Independence Weekend

Hiya Bratzies,

Our American fans are celebrating their Independence this weekend. July 4th is the national holiday, but we believe in partying the whole weekend. Fireworks! BBQ! S’mores! Red skirts with adorbs star-covered shirts!

What is your favorite thing to do when celebrating your nation’s Independence day?



23 thoughts on “Independence Weekend

  1. Hey everyone.tomorrow morning I will get to sleep in. Yay for me.I hope you all have a good weekend.bye

  2. oh really my fave thing to do is yo go to the beach get your togs, sunnies and most importantly your friends .

  3. [edited] This weeks star is:mattyb .Have a great day bye.Ps:today me and my mom are going to the pool.

  4. Hey Willows, did your new code name is Willy101 and mine is well I wont say it on this PUBLIC acc of ours! LOL, I would hate to desterve you at this our but could you consider the sleepover after school? OMG I can already see the nail decorating the movies the popcorn,YUM! The video making, the video game playing and it’s just me and you how super-duper fabulous! I even think WenderWounder,Ash-Tash123 Francess-Lacess and Kylie-SMILY and Rikky101-Anderwone,are jelouse! Oh BTW Wender… told on you for the tag mistake,she told on all of us! And she only told her brother so that she could get her revenge for that ball-pin incedit that we all planned! So now she’s going around thinking she’s all GREAT! How dumb!

  5. I like partying with my friends creating fab new fashions for all my friends and fans

  6. Hey guy,s today I had a bad dream about my dad and I hope I don,t have a bad dream tonight as well.I am planning to get my hair cut soon and I will be sneakers and I planning to start wearing hats as well.have a good day bye.Ps:Does any one here believe in peter pan because I do and I wish I could go to neverland as well.

  7. I go to my dads house and go to the sparks in the park in texarkana I love it it is so cool

  8. Hey everyboy todays star is jai waetford. He is a good singer and he is not from amarica just so you know and he writes his own songs.I hope you all have a good day bye bye everyone.

  9. On independence day, I get to sleep in my mom doesn’t have to wake me up to go to school. I get to hang out with my sister and friends. horray for independence day get to do anything.

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