House of Bratz 5.6.13


This Monday we are going silly for May!! We are going to rock out to mustache Monday! Draw a mustache somewhere on your clothes! Wear a fake mustache! Do your hair in pigtails to look like a handlebar mustache! Go krazy kool and have fun! Being a Real Bratz is all about never being afraid to let your creativity run wild!!

And tell us about what totally awesome things you come up with for mustache Monday!!!



Whew! This week has been IN-to-the-TENSE!!! But we are SOOOOOOOOOO excited to have finally launched our Real Bratz movement!! There are super kool new things to come. We will have more to share with you super soon!!

In the meantime, check out our last few blogs. We interviewed #RealBratz Jasmin on her business making flower crowns. And in another blog we tell you all about how YOU can be the next #RealBratz we honor.

Luv ya lotz!!!! xoxo

38 thoughts on “House of Bratz 5.6.13

  1. Awesome AKSISTERS!! Don’t forget to report back and tell us what you wore!!


  2. I did it! I had just bought a muststache shirt a few days ago so I was so excited to wear it and be apart of the House of Bratz family! I posted a picture on instagram! It was sooooo fun! I love doing things that every bratzie can be a part of!Thank you Bratz I love you girls! <3

  3. Soooooo awesome, Bratzie4ever!!
    If you haven’t already, can you put #HouseOfBratz #RealBRatz in the comments under your Instagram pic? That way, we can find your awesome pic and leave you a special comment!


  4. Bratz,I heard that you guys used to have books. I wasnt born back then in the 1990′s or so. I really want bratz supplies like folders, notebooks, reading books, coloring books, pencil’s ect. Do you think that you could bring back that stuff so that way, kids now, can be fans and have all bratz things? Or make new things. Please respond.

  5. purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  6. hey its me diva.

    bratz i luv how u came up with krazy mustache monday.

    u girlz should try a gliter fest friday how much fun would that be.

    for mustache monday i think you bratz out there should make mustache jewelary.

    true bratz foreves diva

  7. Hey bratz just wanted to.say you rock! Ive been a fan since i was 12!!

  8. LOVE the idea, diva! We are only asking our Bratzies to dress up one day a week, but we can TOTALLY have glitter fest Monday one week in the near future! Keep pouring your brilliance on us!!


  9. Hi Ann,

    Did you participate in mustache Monday?

    We DO still have fab notebooks and such being sold places. You just have to look around for them. We used to sell them on Amazon. Ask your parents to check there!!
    Let me know where you find them!


  10. ya!!!!!!!!!I love bratz they are so cool and have a fun website to get on!!!LOL

  11. you should add the bratz makeover game everyone would love it! because we do!

  12. hey bratz i have a HUGE! problem this really cute guy at my school waved at me today and gave my heart a rush everytime he walks by to say hi he is sooo adorable! everygirl wanted to date him! my friend even wanted to date him! i said hey Alexa what’s up? she said just crushing on the hottest guy in school and i said hey i am too! he waved at me earlier and then Jessica the mean girl heard us talking about him she came in and said oh please tell me your not crushing on my boyfriend! and we both gasp! and said he’s your boyfriend? and she said yeah he’s my boyfriend! then the next day at school they broke up and me and him was talking about it at lunch and we almost kissed and he said look Kaily i like you but i just broke up lets just be friends for now ok? and he left and thats my problem! he said lets be friends for now what does that mean? does that mean soon he wants to be with me or what? what is that supposed to mean?

  13. Wow Kaily, that is totes confusing!! Here’s what we think: Everyone should take some time to be single after a break up. It is super important to take a rest and figure out what you want in life, in friends and in your boyfriend/girlfriend. Give this awesome hottie the time and space he needs, and just keep being his friend. I know it is totally hard, but it is the best thing you can do. It sounds like he is a little confused with what he wants right now and you, being the rad girl that you are, will give him room to breathe. Then, once the clouds have past, hopefully he will see you for the shining star you are and ask you to be his GF.

    Good luck!!


  14. wow your right bratz! i didn’t think of it that way cause i don’t know how it feels because i just turned 16 and i never had a boyfriend who broke up with me really awesome advice! xoxoxo luv you!!!!

  15. guess what im going to sewing c;asses 3 hours a month and i made a skirt and a shirt im so happy.

  16. everything u said was true espeacially the first part i bet everything u say is true xoxo.

  17. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

    today me and my sister waiting about 10 billion hours agooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

  19. i have a cloe doll and sasha and more,but my cloe do is wereing blue bots blue jacket dress and she has blounde hair with a little bit of blue in its hair,and my sasha doll is wereing pink boots,a pink jacket dress,and she has blounde hair and has a little alot of pink in its hair.yasmine jade sasha cloe i love ur style keep up the good work,whats the bratz channel number?

  20. Hiya Kyliep8!
    Sounds like you keep us stylin’! The Bratz shows can be found on Kabillion. will tell you and your parents where and when to find our episodes!


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