House of Bratz Update 5.19.13


Members of the House of Bratz will be bringing the drama by gettin’ their bling on! This Monday let’s shimmer and shine! Glitz and glitter! Rock any look that sparkles and dazzles! You’ll be sure to attract the attention of fellow House of Bratz members!


We told you Bratzies that we have been SUPER busy, and this week we have the proof!!

We came out with our totally epic, totally fabulous, “In the Wild” comic!! You can read it by going to the downloads section of this website, or by clicking here:

We also have ANOTHER totally epic release that came out this week. But, it’s a SECRET. Look around this website and see if you can find it!! Let us know when you do!


47 thoughts on “House of Bratz Update 5.19.13

  1. found it and i cant download but thats okay because even though i cant down load i can always go to the zoo


  2. You guys are awesomely, fashionably, mysterious! You added stuff to the LOOKBOOK! I got my book in the mail! I got excited! I got pixie power! love you guys!

    _Mwah,like the french_
    xoxo me!

  3. I found it! It’s totally awesome to but I wont say because I want all the other HOBles to find it too. Looking good you guys ;D

  4. Today I am seeing Iron Man 3. PS YOU are fab and do you know Berdine Maxwell and the tweevels.

  5. like yaull should do a real virtual world were you can walk around shop talk your own house do it right now

  6. i totes spotted the new look book it is bratztastic! i’m rockin’ the glitzy glam style, with super sparklin’ wedges, glowing pearl earrings and a super stylish belt! what do you think? xoxo

  7. i’m working on my ” why i am a real bratz” talk, but i am not allowed to show my face, i made a bratz colage from some of your pictures to be on the screen. hope you don’t mind. it’ll just be my voice hope you understand and i hope you like my talk when you see it. xoxo

  8. You found it, Ann!! Scorchin’!!

    And that’s awesome you found a place to buy your new Bratz notebook. Rock on!


  9. Sooooooooooo stoked you dig it, Ms.Cherry!! And that was very rad of you for helping keep the secret.


  10. Singerbratzi!! You are totally, fabulously on trend this Monday. We are OB-to-the-SESSED with your style! Rock on!!

    We are also totally stoked to see your Real Bratz video!! It’s a bummer we can’t see your face, but we totally understand! Can’t wait to watch it!!


  11. yasmin please help every body makes fun of me because of my skin color im black and white so can you give me some advice:(

  12. Aloha melody,

    I’m soooooo sorry to hear that people pick on you for the color of your skin. A Real Bratz would never pick on anyone for that. Or for any reason!! We think you are beautiful!! Your skin color is just one of the many qualities that make you totally unique, special, beautiful and awesome!! Any person who doesn’t realize that is pretty small.

    Sadly, there will always be bullies because, just like my idol, Taylor Swift says, “People throw rocks at things that shine.” But, I promise you, it does get better and it will eventually stop. The most OM-mazing advice I can give, is to love yourself. If YOU know how awesome you are, other people will know it, too.

    The best way to combat a bully is to know in your heart that what they say is wrong. And surround yourself with awesome friends, like us!! We will be here for you anytime you come visit our page. Stay strong! Stay beautiful! You are awesome!!


  13. i love that you understand, you will be able to see it real soon. xoxo

  14. Haha cool comic! And yeah, I’ll look around to see if I can find the “surprise”.

  15. you guys should do a national contest in which girls all over America design an outfit for bratz, what do you think?

  16. That’s an awesome idea, lala!! We love it! It would be a LOT of work, but we will totally look into it!


  17. Thanks, Noelle!! The surprise is the updated LookBook so you totally found it!!!

    Awesome sauce!!


  18. hi girlz i wanted to tell you that i am a big fan of bratz and cloe i am your biggest fan and i love your fashion.and braiz will you be my friends?i do have a lot of bratz dolls.i also wanted to know what is your adress because i want to send you a letter from aimee xoxo

  19. Thanks, fluffywuffy9!! We love you, too! And we will totally be your friend!

    It’s sooooooo rad you want to send us a letter, but the best way to reach us is by writing here on our blog!! Can’t wait to hear from you again!


  20. Wow, melody! What a rad offer!! Thank you. Unfortunately, we are fully staffed right now. But if we ever have an opening for a rad girl with some awesome ideas, we will totally let you know. In the meantime, why don’t you make your own magazine?! We’d LOVE to read anything you write or create!!



  22. Sorry we missed your prom, Amber! We hope it was ah-maz-ing. No matter what you wore, we bet you looked fierce!


  23. i love you guys you are so pretty and can you give me hair tips i want to impress a guy at my high school

  24. yea ya’ll should start tht house of bratz thing during summer because i can’t be online during the school year:(feel me @ irule11:p

  25. what are you doing girl and tell yasmin about that summer thing as some as you can i love you bff bye

  26. dear bratz/ you girlz r so cool i wake every mornig hope that a brandnew bratz doll is laying a the foot of but theres not but i still love the bratz dolls i got .p.s stay fanshoinble

  27. hi bratz can mga make bratz doll the looks just like me plse got to go later

  28. hi guys i like your coment thanx when i listen to your music it makes me want to be me everyday i’ll cuntinue to write nice coments


  29. dear bratz / thanx for being so fanshoinble u guys are so cool hey can have a adtion 4 the band plse because i love u guys music and would be so cool to her my voice on one of u guys new songs i love to sing and deseign and it would be so cool to deseign and sing p.s love music & fashoin

  30. dear bratz/ you guys are so cool are you guys having band adtoins because it would be realy cool to work with you guys and i know some song that i always listen to them because the inspire me to be a singer so plse tell me when your haveing band adtoins

  31. Will do, cece095! We are super impressed that you are so willing to #unleashyourpassion! Stay awesome!


  32. dear bratz /hey how r u guys wasn’t able to chat because I was on a family trip and it was out of Goergia and i have a cumpeter at my house but my family in folrdia didn’t and I felt bad for not talking to you u guys

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