! Also he said he can skip grades so he might skip 5th grade. I hope he does so people say “You are a grade bigger than him”. Also we have a big Math assessment tomorrow. My new teacher, Ms. Giddings, said we are having a Valentine’s day party ad we are making valentine cards and give to a special someone! Also i’m Josh’s secret admirer! He’s just so daring cute!

  28. U guys should have a Trends blog and anyone of u could do it . And one of the others said about ‘ Fans photo Saturday ‘ make it Saturday’s Fun !
    About us sending crazy , funny even style’n photos of us and the Bratz dolls !

  29. P.S.
    Also, I agree with Kittycat1237; I love their shortness, its what makes them unique! And my favorite singer is Jamie Grace

  30. Today at lunch, my crush was staring at me! Did he have feelings for me? I want to know, Bratz!

  31. Hey everyone body its me kittycat and i just want to say hi and that i hope you guys are doing good in because i am.Well this friday at my school we will be having a dance party at the end of the day.well gotta go.bye

  32. My new friends Charlie, Johandri and Sean said you and Joshua are a cute couple! That’s it!!!

  33. dear coolcatbratz,
    That’s so rad a girl is totes jealous of you! There’s only 20 people jealous! THEY ARE JEALOUS OF LIV! Also if that girl still makes you in trouble. That’s great because hater va juste la haine! parce que vous etes belle comme vous! Ne lassiez pas cette fille ya tromper!
    My “Just Girly Thingz” magazine is coming up!

  34. pinalicous i think he does have feelings for you but don,t ask the bratz.Its your choice so do what you want to do and if your nerves ask your friends what you should do and if your friends don,t know then just get the preshure off of your chest and have a talk with him about it and if he says he does like like you then date him and if he says no just say its okay i understand but can we just at least be friends and if he says yes that could be a start and if he says no then just its okay and then both of you guys can go back to what you were doing.wells thats all and hi anibear10.

  35. so umm wow i got a new boyfriend who i hope everything goes good with so far we have been together 2 days an today he made me love him more than yesterday!!!!! wow he is so amazing i hope it goes better with him than it did my EX so yea well im ganna go now so umm well bye bye love you all see you all later or really when ever cacha later bye bye

  36. dear every bratzie and bratz,
    Thanks, kittycat!
    Today we had gym with his class. He went up to me and asked “Hey I watched the Grammys and I loved it!”. We kept talking about. Also how 34 couples were getting married. Some were different skin colors, girl+girl, girl+boy and boy+boy. So I was about to say now I have a phone and we can chat but the bell HAD to ring! Maybe I chose the wrong time! Charlie and Sean keep whispering Josh likes you. He’s nice but his friends aren’t. Every time I pass them, they always say”Eeew you are so ugly! You didn’t follow the rule Keep Calm and Don’t Be Fake but you are fake though”. I just ignore them. Josh just says”Stop it and let’s talk”. Why is Josh hangs with his friends? But Johandri, my friend is like friends with Josh. So that’s cool.
    I have to go!

  37. sorry dont have a boyfriend i am getting one tho jk single forever you steped on the wrong path sorry booo single#pretty#braidheaven#lol/lomio

  38. My passion nickname is “Queenbee” and Sasha exspires me because the boys in our class want revenge from us , but my friends and I wasn’t go’n to let that happen. What my passion is that I never give up and don’t believe what other people think because those boys were jealous and I said it was not over. And that’s why I have a plan.

  39. Hi sasha! I would love to know about the 2015 bratz! Cause I want to show who the real bratz are not some monster-want-a-be (mattle’s monster high) sorry to the bratz fans that like that as well but still. Any way well I do love DIY ,music design and any thing creative it would be cool for some how to blogs! Any way bye!
    P.S remember sassy looks ,big shoses and any thing bratz from 2000-2008 for the 2015 bratz style. Besides it is unfair how mattle bands the bratz and than dose there verson (monster high) and brings bratz popualty down err no thanks! (sorry to those who like that other doll).

  40. Sorry a second comment (again) any way for 2015 could you do a remake of the first edtion bratz as well as the 2015 dolls for the release date? Thanks that will show how the only girls with a passion for fashion started!

  41. Hei Bratz Girls!!
    I would like to see on this blog posts about different subjects like :
    1. How to take care of your hair
    2. Facial care routins
    3. How to be confident in your own shoes
    4. Healthy eating habbits
    5. What to do in your free time
    Thank you!! Yours fan, Eclair!

  42. I have a ton of questions about the future! Are there gonna be new characters in your episodes? Are they going to be your in your magazine or the Your thing magazine? Are they good or evil? Will Kirsty and KC ever get to make fun of Burdine that wont backfire? Will Cloe and Cameron ever get to be a couple? Will Byrone Pal ask the Bratz for help with another spy mission? Will Burdine and the twevels stop trying to steal the Bratz’s magazine plans for the next issue? I hope the next Bratz season will have all the ideas I asked!

  43. Yo Cloe, when it comes to all-about-me im like you!I love hanging out with my besties.But i can get to be allittle bit of a drama mama! No affense!

  44. [edited] on Wednesday is my induction day in secondary school and i am really nervous what if on Wednesday i mess it up and in september they will they will be making fun of me what do i do

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