I Believe in Mermaids

Namaste Bratzies and HOBles alike!

Did everyone have a zentastic Spring Break? My break was OM-mazing! I went to the beach, did yoga on the sand, collected seashells and just inner peaced with my rad self.

I love going to the ocean! It is so peaceful and inspiring. When I’m at the beach, I love watching the horizon and keeping my eyes peeled for dolphins, whales and mermaids. Yes, mermaids!!

Did you know that scientists believe we have only discovered about 70% of the world’s sea creatures? There are still so many mysteries buried deep in the oceans. Under the blue seas reside the deepest caverns and the tallest mountains on the planet! Perhaps, hidden away in one of those deep-sea caverns, lives a handful of mermaids. You never know!  And it doesn’t hurt to believe.

When Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas he wrote in his diary about mermaids that swam along his ship! He even drew fabtastic pictures of them in journal. Later, Columbus decided that he didn’t see a mermaid but had actually seen a manatee. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s pretty hard to confuse the two! Maybe he just second-guessed seeing such a mysterious and mythological creature.

I know I may seem silly to believe in mermaids, but it is fun to believe that Mother Earth still holds some magical secrets! One of my total fave movie quotes is, “Don’t overlook those lovely intangibles. You’ll discover those are the only things worthwhile.”


I’m not saying mermaids exist. I’m just not saying they don’t exist.

I didn’t see any mermaids on my spring vacay, but I had a fabtabulous time lookin’ for them!

Do you believe in anything wondrous and unseen, like mermaids?

Stay believin’!

P.S. Don’t forget to come back to the blog on Sunday to see what members of the House of Bratz will be wearing on Monday!!!

90 thoughts on “I Believe in Mermaids

  1. hi yasmin i had a great spring break. this summer im planing on going to the beach.

  2. i beleve in fairy’s and mermaids i never give up on what i beleve and do.

  3. That’s awesome, yasminlauren! It’s fun to believe in the mystical and mysterious, isn’t it? Sometimes holding on to your silly beliefs is the ZENsible thing to do!


  4. Dear Bratz,
    I believe In vampires and mermaids. But mostly mermaids so anyways I am glad that I am not the only one who believes in them.

    xoxo -Rachel

  5. I believe in nessy and that sounds like you had an awesome trip yas I love the beach and dolphins!

  6. Hi! It’s me, Abby4you!

    Soo what do you plan on doing, this Satuday?
    Are you EXSITED?
    Please write back! (I know you will because you always do!

  7. Bratz..I believe in you!I mean I believe in everyone who say” I cant do it!”Its like when yasmin said she cant do it because of meredith! But she tried! I have to say,I like the mermaid line. I was thinking that when I get one,I can actually put her in water..but I would ruin her dress…Also bratz! I changed the hours of bratz day! Its 5pm to 7pm.So remember,I will be on! Im sharing this with all bratzies who wanna join! Also bratz..Im thinking of me and my friends having a singing group! What do you think?

  8. I hope it doesn’t get too late for us to upload your posts and respond to you, Ann!
    I think starting your own singing group sounds fabtastically rad!

  9. Please write back :(
    I was SOO sad when I saw you wrote back
    to Ann and Racheal and not me ;(
    Please write back!
    Also, I don’t know what to be when I grow up.
    Please give some advice.
    I want to work for Bratz, but then I want to be a professional gymnast.
    Please write back, and give some advice.

  10. i believe in the chubracabra faries spirits and mermaids and plenty moreo and love xoxo

  11. Bratz..wanna see me? Ill change it. Bratz day has been cancelled. Tommorow Ill link something. Youll see what im doing on screen and itll be tons of fun. Its tomorrow at 12am-1pm. Hope you will be there when I start!

  12. Sorry, Ann, but we don’t have the ability to video chat on this site. It is also totes important that you know EVERYONE watching before you ever video chat with anyone — gotta stay safe while web surfin’!

    Looking forward to reading everything you will post during Bratz day!


  13. I DO believe in nessy, Animalover11. If she doesn’t live now, I think she must have at some point!!


  14. Sorry, Abby4You, but we can’t always get back to everybody. Some weeks are busier than others. Sometimes we won’t be able to respond to you. Sometimes we will respond to you but wont be able to respond to the other Bratzies.

    We think it would be TOTALLY rad if you came to work with us when you are older. We like girls with talent and passion. But we want to see that passion in all facets of your life. If you want to be a gymnast, go for it! Unleash your passion and go for your dream in gymnastics. You will impress us at the same time.

    There is no need to pick exactly what you want to be right now because there is a chance you can have it all!!


  15. Yasmin, you are right! I have ALOT of time
    to figure out what I want to be.
    Can we be friends? (BBFs), of course you have
    LOTS of BBFs but could I be one of them?
    Also, have you ever seen the show, “Extreme Couponing?”

  16. Oh..I forgot..I was really looking forward to it.Now I ran out of ideas for bratz day..I have nothing to do!Bratz,have any other ideas I could do? Also..next week on saturday im donating stuff to my animal shelter…Thats one thing thats gonna be happy about my life. Ugh..I just dont like spring break.I have NOTHING to do. Please give me some advice! D:

  17. Also animal lover,It will be TONS of fun.We just have to think what activities we should do! And if you want to,you can join us! EVERY BRATZIE is allowed to join BRATZ DAY! I just came up with an idea! I was thinking we could draw pictures for bratz and show them to you! That would be awesome. Also bratz,what are the group colors? I forgot. We could also make bracelets using the group colors!Ive got my spark back! :3

  18. yasmin i have a crush on this boy at school and i dont know what to do please help me.

  19. hi bratz um i want to be a marine bighologhust and a fashin desighner so can i be both?

  20. I believe in mermaids too Yasmin is there any other thing thing you believe in. Write back soon!

  21. hey yasmin i totes believe in mermaidz and i have a question, do you think that (if they exsist) can be human too or just tailz? i know that in your imagination you can choose but what do YOU think? xoxo

  22. Hey yasmine it is me lil ms.mysterious. I believe in magical creatures. Ecpecially unicorns. I also believe in the llorona. Do u believe in the llorona? They say she is a ghost in mexico. My mama told me about her when i was smaller. Also do u believe in spooky ghost? I know i do. I think faries and mermaids are real. My fave magical creature is a Unicorn. I love magic. It makes me wonder alot. Well bye yazmine. Hugs and kisses from:lil ms.mysterious

  23. OMG i believed the same thing but i stopped because people thought it was silly now i know its not silly i always keep an eye out for mermaids sometimes i wish to be one!its fun to believe i always believe in Bratz btw can i please be a member please comment back ASAP THANKS!!!!!

  24. That’s so kool you’re donating to an animal shelter, Ann! Spring Break is super fun! It’s a great time to see friends you don’t get to see often. You can also use your free time to do activities you don’t normally have time for. Read a book. Better yet, write a book! And draw the pictures to go with it. Borrow a parent’s camera and take pictures. The turn those pictures into a collage. Create your very own secret share notebook! Build a fort! Plant a garden. Just use your amazing imagination!! Most of all… have fun!!!

  25. Hi Yasminlauren!

    Of course you can be both a fashion designer and Marine Biologist. Maybe you will design fab-a-licious wet suits for scientists working underwater with animals! Follow your passions, no matter what they are. You never know where they may lead you!!


  26. Thanks!
    I’m wearing GREEN!
    Are you?
    I have another idea for the club….
    Every club member can make a braclet, and wear
    It every Monday! What do you think?

  27. Hmmm, good question, singerbratzi! I think that they just have a tail. But you just gave me a CRAZY idea! What if mermaids were like frogs? At first, they are born with tails – like tadpoles – and then, as they grow, they lose their tails and develop legs! We may have humans walking around us that used to be mermaids! Crazy idea, right??

  28. Hola, lil ms.mysterious! So glad you will be rockin’ the HOB green today!! We totes are lovin’ our green looks!
    It’s super cool you believe in all of those fun and magical beings. Of course someone named lil.ms.mysterious would like a little mystery in her life!!

  29. Thanks SOOOOOOO much, Yasmin!
    Do you have any ideas for me to do in spring (outside)?

  30. hey Yasmin how you doing? im doing great.I have a question.Did believing in mermaids inspire you to make the line Sea Stunnerz.BTW i was SO sad when you commented back to other people and not me i never got any comment back from any bratz please comment back!

  31. Making plans can be tough, milly0109. Why don’t you build an obstacle course and invite your friends over to go through it. Or get some beads, string and wire and make jewelry for all of your friends. Or start your super secret shared notebook by cutting out words and images from magazines!

    Happy spring!


  32. Sorry koolkat152. We are sooooooooooooo busy. Sometimes we will comment back to you and not others. Sometimes we will comment back to others and not you. It’s nothing personal!!

    Yes, I totes mentioned my love of mermaids to the girlz. We all thought it would be crazy fun to dress up like mermaids and pretend to be them for a while. Did you like my idea?


  33. OMG love the idea oh and totes understand that your busy because you have so many adorring fans

  34. dear yasmin,
    i had an amaymay (amazing) spring break, how bout u? i’d love to have some fashion tips from u and i could give u some too :). please write back

  35. I had an OM-mazing Spring Break, puppyluver03. Thanks for asking! I’d luv to hear your fashion tips. My biggest fashion tip is always to wear what you love and stay true to you!!!


  36. dear yasmin would you be my bff because no one else will i only have two or three friends. so it would me nice if you and your friends would be friends with me.:) guess what i got weave when i was nine my hair looked so long:) guess what me and my cousins are planing on making a fashin club we just need to get people to sighn up beacuse we only got me which is (melody my fake name im ten years old) (rebeca fake name which i call my cousin who is six years old) (ruby which i call my other cousin who is eight years old) ( lauren not her real name which i call my sister who is four years old) (and last but not least terisa not her real name my cousin who is eight years old) and i think we need more people. because i dont think thats enogh and once we get a lot of people and get to know them im think ing we could have a party. well by

    your friend melody


  37. Hey Yasmin!
    Weird, my name is Yasmin too = Real Name (Course not lying,!)
    I do believe in mermaids.. in fact, last week i did a spell to become a mermaid. Only 2 more days until it comes true! I hope you don’t mind. Do you think it is dangerous? I hope you don’T. Please reply and i will post if i become a mermaid!
    Love, Yasmin

  38. hi bratz i love books to like fairytales or so. one day in in 2012 i did’t want tell you girls this becaues i don’t want yall thing i’m CARZY and all. so i was saying.i belive in mermaids also in 2012. and i have a mermaid tale when i’m always swiming and sometimes i really think i’m mermaid all the time when i’m swiming so that’s it and i really like the line of the bratz mermaids also you know.love you bratz and love yasmin <BIG FAN LOVE xoxoxoxoxo

  39. That’s TOOO KOOL, Yasminx1! If you ever turn into a real mermaid, take a pic and send it to me! I need to show the proof to all of my BBFs!! Haha!!


  40. I hope your spell wasn’t dangerous, Yasmin!!! If it comes true and you turn into a mermaid, you MUST send me a pic. I need to show all my friends that I was right! Haha!!! Best of luck!!


  41. Of course we are friends, Melody! The best of friends!

    But don’t sweat only having a few good buddies. Quality over quantity. We Bratz believe is is WAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY better to have a few totally, superbly, amazingly awesome friends, then have a ton of only so-so friends.

    Do you other Bratzies agree??


  42. dear bratz you girls remerber the girl belive in mermaids but i got all the words wrong that’s me i forgot my password and now my a new on remerber this is the name i’m going to be useing love as BFFS forever..love you xoxoxoxoxo

  43. Sounds awesome, yasminx1love! And no worries. Passwords are totes easy to forget.


  44. i forget my passwords all the time yasminx1love, so I keep a notebook with all my usernames and passwords right next to my computer

  45. Hi I am new to bratz I really want a Yasmin Bratz catz I believe in mermaids

  46. if you look for mermalds the body found and yes i did get my name from nick .com

  47. quess what yasmin me and my girl cousins are writting down spells to be fairys and if any outher braties know any spells it whould be amazing wish us luck
    xoxo by :)

  48. hi cool kid would you like to be my friend because i love to make friends


  49. hi its me bloom i know i do not comment much its because i don’t have time okay so here is my questin do any bratz no how to or know any spells to be a fairy or mermaid if so please write down on the blog

    <3 bloom

  50. Sorry, bloom, we don’t know of any spells to become a fairy or mermaid. Perhaps you can ask our cousins, the Bratzillaz?
    Good luck!!


  51. dear sasha you know when you met your bffs that are pixies and cloe and yasmin were put under a spell well how are the pixies can you send them a shout out from me

    xoxo number 1 fan bloom

  52. does any 1 now spells to be a fairy if you do please write down ps im melodys sister

  53. here is a fairy spell yasmin cloe sasha and jade hope it works for you here is what you girls need

    4 people
    4 pinecones

    all 4 people sit in a circle and hold pinecone in the middle of eachother touching next do the chant gods of the fairies i wish to become 1 of you i will never hert any of your kind i want my wings to be ( ) andd my power to be ( ) so mote it be

    chant that 3 times together when done throw pinecones in the air this can be in the day at anytime but alone somewhere

    side affects are to spots where wings will grow head ache
    nausea and bach ache

    ps dont tell anyone or will not work and i have some more spells if you want to know

  54. That’s sooooooo fab, melody!! I hope you didn’t get any of the side effects!!! We can’t wait to try this!


  55. hi yasmin cloe sasha and jade have you tried the spell yet please respond

  56. no not yet when my 3 best friends come over we will toatly try it i can not wait and there is a mermaid spell to i will toatly tell you if it works

  57. Hi, Melody,
    Thanks for leaving us your diary message below. We edited it slightly. Hope that’s OK!

    well i am making a diary on here i hope it is okay


    dear diary today it is really boring but hopefully sunday comes soon because we are going to the beach and i will be swimming real fast.I am going to be swimming like a mermaid and i am going to try all the mermaid spell’s i can do intill i become a mermaid with my cousin’s/friends.Because we believe in mermaids.Well i am going to try one tonight but i can give people who wan’t to be one a few pointer’s write one you’r self say it touching water and say it alone at night on a full moon.So wish me luck …. Well bye diary :).

  58. 7-20-13

    hi it is me melody well yesterday it was okay and today went to sewing class i was gone for 3 hours and sunday we are supposed to go to the beach! i can not wayit to wear my new bathing suit and swim yay well bye diary

  59. 7-26-13

    dear diary well today is really boring but i love my family but there is really nothing to do i mean we can not dance or be normal kid’s because we where in trubble! well bye diary


  60. i am making a story called no ordenary girls you can tell me if you want to here the first chapter well bye

    <3 harmony

  61. We would love to, Harmony! But make sure you have protected your intellectual property before sharing it on our page! Ask your parents how =)
    Can’t wait to read!

  62. 8-1-13

    dear diary well today i am trying mermaid spells hopefully they work because i truly believe i will become one i will write some of them down later probly next week or in 5 days well i will get back to writing i just hope the bratz do not think the spells i am trying are dangerious ll write down some and hopefully they work for all of us well bye diary

  63. I belive in werewolfs ,vampires,demon,s and ghost.But devintly not mermid,s because there not real.

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