Indoor Fun

Cold days and winter weather is here and that means there are times when we are stuck in the house due to the snow and rain.

I really love being adventurous so sometimes it’s hard to stay inside all day. I get the worst cabin fever! Whenever that happens though, my mom always knows how to entertain me! First, she suggests that I get cozy by the fire in the living room and read the newest issues from National Geographic or Teen Vogue. My mom tries to help me avoid being on the computer all day, but sometimes she’ll even hand me the laptop so I can read up on all my favorite fashion blogs like Refinery 29, Sea of Shoes, & StyleBistro. But I can only sit and read for so long before I need to do something else. Next, my mom will take me into the kitchen with her and I practice cooking. It’s super fun! And I always get to make myself a nice cup of hot cocoa and add as many marshmallows as I want. That always makes me happy!

Board games are also a fun way to pass the time. My fam will all sit around in the living room and play games like Monopoly (which can take soooooo long to finish), UNO, and Pictionary.

I must say that the coolest indoor activity my mom came up with was surprising me with an at-home chemistry set and encouraging me to create new nail polish colors. It’s so rad! I sit in the kitchen for hours trying to mix up what I think are the hottest colors of the season. I may even bottle them up and gift them for friends this upcoming Holiday.

How do you entertain yourself when you’re stuck inside?

102 thoughts on “Indoor Fun

  1. Yes I didn’t read your post all I wanted to say right now is jade your one of my favorites

  2. Kool! I read TeenVogue too! I also like to draw pictures or paint my nails. I also like to go on the computer or text my friends. Sometimes we even make cupcakes!! Yum! -Noelle

  3. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I HATE BRATZ.COM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I entertain myself by……..

    -sitting on the computer ALL day
    -thats it

    Nicole <3
    PEACE!!!!! =) <3

  5. did you know that my middle name is jade this my hole name hannahomments tho they have to be from JADE ……………………jade…………..oh so thats as long as my real name ok if i get any c

  6. How i entertain myself when i’m inside is I go on Bratz sing in and play and do fun things like go on the games read about some of the bratz for example : Yasmin i know is … and i play with my bratz dolls the most brat doll i love is jade she’s like wow !

  7. Those are some great ideas, Jade! Maybe in December you could create a post about winter makeup trends or winter fashion trends.

  8. In Mississippi this time of year its time for indoor fun
    I have 2 write a story and i dont the names yet only there is the persone name Gabby but still only 1 name and need a name for the school
    Please help me by replying
    (short for Emma)

  9. cool but mabey i will rite one tow but to tired and need to sleep ohh such a long day lol. ;) -.-

  10. jade in cloe how did you turn friends were did u meet? Shasa were did u get that cute little pony love u all text me back some time laterbye.

  11. Hi Emma! Seems like you are on the right track for your story. What are some of your favorite names? Maybe you can choose one of thosee to be the name of Gabby’s friend? We know you are really creative and totally got this! :)

  12. AWWWWWW, i love these games!!!!!! i used to have a braxt but it got lost gonna get on on december!!!!!! :)

  13. Here are the things i like to do when i am stuck inside:
    -bake! I love baking cupcakes, brownies, and cookies!
    - draw or write. I love doing both
    - try to invent a fun new game with my three little sisters. They have really good imaginations so we can come up with super creative games
    These are the things i like to do on weekends

  14. caprice on 27 ,November 2012 at 8;oo said;
    sunny days are fun because you can play in the fresh air and do speshle stuf.
    cold days are frizing also the house for 2minits untill it stops frizing.

  15. HI Jade your post was awesome am gonna use it but am really curious waht Shasha,Cloe and Yasmin do when they stay at home please comment

  16. when ever it rains,storms,or snows i love to play board games or i love to draw and i love spending more time with my mom cause i am always outside. its so nice to relax and watch a movie or play on my laptop.

  17. sometimes i am kinda afraid of storms what do i do to not be scared please please reply

  18. Jade, I love your stile, you’re super cool & really smart. I’m actually pretty smart myself. LOL! I love your sense in fashion. FINALLY, someone knows my stile!!! I wish I could say this stuff to you in person. Talk to you next time!
    Your Future Friend,

  19. Oh, and by the way Jordan Burton, I disagree with you because I love

  20. Hi Kaylee –

    Believe it or not there are many people that are kind of afraid of storms too! Maybe you should try reminding yourself the storm will pass when you start to be afraid. And always talk to your parents when you feel scared. They can be a big help!

    xo Jade

  21. some of my fave names are sasha gwendolyn stacey and there basket ball team to called dimond girls i still dont what names to pick and i dont what the school name is

    EMILY (short for emma)

    please tell me what you think by replying

  22. it took 1 hour to come up with names for my story and no luck please give me a list of name for Gabby’s friend by replying


  23. To have fun I watch bratz dvd’s play bratz games on my playstashion and go on

  24. That is alot of help but my mom wont listen to me when i am scared of a storm.thank u alot.u r so nice to reply back to people you r my romodel.

  25. Hi it’s me again I just need your help. I am homeschooled so I have no friends exept
    My cousin jaidan he is like a brother to me. But I always feel like my whole family hates me they
    Always ignore me and because I am ugly
    And and my mom fight alot but I don’t
    Mean to it’s just she dosnt understand me
    Please tell me how to be sad or mad all the
    Time.please please reply.and thank u
    For replying last time.

  26. Sorry for the last post to much and I
    Meant how to make me not sad or mad
    You do not have to reply.thank you.

    Xoxo kaylee

  27. i have a story to write about a fairy and there are 4 fairiiess and i dont have any names beside Ashley

    please tell me a tip by replying

  28. OMG! Bratz are totally awsome and i have over 100 dolls. They are so pretty!!!!!! I love my Bratz on the Mic Tourbus. I made a funny vid about these Bratz and they get stranded on a desert land and they only have a tourbus

  29. Please , Please reply to this!!!!! I am dessperet and your the only people to turn to!!!!!!!!! Ok , there’s this hot guy and hes asked me to the prom , but then this nerdy guy, but he’s really kind and sweet, where as the hot guy is mean to everyone but me. Who do i go with?!!! The hot guy will make me super popular and the nerdy guy will make me Queen of the Nerds!!

    Your bff and despret girl,
    P.S weird my name is Yasmin

  30. I also like to make new nail polish colors and curl up by the fire and read the newest issues of my favorite magazines!

  31. Dear Bratz my mom and dad can never get to sleep, have you got any ideas that will help them?
    Thanks Ella.

  32. Hi Yasmin! How totally cool that you got asked to prom twice! We think that you should follow your heart and go with whatever boy you like the most. Just remember it’s important to be kind to everybody regardless if they are in the drama club, play football, or are into computers. We all want to be treated with kindness and have friends. Hope you have a great time at prom, bet you’ll look so beautiful!! xoxox Bratz

  33. Hi Kaylee – What do you mean people ignore you? Is this happening at school? You always have a friend in the Bratz and we bet the Bratzies will be your friends too! Big hugs from us to you!

  34. Fairies? We love fairies!! What are some of your favorite names? Maybe you could use those names for your story.

  35. Hi Kaylee – We’ll always be your friend!! Don’t be sad or mad. Things will get better, just keep trying and smiling!! xoxox

  36. heres my list of names of my friends:

    please tell me which one you like
    and i’ll use that one
    xoxox emma

  37. Hi Bratz! You don’t have to reply , i just really want some advice!
    Ok , so at school there’s this girl and shes nice . But she’s always inviting herself round and whenever we play Bratz she always says she’s Cloe when shes not. Plus she lies and always thinks that her idea is best,
    i’ve got no idea how to controle her !
    Please help!!!!
    Lots of thanks!,
    P.S Thank you so much for replying last time!!
    P.P.S Guess what? I read your Magazine and its awsome!

  38. thank you bratz
    the names of the friends are Gabby,Lexi,Brianna,and Fianna
    Im finished
    next week i have a report on street trends in fashion class
    Please tell some your guys fave street trends and i can use those because its due the monday after next monday
    xoxoxo emma
    your my buddies

  39. me and my mom said we are going to try to stop but my family still will hate me i am a dirt sandwitch.thank you for replying and god bless you.


  41. Hi I love your Ideal but I can make up my own and and here are some I think you will like.
    sing song with my mom and dad
    play indoor hide and seek
    make all kind of food
    play with my mom hair
    can you pick the you like the most it hard to do all when I can only do two can you help me?



  43. Hi Jade, I know you will not answer but i am not from Alabama I am from Africa. I think you are the greatest cat ever! You have scorchin sense. I try to become like the Bratz everyday but good blog BBye!

  44. Hey peeps! Im starting a fashion blog! Im gonna make a site then I’ll get back 2 u guys and tell u what its called! :)

    For the time being Love,Chloe

  45. I loved these tips about having fun indoors. My favorite was the chemistry set one. Like you, I like mixing nail polish and stuff like that. It is SO fun :-) . I made a special perfume for my mom to give to her for Christmas, but it is really soapy and seems more like watery soap than perfume. Do you know how to make it less like soap and more like perfume?
    Thanks :-)

  46. Hi Rahina. Cool you are from Africa? Cool:-) did you move to Alabama from Africa
    Or were you just born their? I just love Africa the wildlife and culture is amazing:-)

  47. hi jade what should i do if my brother is being mean and wont stop. i want to talk to him but i feel like if he’s gonna laugh at me.please please reply. thanx

  48. oh and by the way jade i luv your indoor fun list it was very thoughtful and kool [= <3

  49. i’m actually beautiful ice tiger but wanted my real you guys like watching america’s next top model.(just wondering)

  50. Really, we do the same thing every winter.I am soo happy I do some thing the same as a star. :D

  51. Jade your fashions are great they give me great styles for nearly everyday.

  52. sometimes i like to play with my dolls in my back yard and preten that they are camping

  53. Hi Kaylee!
    Your family must love you really. You need to tell them how you feel. I’m sure they really want to spend time with you, but mabye because you think they hate you, your hiding away and they feel like you’re hiding away from them and they think you hate them. Why not find a activity that you and your family enjoy?
    Hope this helped!

  54. Hey Bratz! >
    I have a really big problem… I hoped you could reply though it alot of trouble…
    Well, at school we are doing a play, Cinderella
    I was picked to play Cinderella and now everyone is bulling me!
    I don’t not what to do, i don’t want to give up my part….!!
    From Yasmine > Who needs HELP
    P.S Please please please reply

  55. Hi, Yasmine!

    A monster-big congratulations on landing the lead in the school play! You are a total rock star!! I’m sorry to hear you are getting bullied now. Just like Taylor Swift says in her song, OURS, “people throw rocks at things that shine.” And if you are playing Cinderella, you must truly shine, girlfriend!

    Real Bratz would never bully. Use this opportunity to learn who your real friends are. And don’t be afraid to tell a parent or an adult about the bullying. Real Bratz stand up for herself and for others.

    I know you’re totally gonna rock the school play! Congrats, again!!


  56. Hi Bratz!
    Thanks again for replying! I love you guys and i love all the Bratzies, because i always turn to you and i know you can help! Thx for replying, the school play was a blast. I made friends with a girl called Jade (Major OMG, or what?! We’re both Bratz names) She played my stepmother, and i just love her. I need to ask a favour.. sorry, again. Well, I made friends with a girl called Emily, and she is SOO nice! But i’m worried that if i show her my other BFF (Bratz Friend Forever) She might either get cross and not want to be my friend anymore, or she’ll like Jade so much that they become Best Friends and I’m left alone!

  57. Oh Yasmine, it’s true sometimes our friends dump us. But if she dumps you, she was never a true BBF to begin with. I think, if you’re really friends, you should give Emily the benefit of the doubt. Organize a play date with Jade and Emily. There is no reason the 3 of you can’t be BBFs! Just like how we four Bratz are all the absolute bestestestest of friends!!


  58. what did you just call me and i dont like to be called that please dont say it to me okay got it

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