House of Bratz 5.12.13


Hiya HOBles! This Monday we will all be wearing flowers! Rock out a flower headband, flower printed tie or flower earrings. Any type of flower will do! Let’s celebrate this May in full bloom!!

By the way, we LOVED seeing the pictures Bratzies took of their HOBle Monday outfits and put on Instagram with the hashtag #HouseOfBratz. That was SUPER cool. Thanks soooooo much!!



This week was also kept CRAZY busy by the launch of Real Bratz.  We even launched our brand new Real Bratz commercial!! Check it out!!

Another SUPER FAB thing that happened is that Yasmin responded in the SUPER SECRET SHARED NOTEBOOK to Sasha’s question.  What do you think of her response?



Do you have any other advice for Sasha? Have you started your own Super Secret Shared Notebook yet??

In other FABTASTIC House of Bratz news, we are releasing our FIRST EVER  ”In The Wild” Bratz comic next week!!!! It will probably be a little while before we can load it on to the blog, but we will get it here!

In the meantime, here are some SUPER CUTE “In The Wild” animals advertising our new comic book!



















That’s everything this week, HOBles!!

If you haven’t yet made us a video telling us why YOU are a #RealBratz, get to it!! We totes CAN’T WAIT to see your videos!!

For all the info on what we are looking for and how to send it in, click here:

Stay Fabulous, HOBLES!!



47 thoughts on “House of Bratz 5.12.13

  1. You rock Bratz! PS this is an thing to remember.

  2. im so sad yasmin can you respond my mom just had surgery and i dont no if shes okay please respond or give me some advice :(


  3. Welcome 2005!! We’d totes LUV to help you! And we’re sure our other Bratzies will help you out, too. Tell us what you need =)

  4. Haha, YES! We are TOTALLY busy, bratz12girl! But we LOVE keeping so active! And we are also totally pumped about the comic. Cant wait!!!


  5. We LOVE that you wrote it down, melody. We know you have what it takes to be a Real Bratz!


  6. We KNOW you are fab and stylin’, yasmine112!! We best you are totally the fabbest!


  7. Hi melody,

    We are so sorry to hear your mom had to have surgery. We know that can be totally scary, but we are super positive that your mom will be OK. She is really lucky to have such an amazing daughter who cares so much about her well-being.

    Love to you and your family!


  8. We LOVED your response, Ann! Thanx for posting on our Facebook page. It was super awesome and super helpful!!


  9. Tommorow the comic will be REALESED! So exited! Im also getting bratz books! what are you bratzies doing?

  10. where will the comics be sold ? btw can make a rue bratz look alike? pls & thx

  11. r u guys in that video ? if so It doesn’t look like ur in high school

  12. I need some advice please because my mom got me a new swimming suit but I really don’t like because of the way it looks what do I do?P.S I’m really tall and trim so sometimes it can be hard to find a swimming suit

  13. Hi love!

    The comic will be FREE on our Facebook page and eventually on the blog!!

    The women in the R.A.B.fab video are not us. Just totally rockin’ women that we aspire to be like when we grow up!!


  14. Hi Animalover11,

    Hmm, that’s a tricky one. You should never wear anything you don’t feel comfortable in. Honesty is always the best policy. We recommend telling your mom that you totally appreciate the super thoughtful gift, but would like to return the suit and shop for a new suit that you would feel more comfortable in TOGETHER!! Tell your mom sooner than later because some shops inly give you a few weeks to return an item.

    Good luck!!


  15. My friend Ann had lost 50 pounds and she still can lift me up easily now. PS I can lift her at es.

  16. That’s a hue accomplishment for your friend, Cate57. Staying healthy is really important to us Bratz girls. Give your friend a congratulatory hug from us!!

  17. Hey bratz! So many things to say so I’ll try to make it short! I went to barnes and nobles to look for bratz books and they were empty because of the problem with mattel and MGA, so we ordered it. Next, Tommorow is friday. I think it would be a great day to release something for you bratz on FB. Shh! Its a secret! We can call it a “bratz B-day suprise gift”. Hope you like it! <3 you guys! Also..I still cant find the 2013 line..I dont have ANY dolls… :/

  18. Hi Ann,

    That’s a total bummer that you couldn’t find any of our books! If you go to the catalog portion of this website, once you click on an image you like, in the lower right hand corner it should tell you where you can buy our RAB Fab products.

    We LOVE your idea of a Friday surprise. We can’t do it this Friday but will totally plan for it sometime in the future!!

    Have an awesome weekend. xoxo

  19. i love bratz their cool!!!!!!!! going to my cousins house tomarow!!!!!!!

  20. My big brother is 11 and going to middle school. PS i’m 2 years younger than my brother.

  21. I am getting Mrs. Ruth as my 4th grade Teacher. PS She is the new Teacher.


  22. I love bratzzzzzz!!!!!! i love sasha and cloe Kisss girls!! ♥

  23. Hello!! Cloe Jade, yasmin and Sasha! i love bratz, i like you videos and doll and our much! I LOVE BRATZ, I LOVE Cloe

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